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Bleach Chapter 679: The End

Chapter 679: The End
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So.. this chapter is called ‘The End’. Which, considering the state of our heroes seems an appropriate title. Ichigo is facing the indestructible wall that is the Almighty God. Throwing more mockery his way showing off his might, using only his words and the actions he’s shown before.


To change anything and everything that he can ‘see’ and he can now see everything. The end is nigh for our heroes. Even Ishida seems at his last breath. Ywach’s right-hand man seems undamaged.

We finally learn about his “Schrift” – The Balance. He says the following; “By taking the misfortune that occurs within my sphere of influence and dispersing it to those that have fortuitous luck and lead charmed lives. I maintain the balance in the world.”


There is also that shield of his to add even more trouble to whoever is fighting him. It absorbs any damage or “misfortune” that befalls upon him. As he gets ready to strike Ishida asks him to wait. Asking Haschwalt if he doesn’t want to know what his own “schrift” is like. Ishida even goes to say that it’s about time that he can use it.

“A” – Antithesis

Among two designated targets he can completely reverse anything that has ‘already happened’. In this case he chose to swap the damage back to him. Then Haschwalt, still confident (and rightfully so) tell Ishida that he might be the only one capable of opposing his Majesty’s power.

I think even Ywach mentioned something like this. That Ishida would become the leader of the Quincy after he is dead. But of course Haschwalt can redirect any damage done to him straight back to Ishida. Which Ishida could throw right back at Haschwalt. Assuming he can muster the strength with so much damage being done to him.


So and the end of it all our heroes are at death’s door. Ishida by the hand of Haschwalt and Ichigo by the hand of Ywach. Though Ywach starts by reclaiming his power.

I guess it is time for their fathers to put their lives on the line for their children.


Bleach Chapter 668: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Chapter 668: Bigger, Faster, Stronger
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Zaraki is having a good old time with Gerard. Who apperently has the power of ‘Miracles’. I kinda call it plot-hax powers, but hey. At the end of the chapter we know why Gerard has to be such a cheesecake. In order for plot to happen, basicly.


So yeah.. Miracle powers… ‘An ability gives form o the very though, feeling and desires of the masses’ as the man himself says. He explains it quite well.. It is really as cheat-like as you can make it and almost a carbon-copy of Gremmy. Basicly a second guy to pay lipservice to Zaraki fans.

The battle rages on, both sides giving and taking blows, although Gerard still doesnt seem to have much trouble with the likes of Zaraki. They do show a little bit of ‘respect’ to one another.

Also both of them are quite annoyed on being interfered by the other two participants on this battle. Gerard dispatches of everyone quite easily, commending Zaraki’s fighting spirit but in the end everyone fall why the Quincy gloats happily in victory.


Then the bomb-shell. Not quite sure what to think of it. Zaraki turns out to be exactly like the deceased #1 Espada Stark(with Lylinette). The big difference is that Stark created Lylinette consiously because he didnt want to be alone. Zaraki did it without even realizing. Which makes perfect sense for him. And now we also realize why Gerard is pretty much a bigger version of Gremmy.

I was kinda hoping to see someone else shine. Because Zaraki had a battle like this not too ago. He had plenty of awesomeness already, but on the other end.. Zaraki was the only one left who had the raw power to actually put up a fight.┬áZaraki subconsiously splitting part of his power into another being is not within the realm of “Oh.. god.. really now!?*facepalm*”. It has been done before, plus other people had accounted him to always subconsiously holding himself back to a certain degree for the thrill of battle.

So.. Yachiru being a Shinigami all this time is all within the realms of possiblities. Lylinette being the other prime example of something similar. She was basicly Starks weapon but had a blade of her own.

Wonder what her true name is. Maybe just Yachiru “The Bankai”.

Bleach Chapter 662: God of Thunder 3

Chapter 662: God of Thunder 3
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The pacing remains quite strange as we are suddenly back at the Askinn vs. Yoruichi battle. Even though he got knocked around he seems to be doing quite well. His body has a stunning rate of recovery.

