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Naruto 563 Release


Enjoy, it’s a nice one!

Break to Naruto next week as well.


45 Responses

  1. wow, that was pretty amazing, the 5 kages coming together and being that effective, BIG MAGNUM is gonna have his hands full

    only thing im concerned about, is the war on 2 fronts with the kages vs madara and naruto vs ………, the rest of the chapters will probaly be split up and not enough pages devoted to each battle, making us wait EVEN LONGER, week after week to find out more juicy details about the enemies past, but can’t complain, everything is pretty great right now

    …..oh yea FIRST

  2. Wow…Tobi vs Naruto already. I though Naruto vs Sasuke would happen first, but alas.

    The Kage’s are fighting smart. Mizukage is a beast with Lava Release, and Susanoo can’t stand up to the offensive pressure of the Raikage or the Mizukage, like Sasuke’s. Using the Light/Heavy Aggravated Rock Technique for movement and attacking through Susanoo is smart too. I just wanna see Tsunade kick some ass instead of being a medic. I can actually see them winning this, Madara has no counter to them really. The speed of the Raikage and the Light Rock Tech can counter that Chibaku Tensei, which I presume is Madara’s strongest Technique.

    Tobi vs. Naruto. I think its too early. KB will take his place here. And of course, they gotta beat those 6 paths…I want to see what they can do.

  3. I dont have a lot of time but considering none of these kage have ever really fought side by side as allies they are fighting amazingly well together. Almost as if they were a team for years. Atleast thats how i view it based on they way there cooperating and combining jutsu.

  4. This was a great ch. The longer oonoki last the more i like the geezer. Raikage continues to prove hes a beast. Naruto vs. Tobi i cant wait. Question was that a clone of Naruto that headbutted Tobi?

  5. @a lost shinobi nope that was the real naruto

  6. Does Big Magnum have Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi?
    And y arent his eyes bothering him while using susanoo?

  7. @5*****Hotel remember marda took the eye from his brother that had the same power… with those eyes and his eyes combined marda’s current eyes will never go blind again. Thus he (and now saske now that he has his bro’s eyes) can use susanoo without going blind.

  8. This chapter was epic and I am surprisingly satisfied this week with this chapter. It had everything powerful technique, Uchiha arrogance, inspirational dialogue and gut wrenching cliffhangers. I loved it.

    Things that stood out to me:

    Even though Gaara and the Tsuchikage didn’t like each other in the beginning, who knew they would make such an awesome team. That Sand and Earth Golem wall was insane! Really the Tsuchikage in my opinion has been the backbone of their team. He quickly came up with a strategy and included the Raikage’s bodyflicker technique to get close enough to break through Susanoo.

    Also gotta give the Mizukage props on her Lava techniques. I was hoping Tsunade would be involved more in the fight but she is a medical ninja and I guess we shouldn’t expect much more than just backup from her. Maybe she’ll do more next chapter but she did get Gaara and Oonoki back up to full strength.

    Last but certainly not least, Madara. You could argue and say the Kage were whipping his ass but I don’t completely agree. Yes they were giving him a run for his money but their efforts still haven’t damaged him one bit. Yes they broke through Susanoo but they still didn’t injure him yet. Something tells me he has something else under his sleeves.

    Also for some reason even though at times it might not seem like it but it seems Naruto isn’t as dumb as he usually is. I don’t know, lately he seems smarter and I finally feel like he is a force to be reckoned with. I did think he and Sasuke would fight first but I kinda am glad they are fighting now. Finally time to see if Naruto has what it takes to be taken seriously and i wanna see what he can do without the clones. i’m excited.

  9. If Kabuto really wanted to win the war, y doesnt he summon all past kages from the other villages?

  10. I also I want to say Gaara has really surprised me through the last few chapters. Every chapter he is in is amazing to watch. We all thought he would be weaker since the Shukaku was taken from him and I am in awe of the power he possesses. At his age, which is like 16 or 17, he seems like he is on the same level or even surpassed the Tsuchikage. I would go as far as to say he is one of the stronger Kage and have jumped up a few more notches in my favorites list, maybe to the very top. Watching him in the this war, I’d say he’s earned everyone’s respect and I can’t wait to see how he further progresses. To see him this strong at this age, I can’t wait to see him when he’s an adult. i’d say he’s definitely in his prime and if he’s not then he surely looks like it!

    After this is over, the Kage better not tease him for him age and so called inexperience because he’s proven them wrong!

