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Naruto and One Piece release!

http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/11316990/1 NARUTO

http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/59626333/1 ONE PIECE

Enjoy, slaves!


53 Responses

  1. First!

  2. Third!

  3. Re incarnation .. Really !!!!!

    Kurama looked cute when he was little

  4. Damn I want a baby Kuruma
    So Naruto is going to become the new SoSP.

  5. Did I just read what I thought I read? Naruto? New SOSP??? Really?

  6. So it looks as though the sosp had this setup long ago. all 9 tailed beasts have also known of the jubi and there creation for just as long. that means kurama has known as well. this should be interesting too see. the next few chapters will be very intetesting. how will naruto get all the tailed beasts? as it looks as though that will happen.

  7. Naruto – So the ape gave him some chakra an now him an the tailed beasts are all chatty chatty – all they needed was a bowl of ramen each! Was funny how the fox remembered naruto an sasuke’s gay moment when they locked lips like a true uzumaki an uchiha couple!
    Its pretty safe to say that Naruto is gonna be the juubi host down the line – nice epic conversation between em all. I kinda get the feelin that Sasuke an Madara are gonna have an epic conversation aswell at some point about the true hatred of the Uchiha. The SOSP looked gangster aswell – true epicness!

    One piece – They found puff the magic dragon!!!!! So they’ve met giants, zombies, mermaids an now a dragon……Oda’s imagination is too much – what next a vampire?!! Smoker looks badass!!!!! The shades were a cool touch too, he was pretty much waitin on luffy but guessed wrong, they’ll meet up in a few chapters time. Was nice to see the two love-birds (Zoro an Robin) chillin in the back of the whip so close an comfy – Oda might aswell just make them kiss already!! There swordsman baby would be too cute hahaha

  8. naruto
    still waiting bob’s review(hopefully you’re allright man)

    ahhh, so the dragon hide in that island it seems,,,
    poor natsu looking for igneel coz luffy will be the new dragon slayer lol…

  9. Naruto? Being the host of the Juubi? This is like the Madara with the Rinnegan – overkill. Even though Naruto perfected the Will of Fire and used it to tame the 9 tails, I see something as him getting a small portion of all of their chakra so he can have a counter to one of Madara’s Techniques.

    In all, this shows that the Sage of 6 Paths was a smart motherfucker.

  10. Nice chapter, naruto already look like the Sage of 6 Paths with the hair style and the coat, even better.
    But how he will fight tobi now without tallied beast mode. May be withe the 9 names he can obtain or unlock some power.

  11. Anyone else notice that the one tail wasn’t there?

  12. @??????
    I agree Naruto bein the new sosp does seem overkill, I mean he’s only got a similar sage type of body from the younger son, surely to be the new sosp he’d have to take sasuke’s eyes as there the closest to the elder son. What about the rest of the konoha 11 don’t they deserve some power ups?!! I bet with sasuke’s eyes he can enter naruto’s mind a amatersu all the beasts an make a killer BBQ!!
    Anyone else notice that the Sosp’s jacket had a rinnegan an 3 sets of sharingan tomoe’s!

  13. anyone know what happened to the manga stream forums?

  14. shukaku wan’t there because he was already in the statue. Same for Goku.

  15. Y is shukaku in the statue? Can some1 explain that whole speesch by the so6p, please?. I dnt understand y he wants them to forma the juubi again and also what he said about new names.

  16. From what I’ve read, Naruto will be the one that will help the tailed beast transform, so they will have new names, new forms, and maybe they will unite into a new Juubi. But they will be used in the right way, in the way the were inteded to be used (ok maybe not used, but i don’t find another word for that ).

  17. I don’t see Smoker taking on Luffy, Luffy just seems to strong. He owned Caribu who seems to be on Smokers level but then again I expect smoker to have a few tricks up his sleeve since he probably knows of Luffy’s haki.

    I find the plot of one piece reminicent of Oda’s other manga, an I’m thinking that the island is normally a winter island but the dragon makes it hot. A samurai doesn’t seem like a good addition to the crew so I’m not terribly interested but the other guy might be interesting. I’m betting the samurai is just after the dragon.

  18. Guys now i know why Bleach has had 3 weeks off……..Kubo is ending it!


    Bleach is going into its last arc! Right for the last arc we need the following:

    – RETURN OF AIZEN (Lets face it villian-wise tite cant top him)
    – REVEAL THE BANKAI’S WE HAVENT SEEN (Kenpachi, Old man Yama, Mr hat an clogs etc…)

    I feel a little sad about the end of bleach – which manga can i replace it with?!

  19. dragon to join straw hats 😛 haha just wishful thinking there

    had to happen with bleach, did not like the fullbring arc, as long as it finishes with a bang

  20. besides from what i read a while back, the final arc will be about 3 years or so, so still some time to go 🙂

  21. Shukaku is in the statue because that is where he was stored after being extracted from Gaara just like all the other beasts except he was not involve in the fight because Tobi didn’t have Gaara.

