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Naruto & One Piece Chapter – Progress


Both the Naruto and One Piece recent chapters were about progressing the story and plot. However, this Naruto chapter was not as informative and it did not move the story as did the One Piece chapter. It is not fair to put Kishi and Oda in the same conversation when it comes to story telling because Oda is in his own league when it comes to that. But both of these chapter had the same concept which is to progress the story.

Naruto Chapter 650

Nothing really to take from this chapter other than to just sit back and enjoy the ride that Kishi takes us on. While in my opinion I think that Kishi is just repeating himself with the whole idea of Naruto getting through to Obito. We all know that Narutonaruto_art_by_riishel-d5hzwiz has gotten to Obito through his “Talk-No-Jutsu” but Obito does not want to admit it. But before we get to all that let me touch on the Kages and  other people. So the Kages are the support team now, the second is using his power to get people out of danger while Tsunade and sakura use their Summoning to heal the injured. As to why they need to do this since most of the incompetent Ninja are just that incompetent, basically being there just so we can see nameless Ninja get killed. Like the First Hokage said when he first got to the battle field “All the useless Ninja leave the area” not exactly word for word, but he basically said that. Oh and did you guys catch that Samurai guy I forgot his name, and I am not going to invest my time looking him up, just to prove that right now all other characters are practically meaningless for the story other than Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, the Kages, Orochi, and a hand-full of other characters. When I saw that Samurai guy, my reaction was “Oh crap that guy is still alive, and was he here the whole time?” Of course, he was in the war, he arrived when the Ten-Tails was just growing, and his name is Mifune by the way. Nonetheless, the chapter was enjoyable to an extent and while it was not much to take from other than the fact that Naruto is the beacon of hope for everyone, and you could clearly see that he has an effect even on Sasuke because Sasuke only stood up after seeing Naruto do so. Another thing to take note of is that it seems that Jugo must be close to Sasuke in order for him to transfer is chakra. Well, like I said not much to take but other than to enjoy it and wait for next week and see if Kishi can spark that fire in us, like he used to do so many times.

One Piece Chapter 724

Like I said in the Naruto chapter review, not much to take from this weeks One Piece chapter other than to sit back and enjoy the wild story Oda takes us on. As I said last week, the fight between Sanji and Doflamingo was cut short. However, SanjiDonquixote.Doflamingo.full.1412295 could be a handful even for a Shichibukai, though Doflamingo was too much even for Sanji. Unlike Law and Luffy, Zoro and Sanji depend entirely on their power as humans without a devil fruit. Can you imaging how powerful Sanji or Zoro would be if they got a Devil Fruit ability? The scale would be immensely turned upside down if that happens, and I am going to say it but Sanji and Zoro are on the level of a Shichibukai. And if they are as powerful as they are entirely because of their superhuman power than adding a Devil Fruit ability to them would make them too powerful. And like I said last week, Law did break up the fight. What makes this chapter so interesting or the whole arc so interesting is that almost every chapter has a really powerful cliffhanger. Look at last week, when Sanji came to the rescue, I was fiending for the next chapter to find out what happened and I was not disappointed while I wanted Sanji to beat Doflamingo, it would not make sense including the idea that Doflamingo is the ultimate villain in this arc, and usually Luffy is the one that fights that guy.

What caught my attention the most is like all of you, the cliffhanger where Law ends his alliance with the Strawhats and teases about his vengeance agenda he started 13 years ago. As to what happened, like you, I have no clue, but I would say that it involved Doflamingo either killing Law’s close friend or family or Doflamingo betrayed Law. Either way, this thickens the plot, and we as the audience want more of One Piece chapters, at least I do. I am sorry I did not touch up on a lot of themes and theories on this week, like I have been saying I enjoyed this weeks chapters that I am not thinking too much about them other than to enjoy reading my manga for the week.

naruto-sakura-haruno-artThis is what Kishi really wanted to write about.


25 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review! Great thoughts as always!