  11. He did summon the Kages! 4 of the ones he could get DNA on and perhaps strongest!
    It is true that for anyone to win against a broken Uchiha like Madara it would have to be 5 Kage level ninja! With EMS, Wood Element technique, and Rinnegan on top of being an Edo Tensei regenerator! Geez how broken can any ninja ever be!
    Not sure why some of you think Naruto was going for Sasuke! Evidently Tobi didn’t know Naruto was coming or else he would have dodged the headbutt! And Naruto was aiming for Tobi since he found him and made the 1st move! Naruto vs Saucegay is still 40 chapters away my guess!

  12. Gotta love the page, where Gaaras Sand Mother takes the StoneGolem from behind, and susano watching from behind being jealous.

  13. if naruto gonna fight tobi now then that probably means sasuke is the ultimate villain. i say this becos onooki said something to the effect that after the war there may be just one united ninja world, so no more ninja v ninja and that means no conflict which means end of naruto manga. BUT onooki said unity will prevent another BIG MAGNUM(or PEIN), but isnt “unity” which created the first ninja village that caused madara to be the way he is today? dont they realise that with or without unity, evil will still exist…

  14. Wait a minute, Tobi has the sharigan & rinnegan and he didn’t sense Naruto coming??? Naruto should had went right through Tobi space time. @5******hotel, yes Madara should have Amaterasu & Tsukuyomi, Idk why he’s not displaying it. He also has access to all 5 nature ninjutsu, which could help him counter many of the Kages offense towards him, but I guess he never experimented with the Rinnegan because he died shortly after activating it. Sasuke’s uses Susanoo much better then Madara IMO.

    Speaking of King Sasuke, has Kishimoto forget about him or what?? Torune, Fu, Minato, and Konan all didn’t stand a chance against Tobi. Tobi better win against Naruto.

    This chapter was good, but I’m getting the feeling that the real Madara might lose. Just when we wanted bloodshed, or a main character dying off, now I have little to no confidence that Madara or Mu can take on the healthy Kage’s. Kabuto needs to bring reinforcements ASAP.

    On Narutowiki

    “At the end of the first day of the battle, both the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki received massive casualties, having effectively halved both sides battle forces. The 80,000 strong Allied Shinobi Forces were brought down to 40,000, and the 100,000 strong White Zetsu Army was brought down to 50,000, on top of the several already sealed resurrected shinobi.”

    Kabuto has edo tensei and the Dead soul technique, just throwing that out there. When will he take advantage of his techniques who know’s.

  15. @fleece

    Actually Minato defeated Tobi, not only that he managed to teleport a massive energy ball before and sealed the 9tailed after that. So he actually defeated Tobi with one hand behind his back.
    Tobi only have a chance now, because of the Jinchuriki and his new eyes, but just wait till Itachi cancel Edo. Than he will stand alone against two Jinchuriki.
    Also, with all these eyes implementing…..I even doubt that he is an original Uchiha….I never heard of an Uchiha who could Timespace or regenerate his body like he did against Fu and Torune. He just implement himself a Sharigan and announce himself Madara, that´s all

  16. Anybody think Sasuke will interrupt the fight between Naruto and Tobi? After all how can he be a final battle if they fight now? Sasuke’s about to make his great return.

  17. Hate to tell ya’ll Madara and Sasuke fans but Kabuto is the main bad guy of the series…he’s kinda like the Lex Luther of Naruto. Remember Chap 521 pg 4, Kabuto still has Edo Tensei and “THAT OTHER JUTUS” which will make him invincible and allow him to learn the secrets of the Sage of the Six Paths! Sorry Itachi fans:(

  18. @RS

    It is true that without Kabuto, this wouldn´t be a war but just look how poorly he handles them. With all this mighty he could kill a lot of major characters but he is just too arrogant. And yes,Itachi will whipe his ass

  19. @madara uchiha
    as you said i think the manga near its closure 50ch max then its finished if kishi decided to go for after war arc which IMO is highly unlikely then its another story.

    how could you say that the 4th didnt stand a chance against tobi when tobi didnt get one clear hit on the 4th actually as far as we’v seen nobody get a clear hit on him maybe naruto at their reunion lol and thats why i will never understand why he sealed himself when he didnt even had a scratch on him.

    kudos for tobi for pulling that bluff fooling everybody (except kabuto) to think thats hes madara and that he has all the power in the world while he didnt have shit all what he have was 1.alot of information 2.phasing in and out (which is good until you figure it out) 3.Izanagi (he only can use it once) and look what that bluff got him now 7 bijuu,6 edo jinchuriki,the rinnegan and one nice fan he should become a professional poker player after retiring from being ninja he well make millions lol.

