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Modern Shinobi: ‘The Hidden Village’

Hope everyone liked the previous chapter. This is the second one. Unlike NGS whether people read this or not, I have decided to at least finish this one. For those of you who were reading NGS, I will make subtle references to it now and then since this is the future of that story. Thank you, and enjoy.

Chapter 1: Three high school best friends (Kaze, Kumori, Unari) were being followed by a stranger. In reality the man was only interested on one of them, Kaze Uzumaki. The man placed Kaze in a Genjutsu and talk to him about ninjutsu, and other things. After their discussion he told Kaze to meet him at The Hidden Village (formerly Konoha) alone.


Chapter 2: The Hidden Village

Location: Wakaba City.

“What!?” came a growl from Unarimaru, after Kaze explained what happened. “You have to stop reading those books of yours. They are making you imagine things.” added Kumori. “YOU READ BOOKS!!??” came back Unari. “Are you really more surprised at that than what I just told you?!” scolded Kaze. “It does sound more unbelievable. I just happen to know because I saw you.” chuckled Kumori, but only briefly “Back to the matter at hand. As far fetched as this sounds, one thing is certain; We all saw that man.” “Yeah, that’s true. But ILLUSIONS!? COME ONE!” exclaimed Unari. “Look! You can believe it, or not, Growl-mouth, but it happened!” Kaze defended himself. “Alright. Stop. The both of you!” ordered Kumori. “Let’s rationalize this for a moment. We DID loose Kaze, only to find him a couple of seconds later. The man WE ALL saw, and Kiba senses,-” Kumori looked at Unari and continued “- was following Kaze, until just recently. We are the only ones on this block, and it has a long stretch. And I would like to add that there is no place he could hide is such a short notice. So what happened to him?” The trio remained quiet for some time.

“Ok. Alright. Whatever. You’re right. There was a man following us, or should I say Kaze.” Unari finally acknowledged before continuing on “Still, why would he just want you? And what’s this ‘your life’s in danger’ nonsense? And ninjutsu?! REALLY!?” “More importantly: Are you actually going to go through with this?” Kumori’s question paused them yet again.

“Yes” responded Kaze, after the long pause. “What?! Are you insane!? You don’t even know the guy? You can’t trust him!” Unari expressed his concerns. “Trust has nothing to do with it. I just need to do this.” Something felt right within Kaze, like he was meant to do this. “Don’t ask me why. I just do.” he added as he started to see the signs of concern on his friends faces. “Fine, but we’re coming with you!” Kaze wanted to deny the request, but Unari continued on. “I don’t care if he said for you to come alone. If he really possesses that kind of power, I’m not letting one of my best friends meet him by himself!” Kumori took no time to bring his friend back to reality “If he possesses that kind of power, what makes you think you could do something about it?” “Whatever it takes! Besides I’ll have my other best friend with me to back me up.” assured Unari. Kumori gave him a slight smirk. “Right boy? You’ll help me out, right?” Kiba gave a grateful bark of agreement. Both Kaze and Kumori were left speechless. “Really?!” they both exclaimed. “What? What you guys thought I meant?” Unari shared a confused look with Kiba. “Forget about it.” said Kumori, and went on to add “But he has a point. It’s to risky. I will go with you as well.” After a long silence, Kaze realized that they were not going to take no for an answer, he knew them to well. “Thank you guys.” he said under his breath. “Fine. But we need to figure out how to get passed the military.” And with a look of determination from the three, they left to make plans.


It was the fated day, and Kaze was making his way to the place he was meant to meet this mystery man. He came across an open area surrounded by trees. The only thing worth noting were these three stumps of wood, about the size of a normal adult. Suddenly he heard some ruffling in the bushes behind the three stumps. Kaze turned and went for the weapon he tucked in his back pocket. “You thought you could fool me that easily?” Came a voice from a behind a tree to the other side of the stumps. Out of the shadows came out a figure with a ponytail. “Kumori?” Kumori kept silent. “I take it that’s Unari and Kiba in the bush.” figured Kaze. “Damn Kiba, you made to much noise.” A whine has heard from the bushes. “Come on out you two.” Kaze ordered. “Why you leave without us?” asked Unari as he dusted himself of, to no avail since Kiba shook himself next to him. “I knew you were going to pull something like this so I called Unari and told him to meet me here.” addressed Kumori. “Look guys, I know you’re probably mad at me, but I just don’t want you guys to get hurt because of me. Who knows what this guy’s capable of.” “Whatever it is, I doubt that kunai you have in your back pocket is going to do much to him.” Kaze froze on the cold calculated voice of Kumori. “Kunai? Those things still exist?” wondered Unari. “H-how you know what it was?” “I made out the figure of it when you turned to ‘attack’ the bush. At that speed a rock had more than enough time to escape.” Both Kaze and Unari were shocked at Kumori’s perception skills. They both knew he was smart, but this was something else.