    Other authors need to step it up, Naruto, Bleach and One Piece are the most dominant manga trio in history. Once they all end, I don’t see any of the current mangas out now topping or equaling them.

  22. Does anyone think Naruto is about to transform again? look at how he put his hand on his stomach when he said things have changed and the shocked look on tobis face

  23. @ wong jowo

    lol that was very funny!!
    also, i think Natsu will make a natural addition to Luffy’s team.

  24. so again i’m here say’n that da major fight of the war is goin 2 be sasuke vs. naruto, where naruto will win, then there is gonna b a time skip into da future when they r grown and naruto and sasuke r da ultimate ninjas and that will be da end of da both of them end’n in a tie….excuse me 4 da lack of proper english, it’s da pc…….and none of this is surpris’n sasuke wuz big back then now let’s see how big he has become now, i guess people r gonna say overkill 4 him too right. lol

  25. I had trouble with Mangastream.com

    I had to read on mangafox

  26. for all of those who think that aizen wuz so strong, ur forgett’n that da top captains could’ve taken him, plus old man #1 did’n do anything n da fight so whut all of u r say’n duzn’t make since, there needs 2 be a new person or a person whose already there who aizen wuz work’n 4 to do sumth’n

  27. FYI:

    Bijuu’s names meaning

    The kanjis mean a thing but the reading can sound like other words, and the most of the name are puns.

    Shukaku: 守(defence) 鶴(crane):defensive crane.

    Matatabi: 又(again) 旅(travel): the kanji reading gives the idea of “second travel”, but the Matatabi is the cat powder, similar to the cat pin.

    Isobu: 磯撫 name taken from the mythical shark-like demon sea monster with barbed tail fin, Isogunade.

    Son Goku: 孫悟空 surely inspired from the monkey of the journey to the west and probably an homage to Son Goku of Dragon Ball which Kishimoto is a great fan of.

    Kokuou: 穆(beautiful)王(king): beautiful king, name of some kings from the Chinese dynasty.

    Saiken: 犀(rhinocerous)犬(dog): I don’t have any clues here.

    Choumei: 重(heavy)明(light): it can be translated as intense light but butterfly in Japanese is also pronounced as “chou” so it can also be luminous butterfly.

    Gyuuki:牛(ox)鬼(demon): ox demon.

    Kurama:九(nine)喇嘛(lama): lama here refers to the Tibetan religion.

  28. If Bleach is going to end they better show us who is in the Zero Squad (Squad that work’s for the soul king)…And what kind of Villian can top Aizen!!! :X

  29. nah, maybe smoker mastered rokushiki/and haki too
    high level marine should know at least one of them imo

    and yes, that’s winter island just like in oars jr’s flashback perhaps?

  30. Natsu and Luffy would never work as a team they’d constantly be wanting to fight each other to prove who’s the strongest!

    Purposeful reference by Zoro when he says Dragons are only in Fairy Tales (Tails)…???

  31. @jajuan
    Which top captains could have taken aizen??! He handed SS its arse an cut down almost everyone in his normal form an his strategy for old man yama was genius! I agree a new villian would be nice but the way aizen mind fucked everyone he’ll always be one of the reasons why bleach was great!

    As for sasuke, I want him to do somethin epic too, naruto’s tamed all of the beasts an got an uber power up while sasuke’s skipping down the road! I hope he’s headed for konoha to fight the last 2 elders- that’ll completely half his goal of revenge. I wonder how BIG MAGNUM is doin against the kages??

  32. not sure about this, but did luffy knew dragon’s(his father) face?
    because since he is ‘smart’, when he meet the talking dragon in the future chapter, probably luffy will ask: “ummm, are you my father?”
    lol :d

    & for bleach, i personally think that aizen is too good to be left behind in the final arc(he’s trully mastermind, when the heroes did something he just said ‘everything’s just as planned’)

    well if kubo decide to introduce new boss villain hopefully he’ll make it much much better than fullbring arc

  33. @itachiDaBaus, the 3 tails didnt have his host either mate, so shukaku should still be fighting but for some reason he is not… odd but am sure there is a reason for it.

  34. so my understand is that naruto has a portion of all the tailed beasts chakra besides Shukaku. now im not entirely sure what he intends to use this for! possibly be the jinchikuri of the Juubi who knows hey! surely he would also need the Yin half of Kuramas chakra as well to complete this.

  35. It seems that knowing the names of the Tailed beasts is a form of power as well right? is that a way to command them or to call for them?

  36. @MattMaru

    The fourth mizukage Yagura is the three tails host

  37. yes she is but she was killed remember! the 3 tails was taken because he was living in the bottom of the ocean as far as i know! maybe that doesnt apply as it was in the anime.