  20. @Ultimate

    I hope Itachi beats Kabuto..b/c him and Susake need some closure.

  21. And the greatest Uchiha ever on planet is not Madara, it is Itachi.
    Sure Madara has this Rinnegan abilities and can use wood element, but narrowing him only to his Mangokyou abilities, his inferior to Itachi. Actually I think Itachi would give the 5 kages a harder time if he had the
    Rinnegan as well.

  22. @RSVP4GOD:
    I agree with you on the Kabuto theory.. I am pretty sure he is our main villain, and I also have a feeling that we havent really seen the end to orochimaru.. He is a snake and slithers out of everything… even that sealing Itachi put on him I presume.

    As for Madara, I dont understand why no one sees the fact that he is in edo mode.. not really alive.. So he is pretty much kabuto’s b**ch. And as long as Tobi doesnt revive him, I dont see him as a long term threat.. Well Tobi cant be underestimated, because we really dont know who he is or wat he is capable of even if he bluffs all the time abt everything…

    And finally Sasuke… Like Itachi said, he is the most naive character I have seen so far… From the very beginning, he has been used like a puppet by everyone else. First Itachi (even though he was a gud guy), then Orochimaru, Then Tobi… The only upside for him in this entire charade is that he is getting insanely powerful… But that is also his biggest downside…@Ultimate: I really wish Sasuke gets to speak with Itachi … May be he can beat some sense into him FINALLY.. Or may be not.. If that happens I guess there is nothing much left in the manga is there…
    Falcon out

  23. I wonder if Kishi will let Naruto mix the Kiuubi chakra with Sage mode and get the eyes he showed during his talk with Pain?
    Yeah Minato had no injuries except that huge freaking Kiuubi claw thru his chest! LoL
    Minato is the man! All you Uchiha lovers cannot accept it!

  24. why madara didn’t use shinra tensei against mizukage’s lava release even so far………isn’t shinra tensei one of the Rinnegan ability

  25. @ultimate

    Who’s dead? Minato or Tobi? It’s like Oro vs Hiruzen, the 3rd Hokage left Oro arms paralyzed, but it didn’t matter because he still died. No one is saying Tobi is a Uchiha, but since his debut he’s been undefeated. Tobi was the reason for the 9 tails disaster 16 years ago, and is also the reason for Minato’s death. Yes Tobi lost control of the 9 tails but he’s the reason it was summoned to Konoha, so give the mask guy some props would ya

    and as far as Itachi being the greatest Uchiha ever, I beg to differ. A guy who massacred his entire clan (mom & dad included) for peace will NEVER be considered the greatest Uchiha of all time! Shisui was suppose to be Itachi’s best friend (thought as a older brother), and couldn’t do what Sasuke did to Danzo. Kakashi and Danzo emphasized
    the importance of the Kekkei Genkai, but yet when someone from the same village steals a Kekkei Genkai, I guess it’s okay. Shisui was the one who influenced Itachi, not the other way around.

    If Tobi really ain’t a Uchiha as you say, then it doesn’t taint Tobi’s legacy, it taints Itachi legacy because he believed Tobi was Madara.

  26. lol, if your determining who wins by who is alive. ain’t the guy who is succesfull and able to do what he aims the winner in actuality???
    not sayin tobi is bad or anythin, yea he can b stronger than the current madara even i agree but dont compare him with minato who had so many to protect and wasn’t fighting one on one.

    still wondering about the uchiha factor, have a feeling tobi will be an uchiha in the end.

    plus….my bet is on sasuke to be the final villain. itachi will face off kabuto, all the other’s have started….sasuke will be the tide turner.

  27. @Fleece

    We already had this conversation once….so nothing to add but for me Minato is the official greatest hero of Konoha and Itachi is the unofficial hero……but that is maybe just my opinion….
    I also doubt that Madara is one of Kabuto´s further bitches…..he doesn´t seem like he´s under control of someone
    And if Minato didn´t sacrifice himself, he would beaten Tobi a dozen of times again, don´t think a man who invent so many jutsus couldn´t improve…..if he would still alive he would now be the strongest ninja here….because give Minato 17 years to train and he would beats the crap of anyone here including Sasuke

  28. “lol, if your determining who wins by who is alive. ain’t the guy who is succesfull and able to do what he aims the winner in actuality???”

