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Hello all!! It’s me, Ikamuzu Oturan, hittin’ you with a classic ‘Theory Blog’. Now as we all know, the numbers on Pa’s back have been a mystery since our dear Jiraiya passed. But what do they mean: 9,31,8,106,7,207,15. With recent events (especially the release of mange 406) there is so much room for theories. And rather then just hear my boring ass tell you what I think, I’ve decided to have my fellow colleagues help me out. But before we get started, my buddy GURUKU would like to share a few words with everyone:

“I would typically go into detail about my theory; however, I would like to start off by disproving others.

FIRST: The theory that Jiraiya’s message is on the cover of each chapter of the manga.

Let us keep in mind that we are reading a story of Naruto. If this theory was a possibility, then the characters will NEVER be able to solve this riddle. There is no way that the narrated character can assume omniscient powers to transcend their own life story and read the title of each phase of their life. From a characters’ stand point, Jiraiya cannot even write this message let alone the rest of the characters in the Manga read it. It is simply preposterous; however, if there was a hidden message within that hidden message from Kishimoto to the readers than I give him props.

SECOND: The theory that Jiraiya’s hidden message is going to be revealed in the Icha Icha Paradise books.

Although there is a slight chance that this is the answer to the message. I doubt it is the answer. After chapter 406, we’ve seen Kakashi make a guess at the numbers, but have no revelation to it. If it was through the Paradise books, Kakashi would’ve been the first one to realize that. Also, the method in which Jiraiya wrote the message on the Frog seemed impossible for him to be able to reference his books with page numbers, and lines. He would’ve needed the book to cross reference each line to be sure his message was correct. It seemed as if the message is either something that he remembered for a long time (like a password/code) or something that was quickly remembered and developed through his flashback.

THIRD: The theory that the message is part of the Kanji system: 9 – country; 31 – in front, before; 8 – meeting, meet, party, association, interview, join; 106 – arrangement, logic, reason, truth, justice; 7 – prison; 207 – sell; 15 – exit, leave.

Although this seemed to be a fitting theory, there are still doubts. I find it difficult to entrust the fate of the world in typical Kanji system words that could’ve been deciphered by elementary school students. If this is a top secret message, which will take the top-tier analysts to decipher, I do not want it to be simple and straight forward, with an obscure message that seems to have tons’ of ‘what-ifs’ and drags on with too many questions in it. If Shikamaru and Kakashi couldn’t figure it out, what makes us think there is any way the theory can be this simple? There is no doubt that it is a double-encrypted message system that Jiraiya concocted during his flashback.”

So with that being said, lets see what our Authors have to sayENJOY🙂

SSJ’s thoughts:

I believe that the six bodies of Pein with red hair that we saw fighting Jiraiya, and throughout the whole series for that matter, are mere puppets. I think they are being controlled by the original Nagato, the black haired orphan that Jiraiya remembers training a long time ago. He is most likely at some safe/hidden location, where he would be vulnerable if this location were found out. I don’t know how, but I think Jiraiya realized this location, and is trying to reveal with the numbers he put on Pa toad. I doubt they are longitude and latitude, most likely page numbers that mention this location on every page (number in the code).

Bob-senpai’s theory:

If Jiraya had Shikamaru’s brains, then the code would be some kind of really complex algorithm which would probably never get solved. But thankfully, Jiraiya isn’t a super genius, so his code must be something simple but also be easy enough to look up for those back in Konoha. My guess is that the code refers to volumes/chapters/pages in Jiraiya’s journal, the one which the great toad sage told him to write on his travels around the world. This journal is not the “Icha Icha” books Jiraiya publishes, or else anyone could figure out the code if they had the book. No, the journal must be kept in that large scroll we sometimes see Jiraiya walking around with. As his pupil, maybe Naruto is the only one who has read it so far.

Silver Uchiha’s thoughts:

I am under the impression that Jiraya sent, not 1, but 2 messages: 1st the key, 2nd Pein’s identity.