    A few thoughts as I read this:
    1) I know the time lapse is supposed to be short, but why did Madara give the 1st time to contemplate, reminisce and then regroup? Unless he’s working on his own strategy behind the scenes.
    2) It’s a shame to have the 2nd and 4th relegated to just assisting the army of fodder (one armed or not)
    3) Did the 3rd figure out a way to heal himself after Obito tore through him and the 2nd? I thought he had some damage. It looks like he’s been all healed up since he rescued Naruto.
    4) The Susuano’o armored Kurama would be cool if we hadn’t already seen it from Madara.
    5) Kakashi foreshadowing a Talk no Jutsu on Obito is lame. I really hope this isn’t Kishi’s way of having Obito give up in the end and Madara OR Sasuke ending up with 7 of the tailed beasts.
    6) I would have thought the Hachibi would have been more front and center in the attack on Obito or the overgrown petunia. I have to imagine a well placed tailed beast bomb would do more damage than most of the ninja army (combined)
    7) I was always a big Hinata fan, but I gotta admit, Ino’s moving up quickly in the “who should be Natuto’s first female kiss” contest

  2. I’ve been rewatching the naruto show and I have to ask:

    Is it weird I find the plot/drama of this series a lot more interesting if sasuke was a female?

  3. @Jdogg: Great review, great pics as well J-money! Thanks for taking the time to do a review. Hopefully in the future you may be able to join the conversation from time to time. Currently I am reading OP and I find it very entertaining. The manga is better than the anime IMO. I have a loooonnng ways to go, but I will get there.


    1)I believe you are right. Madara is probably using the alliance in order to fulfill his own plans.
    3)The 3rd is edo tensei so he should heal automatically; unless I missed something and he was hit with those non elemental black balls then his healing shouldn’t make sense since the 4th hasn’t healed from that attack.
    4)Personally, I hate the Naruto/Sasuke combo. Kish has shown time and time again that Naruto and Sasuke make the “ultimate tag team.”
    5)Agreed. I think it is lame. However the way the last paged went, it looks like Naruto will end up with the ten tails (perhaps the names he learned from the individual tail beast may play a part in that), and I believe Sasuke will end up with the Rinnegan (perhaps help from Madara).
    6)No kidding.
    7) Naruto sucks when it comes to the ladies. With all the affection he showed Sasuke, he should have married Hinata with a kid on the way.

    @darthuchiha: Not at all. In fact if that was the case, the entire series would make sense:

    1)Sakura wouldn’t be hated so much since she would have any love for female Sasuke.
    2)Naruto’s love for Sasuke would be more understandable.
    Naruto’s constant dismiss of Hinata would be more believable.
    3)It would be cool to have a female character stand out more. (If Sasuke was the female.)
    4)When Sasuke was considered “emo” if he was a female, it would be cool. I’m not trying to be sexist in saying this, but IMO it appears that the female characters display more emotion (which means more realism) than the male characters which is one of the reasons I like Tsunade.
    5) This may be a combination of 3 and 4 but it would be even cooler if a female Sasuke would have gone through what male Sasuke went through.

    Sigh….oh well to late now.

  4. Corrections from last post:

    1)Sakura wouldn’t be hated so much since she WOULDN’T have any love for female Sasuke

    Naruto’s constant dismiss of Hinata would be more believable. (Should be number 3.)

  5. @Immortal,
    I have noticed that OP anime has become very slow, in the sense that they would do one chapter per episode. Previously, the makers would involve about three chapters an episode. So we had so much to look for, but now since the anime is almost up with the manga, the episodes are dragged out, that’s why we get scenes like Vergo traveling for like ten minutes. Either way, the anime is still entertaining if you fast forward the exaggerated, dragged on scenes like someone running for ten minutes. But you are right the Manga is way better, in my opinion, once OP is over, it will go down as the most successful manga in history, which it already is (just behind Dragonball). What makes OP so interesting for you? For me, it is the originality of the world Oda has created, for Goodness sake, we are in the 700 chapters and still have relevance and is able to stay in the top of the manga world.

