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Naruto 554 – Raikage, formerly known as Chuck Norris.

Right! The boss is away so the little british minion is going to fill in, pip-pip tallyho etc.


This chapter was relatively slow but we get a few revelations into the ultimate Raikage and his practically invincible defensive jutsu. Naruto has stormed in to try and save everyone (again) and as a wind user he arrogantly believes he can 1 shot roflstomp the Raikage. Look Naruto, you’re good and you’re getting better but you are still a kid ultimately, these are the bodies and techniques of the strongest ninja in history, personally I believe he still has a huge amount of growing up to do, anyway, the technique Naruto uses seems to link the 9 tails chakra within a rasenshuriken giving him complete control even after firing, it is insanely cool and reminiscent of when Naruto hid within the shadow of a shuriken really early on in the series.


Naruto’s technique is strong and he does give it his best attempt to integrate some form of tactical awareness, his logic is sound but still slightly childish, he is beginning to think a step ahead of his opponent but when facing a kage you need to be 6 steps ahead and his rebound attack also fails before the Raikage’s incredible speed. this is when naruto steps up a gear, and oh my is it clever, Temari suggests a diversion, which naruto has already done, using the time the Raikage had to divert his attention away from naruto to dodge, he has got incredibly close and fired up another rasenshuriken which he hits with at melee range. ouch, his face.


A glimmer of hope is shed as the sealing ninja do their thing as the Raikage lies on the ground, but the third is far too hardcore and roundhouse kicks any seals off him, leaving him unscathed, unhappy and really really pissed at Naruto. Captain Obvious continues to point out it seems as if he is being controlled or something, as of they are expecting him to just come in and kick ass for no reason.


Now the ChuckNorrisKage prepares his counter attack, a giant roundhouse kick to the collective faces of every ninja fighting him. He lifts his hand in pimpslap fashion and ninjas start screaming for a wall to be put up, at this point I genuinely am interested to see what has that large force so scared, the fear is blindingly obvious, I imagine the 3rd was a huge asset as Raikage, he puts others to shame. I want Gaara to be this cool and hardcore! A huge barrier is erected (hehe erected) and Naruto is literally and quite comically pulled away from certain death.


From what I can figure out the 3rd Raikage’s ultimate jutsu consists of him focusing huge amounts of chakra into his fingertips, to create almost blades of pure chakra that can pierce through it seems any barrier, he rips through the lava style and earth style users walls within the second and groups are decimated just for being idiots and thinking they can take him down. It’s a shame, ninja in this war are coming across as nothing but cannon fodder until the characters we know and love show up and slap some sense into someone.

Now the interesting text and theory stuff you guys love and i’m useless at, the Raikage is the only ninja capable of standing off against a bijuu, and i see this personally as highly believable, he has withstood a huge amount of damage, without taking a single scratch but what I am interested in is how his finger jutsu would stand up against Sasuke or Kakashi’s chidori, the techniques are incredibly similar and his power is obviously huge, but with that much chakra being poured into his defenses, what I mean is, how big can one mans reserves be?


The 3rd’s past is scraped upon as the story of how he single handedly saved his town from the onslaught of the 8 tails, fighting the 8 tails alone while everyone escaped and escaping with only a scar. Holy crap, how can one man stand and fight a really really angry 8 tails and JUST get 1 scar? this is madness! but this triggers naruto’s brain to go from 0-60 instantly, there is only 1 technique he can think of with more power than his rasenshuriken, 1 technique that happens to be used by the 8 tails host. The Bijuu ball, the fruits of naruto’s training, but will he succeed where all others have failed? Let’s hope so.


Anyway guys, I have been Sothe, you have been Shannaro, sorry for the unprofessionalism but Bob is working this week and I just want a place for you to discuss, if he is not here next week again it may well be me doing the chapter. Enjoy, discuss and any constructive feedback, let me know below.


Sothe, out.


31 Responses

  1. Wow! If you are going to give a review, give a better one the next time cause this was not a good read. Half the time I couldn’t understand what you were talking about.

  2. chuck norris? u mean broly lol

  3. I have never done one of these before and purely agree’d to fill in while Bob is away, if you have no constructive criticism then disappear, because you aren’t doing anyone any favours.

