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Modern Shinobi: Ancestry

Thanks to all who are reading this FanFic. I’m really proud of this project, and hope you enjoy this ride we’re going to have together. Now, here’s the latest chapter.

Chapter 1.
Chapter 2: On his way to The Hidden Village, Kaze ran into Kumori and Unari, something he wanted to avoid. The three briefly discussed Kaze’s father (deceased) and some items in the Uzumaki heritage. After, the three managed to infiltrate The Hidden Village, where a mysterious man was waiting for Kaze. At the knowledge of Kaze not being alone, the mysterious man took action against him and his friends. Leaving Kaze horrified at what he saw.


Chapter 3: Ancestry

Location: The Hidden Village.

Birds flew from their nest, Deer propped up and ran, and the forest was left silent. All that could be heard was an agonizing screech deep within the Hidden Village. At the top of the farthest structure within this isolated place was a young man in turmoil. His heart grew heavy. His mind escaped into a volley of distant memories. “Not this. Not again.” were the thoughts in his head. “Why me. Why must I always be alone!!!” was heard deep inside his head.

Kaze Uzumaki has been alone since the death of his parents at the age of 5. His father’s best friend, being more of a lawyer than a father to Kaze, has been taking care of him – or better said his interests – since then. Kaze was forced to raise himself, and was alone for most of his life. That is until he met his friends, Kumori, Unari, and Hatsuhi. They have been his family for the better part of his life. And in one day he had lost two of them to this man standing in front of him.

Who was this man covered in mystery. He stood tall, his cloak giving nothing to see, his face being the only thing close to an identity. All that could be seen from the man’s face was an eye patch on his right eye, and a red glow from his left. “I guess I didn’t make it CLEAR enough, the first time.” his voice sounded almost ominous. “I remember expressing to you that I wanted YOU here. ALONE!” Though Kaze could not see the man’s expression, he felt an intense sense of discord coming from the man. The man left Kaze to his thoughts.

“W-who are y-you” Kaze finally said after regaining himself, his voice almost a whisper. The man was the embodiment of silence. “Why are you doing this to me?!” Still the man did not say a word. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!?!?” The man just turned an walked away. Kaze noticed he left his sword behind, right next to Unari’s lifeless body. After the man was a good distance away from the blade, Kaze sprang and took the sword at hand and made his way towards his friends killer. The swing of the blade made contact with it’s target, only to have it form into a flock of crows and disperse. Confusion spread all through Kaze. What was this? Where the man go? Where did all this crows come from? What’s happening?

“You really are clueless, aren’t you?” came a voice from behind him. Kaze’s searched the surroundings, before he fully turned around he felt a kick to the gut.. “To think that you could land a hit on me is futile.” He continued his search, only to get a punch to the face. A sweep of the legs then followed. Suddenly the flock of crows came together to make the body of the man present. “You really have alot to learn.” said the man ten feet away from him. “You asshole! You killed Unari! And thanks to you Kumori is going to be in prison! I will kill you if it’s the last thing…” “You will do nothing of the sort!” interrupted the man in the cloak. “Clear your head, and you’ll see the truth!” Kaze’s confusion returned. What did the man mean? Clear his head? “You expect me to ‘clear’ my head with all that’s going on? With all the things you’ve done to me!?” The man interrupted once again. “My dear boy. I haven’t done a thing to you. I haven’t moved a finger since you entered the village.” Kaze’s confusion kept growing. “But Unari… I saw you…” “I made you see!” interrupted the man, making sure Kaze was paying attention before he went on” … what I wanted you to see. Hear what I wanted you to hear. Feel what I wanted you to feel. I’m in control of your senses now.”

Kaze then realized that he was in another of those illusions, genjutsu the man called it. He tried to do what the man said; clear his mind. He began by controlling his breathing. Then slowly he tried to erase the many thoughts in his head. One by one they were banishing, until none were left. Then when the air around him seemed different, he opened his eyes to see that he was alone on top of the rooftop. Unari’s  and Kiba’s bodies weren’t there any longer, and the man was nowhere to be seen.


“Not as fast I would of liked, but nonetheless you managed to break my Genjutsu.” came a voice from deep within the mountain. As he stepped in to reveal himself the man continued, “Good job, young Uzumaki.” The man was on top of one of the various faces carved from the mountain. This one in particular was a man with his eye covered by what seemed to be a headband. Kaze could barely make out the man in the distance, he did appeared to have on the same cloak as the man in the genjutsu however. “Where are my friends?!” “No need for concern, you have other worries to think about.”  “How are they?! Are they safe? Who are you?” The man knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere unless he answered him. “Your friends are unconscious, but alive. They’re safe. Like I said, no need to be concern. As far as who am I? Just call me… Crow.”