“How you managed to get a hold on one of those things?” Unari expressed his curiosity. “It’s been part of my family for generations. My dad gave it to me before … before he…” Without thinking Unari finished the sentence. “Before he died!” “UNARI!” scolded Kumori. “Oh man, I’m sorry dude. I didn’t mean to…” “Don’t worry about it. Just don’t worry about it.” There was silence for a short while. “I don’t want to loose anyone else.” Both Unari and Kumori looked at each other, then to Kaze. “You won’t man. We’ll be with you ’till the end, man.” encouraged Unari. “Yeah. We are not going anywhere.” added Kumori. “Again, sorry about the whole … you know. Didn’t mean to …” Unari’s apology was cut short by Kaze. “I know you didn’t mean it. It’s not your fault your an idiot.” Unari laughed “Yeah, I kind of am.”

“Come to think of it, your family left you a great deal of things. Did they not?” Kumori tried to change the subject. “Yeah, they did. My books, and this kunai are just some of the things that I’m allowed to have, among other things. But most of them are in some storage place. According to my dad’s will: I will get access to it on an established date.” “Established date? The hell that means.” Kumori took it upon himself to answer Unari’s question. “It means that at a certain date, he will have access to it. Do you know the date.” “No. But I can’t shake the feeling this guy has something to do with it.”


As they grew closer to The Hidden Village, Unari expressed his concern.”So, how are we going to do this? Everything but the mountain is sealed of by either electric fences, military or both.” “Then we climb the mountain.” quickly came an answer from Kaze. “We don’t have to. I say we just walk through the front door.” said Kumori. “What?! You can’t be serious!?” stated Unari. “I’m very much serious. All the guards are asleep. I checked.” “What?! We came at the same time and I never saw you leave that tree.” “Correction: You never ‘heard’ me leave this tree. The moment we arrived I took off to survey the land. And something I noticed is that all the guards were asleep. All of them.”

Unari might of forgotten, but Kaze knew all to well how good of an outdoors man Kumori is. His family do have their own forest after all. That must of been how they beat him on getting here. They must of taken a short cut through the Nara Forest. “It seems like this mystery man made it easy for you to get inside The Hidden Village. He must be already waiting.” They grew silent. “Why does this always happen?” asked Unari. “What are you talking about? This is the first time we ever do something like this!” addressed Kaze. “No not this.” clarified Unari. “We always get quiet whenever Kumori says something.” “Is that really what you’re thinking about?!” wondered Kaze. “Yup. Why?” Unari asked. “Sometimes I wonder about you, Unari.” expressed Kumori. Unari set quiet as both Kaze and Kumori chuckled at his expense.

“Alright, this is how we’re going to do this. I’m going to head on and scout to see if the guards are still asleep. Which they should be. I’ll text you to let you know. Once you enter, Unari, Kiba and myself will follow and hide in the buildings nearby.” Kumori explained his plan. “Didn’t we do something like that the first time? And if I remember correctly. I didn’t work!” Unari reminded Kumori. “He is expecting only Kaze this time, he won’t know we are with him.” “Oh. Ok. Just checking.”


Kaze finally made it to the entrance. Kumori was right; all the guards were fast asleep, including the guard dogs. He looked to see if his friends were close by, Kumori let himself be known with an ‘ok’ hand gesture. Surprisingly Unari was doing a good job of not letting himself be heard. With confidence Kaze entered the historic landmark and made his way to what once was the Hokage Mansion. At the base of the stairs was a sign: “Follow the stairs. I’ll be upstairs waiting.”

As he made his way to the rooftop of the structure he saw another sign. “The longer you take. The shorter your friend and his little dog have to live.” Kaze’s eyes were as wide as they have ever been. He went for his phone as he ran up the stairs to reach the rooftop. His intention was to inform Kumori of what has happened. Instead, once he opened his phone he was greeted with another message: “Don’t concern yourself about poity tail, he’s busy being arrested for trespassing.” The guards woke up. How? When? Did this guy knew all along that he wasn’t alone. He scratched that thought, it wasn’t important. He had to save Unari. He continued his ascend towards the rooftop. Once there he saw something he was afraid of; Kiba was covered in blood. Red covered his coat more than the natural white it was suppose to be. To the side was Unari on his knees, tied up and gagged with a handkerchief. Next to him was a man a good six and a half feet tall. “I thought told you…” He just finished cleaning the blood of Kiba off his sword as he continued ” … to come …” The man looked at Unari, the back at Kaze. “ALONE!!” With a swift move Unari’s head departed his body. Tears came to Kaze’s eyes. “NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was all that Kaze could gasp as he fell to his knees, head to the floor, and arm stretched towards his fallen friend.