Pein’s Identity- I thing Pein is no other than the Sage of the Six Paths. I believe that the power of Rinnengan is the control of life and death by the transference of conscience, soul and powers from body to body (or bodies). This is a process in with the subject grows stronger or weaker.

The Sage of the Six Paths has been changing bodies to gain power. At the end of the Great Shinobi War, the Sage was using the body of a Rock Ninja. Then he moved onto Nagato’s body, possibly because he considered Jiraya a great prospect of sensei. Later he moved to Yahiko’s body (Nagato’s friend).

The Sage changed as a consequence of every battle and transference; he has grown stronger because he wined every fight. Finally he achieved the power to share six bodies, and the God’s status (The Buddhist conception of God is just the best type of creature to reincarnate in the circle of life, and his only weakens in the pride). There is not a simple coincidence that Pein is using bodies that belonged to Jiraya’s enemies. The Sage learned from Jiraya, and selected bodies that helped him to become more powerful and compensate each weakness.

Supporting the Theory – The eyes of the Rock Ninja ended empty after his battle against Nagato. Also the blood on his mouth, reminds me Itachi when he passed his powers to Sasuke before his death. (Image: Chapter 372 page 17). Furthermore, Nagato’s is not one of Pein’s bodies, so a corpse lost all functionality after the transference of the dojutsu.

Guruku’s theory:

The theory that Jiraiya’s message is decoded from the story book that Jiraiya gave to the Fourth. (Yes, the book that Naruto’s name was founded by).

This would be a great way to tie in Naruto’s true parents, his past, as well as the origins of his name, and have Naruto finally realize his identity. Naruto needs to know this sooner or later, and the most suitable way for him to find out is through the book Jiraiya wrote about his adventures, and named the main character ‘Naruto’. Also, this seems to fit his flashbacks’ and then typing in the code right after his revelation. On top of it all, it is about time Naruto realized his true potential and then cashed in on it.
Finally, maybe the key is simply the combination code to opening the key frog However, if that were true it’ll be kinda dull.

Anbu Quzzie’s theory:

Wow, so much is happening in the manga so far. So much has been revealed, and much more has been kept a secret, and for that is the reason why I am here, to try and fill those gaps that Kishi so desperately hides.

1.) I will start with Pein. I know I have previously mentioned this theory but I will say it once more. My theory is that the reason why Pein has every body BUT the holder of the Rinnengan is because the holder of the Rinnengan (Nagato) is dead. I believe Nagato’s close friend, Yahiko, attempted to perform the Uchiha’s ritual by taking out Nagato’s eyes and implanting them in himself. This “upgrade”, if it was a success, may have given him the ability to control other bodies and explains why there is no Nagato among the six. Second theory on this is that the “Sage of Six Paths” is still alive and simply controls bodies from afar or transfers between bodies making him immortal…

2.) In terms of the numbers, they could be pages in one of Jiraiya’s books. Either the books Kakashi reads, though unlikely seeing as though Kakashi didn’t have a clue what the numbers were referring to. Or they could be page numbers in Jiraiya’s “life story” book, which Naruto would only know since he wrote it while with Naruto…

So tell me gang… What do you think??????

MADA MADA DANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 Responses

  1. I think Guruku is closest to the mark. Here are my thoughts:

    1. it would make sense that as they are old enemies of Jiraiya’s, they would be in that book, and since he detailed the battles, it would also detail each version’s abilities as well.

    2. Nagato is still around and controlling them from a secret location. There are seven numbers, so one for each path of Pein, and one more for the one who walks the paths.

    My 2 cents anyway…

  2. what it the answer for that code?

  3. i thought they already broke this code down. It means that isn’t the real pain or something like that. Are you guys late or someting? Which chapter are you on?

  4. @ByakuganInvasion, this post is 2 years old lol. BBut yeah, looks like the commenters are tad behind

  5. Oh snap my bad,lol

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