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Naruto & One Piece – Naruto and Sanji

Natuto Chapter Review


I was pissed, royally pissed when reading this chapter. But after some rereads and some coffee and cookies, I have come to like this chapter. I know that many would over look this chapter and say that it just Kishi’s way of stalling the story that much more, but from my point of view this chapter strengthens the whole idea of the Naruto series.

From beginning to end this series is all about Naruto, for Goodness Sake the manga is called Naruto, so logically it would imagessurround around Naruto. It is that reason that every time that Sasuke gets a lot of show time and moves and history that it makes mad because this series is about Naruto and not SASUKE. Do not get me wrong it is okay for Kishi to elaborate on secondary characters like Kakashi, Itachi, Pain and etc, but in my opinion Kishi gives Sasuke way too much attention. Either way this is my point which is this series is all about Naruto, so that is why this chapter increases this idea and makes Naruto character even more involved into the story because the events and people are revolved around him.

What I really liked about this chapter is the fact, we saw characters from the First Hokage Nara.Shikamaru.full.888516to A (3rd Rakaga) acknowledging the importance, love and respect for Naruto. Especially how Shikamaru reveals his hidden agenda of becoming Naruto’s right hand man. I thought that it was going to be Sasuke who becomes his number 2, but now that Sasuke is all about himself and has done somethings that he has to answer for, Shikamaru makes a perfect candidate for a leader’s adviser. His tactics, knowledge, and theology rivals even that of Kakashi. (Maybe a few years to early) He has the ability to come up with  great plans to  disastrous situations. (With the exception of the recent situation) But he thinks rationally and is not biased, unlike Sasuke who I think would make things to personal and create even bigger problems. And the most important aspect of Shikamaru is the fact that he is not afraid to have people help him, in fact he strives on creating great plans with the help of his friends.  Another thing that I liked about this chapter is the fact that we see Kakashi stitching himself up. What Kakashi did in two panels is way better than what Sasuke and Sakura do in two chapters. He shows his voluntarily as a Ninja but also his vast wisdom. Honestly right now Kakashi is one of the most legit character in Naruto (that is alive). What I hated about this chapter is Kiba and what Kishi made him out to be, and the fact that we are again introduced to this stalemate of the Alliance once again gaining their resolve. Either way I enjoyed this chapter, but am willing to say that the time for words is over and that from now on we should see a full on fight.


One Piece Chapter Review


There is a trend going on with Bartolomeo (Bart for short) that whenever he sees a Strawhat he falls over his heels. This time itone_piece_ch709_bartolomeo_by_choparini is Zoro who is discussing with Kinemon on how to get into the stadium. I do not see Bart helping out Zoro and Kinemon sneak into the stadium because he is to shy when it comes to his idols (strawhats). The thing that I want to see is when Bart gets to meet Ussop I cannot wait to see what Ussop does when he knows that a pirate with a high bounty looks up to him. As for Gladius, it seems that he holds a high value in comradeship that betrayals by his comrades boils his blood.  And it seems like he is the master mind of the Strawhats disposal plan. As to what his abilities are, unfortunatly we do not have that much to ake an assumption on. What is so interesting is that he and Baby 5 seem to have no bad blood by the fact that he was the one who shot Baby 5 when she tried to attack Doflamingo. Nonetheless, the Doflamingo pirates are very powerful that so far there is a total of 9 devil fruit users in their ranks making them the most numbered devil fruit users under Kaido who has an army of devil fruit users.

One_Piece___Brooke_by_KenjhaI have been over looking Brook who in the past week has shown tremendous skills in deception. He was able to trick his enemy into believing him and in turn making them pay for that devious mistake. At first I was pissed, royally pissed when I saw Brook being dealt with as if he was a weakling. I can understand Chopper and Monosuke being tricked since they are kids and are gullible but Brook is old in fact he is the oldest member of the Strawhats and he is considered to be the second strongest swordsman that his power is in the second division of strawhats strength. But boy did he prove me wrong, while all hope seem lost in making him look cool, he turns it around and brings his badazzness that much closer to Zoro. (But Zoro is in a league of his own in badazz status) Another character I highly over looked is Violet, she is showing some skills that rival that of the Byakugan. She also shows that she is a master of hiding because she can see someone looking for her a mile away. What I am really interested in is what she was going to say before she was interrupted from seeing the Sunny getting struck by lighting. But I think that Violet might be our lost candidate into joining the Strawhats. Think about it Luffy has almost all the women after him, same goes with Zoro, but Sanji poor Sanji never get the woman. Well Violet is the perfect one for him and they would make an awesome team in a fight. Also, there are too many male in the strawhats that an addition of another woman would make a good thing for comedy, drama and plus Violet is an awesome character.

Just when you think that Law is done for, he makes what Brook did to Jora seem like child play. He tricked an Admiral and Warlord into thinking that they had him pined when it was all along part of his plan. Last week I said that Law should be imag9escommended for staying up with and Admiral and Warlord for this long, but it turns out that he was not defeated but playing possum until he found an opening.  He was able to have Doflamingo reveal his history, which turns out that he is no longer considered a Celestial Dragon, but still retains the advantage of being a former one. While the law still applies to him, people who know about his background still treat him as an Celestial Dragon, from the way that Admiral Fugitora seems to follow the lead of Doflamingo. However, the person who has his name written all over this chapter is Sanji, the man of men. The dude that puts chivalry to shame, the one that makes the statement “Don’t hit a woman” to an extreme, basically the man we all dream to be and women should value, because unlike other men, Sanji would devote all of his time to his woman. But going back to track, I know a lot of people are excited to see Sanji vs Doflamingo, unfortunately I do not think that this fight will happen because Sanji is not the person who will take down Doflamingo, we might be able to see him going toe to toe with Doflamingo, showing that Sanji is new a whole new league now and that he is by far ready for the NEW WORLD. What I predict is that he might team up to take on Doflamingo and Fujitora and that their fight might be cut short with outside interference.