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Fairy Tail chapter 243 – Fairy Tail vs Hades

read it here

There’s not much to say about this chapter. It was awesome to see the fairy’s combination attacks, if it was anyone other then hades i’m sure he would’ve been dead after that unison raid. If anyone forgot Unison Raid is a high level magic attack where similar types of magic combine (Lucy and Juvia have used it to take care of that trinity raven guy/girl? at the tower of paradise)

ok what else is there to say? oh yeah the little kitties (happy charle lilly) are searching for the fuel tank of the ship to blow it up.

When hades finally gets serious he takes down wendy in an instant, the only thing remaining are her clothes. she might be dead or like gildarts did to natsu made into 1000 small wendy’s. anyway i doubt both of them, Hades wouldn’t split his enemies into tiny little pieces and mashima wouldn’t kill wendy like that. the splitting however is a possibility if gildarts appeared and did it to shield wendy for the attack. also unlikely, let’s just wait for next week.

2 more thing that i have noticed:

It seems like Laxus will join the battle if you look at the title of the next chapter (thunder crashes)

What’s with Lucy’s clothes? it looks like that if she moves too much her breast might just pop out. thinking about it, if hades got the same weakness as makarov (perverseness) they might even beat him when that happens


18 Responses

  1. I think it was a great chapter. I, too, don’t think Wendy is dead. But to have that much power, makes he wonder how the Fairy Tail team is going to beat this guy. My prediction is that Laxus will use Fairy Law, and it’ll actually work this time. As far as Unison Raid, isn’t technacly the combined Dragon Roars that happen in Edolas a Unison Raid?

  2. Since we’re in the subject matter of Unison Raid: Who you guys think will be the next people to do it? And with what attacks?

  3. @zep: I think the next people to do it will be the Dragon Slayers or the Exceed with, respectively, their Roars and their Aera magic.

    Triple Fire, Iron, Air Dragon Roar: It will be an awesome fiery tornado that can cut through enemies because of the iron.

    Triple Aera: The Exceed will try using Aera to headbutt an enemy, but their magic will resonate and their wings will become huge, like an angel’s wings, and the cats’ speed will increase a hundredfold, so their foes will feel like they were hit by an airplane.

    What about you?

  4. Well, as I expressed already, the triple dragon roar already happened in the Edolas Arc. But I think Lucy is going to be involved in the next one, simply because she’s been involved in two already.

  5. Yeah, you’re probably right about the triple dragon roar, but it wasn’t called Unison Raid like the other two were (as seen here: http://www.mangareader.net/135-56017-4/fairy-tail/chapter-194.html) and the wiki doesn’t say anything about it: http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Unison_Raid

  6. gj whitey. this was a pretty good chapter.

    i think it would have been more effective for wendy to have healed gildarts to help them in this battle. the way i see it, through sheer magical force, not necessarily skills, but through sheer power gildarts is actually superior to makarov, so wouldn’t it have been better for them to heal him before rushing into this.

    i don’t think they realized just how strong hades is. he is literally the strongest person we have seen in the series so far, by leaps and bounds.

    my hope is that gajeel will be recovered by the time laxus gets there and them and natsu will have a dragonslayer team up.

  7. Actually come to think of it, Lucy is the most fitting to do Unison Raids, seeing as how she’s not limited to only one form of attack. I also like to note that the two Celestials she used are in a relationship. I found that kind of funny.

    As far as who I think should do a Unison Raid: Hmm, I would love to see Erza do one with someone, but I don’t think her Knight’s magic will be compatible to do it with someone. And since fire and ice don’t mix, I doubt Natsu and Gray are going to do one. Again, I think if there’s another Unison Raid it’s going to be between Lucy and someoen else.

  8. Like you said there’s nothing to say but Awesome chapter.

  9. dragon I think the reason it wasn’t mentioned in the wiki is because no one remembered the unison raid or connected it to eachother.

    ssj i don’t think they know that gildarts is down, they went ahead of him and since he’s the strongest they just tought he would be fine and i also don’t think he’s out yet.

    people don’t forget about zeref he might be the one to take hades down.

  10. I’m still considering the 3 Dragon’s Roar a Unison Raid, just cause it wasn’t called one in the manga doesn’t mean it’s not one. Besides, they were in Edolas when they did it, I doubt they even know what a Unison Raid is. I think Gildartz is just tired. lol. Zeref huh? But didn’t he said something about not wanting to be apart of this age, or time, or something like that?

  11. zeref didn’t want to kill zancrow either but he did that too lol

  12. touche’ mon ami. However judging by the title, it looks Laxus is going to be more apart of it then Zeref.

  13. Zeref also said he might awaken….

    I would like a Laxus Gildartz Erza unison raid. also I think Erza and Lily could mix well together. Another cool combo would be Laxus and what’s his face (the metal Dragon who was on the island but hasn’t been mentioned in a while) It would be a Lightning rod type combo…

  14. since the S-class trial was clearly ruined, do you guys think they will try to re-do it, or do you think makarov will just award them all s-class status… or none of them? or a select few of them? what do you guys think?

  15. @walmart: His name is Gajeel, and those do sound like pretty good ‘combos’, but a Unison Raid is when two magics fuse together. A combo is more 1, 2, 3, combo. Unison Raid is 1+1=1 awesome attack. I don’t know if I explained it good? How would a Laxus, Gildartz, Erza Unison Raid happen?

    @ssj: I have a feeling Cana is going to get the S Class, since there was an emphasis on her ‘leaving Fairy Tail’ if she didn’t get it this time, and she learned Fairy Glitter.

  16. Here’s a better example:

    Combo: Natsu’s fire puch (forgot the name of the attack: Dragon Fist, or something like that), followed by Erza and Gray’s Black Wing – Moon Glimpse and Cold Excalibur, respectively. Finished by Lucy using Taurus

    Unison Raid: Wendy and Lucy’s Scorpio fusing there attacks together.

    Hope that made more sense. lol.

  17. I understand the difference, but I was using the word combo in reference to the combination of people not as in “combo attack”, however any good combination of magics for unison raid would also make a good combo attack. Furthermore, Gray’s part in THIS unison raid (which I am viewing as the combination of Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, and Gray) was more like a combo attack. As far as how the unison raids I proposed would work: Laxus and Gajeel: either a metal spear charged with lightning or a bolt storm magnetized by lightning to increase multi-directional control and a bit of shock damage. Erza, Guildartz, and Laxus: Erza would take point much like Natsu did in this chapter while Guildartz and Laxus would act like Wendy and Lucy.

  18. I would also like to see the three great fairy magics used for a unison raid

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