Crow decided to commence before he was asked any other distracting questions. “Do you recognize any of these faces, young Uzumaki?” The question silenced Kaze, as he scanned the many faces, twelve in all, until he reached the end. “The last one, on the far right, looks like my great-grandfather.” Crow confirmed Kaze’s thought, “Correct. that’s Heiji-sama! This village’s last leader and the reason ninjutsu is scarce in this world.” Suddenly, Kaze was sucked in by curiosity. “Ninjustu. You mentioned that before. What exactly is that?” Crow just brushed the question aside. “Let’s not get to ahead of ourselves.  Before you know what something is, you need to know where it came from first.”

Crow went on to explain the history of ninjustsu. He spoke about the Sage of Six Paths, the evolution of Doujutsu, Kekkei Genkais, and many other subjects Kaze has never heard in his life. Even the stories he read didn’t go this deep. Did all this stuff really exist? What was he thinking? How could he doubt this after what he had just experienced? He was in a genjutsu, twice. Surely all this stuff had to exist at some point in the past. Then it came to him.

“What happened? I mean, to all this you’re telling me about. What happened to all of it?” asked Kaze, giving Crow his undivided attention. “Heiji-sama happened. He single handed abolished any need for it.” “What? How? I mean, one man? All of it? How?” “I don’t expect you to understand. And I know it’s alot to take in.”
“But, why hasn’t any of this been told to us in our history classes? I mean I don’t recall any of this ever being discussed.” addressed Kaze. “Because Heiji-sama wanted it that way.” Crow gave a simple answer. Confusion was painted on Kaze’s face.
“*sigh* I guess I have no choice but to tell you everything. Heiji-sama was a very strong and talented shinobi. As expected for someone with his ancestry.” Crow began his history lesson.


“Many, many years ago, there were five great nations of the shinobi world: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Lightning. They were constantly fighting among themselves. Until they decided to make a truce, no, an alliance, to take care of a very powerful enemy; a man calling himself Madara Uchiha.” “Uchiha” thought Kaze to himself. He knew the name well. “He was responsible for the last Great Ninja War. After days of fighting, it took the combined effort of two shinobi to finally defeat him; Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.” Kaze recognized the name Naruto, he had read it on his book. He wondered if it was the same man. He continued to hear Crow’s story. “With this man defeated, and the shinobi alliance still in tact, the world was in peace. This continued for a couple of years, until Kiri was completely decimated by an unknown assailant. The four remaining countries were pointing fingers at each other, almost starting another Great Ninja War. However, Kakashi Hatake, the man you see me standing on, and that times Hokage -the title given to Konoha’s leader – intervened.” Kaze could make out a sense of pride in Crow tone as he said the mans name. “He made it his mission to find out who this menace to the shinobi world was. That made him, and his village a target. In the coming weeks Iwa was taken over by the same people that obliterated Kiri. The newly invaded Iwa ambushed Konoha in what was called the ‘Ambush of Konoha War’*. Suna being long time allies of Konoha went to help.” Crow’s tone changed once again, this time one of sorrow. “After Kakashi-sama gave his life for his village, and the people in it, the attacks ceased. It turned out the target all along was Kakashi-sama, as he was close to finding out who this assailant was. They obviously wanted him silenced.” Crow paused for only a moment.

“This is were the story of Heiji-sama starts to come together.” continued Crow. “Naruto Uzumaki was appointed the new Hokage.” Kaze couldn’t help but look at the head next to where Crow was standing. “His first decree was to lift Sasuke Uchiha’s title as a renegade ninja and allow him to join the ranks of Konoha. However, since the people of Konoha still had animosity towards him, Sasuke agreed with the exception that he live outside of Konoha. Naruto-sama agreed, and Sasuke was allowed to live in what once was the land of rivers.*” Crow stopped again, this time to let Kaze absorb what he was just told. “Years later they both had many children. And as it was tradition to do, they all attended a school for shinobi. There the children were placed in groups of three and given to a sensei to lead them in the ways of the shinobi. One of these teams consisted of two of Sasuke children; his son Minku**, and daughter Yoza**. The third was one of Naruto’s sons; Kashi**. Kashi and Yoza got romantically involved, and one of their children was your great-grandfather Heiji.” Kaze had mixed feeling at knowing that he was related to the great shinobi who saved the world a long time ago. “Now, you remember what I told you about the doujutsu, and the clans that possessed them?” Kaze gave a simple nod, showing he was still paying attention. “Well, Kashi inhereted his mothers Byakugan, while Yoza, inherited her fathers Sharingan. Turned out Heiji inhereted both. Giving him a very powerful doujutsu. Given that, his father’s and mother’s techniques, and the fact that he learned sealing techniques from his aunt, the Eleventh Hokage, and chakra control by his grandmother, Sakura Harano. The combination of such powerful techniques made him the strongest shinobi to ever live. He was considered the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths.” Kaze was stricken by the irony of it all. A man considered to be the same as the father of ninjutsu came to be the one who ended it. Kaze’s gaze gravitized towards the face of his great-grandfather. Was he really related to such a man?