  38. MattMaru, on February 2, 2012 at 7:33 am said:
    yes she is but she was killed remember! the 3 tails was taken because he was living in the bottom of the ocean as far as i know! maybe that doesnt apply as it was in the anime.

    that was just in the filler filler full of shite basically

  39. @mattmaru
    First of all the fourth Mizukage is a dude. And secondly, never go by the anime filler. Naruto had already met the 6 tails host in a filler, but didn’t know him here in the manga.

    Before they transformed, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh jinks were all present with Tobi. Gaara, Bee and Naruto were the only jinks missing and thus the first, eighth, and ninth tails were not present in Tobi’s Arsenal.

    Tobi used to control Yagura (4th mizu, third’s host).

  40. @tensa sadly i think all that has happened will eventually lead to sasuke getting the rinnengan… think about it naruto pretty much is completing the sage body and as we speak sasuke is one step closer to the rinnengan… (sasuke has basically followed in madaras steps. He took his bro’s eyes and once that is done u have ems, which I think is the step right before the rinnengan. However sasuke is going to have to somehow get senju blood in him as that seems to be a requirement; nagato was part uzumaki which were long distance relatives of the senju and madara took some of the first’s dna to get the rinnengan). Sasuke has gotten powerups as well but at least naruto has been earning his… hes had to fight tailed beasts and master the tailed beast inside him thru confrontations and stuff while sasuke has been sitting in a bed for weeks after having his bros eye implanted in him. Naruto may be getting power ups but hes working for them way more than sasuke did.

  41. Are u serious…Do you know how many battles Sasuke has fought by himself in this Shippuden series…the calibre of opponents he’s faced…Orochimaru, Deidara, Itachi(I kno he let him win, but it was still nice), Killer Bee(still a novice with his Mangekyou), the freakin kages(on the verge of blindness)…For the record Naruto wasn’t in Sasuke’s league until he learned the Sage arts(u all know this is true)… Also Sasuke has had more near death experiences than Naruto (u all know this is true as well)…I rTealize alot of people don’t like Sasuke but his kid has been fighting for his life this whole series, even before Shippuden, So I need more proof for that theory that Sasuke isn’t working for his power ups

  42. Sure his caliber is better… but lets go thru one by one;
    1) oro he beat oro when oro was bed ridden and severly weakened. in fact wasnt really a fight.
    2) Deidra- toe to toe and if not for a quick summon of manda sasuke is done for.
    3) Itachi- Yea it was nice but lets be serious here; in a weakened, slow, death approaching condition itachi pushed sasuke to the point he had literally no chakra left for anything and this was with itachi not trying to kill his brother
    4) killer bee- Sasuke was saved TWICE from killerbee. If one on one sasuke was dead either from the multiple swords impaled into him or the fact his chest cavity was literally blown off. He only survived thanks to his team.
    5) Kages he fought raikage for 2 minutes, the tsukage for a little bit and in fact would have been killed by the attack by old man kage if tobi didnt save him (if u forgot here it is http://www.mangareader.net/93-34416-14/naruto/chapter-466.html and http://www.mangareader.net/93-34416-17/naruto/chapter-466.html). u can say he survived but lets be real he wasnt really much for moving after the fight as tobi was literally carrying him pretty much unconcsious)

    And u mentioned his fights but where did sasuke get his power ups from? When he fought oro he was weakended as i mentioned. After his battle he absorbed oro and received some of his powers including regeneration. So against diedra he used not only the cursed seal ( a gift from oro) but also oros pet. Power up number 1. Against itachi sme thing but htis time itachi extracted oro and left sasuke with his own powers now. What happened when sasuke used his own power that was in him? destroyed by killerbee. Against the kages he held his own however like i showed at least once he should not be here to tell the tale. Against danzo I can give sasuke that as that was a quality opponent but honestly outside danzo the rest were not all sasuke. O and now sasuke is powered immensly… and how? did he train for weeks and weeks? no he had itachis eyes implanted in him and spent weeks recovering… So yea sasuke worked hard but for the power ups he didnt… oro gave him cursed seal and others when he was absorbed. now sasuke is a behemoth thanks to the eyes of his brother. Im not saying sasuke is weak but to say naruto hasnt had experiences of his own or earned his power ups isnt fair. Naruto has not only had to endure dealing with the fox inside him, but he beat gaara when sasuke could not, naruto defeated pein (with sage arts he spent weeks perfecting.) Than is now facing the tialed beasts and tobi with the kyuubi mode which he earned by locking the kyuubi away and unlocking access to its chakra when it was needed. And dont start with naruto wasnt in sasukes league; on teh rooftop when they fought thats when sasuke realized naruto was close becoming his equal and that threw sasuke into a frenzy. Along the way both have gotten power ups but its hard for me to say sasuke earned his just as much as narutos since he absorbed some of his powers and had the rest implanted.

