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Its Out!!

The chapters can be found on Mangastream.com

Sorry I am short on time but don’t let that stop you from discussing this weeks chapter.


10 Responses

  1. Naruto- This was a average chapter. Nothing surprising happen. It seems like another villian is falling victim to the no-talk jutsu genjutsu style! Honestly that is getting old. Despite all of the ninjas with all of these killing techniques, it seems like the no-talk jutsu reigns supreme. I made a comment about how I HATE the leaf village and this is one of the reasons. They are MASTERS of the no-talk jutsu. They can face a enemy that has the potential to destroy the earth and what do the use? No-talk jutsu. The problem with that is, IT WORKS EVERYTIME! Why even use ninja arts anymore when you can just talk your way out of every situation. No matter how evil, or how much damage, or even if a villain is 100% given to darkness, no-talk jutsu defeats them everytime. Oh and poor Obito, it seems no-talk jutsu is so powerful this time that he is having visions of being the hokage of the leaf village. I guess Kakashi is hoping Obito would give up his dark path and all will be forgiven even though he is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

    Now I know what you all are thinking “But Immortal talking isn’t that bad.””I mean do they have to kill their opponent all the time?” Well I would respond to that by saying “they don’t mind killing people from other villages.(Talking about the leaf.) Besides they train to use deadly force when necessary in order to “protect the precious thing” in their life. But no matter what happens, no-talk jutsu is the key to victory.

    Honestly all I could think about this chapter was:

    One piece- I wonder how sadistic will Oda make Donflamingo out to be? Story is still great so far.

  2. @immortal

    I got as far as ‘take Ice Cream’ an went:

    There should be a poll here on what are people’s favorite Talkjutsu technique and from which character.

  3. How can I post a review on Naruto’s chapter?

  4. @darthuchiha-LMAO! I’m so sorry darth for putting you through that! LOL. But you have to admit this chapter had the BFF song written all over it!

    @Naruto101- Well first you have to ask Jdogg, who will direct you to Bob I believe. Then after that, you would have to go through a series of life or death test to determine if you have what it takes. If you manage to survive, (survival rate 28%) you will be asked questions pertaining to the nature of reality and depending on your answers, you may end up on a island for 100 days or in the desert for 75 days or in the jungle for 50 days or in the city (any city) for 25 days.(Don’t worry every trip is paid for.) Then finally you will be able to post a review.

    PS: When they ask you the questions, the answer to the first one is hot dog? Don’t ask.

  5. @darthuchiha: Hey I forgot to add, my favorite talk-no jutsu is when Naruto told Neji, ” I thought it was destiny to serve the main household not to beat it. After all that talk about destiny you really don’t believe in it do you.” (English dub). Neji lost the moment talk-no jutsu was in effect. If he would have just continue to beat up Naruto instead of listening, the results would have been different.

  6. @immortal lol I’m ready, I believe I would give everyone that come here a good read and since some of my time freed up, why not post reviews for Naruto 🙂 Jdogg I’m interested

  7. @Naruto101,

    I am thankful and happy you want to be a writer. However, I do not have the authority to make you an author, for I an author on this site and not an administrator. People who have the power are Bob and Kizu, you’ll have to get their email and email them about your interest. I certainly hope you get through to them.

  8. I’ll be glad when they just come out and say that BIG MAGNUM is Sasuke’s grandfather or great grandfather. They just told how Obito is his cousin. Just keeping it all in the family.

  9. Anyone notice how freakishly tall kakashi was on pg 16? o.O

    Anyway, yea they all might as well be within the same family. Obito and madara’s mannerisms upon their initial meet was kind of a giveaway of obito being his descendant, and kyuubi comparing sasukes chakra to madara, an now this chapter.

  10. @ darth

    I noticed that as well, lol. He was almost tall as A and Bee, lol.

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