Yoruichi herself is not doing as well.


She has been hit by some kind of nasty poisen ball. Or giftball as Ashkinn calls it. He keeps on rambling as he commends his opponent for still moving as well as she does. Her little brother is doing worse, he looks on death’s door.

then our good friend comic relief + awesome sauce shows up. The geniune troll of the Bleach universe. Urahara Kisuke-san. He immediately gets his face kicked by Yoruichi when he talks about her butt.

Ashkinn is cautious. Well aware of who this man is. Kisuke then gently taps Yoruichi’s backside which gives her strength back almost immediately. Ashkinn is shocked but then reminds himself that Urahara is one of the five of the ‘unknown variables’ that the King had listed. To no surprise Ichigo is on the list for his latent ability. Zaraki is there for his raw power. The zero squad leader is there for his wisdom. Aizen for his stupendous amount of Reiatsu. And Kisuke the ‘Unknown’.


Or as Ashkinn better says : ‘The Variable Strategist of Perpetual Adaption’

The two shinigami create some distance. Urahara suggesting she unleashes her final form. Yoruichi flat-out refuses it, quite disgusted to take that form again. Ashkin throwing an arrow their way. Easily dodged by te pair of them. Our cat-lady jumps back into the fight but quickly gets knocked down again by Ashkinn.


Then, Urahara, in the only the way he could, to every bit of her annoyance he peels away whatever he was holding back on her behalf. Unleashing the full fury of the God of Thunder.

“Shunshin Chouhenge”


Catwoman ain’t got nothing on this…

Bleach Chapter 661: My Last Words

Chapter 661: My Last Words
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Sorry that I missed last week. It was an ok, chapter. Story wise important. I’d have to say that I was happy see that they didnt go the Naruto route of Ishida and Ichigo being enemies. Ishida comes out straight with the fact he is willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone. So good job on that Kubo.

But then this chapter hits… and suddenly everything speeds up. I was expecting a fight between the group and haschwalt. Which is not what we got. Instead Ishida stays behind to fight Haschwalt. Sado and surprise visitor Ganju fight statues(yes… really) and Ichigo and Orihime head onwards toward Ywach.

It’s all getting kinda setup in a way where Orihime will be probably be critical in the defeat of Ywach, due to her abilities of ‘event rejection’ as Aizen used to call it. Ofcourse being who she is, she will just be there for a while sitting in a corner looking as cute as possible with her breasts on show in her overly tight outfit(thanks Urahara).

Also, the fight between Toshiro and Gerard seems completely forgotten… unless you know, Gerard defeats Toshiro and goes up to stop Ichigo, which would not be bad at all. Gives us a chance to see Ichigo having to power up and fight a ‘lower tier’ enemy and gives Ishida the proper fight he deserves facing off with Haschwalt.


Sorry, it turned more into a rant than anything else. I like’s Ishida’s battle face as the fight starts. Other than that, nothing crazy going on. Just a bit confused with Kubo wants to drag this out, or hurry this up. It seems he changes his mind on a weekly basis.

Bleach Chapter 637: Baby, Hold your Hand

Chapter 637: Baby, Hold your Hand
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What an amusing chapter this week. Mayuri is more in his element that he was when he was fighting the Arrancar scientist.

Anyway, this week Mayuri is quite amazed by the sheer power Zaraki has by being able to move his eyes after being stabbed with Mayuri’s Zanpaktou telling the incapacitated Zaraki that he shall improve his blade thanks to this ‘revelation’.


Well, after that one-sided exchange Mayuri focusses on the odd creature before him. Going on another second monalogue. He commends the ‘noble sacrifice’ of Zaraki and think the Quincy should simply surrender because of that and become his experiment. He is quite sarcastic about the whole thing himself which makes the whole scene quite amusing, seen example above.

Ofcourse the Quincy doesn’t feel like complying and finally reveals its form to Mayuri and us. And it was quite a surprise.


