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Fairy Tail chapter 246+247 – Warming up over

First of all sorry for last week, i had some other things to do and it seems no one was albe to take over. so this week is a double review.

chapter 246

chapter 247

let’s start at chapter 246:

Like most of us suspected, Natsu became awesome. His power exceeds the regular dragon force mode now. it happened like all of us suspected, Natsu beating the crap out of Hades. however i’m glad Mashima didn’t finish him off already, if he did i would seriously quit reading.

After the powerful torrent of attacks Hades stands up and takes his eye patch off, claiming playtime is over. Natsu and the others are drained of magic power, do they stand a chance?

Chapter 247

This starts with the kitties, Lily steals a sword that can change size like his original one. Lily holds the guards back as Happy and Charle try to find a way to stop “it”. what is it? a grimoire heart was mentioned but the idea was dismissed.

Hades claims Zeref will awaken tonight. this makes me think that i’ve figured the rest of the arc out. Zeref will awaken and possibly kill hades or at least go with him. leaving fairy tail to die. anyway, back on to the review. Hades shows his power by creating demons form the rubble. Only the pressure of them being there is enough to cause fear in the hearts of our hero’s. Natsu remembers gildarts’ lesson, fear isn’t evil, it only allows us to see our weaknesses. Natsu gives them a morale boost and they charge head on. the deoms attack them but by supporting eachother Natsu manages to come close to Hades. Hades says it’s time for the sun to sink, which probably means it’s time for Zeref to awaken.

On the last page the ship gets blown up, this can mean 3 things, the 3 kitties have succeded their mission, Hades’ last attack was so strong he blew up the ship also, Zeref blew it up (most likely, less likely, unlikely)


2 Responses

  1. For an old man Hades sure has high stamina and crazy power to able to stand up after thunder/fire dragon Natsu gives him a beating and he said it was a ‘warm up’. I have no clue as to who else could come to the rescue.

  2. I’m thinking of Zeref putting an end to the fight by going with Hades.
    Or like i said a few reviews back Ultear using iced shell on Hades.
    Last thing i can come up with is someone from the council or Gerard.

    I’m already close to killing myself for putting fairy tail in the poll, why couldn’t you guys pick a manga that i always like lol

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