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Fairy Tail chapter 244 – He’s here!

read it here

Wendy is safe, it wasn’t Gildarts or some other badass character, it was Horlogium!

This was an interesting chapter Hades told the little fairies that he once was the master of fairy tail and claimes Makarov ruined it. This makes me wonder if Fairy Tail was a dark guild before or just a more evil guild like Phanthom Lord.

The battle become a one sided beatdown, Hades looks like he’s just playing around and our fairies are having trouble to survive.

Mest has reported to his superior about Zeref and Acnologia, it must be a fearsome magic or to scare away the council like that. My guess is that the council will drop Etherion again, to take down Zeref and Hades.

Now on to the man of the hour, like always a hero arrives late. Just before Hades can give the finishing blow to Natsu, Laxus crashes down! Hades comments that Laxus looks a lot like that brat (Makarov) and lets his guard down for a second. Laxus headbuts Hades into the next chapter.


7 Responses

  1. it is kind of annoying seeing natsu get bashed around like a ragdoll. i mean, he was technically the one to beat laxus, but was clearly not as strong as him yet. but i had hoped since that time he had closed the gap a little, i mean as the main character i want to see natsu start to become one of the strongest mages, and nothing has set him too far apart yet. and now laxus appears to be even stronger than natsu than he was before.

    i’m guess he’s gonna take a backseat role this arc, and his time to shine will be when he finally has to take down zeref (since he’s the only one zeref believes is potentially capable of it).

  2. This chapter was good. One think I like about Fairy Tail: No talking magic (fairy tail’s version of talk no jutsu). lol. And if there is talking, it’s in the middle of a fight, or during. No lets stop for a while and talk this out. It’s all action and comedy, and at times both. I’m still gonna read Naruto, but at this time Fairy Tail is my #1 Shonen right now.

    Now as far as the chapter: We all knew Wendy was going to be alright. Holo saving her was a bit of a twist. It was funny that he never did this for Lucy, though. Just shows how powerful Hades is. Laxus finally made his appearance, and I think he’s going to give a Hades a beatdown, but in the end it’s going to be Natsu and Laxus working together that’s going to get the job done. How? I think Natsu is going to be distracting Hades with an all out brawl (after he eats some fire), while Laxus readies Fairy Law.

  3. @ssj: Natsu IS one of the strongest mages. Hades and Laxus are just stronger than him. Not to take anything away from Natsu, but he beat Laxus with the help of Gajeel, and Laxus was fighting in a state of rage, which in my opinion clouds your actions. So I don’t think he was really focused. The whole Fairy Tail vs Fairy Tail Arc was just Laxus having a temper tantrum. lol. This time around, he’s focused. I think we’re going to see a better Laxus than before.

    I still think Natsu is pretty damn strong though. I mean he did beat almost all the major bad guys after all. Like I stated in my first comment in this chapter, I still think he’s going to be a part of this fight. Laxus could just burn some wood in the ship with his lightning, and Natsu’ll be as good as new.

  4. maybe it is simply because he is not angry and serious enough

  5. I think that Natsu failed to close the gap because Laxus has had a growth spurt in power. Therefor the gap remaind the same and set Laxus up to run the guild. Also I think Hades was refering to Laxus when he said “the brat” meaning he knew laxus pre-implantment.

  6. Awe I literally just caught up in Fairy Tail 😀 So I can actually comment, I had a good laugh in this chapter with “the clock dude” only arriving now hahah,

    I don’t think its that Natsu hasn’t gotten stronger but remember he been fighting for a while now, and maybe not at his best, I think Luxas is just more fresh to the battle and will help beat Hades but in the end They will do it as a team finally teaching Luxas that individual strength isn’t everything to a guild, that as a group they can be stronger.

    Isn’t Hades Luxas’ father?

    but he definitely know Luxas or his Father maybe confusing the 2?

  7. @pein

    laxus father is Ivan Dreyar leader of the raven tail dark guild, hades was makarovs master and probably confused makarov or Ivan with laxus it’s possible he knows Ivan since makarov was 44 when hades left the guild

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