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Modern Shinobi: The ‘Great Purge’

Well, I had my breakfast, so let’s do this! First let me start by thanking all who are reading this FanFic. I’m really proud of this project, and hope you enjoy this ride we’re going to have together. Now, here’s the latest chapter.

Chapter 1 – Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: The mysterious man, known as Crow, revealed himself to Kaze. Kaze understandably has various questions for Crow, to which Crow answers in a for of a story. In his story, Crow recounts the events that have led this moderns world without the use of ninjutsu, and more importantly it addresses Kaze’s ancestry.


Chapter 4: The Great Purge

Location: The Hidden Village.

After hearing what Crow has told him, Kaze still has a hard time understanding some of what was told to him. Crow told him who abolished ninjutsu: Heiji Uzumaki. But he hasn’t told  him what he did? When or where he did it? And more importantly why? Kaze needed some answers, and he was going to get them. He was already to deep into this, he needed to know more. No. He needed to know, EVERYTHING.

“H-how? Why? How did Heiji-hijiji do such a task? I don’t understand. That’s impossible.” Kaze hoped his fishing would get a catch. “Impossible. Yes, if it was a normal shinobi.” Crow gladly took the bait. “But, this is your great-grandfather. The great Heiji Uzumaki. Nothing was impossible for him.” Crow emphasized before continuing. “The simplicity of it is simple. Heiji-sama was tired. Tired of it all: the fighting; the killing; the hurt of losing someone.” The last one hit Kaze close to home. “After years of studying, training, and practicing; Heiji-sama came across a technique that would end it all.” Kaze’s eyes were filled with anticipation. “But before he could use it, Heiji-sama had to do one last thing.” Kaze lowered his head in disappointment: he thought Crow was going to describe the technique. However, Crow’s next words brought him right back. “Rule the world!”

“WHAT!? I thought Heiji-hijiji was the good guy?!” Kaze exclaimed. “You are still too young. How can you possibly understand.” Crow said under his breath. “Let me finish!” Crow scolded before moving on. “He knew it was impossible for one man to do this alone, even if this one man was as powerful as he, so he went to Suna, a long time ally of Konoha. What was discussed there is still unknown till this day. One thing is for certain however, since that day both Konoha and Suna ‘relieved’ their respective damaiyos, and began to invade their surrounding countries. First Suna took out Iwa, then the combined might of Konoha and Suna took down Kumo. After that the small countries weren’t so hard to conquer. Most surrendered without a fight, they would of been stupid not to. Others believed in what Heiji-sama was doing and willingly gave their lands to him. After the whole ordeal, the continent was divided into two: with Konoha taking one half and Suna taking the other.” Kaze still could not fathom what his great-grandfather had done. He held his questions until Crow finished with his tale. “Soon after, Heiji-sama visited each ninja village under his rule, one by one. And as he visited them, they forgot anything regarding ninjutsu. Heiji-sama paid this ‘special’ visit to all the ninja villages, no exception. In a matter of months, no one under the rule of the Shakaku had any knowledge of ninjutsu, or its history. Everyone except the people who lived in this village. Only Konoha, and the people living inside of her knew what really happened. They were sworn to secrecy of course.”


After a moment of silence Crow, now on the rooftop of the old Hokage Mansion, addressed Kaze. “If you have any questions, young Uzumaki, ask them now. I will answer them as honestly as I can.” Kaze started his questioning. “What about Suna? Where they allowed to still practice ninjutsu?” “No. The same happened to Suna. The Kazekage at the time believed in Heiji-sama’s dream. Though the methods were different, both lands did away of ninjutsu.” “What about Heiji-hijiji’s method?” continued Kaze. “Remember when I mentioned that he was practicing a certain technique. Turns out he used said technique on the villages when he visited them.” “What kind of technique?” asked Kaze, almost not wanting to hear the answer. “Heiji-sama was a master of the mind. He had a variety of techniques that involved controlling ones mind. He was the first and only practitioner of Keiiken. After years of practicing Keiiken, he made a technique unique to only himself: Fuujutsu Houshin!” “Houshin?” asked Kaze in awe. “Sadly I don’t know more than its name. I have never seen it used, and since Heiji-sama is no longer with us, no one ever will.” Crow continued on. “What I can gather from the name, It’s a sealing technique, and it has to do with the mind. I can only imagine what it was capable of doing.” “How do you know about all this?” continued the questioning. “I, as you, am a descendant of someone from those times. My great-grandfather was one of Heiji-sama’s most trusted friends. He was instructed to continue the teachings of ninjutsu to only his family, and no one else. We were taught to practice in secrecy. Our family was given the task of protecting these secrets, with our lives.” “If your sworn to secrecy, then why are you telling me this? And why now?” “Keeping this information secret is only one of our tasks. One of many. Another is to tell them to those we are entrusted to protect, and no one else, at a certain time. Today is that certain time, and you are the person I’m entrusted to protect.” “Protect me? From what?” asked Kaze. Crow “From the very thing Heiji-sama fought so hard to expel. Ninjutsu!”


Location: Off the south coast of Wind Country.