    The other thing that makes me like it so much is that the power scale is so perfect in this manga. If you look at the manga of Naruto and Bleach, both the main characters, Naruto and Ichigo, are tremendously over powered from minor characters, but in OP, Luffy while very powerful, there are still characters that can beat him. If you look at Naruto and Bleach, there is only a hand full of people that can stand up to Naruto and Ichigo. And another thing in OP, one person can be more powerful than the weaker one, but another person who loses to the weaker one can defeat the powerful one.(Does that make sense?) Remember when Sanji told Ussop that he is weaker than Ussop in certain aspects while Sanji is stronger in other things. We do not have this ideology in Naruto or Bleach, once someone is powerful than the other than that is it, there is no middle ground. Do you get what I am trying to say? If not? than tell, so I can be more specific.

  6. @Jdogg
    I agree with Naruto being overpowered, but I would have to entirely disagree with Ichigo from Bleach being overpowered. Ichigo’s far from being overpowered. He has gain powers that no one has ever gotten but his mantality makes him more flaw and human. Ichigo loses or gets a tie with many battles he’s involved in. More so than he gets wins. Remember when Ichigo reach a 4th demension with his final Getsuga Tensho? He overpowered and humiliated Aizen, but Ichigo ended up losing and needed mr hat and clause to save his ass. Then, if we were to rewind the events back further. Let’s check his track record.

    Ichigo vs Renji – win

    Ichigo vs Kenpachi – win (barely)

    Ichigo vs Byakuya – tie

    First time: Ichigo vs Grimmjaw – lost
    Second time: Ichigo vs Grimmjaw- lost
    Third time: Ichigo vs Grimmjaw – Won (took him three tries before winning)

    First time: Ichigo vs Ulquirra: lost (psychologically)
    Second time: Ichigo vs Ulquirra: lost
    Third time: Ichigo vs Ulquirra: Tie (they both had a crack at killing eachother)

    Ichigo vs Yammy: lost

    Ichigo vs Nnoitra: lost

    Ichigo vs Aizen: Lost twice (needed mr hat and clause help)

    Ichigo vs quincy King’s assistant: lost

    If you count up the total, Ichigo loses more than he wins. Not to mention all the phychological help he needs from his friends to train him and save him. Orihime brought him back to life after dying so many times. Rukia had to kick his ass until he got out of his funk. Then countless number of friends from vizard, his dad and shiningami have to waste countless hours of pulling Ichigo out of his mid life crises over and over again.

    With all this description, Ichigo’s more human than someone who is overpowered. Ichigo’s gifted with overpowering traits but his human qualities brings him back to earth as a flaw person. In no way that makes the Bleach main character overpowering.

  7. @nss7 i think what jdogg means is that ichigo reached Captain level (supposed highest level) in the beginning of the Manga and the rest has been about inner conflicts and surpassing that great level against opponents only “he” can beat. One piece however is not so much about just strength. Even at this stage we know of at least a dozen of known characters who can take Luffy to the brink including 2 members in his own crew. This doesn’t even include the yonko, warlords, admirals, vice admirals, or world government personnel. Its all these closely strengthed people and the threat at losing at any time that makes it stand out more so than bleach and naruto. When zoro takes all of luffy’s pain who was on the brink head on in 1 attack and is still able to stand strong is one of the most iconic moments i seen in any manga I’ve read.

  8. @cj
    True in a sense but not completely correct. Ichigo struggle as much as Luffy. He has captain level powers but he isn’t as calm and formal as a captain. Ichigo struggles more than he overpowers his opponents. Cold heartingly, Goku from DBZ and Naruto both have powers to fight multiple opponents and could easily take over the world if they wanted to. Goku has the power to defeat anyone in the universe and to destroy the world. Naruto can take on a whole war and takeover all nations in the Narutouniverse with his clones alone. Ichigo… Nope. Not even close. Most of the battles Ichigo’s in, he can only take on ONE high level opponent at a time, in which he struggles for a win or loses in most cases. Ichigo have never fought a GROUP of high level opponents and win. Moreover, if Ichigo tried facing the whole Espada, shiningami, zero squad palace or Quincy base on his own, he would easily be own hands down. Compare that to Goku and Naruto, who could take on a whole army of high class enemy at once.

