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Bleach Chapter 553 : Frozen Cross

Chapter 553: Frozen Cross
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Sorry again for missing last weeks chapter summary/review. I felt like shit so wasnt too much in the mood to write, hence I decided to skip it altogether, though I will pick up a few points made in all that science talk. I loved how Urahara still is very much able to annoy the living shit out of Mayuri.

Cang Du remains calm, openly wondering why the medallion cannot hold Toshiro’s bankai even though it is working fine, promptly asking what the captain did.


Toshiro is still very much, beat up, but doing the power Hyourinmaru starts to flow through him again. Toshiro answers the Sternritter question. He doesn’t know why, is his answer; ‘Maybe it’s just Hyourinmaru saying, he wants to come back’.

BG9 in the meantime is taking his time probing the body of Soi Fon. Her Vice Captain actually hasn’t ran off like a little bitch. BG9 lets him get close to give Soi Fon the little magic pill. BG9’s only discomfort being his audio receptors now working quite as well due to that big ass explosion.

Urahara’s pill works very quick and BG9 immediately’s feels several disconnections. Unlike Omeada, Soi Fon was paying attention to Kisuke’s words and actually says straight out to BG9 that the now hollowfied bankai is interfering with his bodily functions(I’ll bet he can’t get it up).

She immediatly calls out her bankai. Even with her straight out explanation, BG9 is quite surprised still seeing the Bankai in her hands. Omaeda needs to help Soi Fon guide the shot and they seem to land a straight hit on BG9.

Now, under normal circumstances and the strength a guy like Bazz-B has displayed already, a bankai will do a lot of damage to them I am sure, but some might be able to be countered. But now they have Bankai(if only temporary) that are basically poisoness to the Quincy. Increasing their effectiveness.


BG9 seems to have a little trouble now having to take a much larger explosion against his body than Soi Fon had to. Cang Du in the meantime still tries to fight Toshiro with Toshiro’s bankai. It is blocked as an attack aimed at ‘himself’ will never connect.

Toshiro’s ice can easily block a kick attack from Cang Du. An intersting little talk starts up by the Sternritter not believing that a bankai has a soul and will of its own.

TOshiro confirms his question, Hyourinmaru agreeing with him. The captain takes a moment to speak with his Zanpaktou, now fully back together Toshiro and his hollowfied bankai looks very impressive sporting a blackened eye on his left side, reminiscing of Espada #1.

Cang Du fires one of his own attack but Toshiro’s does not seem to care and strikes back sealing Cang Du into Hyourinmaru’s Floral Cross.

Here’s wondering if Bazz-B will bother to save his teammate if needed at all, blut vene is still a very powerful ability for the Quincy to keep themselves from harm.

3 Responses

  1. I am glad you are back. Actually, I have been sick myself for about the last two weeks. It took two rounds if antibiotics to allow me to start feeling like myself again. Sick is no fun.
    Great review and wonderful insight into all that is happening.

  2. I must have missed the part about the hollowfied bankai will be temporary. That sucks. Still a good chapter though.

    Welcome back Alerie Corbray!

    You too pretend3r!

  3. @Immortal. Thanks for the welcome back. How and why the black pill works is explained in the back end of Chapter 552. Apparently Urahara was able to figure out that Quincies are very sensitive to hollows, so that ever the smallest contact leaves very bad results. Using such a small quantity of hollow, apparently allows it to be only workable for a short time. I would guess then, the bankai would be something that could be stolen again by a Quincy.

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