A hand… Mayuri quickly deduces it as being the left arm of the Soul King. The lt’s waiting behind Mayuri watch in shock as the grotesque being grows itself with an upper and lower arm. After a short exchange with Ikkaku about, the latter wondering if it could truely be the left arm of the Soul King.

I would say why not. The Soul King didn’t have arms, and the right arm was bound to Ukitake via a contract of sorts. It could be that Ywach ‘saved’ the left arm from the SOul King’s control and made it an individual being with a name of its own. Or something cheesy like that.


When the creature talks Mayuri only gets more and more exited with the prospect of studying this new subject. It seems the way Mayuri talks about this new being angers it, telling him its name.


Probably gifted to him by Ywach.

Bleach Chapter 635 : Hooded Enigma

Chapter 635: Hooded Enigma
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First @Jim reply in 632 reviews on how boring bleach is. That is the whole reason I just couldn’t be arsed to write any.

The pace has significantly slowed down all of a sudden. Hopefully it will heat up a little bit with two of the captain facing the Quincy version of a roomba.

With Bazz-B’s death in the previous chapter the other two went straight to Ywach, obviously these two had even less of a chance against this new godly being. They are also dead which Ywach is pleased about, so he can go back to his nap.


As Ywach goes back to sleep, Hachwalt receives his powers as shown by his eyes. He notes how cruel it is, to be able to see into the future.

Meanwhile every body is moving around the place. One Quincy seems to have lost, being annoyed he cannot find any enemies. Mean ‘Naak’ seems to have lost track of the Ichigo group. However Grimmjow is right with him… suddenly though, the man was not interested in battle whatsoever strikes back at grimmjow.

Grimmjow cuts the orb with his hand then suddenly drops down onto the floor, or roof, whatever. Naak La var’s ‘Gift Ball’ is full of poison so that takes out Grimmjow quite quickly – boringly.

Then we go our sniper Quincy taking out Hisagi – boringly – from afar.

And then we get to our Quincy Roomba who is staring down Mayuri and Zaraki, after some intelligent dialog between the two Zaraki goes of on his usual tactics. Cut and kill it.

Mayuri suddenly notices something is off warning his fellow and well-regarded colleague. Zaraki falls back, his arms severely mauled. The strange roomba is leaking oil, i think Zaraki hit the battey and its start overheating as you can see below.


The plastic getting all bubbly and expanding rapidly. I am sure Zaraki just voided the warranty.

Fortunatly, Mayuri agrees with on Zaraki’s lack of technical expertise.

Bleach Manga Chapter 624 : The Fang

Chapter 624: The Fang
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A pretty quiet chapter this week as Kubo lets us calm down a bit, letting all the information sink in. Anyway we start off with Aizen doing neck exercises. It seems all that the Quincy was able to do to him was immobilize him for 5 minutes.


Aizen reflects a little on the scene below him as he seems to be talking to himself for a little bit. Ending with the notion to himself that the man who had defeated him has reached the Royal Palace before me, and that he some trouble forgiving Ichigo. So the solitude has done little to lessen his resentment.

The chapter continues back up at the Royal palace. The group has crash landed on one of the palace grounds.


More specificly Yourichi makes sure they don’t plummet all the way down. Even with her one arm destroyed she is still very formidable(as expected). After Ichigo regain consciousness after Kon’s surprise entry, Inoue fixes Yourichi’s arms the same way she did Grimmjow’s.

Yourichi doesn’t waste time in planning a counterattack. Realizing there is little time to waste if any at all with the Ywach becoming a new all-powerful being. Ichigo has some suggestions on how to get back up there using Inoue’s ability but Yourichi has a better plan.


Mothaflipping Grimmjow.

Not too much of a surprise to see him reappear. He doesn’t seem to be too happy to meet his old nemesis that beat him last time around. But I am sure pretty he has been the one helping Inoue, Chad, Yourichi and Urahara when they were in Hueco Mundo earlier in the arch.