    Only time Ichigo have fought a group of high level people was against the vizards. Ichigo transform into one of his superior hollow mode and still lost to the group of vizards that didn’t use shikai or bankai. Also, Ichigo hollow form could barely scratch a kido. Notice the human flaw? Ichigo has superior power to most, but he ends up losing in one vs one fights and could never win in a group battle. Bleach main character far from overpowering. Ichigo more of an underdog than anything else.

  9. @Jdogg: What I like about One piece is that the story is consistent. From the moment Luffy leaves his home town to the current chapter, the overall theme has and still is adventure. You are never left wondering what is Oda doing or what is going on. The characters also are consistent with the story. The overall theme changes the characters in a way that makes the story believable.

    Naruto isn’t as consistent as One Piece IMO. There are times when I am questioning the shinobi world, Naruto and almost all of the characters in the manga. One example I shall give that makes me sooo mad when I think about it. It makes me mad that these group of characters which were portrayed as the best only to be a major let down.

    The anbu black ops.

    These group of people are always being overshadowed by the jonin level ninja. When Kabuto killed all those anbu, I was like “what”? “This is odd.” The anbu haven’t contribution to the series in minimal at best. Thinking about all this, where are they during this war? The only time a anbu black op member does something is when that mask comes off. (Yamato). What a serious let down.

    Another thing that is strange is how some characters don’t even change. The environment that they are in should change their overall perspective to some degree. Some do change however which should happen to make the story believable.

    I could go on and on about how after last chapter I pretty much HATE the leaf village to the point that I wish Sasuke would have destroyed it but I would be typing all night.

    Bleach isn’t as bad as Naruto. The only thing that I felt was strange about bleach was how the main antagonist (the hollows) are almost insignificant in terms of power. When the term Vasto Lorde was introduced in Bleach it made it seem like they were the top of the food chain (literally) but they were a major let down as well. (I believe Tia Harribel is the only confirmed Vasto Lorde which would also suggest that maybe Starrk, and Barragan.) I’m not saying that these characters were bad or weak, they just didn’t meet my expectations in terms of power.

    Okay I’m finished hope I didn’t bore you with this long post.

  10. Corrections from last post:

    The anbu haven’t contribution to the series in minimal at best.
    The anbu contribution to the series in minimal at best.

    Sorry….getting sleepy.

  11. New chapter is out for Naruto btw on mangareader 🙂

  12. Ok chapter but I’m calling bs on a couple things;
    1) was obito thinking about all that stuff cause he wanted to or cause Kakashi was thinking it and they are “linked”? If it’s cause Kakashi was thinking it just…. No kishi
    2) speaking of being connected how come Kakashi only now started to be able to see thru obitos eyes? How come throughout the whole series Kakashi hasn’t had this problem t all and yet now after obito is encountered he can somehow see what obito sees? Kishi is falling asleep at the wheel on these details… Nothing new lately it seems

  13. That Kubi Susanoo was beast…I don’t like how it looks like they’re holding hands on top of Kuruma’s head but pretty cool look none the less.

  14. @Immortal
    Agree with everything you said about Naruto.

    With Bleach, I would have to disagree. Bleach just as consistent as One Piece. If you look through the beginning of the series to the current events now, you’ll notice that the shiningamis are the alpha wolf. They’re the rulers of all realms. Here are their domain:

    Human world: run by shiningami

    Soul society: run by shingami

    Heuco Mundo: run by shingami (Aizen)

    Quincies: run by shiningami (King)

    Shiningamis are the dominant breed. They trump Quincies with their superior power (bankai). Their intellect far exceeds a hollow. Furthermore, shiningami invest more time in scientific research and discovery. Research includes hollowfication, mob souls, crafting Zanpakto, medicine/healing powers, kido (spells), creating hybrid hollows (lives inside Ichigo), and created the Quincies.

    With everything said, Shiningami were unbeat. They procreated and Built a structural Stable system within their world and other worlds to maintain order. Answer to your question Immortal: Vasto Lord only wielded power. But shingami’s are more logical and intelligent. There’s a reason why shingami’s have always prevented hollows from envading the human world. Also, the hollow’s world is run down, while the soul society is more structurally modern and superior. Vasto lords are the bronze and shingami’s are the brains. Brains always beat bronze.

