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Fairy Tail 248 – The end of grimoire heart

Read it here

Mashima really fucked up this fight to me, Hades was the strongest enemy we’ve seen so far and he was beaten in such a lame way.

Anyway, enough ranting. Happy and Charle have succeeded in destroying “the thing” it turned out to be a heart that gave Hades his power. Natsu pounds Hades for a while and the others are looking at the huge tree. Wait… tree? Ultear has used her arc of time to restore it and the fairies get their magic back. Meredy can be seen behind Ultear, I wonder how she will react to the truth and what she will do to Ultear.


Everything look over for Hades now, he tries one last thing but Laxus helps out fairy tail once again and with an awesome combination attack they take care of Hades. It was nice to see Wendy use some offensive dragon slayer magic other than her roar even though it stolen from Natsu. Talking about Natsu, he gained a powerful new move where he gets the lightning dragon powers back I wonder how this works but I bet someone will explain it next chapter or when he uses it for a second time or in a flashback. One thing I don’t fully understand is when he used revision he said wave dragon.


That’s it for this week, just before I hop off I leave you with one of my theory’s:

I made a new theory about how things will go in the future, Zeref said if an age changes he might reawaken. I think the new age will be when the Balam alliance falls. Zeref will take it over and rule the underworld. How raven tail will act I have several theories, one is raven tail siding with Zeref and the other is Ivan having a good talk to Makarov and join forces against Zeref, but as of now, anything would be possible.


5 Responses

  1. Wave Dragon: Either his power is changing because this is the third time he has absorbed lightning 9the first was mentioned when he was sick from Etherion, the second is that Etherion had all types of magic in it (including lightning I’m sure), and the third obviously being now. Another possibility is that it was a typo (although unlikely). I think the explanation they are going to give is that because he has eaten (absorbed) so many types of power (especially the godkiller flame) that he is able to do so to change himself into new types of dragons depending on what strength is nearby.

    Just a though of course 🙂

    – pcgnome out

  2. I don’t read Fairy Tail, but maybe I should start. That girl in the pic looks so much like Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, including the ‘assets.’ Tell me she’s a regular character!

  3. sorry bob but she’s not the regular, only appeared in 3 arcs as the second in command from the villain. but there will be other character that you love, i’m sure of it 😉

    @pcgnome that makes sense, i think the lightning this time was different from back then. unlike natsu laxus can use other magic then dragon slayer, i bet laxus used a normal lightning attack on him last time and now a dragon slayer attack.

  4. Its like Reading Bleach <_<

    I really didn't enjoy this chapter, and this arc even more, its like they just took all Gildarzts said and said. "I have PlotSlayerMagic I can't loose…

    I really hope this chapter gets better hey,

  5. pein i’ll heve to agree on most with you there, however i did like to see the fights but they all ended in such a lame way it ruined the whole arc. except Ultear vs gray maybe.

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