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Bleach Chapter 551 : The Burnt Offerings

Chapter 551: The Burnt Offerings
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There seems to be somewhat of a stalemate going on the Captain’s quarters.


Vice Captain Ise Nanao has created barrier. Hakudan Keppeki. It’s not something permanent but when it’s up it prevents intrusion of anything Quincy, regardless of their strength Hashwalt already knows who she is and ask an important question of Nanao.

“Can the other captains use it?”

She answers with a no. Haschwalt quickly points out the flaw and tells her she should have adapted the technique in such a way the other captains could use with. That way she could have avoided the one side execution with such a powerful technique on their side.

The explosion in the air is where Soi fon and BG9 were fighting. I don’t think Soi Fon is dead but she will be severely injured for sure. She could have pulled of some high-speed movements(courtesy of Yourichi) to evade BG9’s attack. But BG9 is hardly a sloth.


Toshiro is still running from Bazz-B who seems to have very little ragard for the Quincy buildings around. Toshiro’s Ice has no effect as Bazz-B easily counters everything the young captain throws at the Sternritter.

Toshiro is standing close to him when the mist clears finally having had the time to prepare a trap. At five points around Bazz-B something comes up from the ground before blowing up into and ice pillar.

‘Rokui Hyouketsujin’ (Six Coat Binding Ice Formation)

For a short moment Bazz-B senses trouble but quickly destroyed the Ice-prison like its made from paper. Bazz-B is getting more aggressive bringing in a second fingers creating an even more powerful attack.


Toshiro eyes are filled with disbelieve as he is struck by pillar of fire reaching high above the buildings. The tip of his blad cut off. A large cut running along his entire body. He collapses onto the ground barely holding on to his life.

another Sternritter stops Bazz-B though. Cang Du drops in on him reminding the Mohawk Fireman of a promise the sternritter made to each other, that the Captains who lost their bankai would be killed by the one who stole it.

Mayuri notices the dissapereance of two reiatsu’s. Soi Fon’s and Toshiro’s. He contemplates something he already figured, he is the only who could fight without his bankai. But just in time an old friend of Mayuri butts in.

Good old Urahara has been busy in Hueco Mundo and has some great news. He found a way to get the Captain’s bankai back.

I wonder what this scruffy blonde scientist has come up with. But it pretty obvious the captains need it.