Deep within the ocean surrounding what used to be the River Country. A trembling roar could be heard for miles on end. There was something very strong buried deep within a cave hidden in the face of coastline. And it wanted to get out very badly. “Aren’t you a feisty one.” came the sensual voice of a vixen with sky blue hair. The cloak she wore, protecting her from the up coming waves, covered her from head to toe. “Now where could that cave be?” The woman continues her search as she carefully climbed down the cliff. “*uuf* Water?! Again?! I hate water!!”


Location: The Hidden Village.

“Ninjutsu?! But you just told me…” “I know perfectly what I told you!” Crow stopped Kaze. “I said Heiji-sama stopped ninjutsu under HIS rule. That means only the FIRE Country. Ninjutsu was not stopped in the Wind as easily, there were challenges.” “What kind of challenges?” “The Kyuunin.” Crow was quick to answer. “Kyuunnin?” “Yes, Kyuunin. Nine Kage level ninja that were attacking areas all around the new Wind Country. I don’t know much about them. All I was told by my father was that they were very strong shinobi and even Heiji couldn’t defeat them when they attacked as a group. So they were eventually sealed away by Heiji-sama, and the then Kazekage, one at a time. Zen being the last.” Crow took out a small scroll from his pocket. He made a couple of hand signs and placed his right hand in an indicated area in the scroll. Suddenly, in a bigger scroll emerged, leaving smoke residue as it appeared. Crow opened the scroll and placed it on the floor. The scroll showed nine kanji numbered seals, each inside of a square box. “I know you don’t understand the scriptures, but it is important that you know this much: Once a seal is broken, the kanji in the box will disappear.” Crow’s expression turn to one of sheer seriousness. “Now I need you to listen very carefully. Though the seals are very powerful, without Heiji-sama, they can be broken. As you can see the first one has already been broken. That means that one of the Kyuunin has emerged. And I’m positive that one is on their way to release the second. One is hard enough, I can’t deal with two. Do you understand!?” “Yes. But what does this have to do with me?” Kaze could only ask. “As it stands, not counting the Kyuunin, I’m the only ninja in this world. I am to teach you ninjutsu in order to save the world from these guys. And we don’t have much time.” “What?! That’s insane?! I don’t know one thing about ninjutsu!” exclaimed Kaze. “You know more than you think. I didn’t get out of my genjutsu, you did.” Crow reminded Kaze “But you told me how.” came back Kaze. “And now I’m going to teach you how. No is not an option young-Uzumaki. The fate of the world is at stake.” A soon as Crow finished his statement a cloud of smoke sprang from the scroll. poof it went. “What was that?” Kaze asked. “Our time limit, and it looks like we don’t have much of it.”


Location: Cave in the Wind Desert.

The cave’s entrance burst out with an uproar. Waves of raging water flew out with fierce power. The sexy woman was powerless to avoid getting wet. “HEY!! Here I come to free you, and this is the thanks I get!!!” the woman expressed her discomfort. “AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGHH!!! Damn you, Heiji Uzumaki!!!” came a roar filled with brute malice. “How long have I been imprisoned in this hell!?” the figure knee deep in water slowly got to his feet. “A vary long time. Chances are we’re not in the same age as when we were sealed.” answered the woman, her hands attempting to strain her clothes. “Same age? The hell do you mean, Aozora?” asked the dark skinned brute, recognizing the voice of her old teammate. “Think about it, Kattan. You were sealed here by none other than Heiji Uzumaki. He, and only he, can undo his seals. And somehow I doubt he did.” continued Aozora, her hands now working on straining her hair. “Which means? HAHAHAHAHA!!! HE’S DEAD!! Zenshou must have finally defeated that f***er!” Kattan expressed his enthusiasm. “No. I don’t think that’s it.” Aozora stopped the celebration. “What?! What makes you say that.” asked Kattan. “I don’t sense him, anywhere. Or any of the others. When I awoke ten days ago, I was in a dark cave, much like this one, to my neck in water.” her expression showed her disgust of the memory, before continuing on. “After I managed to unbind myself, I got out of there as soon as I could, and started traveling towards the base, only to find it in ruins and covered with verdure. It was then that I started sensing your chakra. So I travelled here.”  “What?! A ten day trip? Where were you sealed?” Aozora’s disgust expression came back to her “A cave deep inside the Waterfall Village. Don’t remind me!” “Then where are the rest of the guys?” “I don’t know!” came an answer from Aozora. “Then who defeated Heiji? Zen was the only one strong enough.” returned Kattan, with a smug look. “That’s exactly what I was getting at, before you started your little uproar, and questioning. He must of died of old age. Who knows how many years we were imprisoned.” “Well, if I can’t get my revenge on him, then I’ll take it on his descendants. There has to be someone out there with his bloodline.” Aozora just gave Kattan a sly smile. “There is. Let’s go find him.” Kattan returned the smile. “Let’s go then.” said Kattan as he made his way towards the mouth of the cave. “I am not going THAT way! I had enough water for one day.” expressed Aozora as she finished her hand signs. “I’m making my own way.” She continued as she took a breath, turned her head up and launched a huge blue fireball at the ceiling. Once the cave-in subsided, Aozora used the rubble as stairs and climbed out to the surface. Kattan gestured with his hands as if he were trying to lift something, but nothing happened. “You just ‘awoke’, your chakra is going to take sometime to return. Besides, there’s no sand around here. So, no sand platform for you. Just take the same route as I did.” Once both shinobi made their way out they looked at their next destination and headed out.