Most of Konoha’s previous clans still have control of their old lands.

Kaze is Heiji’s grandson, making him too a descendant  of both Sasuke and Naruto. His family tree will be explained on the following chapters.

Cell phones, and a variety of our modern technologies, exist in this world.


15 Responses

  1. FIRST!!!!!!

  2. Awesome Chapter, really enjoyed it… I like the modern tech and the way you play at the kids disbelief in Jutsu etc, and the remaining clans holding the lands, I wonder why they stopped using jutsu?

    my guess is in the end the kid was trapped in Genjutsu or you just made it a really graphic and powerful chapter 2

  3. great chapter

    I think it’s a genjutsu too

  4. zep .. awesome …. leaps and bounds improvement from the first episode, this is how a story should be told, all you guys putting in their beautifulFanfic work, take some clues, short, to the point, lots let to imagination …

    will keep a lot of ppl exicited

    zep what schedule will you be following for “release” of a new chapter 😛

  5. Man, not that many comments. Must be the summer heat. Or people are to busy. lol.

    @DR: I’m thinking Thursdays, or Wednesdays, but most likely Thursdays. I might change it dependind on traffic. Glad you enjoy the story so far.

  6. A pretty good chapter zep! Just enough humor, the right amount of mystery, you could do a little better on making this a bit more suspensful though. I do think thats it’s a genjutsu to teach Kaze that his friends will always be in danger with him, but hey, it could turn out that the man decided to teach him that his friends will be a weakness and that their better off dead to preserve Kaze’s life. It could really go either way. Either way great chapter and I cant wait to the next one.

    @DevilsRage- I feel like that short and to the point commment was directed at me and my LOOOOONG chapter of my fanfic Shannaro Shippuden. If not cool, but if so can you tell me? Thanks.
    Suna OUT!

  7. Great job zep just great job can’t make anything else from it, I found a grammar mistake or 2 but i’m not going to bitch about it too much cause it doesn’t bother me.

  8. What?! the guy who always says something about peoples grammar, got some mistakes?! This is uncalled for. I will fix the problems after I get home from work. Thanks WS.

  9. what’s with the slow traffic? lol

  10. maybe mondays are better for traffic go fight suna for the spot 😛

  11. @suna – i read your fanfic in one go .. because i did not want to break the continuity

    the short and to the point wasn’t directed to you … the thing is when you write you try and write a whole chapter .. my suggestion write your story and create chapters with them .. keeping it SHORTER than your length would keep your readers interested .. like your last NOVEL (just kidding) could be made into 2 maybe 3 chapters .. this will give you time to imagine your story line and also possibly give you the option of playing with your timeline …

    i do understand why your chapter went so long … not many people would read it through in one go .. i did realize that you couldn’t find a chapter end type scene until you got there …

    all in all … i’d never badmouth or complain regarding an fanfic because .. it takes a lot of time and effort and i respect you guys for the same

    Peace \m/

  12. @WS: nah, not my style. Besides I already decided to finish this fanfic whether people read it or not. I do want people to read it though.

  13. @Zep- Hey, I’m probably going to release this weeks fanfic on sunday Zep, so if you want you should do a monday release of your next chapter. After that we could alternate the days so next week you get sunday and i get monday etc, etc. Really, though I do love more traffic, I think that the two top fanfic writers should share the spotlight rather than compete for it. Besides that means if mine still gets more traffic than yours with alternating release days then my fanfic is better, or at least more popular. Heh heh win win really.

    @DevilsRage-Thank you for reading the thing in one go, not many did that i think. Honestly, I have this series written out for about fifty chapters already, I’ve had it for a year now and done nothing with it until now so I changed a few things up. The last chapter was supposed to be two actually but i wanted to get the test out of the way so we could get to the real plot. Thanks for the support, and if you could, please review my chapter so that Zep wont have more comments than me now that I’m posting this. Petty yes but I’ll take it.
    Suna OUT!

  14. After reading suna’s comment i suddenly get the urge to spam on zeps posts so that he has more comments 😛

  15. @Suna: didn’t know we were in a comment war? lol. That is a good idea do. I like feed back. Can’t have feed back w/o comments. Alright then I’ll schedule my next one for monday.

    @WS: There’s other ways for me to have more comments than spamming. Give your opinions about the story. Then someone else opinions, and so on. lol.

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