    …Ok so do you think Jiraiya won against Pain because he gave information to his frog to aid Konoha?? Do you think Madara won against Hashirama because he took some of the 1st DNA? Tobi lost his opportunity to get the 9 tails, but who did it damage more? Tobi or the people who lost their lives that night?

    Don’t underestimate Tobi. This guy survived Konan’s “Paper Person of God technique”. Tobi killed Hiruzen’s wife like a G! and the ANBU who were suppose to guard Kushina.

    side note: I hope Kakashi helps Naruto and Bee. After watching Torune and Fu vs Tobi, I’m convinced that there is some kind of connection with Tobi and Kakashi.

  29. dude, i guess how we look at the scenario is different….

    * jiraiya went to defeat pain, he lost
    *madara and hashirama had a one on one….madara lost
    *minato didnt go to tobi to defeat him, yea he tried once time came but he had a hand tied behind his back….cmon dude, i’m not underestimating tobi but you gotta admit if you add/subract/divide/multiply in the naruverse minato remains the best.

  30. @fleece since when is running away a victory?if u didnt forget tobi ran away after minato hit him and released the kyuubi from tobis contract…. so if i faced off against someone who kicked my ass and I ran away while they died protecting others does that mean im the winner? lol tobi survived cause he ran off like a little baby. And he survived konans attack cause he had izangi (which is a pretty hack jutsu given that he has a whole roomful of eyeballs to use as backups). Yea tobi survived but I wouldnt call him the winner. He survived thats it. when it comes to battles we havent seen enough of tobi to say that hes what u would call a dangeerous fighter… all we have seen him in two fights thus far; minato and danzos guards. MInato basically wiped the floor with him and danzos guards hit him but they were teleported away. tobi hasnt used real jutsu thus far sidess teleportation so until we see him in a actual battle its hard for me to say tobi is anything special.

  31. @ultimate, you’re exactly right about Minato being the best. If he were still alive today, he would easily be the strongest ninja in the world. He would’ve had time to increase his skills and master new jutsu, complete the rasengan, increase the FTG, and Hiruzen would still be alive. Konoha would be loaded and Sasuke wouldn’t be a problem at all.

  32. Yes, I´m kind of biased because my two favorite ninjas are Minato and Itachi but this two are not so dangerous because of their jutsu skills…..their are so good because of their analytical skills…..who remembers the fight Minato against Tobi where he analyzed his weaknes in a few seconds and than attacked him and at the same time released his control over the 9th……someone tell me a scene that is badass as this….or the plan from Itachi with Shisuis eye…..he planed that 1 year in advanced

  33. “so if i faced off against someone who kicked my ass and I ran away while they died protecting others does that mean im the winner?”

    Yes, if you set a trap for your enemy later on. In Minato’s case the 9 tails was a trap, which was set by Tobi


    I’m not going to explain this again. Tobi’s alive and many people from Konoha died that night, end of story. Few years later the Uchiha clan were killed by there very own clansmen. 11 years later Tobi ordered Pain to capture the 9 tails. 3 out of 4 major incidents towards Konoha, Tobi was apart of. Though it was sneaky and unexpected, so what! Shinobi should be prepared at all times, life ain’t no picnic. Tobi’s a survivor, Jiraiya could have learned a’lot from Tobi. Sure Tobi doesn’t entertain us with anything special, but you have to admit everyone who faced off with him ended up dying. That’s pretty special if you asked me

    Minato was a great ninja, definitely a legend in my book, Itachi is good but he’s no where on Sasuke or Madara’s level, as far as accomplishments go. I don’t even think he can beat Killer Bee to be honest with you, but overall Itachi is a good shinobi.