Shakaku = Angel of Fire

Keiiken = shape-of-the-mind fist (think of it as the hyuga’s gentle fist, but it targets your mind as oppose to the chakra nerve system.)

Houshin = absentmindedness

Fuujutsu: Houshin =  Sealing Technique: Absent of Mind (My own translation, just sounds better. lol.) Fuujutsu Houshin is a Fuuinjutsu technique used by Heiji to  erase ninjutsu from the mind of many people. Once inside a persons mind Heiji will target a certain part of their mind and seal away the information he wished. In a sense that information would be erased from their mind.

How Heiji erased Ninijutsu: Once he arrived at a village he would place the entire village in a genjutsu(using his doujutsu: Seishingan, the fusion of the Sharingan and Byakugan). Once he had everyone in the village under his control, he would make them gather together in a part of the village. Then using Keiiken (his evolved version of Juuken), he would go to each person and search their mind. Once he found what he was looking for he would use Fuujutsu: Houshin to seal away the information. (he is an Uzumaki after all.) Since this would take a great deal of time, he would take guards with him at all times, as to not get any distractions. (he would use his excellent chakra control to assist as well.)

Seishin =Soul, Spirit, Mind

Seishingan: The Seishingan (Mind Eye) is the fusion of the Sharingan and Byakugan, and as such it inherits both, but not all, their properties. The Seishingan has the ability to scan an area and place the people within that area in a genjutsu. (Think Byakugan with the ability to do Tsukuyomi) While inactive the user has his own eye color. Once activated the eyes take a pink color (Red:Sharingan; White:Byakugan) with three black tomoes (the tomoes resemble the one on necklace of the Six Sage) surrounding the iris, and the nerves around the eyes protruding.

Aozora = Blue Sky

Kattan = Brown Coal, Lignite

Zenshou (Zen as he was known)= translates into alot of stuff. Click on the name to know what.


Original Manga Map (this map is not mine)


Modern Shinobi Map (after Konoha and Suna takeover)


10 Responses

  1. Awe – I haven’t been able to finish yet, will finish later. but I saw the trivia, I like the map I am gonna do something similar in my post.

    have u ever watched Code Geass?

  2. Nah, I haven’t watched Code Geass. Is there a connection with it to my story?

    Dammit the link to Zenshou’s name isn’t working.

    Zenshou = previous existence; complete victory; outpost; precedent; burned down, entirely destroyed; prior chapter

  3. @ Zep – Just when I read your story, it reminds me of Code Geass, also the ability is similar but in the story it is also pretty broad… I would suggest watching it if u a fan of mental games more then power level manga’s… It really good and only 50 episodes long

  4. I would actually suggest just watch the first 2 episodes if u don’t like it then leave it lol

  5. @ Chapter – Awesome Chapter Zep, I like that a strong group still rebeled against being oppressed lol

    I can’t wait for the next chapter!!

    Few things, would u do a character mapping for the villains, I would like to know kinda where they from which villages etc. 🙂

    or may have to wait for that?

  6. i can see where you’re going, i bet the kyuunin will be the ultimate bad guys kaze and friends will need to fight in the end or something like that.i’m glad you didn’t use akatsuki for that they are kinda overused in fanfics lol.

  7. @pein: I was thinking more on the lines of Prof X, but tahnks I’ll check it out.
    As far as the character mapping, sure I’ll do something like it in the next chapter’s {Trivia}.

    @WS: I’m with you on the Akatsuki thing. lol. I like to have new ideas. I’m pretty sure people are going to figure out who/what the Kyuunin are though.

  8. @ Zep – hmmm there are 9 of them… Tailed beasts? and I have a feeling, somehow Zen is more related to another Blonde haired ninja that was alive before 😛

    <_< let me know if I am close…

  9. Good chapter zep.

    Interesting and plausible explanation to how ninjutsu disappeared… but I don’t agree with Heiji. Even without ninjutsu, human nature is inclined towards destruction so there will still be war.
    I don’t like him, by the way. He invaded Kumo and he killed lots of people to save others, but he still killed them. Naruto would have found a better solution.

    Anyway, I like the villains, especially the sexy woman ;), and I hope you don’t make Kaze get a random powerup that will bring him from below genin level to Kage level, but you show us his training.

  10. @pein: I’m not spilling nothing. lol.

    @dragon: I got that idea from a Chinese ruler that conquered his surrounding areas to bring peace to the country. A lot of people didn’t agree with Heiji’s methods, Zen was one of them. As far as Kaze’s powers, a glimpse will be seen on next chapter. But mainly, the chapter is going to deal with the Kyuunin.

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