  15. come on guys, you are killing me with this banter about naruto. what plane of existence do u think on?
    obito slipped up and let kakashi know that ” since u first received my eye, i could see what u were doing, u were my sleeper into the leaf ”
    kakashi realizing this placed a ” what if ” genjutsu on obito long enough for naruto and company to land a hit. kakashi isn’t stuck in that dimension, he can leave, although i don’t know how time flows there. what’s really pissing me off is the fact that u guys are completely forgetting about yamato. i fear his purpose is the same as anko’s, his perfectly cloned 1st hokage cells will be madara’s vessel, not obito, that clown is to make u look left without paying attention to the right. really? the 1st is holding him at bay while releasing clones? did u not see how much stronger madara was when he was introduced? and he himself stated that he was much stronger than when he was alive. with an immortal body he can go all out indefinitely, but he’s allowing obito to do all of this nonsense. the position of yamato’s body on the root 1st hokage ( disturbing image ) to me looks like a tranfer. kabuto knows madara’s and obito’s secrets, he stated it when he allied himself with the uchiha’s. he had a prime chance to capture bee and naruto off guard, but opted for yamato. the guy isn’t missing for no reason, i mean, he kept anko alive for a long time, just so he could do what sasuke did and bring oro. so yamato as a bigger play.
    but the only thing i don’t get is why didn’t kabuto edo tensei the WHITE FANG? was he a failed experiment? oh well, i don’t care either way, just don’t rule out anything. i told u guys about tobi being obito, and the truth about pain, and the what if of madara, but that fell upon deaf ears. so im just speaking my mind. but, i can’t figure out why the 2nd created edo tensei.

  16. @nobody,

    I thought Kabuto captured Yamato for Tobi/Obito’s clone army….not for edo Madara. When did Madara discovered that Yamato was buried in the 1st DNA coloning tree/root system thingee??

  17. @nobody please give chapter/page where it says obito could see they kakashis eyes and that he was a sleeper agent for obito lol. A lot of your rant is just trolling as most of what said is either not said at all (like what I said above) or inaccurate (Yamato as host body). Madara knows nothing about Yamato. Yamato was oros experiment and madara ws Edo by kabuto so there is literally no possible way for madara to know about Yamato. Sounds like a bunch of trolling to me

  18. @token

    I don’t know if obito ever told kakashi, unintentional or otherwise, but nobody was telling the truth about obito seeing through kakashi. We seen it happen during obitos flashback of rin’s death.

  19. Yea we have seen It happen which begs the question how come Kakashi never had a scenario like this until now? 2-3 years he had ms yet all the sudden after seein obito Kakashi can miraculously see thru obitos eye? Doesn make sense at all

  20. And I was referring to nobody and his comment that obito was purposefully watching thru kakashis eye. I know that they did have a experience before but it’s odd that Kakashi never had that till now

  21. How can I post a review on Naruto chapters?

  22. @nss7: Thanks for that logical response nss7. I didn’t factor in not only the structure of the Gotei 13 but also the role in which they play as the guardians of SS and the human world. Aizen was the one who gave the hollows structure forming his organization of arrancars. Interesting. My perception of Bleach has change for the better thanks to you.

  23. @Token- Just wanted to weigh in on the subject but maybe proximity and emotional trauma has something to do with it? That’s the only link I can really think of. The first time it happen, Obito was closing in on Kakashi killing Rin (emotional trauma and proximity). Now they, Kakashi and Obito are close but as far as the trauma maybe it’s from Kakashi? Outside of that I have nothing.

  24. @immortal

    That may be it, but we have no other comparisons. Other than these two, whenever an eye(s) transplant takes place in this series, the original owner are either dead, or knocking on deaths door.

  25. @nss7

    Where has it been said that the king of quincies is or has ever been a shinigami? All we know thus far is that he is supposed to have been th progenitor of his species and if anything started out human.

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