  34. lol how was the nine tails a trap??? he lost the kyuubi to konoha lol!! Isnt this whole plan about gettin the tailed beasts and yet tobi stupidly gave it to konoha lol. Yea tobi was the winner there…. hmm let me get beast by the hokage, give them the tailed beast to hold onto and put a huge spike in my plan… but yea i won I ran away! and people who faced tobi include only minato, danzos body guards and konan. Minato beat him, danzos guards lost and konan lost due to a hack jutsu (isnt it odd too that tobi doesnt really do anything sides teleport? thats just not worthy of a villian) Like i already explained tobi lost ot minato and not only that minato died when the nine tails tried to kill naruto… tobi didnt plan that. Btw tobi came to get the nine tails and he left without it…. hmmm so tobi didnt get what he came for… isnt that a loss? If his goal was to kill the hokage is worked but only unexpectedly. but his goal was the nine tails and he didnt get it so im not sure how he came away with a victory

  35. Itachi is without a doubt tha best Uchiha if not one of the strongest ninja of his generation! Even though we saw non of his true power other than fighting Saucegay on a pre- planned battle where he dictated the fight and outcome! Itachi did not go running to Orochimaru like a weak biatch and suck his %*#? so he could become stronger for vengeance!!!! Lmao

  36. the greatness of a shinobi is determined by how he dies, not how he survives – not in his exact words but was mentioned by jiraiya before he was killed by pain

  37. therefore itachi – minato – jiraiya = great shinobis, not some fake wanabe madara who runs

  38. I belive madara hasn’t done amatasu for the same reason kakashi can’t, nor itachi doing kamui, that MS abilties differ from individuals, or perhaps to different family branches of the clan.

  39. It seems obvious to me that each MS eyes do different techiques. Why else it’s been made a big deal of obtaining eyes from certain individuals(shisui for example).

  40. As for not performing some of the rinnegan techniques to counter, does he have to at this point? As you can see, so far despite some of the power the 5 kages displayed together, Madara hasn’t got so much as a scratch, an not because of the ressurection technique. Madara right now is pretty much goading the kages to show em what they can do together, at the same time seeing what he can do. After all, its doubtful he had time playing with his rinnegan and wood powers as nagato and the first hokage had.

  41. Token rather you like it or not, the 9 tails will get extracted from Naruto one way or the other. I said Tobi lost the Kyuubi don’t you listen? Konoha lost more then Tobi did unfortunately. Rather it was planned or not by Tobi, Tobi is still alive and Naruto was put in a shelter and was shunned by his own village. Minato did great, Konan was greater IMO, but at the end of the day they both died. When Danzo used izangi I don’t remember anyone calling it hacked back then. No jutsu in Naruto is hacked. There is counter for every technique. And one more thing, I don’t idolize Tobi, I’m just giving him the credit he deserves.

    “Itachi is without a doubt tha best Uchiha if not one of the strongest ninja of his generation!”

    A guy who killed his entire clan at night is the best Uchiha?? The Uchiha fought head to head with Senju before forming and founding Konoha, and for what?? To have someone from their own clan to wipe them out, and you’re calling him the best Uchiha. Give me a break Mexican_Jitsu you don’t even know what you’re talking about. If anything Shisui was the greatest in his generation, Itachi was the 2nd greatest of his generation. Yeah I know we haven’t seen anything from Shisui but the fact he went against people like Ao and Danzo gives me the idea he was a credible fighter. I’ll give Itachi credit though before his death he was stronger then 2 of the legendary Sannin (Oro &Tsunade). Sasuke did run to Oro, only to become stronger then Naruto of course. FACT!

    ” the greatness of a shinobi is determined by how he dies, not how he survives – not in his exact words but was mentioned by jiraiya before he was killed by pain”

    True, but so what….. You don’t win chess by dying.

    Sasuke-Kabuto-Nagato are the best. Madara could take Nagato’s spot, will see how well he does against the 5 kages.

    I agree with darthuchiha on the MS techniques.

  42. @Fleece

    Looking at your list Sasuke-Kabuto-Madara, it is not based on strength rather than who´s the most evil one

  43. Just admitted you just attracted to evil characters, but I can´t see how your arguments make this 3 the most powerfull one.
    For example…..if Itachi would´ve want to kill his brother….he would be one of Kabuto´s Edo´s by now

  44. I like characters based off their personality and skill more so then them being good or evil. For example, Neji, Shikamaru, and Rock Lee skills are undeniable, and their personality is like mine, funny but laid back.

    @ultimate. Your favorite character Itachi killed his own parents and joined Akatsuki. Name one evil thing Sasuke has done besides stabbing his own comrade(Karin) to kill Danzo, and leaving Suigestu and Jugo behind. Kabuto + Madara = 2 of the most evil characters. Kishi wouldn’t let Itachi kill Sasuke, because Sasuke is a main character

  45. @fleece

    we already discussed this and I am tired of explaining every time…..Itachi did this for a higher reason. Sasuke just for his bloodlust

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