  43. im not sayin sasuke hasnt had a harder lineup to deal with but thats his path he chose… he didnt have to do half those fights but he chose to so its only fair he get his butt kicked for his stupid choices. I dont hate sasuke for his fights i dislike how he feels entitled to everything and always talks of earning respect and talking down to naruto and yet he is the one leeching off others powers. He basically reminds me of a spoiled, entitled brat who thinks hes better than he really is

  44. @token, I think Susake may have Senju DNA in him!! Remember when He and Naruto was lip-locking in class!! He may not need blood…saliva may be enough.

  45. lol that may work!!!! leave it to kishi to actually have that be how sasuke gets the rinnengan,…… given to him as a gift by a kiss from naruto

  46. Okay ile admit that i went too far when i said that Naruto wasn’t in his league,but everything else I mentioned was true while in your post you’re just talking down on Sasuke… I can go on and on about how Naruto had help in every one of his battles (be it his friends or Kurama), but there’s no point because I know you’ve seen them…Do you remember their conversation in the Land of Iron, how Naruto said he would be in the same position as Sasuke if the same things happened to him…So I have no clue what point you were trying make when you said “He basically reminds me of a spoiled, entitled brat who thinks hes better than he really is”…huh?…c’mon dude…

  47. Sorry for being so irritating, but I have always been an uchiha fanboy. So when someone talks down on one I jus have to say somthin…

  48. Awesome cliffhangers by Oda & Kishi

    your right, other than Kenichi & Fairy Tail, I don’t see any manga series taking Bleach’s place when its done

    @token, warlord
    you’re both right guys…this argument comes down to who likes which character better…so there really is no right or wrong answer….tho I kinda like Sasuke better

  49. @7warlord, I really liked Sasuke when he was actually a good guy but for some reason he is not a good candidate to be this evil character. To me I think that Sauske or Kishi to be more accurate try to portray Sasuke as this cool guy who like token said is not as cool as he thinks. To me Kid Sasuke is one of the most badazz characters of the Naruto series but when he turned into a teenagers he became a failure in the sense that he is just to arrogant and tries to show off too much. And this whole argument of people helping you in a fight? You guys got to realize that they are ninjas and a ninja is supposed to be a tricky and will do anything to win, like having people to help him win a fight. I wont take away that Sasuke is a strong ninja or one of the strongest right now he has earned that title.

  50. @token, Jdogg and warlord
    They’ve pretty much both had help in the majority of their fights whether they wanted it or not (naruto’s gettin help right now). I still dont see sasuke as being evil tho just very pissed off lol I personally dont want him to get the rinnegan – i mean kakashi has already figured out how to counter all the six paths that wouldnt be a very interesting fight. What if he develops a new set of eyes tho like a cross breed of the two……. We still dont know what the eyes of the elder uchiha son was…… if he does get the rinnegan tho i hope he use’s it right an use’s all the paths at the same time like nagato did when he fought itachi


  51. Sasuke.. Sasuke sasuke… Seriously guys… He has issues with everything.. He thinks he is smart, but he has been used by almost all the villains/ who we thout were villains for their own purposes. The only time he slithered out of trouble was with orochimaru when he got a lucky shot at that crazy guy. Nd the funny thing is that, he is still being manipulated by Tobi and he has no clue about that. One of the greatest attributes of a shinobi is that he should be able to calmly analyse every situation. Sasuke is not calm, he is a classic psycho case with other issues who only thinks with his hate or so called vengeance. When we started with Naruto, I didnt like Orochimaru, or Kabuto. But now I think I like them better than Sasuke because they atleast were villains of their own accord and not manipulated by anyone else and more over they had an agenda of their own. But what about Sasuke? What will happen after he kills off the elders? What if he did manage to destroy konoha and what happens next.? He has basically nothing else to do. He is not going to suddenly turn into a nice guy after his vengeance is over. And even if he continues to be a villain, he is going against his own reason for attacking and killing the elders of Konoha in the first place. And thats just retarded. Well as for naruto, I wouldnt say he is great and all that, but he has earned far more respect and Sasuke is not even close to the level of Naruto even if he is classified as a villain. and based on the level of skill, I would say Sasuke and Naruto are more on an equal setting. How they aquired those skills is a huge point to consider as well. taking your bro’s eyes after killing him to have a power up, theres nothing more retarded than that. I am quite sure, Naruto havnt done anything close to that. Well having the Kyuubi inside of him is a bonus for him, yes, but given a choice in the matter, he wouldnt have chosen it.

  52. Saucegay = Homo Eye Powers
    Naruto = Manly Sage Powers

    All Saucegay needs now is the Okama “Death Wink” lmao

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