The order of Hokage as it pertains to this story:

[The first five] Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze, Tsunade Senju.
[Sixth] Danzo Shimura (briefly, Tsunade took her rightful place after)
[Seventh] Kakashi Hatake (after Tsunade’s death)
[Eighth] Naruto Uzumaki (appointed by Kakashi, his last words)*
[Nineth] Neji Hyuga (briefly, while Naruto was MIA. Shikamaru was considered first, but found the job to troublesome)
[Tenth] Konohamaru Sarutobi (after Naruto’s death)
[Eleventh] Yuri Namikaze** (Naruto’s daughter, appointed by Konohamaru after he retired)
[Twelfth] Heiji Uzumaki (the last Hokage of Konoha)

* This was explained in my 10yrs after fanfic.

** NGS characters

Kaze’s Family Tree

Minato + Kushina :: Fugaku + Mikoto

Hinata + Naruto :: Sasuke + Sakura

Kashi + Yoza

Heiji + [unknown]





13 Responses

  1. This was awesome, you made it look like crow was itachi by the crow genjutsu but the way he talked about kakashi made me think he’s somone from the hatake clan maybe a yaoi relationship between them 😛

    I liked how you use ngs to explain more about the story and the family tree misses something, i know Sakura’s and hinata’s parents, well i don’t blame you since only hinata’s father was named.

  2. Awesome 😀

    I think Crow is from the Hatake clan more then an Uchiha. 😛

    It is hectic that in 2 generations all of the Ninjutsu just disappears yet Military still exists… I am looking forward to the rest 🙂 the back story seems pretty awesome and believable in a way just the mist was left out 🙂

  3. loved the history lesson .. even more “Super powered” Hejii, he’s got all the ingredients for SOSP

    i wonder where the Bijuu are !!!! … will they make an appearance ?

    well for once suna has more reps than you .. seems he’ll be happy this week lolz ….

    Shikamaru steals the show again ” too troublesome” ROTFLMAO

  4. @WS: Yaoi? Really? Hell no!? lol. The family tree was just to show Kaze’s ancestry, as the chapter title states. I didn’t want to go to much into detail.

    @p0a: Crow’s identity will be revealed later on. I’m not going to spoil anything. Yet. lol.

    @Devils: Thanks. I had to play god with him, make sure everything aligned right. The Bijuus will be addressed on a later date. I’m happy for Suna, but it sucks that not alot of people are reading/commenting on mine. As far as Shikamaru: he was my first choice, for obvious reasons, but I figured he wouldn’t do it, so to feed my bias-ness, I made it Neji instead. lol. My bias aside though, I do think he’ll do a great job as Hokage on his own merits.

    @Other People: No comments make me sad. 😦 lol.

  5. Before I forget: If you guys want me to do FamTrees of the rest of the cast, let me know. I wouldn’t mind. I could so like one per chapter. Or feel free to express what other content you would like me to put on the {Trivia} section.

  6. Awesome. I always come to this site to read ur fanfic and bobs post. Keep up the good work. I will be waiting for nxt chapter 🙂

  7. aww, thanks X. Must of sucked when I left for a while, huh? lol.

  8. Zep you got more comments then Suna 😛 the family trees sound intresting so make sum moar and publish the next chapter soon! publish 2 a week if you have to! 😛

  9. @WS: That wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the FanFic writers. lol. But thaks.

  10. @ Zep – its an awesome Fanfic can see why people want to have more then just one a week 🙂

    I think the Family tree is cool but I am sure you will still maintain the mystery, like the one friend being a Nara etc was well put in so we know his ancestors would be nice if we find out almost as the fan fic shows it… I would like to see like random facts about the infrustructor of the cities etc, also technology advancements, education systems @_@

    but I am weird that way 😛

  11. Well, another one bites the dust. Not a lot of time so I’ll just say great chapter Zep and looking forward to the next one coming out Sunday.
    Suna OUT!

  12. Cool chapter zep. Very enthralling and in my opinion, it ended a little too soon. I was expecting to hear why Heiji wanted ninjutsu to disappear, but I guess I’ll have to wait. I bet you have your reasons for ending this chapter as you did, though so I’ll wait and see.

    The backstory of what happened after Naruto and Sasuke defeated Madara was interesting. I noticed you didn’t use the word “kill”, though. Could he have survived even this? I hope not because he would be too overpowered.

    By the way, can Danzo be even considered an Hokage? He was only a candidate because he needed the Jonin’s votes as the wiki says. http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Hokage#Sixth_Hokage_Candidate

    @suna: I commented on your fic a few days ago, but my comment was flagged as spam for some reason. Could someone please approve it?

  13. @Dragon: I was thinking the same thing, but I figured what the hell. lol.

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