  4. Good review Sothe

  5. @sothez0rz

    i haven’t a clue wth naruto101 is talking about. this was a great review and its been a while since i read one with descriptive details and such like this one has. imo you should do more reviews.

    i really dislike naruto nowadays. with the way hes showing up at all the main battle fields, hes making the psychological warfare aspect of the war pointless. hes ruining it imo. not only is he barging into fights, but his attitude is too annoying. coming into fight unexpectedly screaming “yea, i’ll beat em for you guys, i can do it, im strong!!!”, is annoying. i hope someone puts naruto in his place. hes strong, but he needs to understand that he cant just jump into a battle and over power just anyone. someone needs to humble naruto. the way i see that happening is for naruto to get his ass handed to him by someone who doesnt f**k around.

  6. Good review…manga cover reads “Naruto” therefore he can be as cocky as he is and interrupt any fights he wants to show his untrained techniques! LoL

  7. @fastnnjaa itachi just gave naruto the speach you just done about him…..personally i think the raikage is stupid…they made him two powerfull…can anyone remember what minato said about kakashi’s chidori? why dont these guys get same problem…..personally i think they hav made the raikage 2 unbalance with the rest of the kages….honoha is ment to be one of the badess village about but with raikage like tht? come on be serious honoha would get crush……

  8. @sotherz0rz it was a good review but i think u spent to much time discrbing the fight which wasnt needed cause we all did read the same manga….also he didnt fire up another resengan but rather it was the same one he first fired……thinking wise naruto really have come a far way, if tht was any other ninga tht woulda bin game over…….cant wait for sasuke to tear up this war and betry mandara, wont be suprise if he was the one tht ends up killlig him

  9. Don’t worry about the haters sothe. I saw the title and I thought “yeah he really is like that!”

    No time for a comment, but ’twas a good review.

  10. The Raikage does need a good nerf or exploitable weakness to make this fight interesting. As of now its one of the worst ones of the war. As I said before, attribute his stamina/endurance to a timed technique Naruto has to overcome with careful planning and close range execution, like Deva Pein or Danzo. Maybe even force Naruto to come out of Kyuubi mode and use Sage Mode or his regular self to corner him.

  11. What happend to all the havoc the zetsu clones wdre reaking in the rear guard. We see naruto and K-Bee kill a dozen or so and yhat was iy. 3 chapters of chaos and it seems to have ended just like that.

    As for the review i fot one enjoyed having a blow by blow account. Some of yhese chapters can get a bit confusing when lots of shit is happening.

  12. @legendary I would have to say that for the raikage it doesn’t necessarily apply. Yea the attack probably does give similar tunnel vision like chidori but given the raikages amazing speed it seems to me That the speed can compensate. Hard to Dodge even in a straight line if the raikage is blazing around at lightning speed.

  13. I’d say it’s the raikage’s reflexes and his rate of response that allows him to perform techiques without the tunnel vision effect. Ninjas like the raikages and minato are quite used to moving at such speeds just to perfrom simple techiques. Kakashi only does so using the chidori and/or with the sharigan active.

  14. Raikage was indeed bruised by Rasenshuriken as is evidenced in panels following where his skin is shown to be cracking. In a real i.e. non-resurrected fight he would have taken some damage.

  15. Nice Breakdown – Pretty long but good 🙂

    I am confused Naruto FAILED to use this technique while training now he will be able to do it and fast enough to hit the Raikage ? I doubt it, if he pulls it off I call Plot no jutsu and if not then it makes sense, maybe Itachi will come round and Speech slap Naruto to his senses AGAIN or Kakashi will take a break from his rampage to show he is infact the strongest ninja and use his Raikiri to stomp the crap out of the 3rd then he will go back to ruling the word from his newly awakened powers <_<

  16. @ sothez0rz i really liked your review mate, very descriptive and brought allot of good points to the discussion! 🙂

    yeah i think naurot wont nail it first time creating the beast bomb, it seems like he is gonna have to have some help here with diversions because i think it will take some time to create this thing. i wonder how he is going to distribute it as well. it is mention it is very heavy so he wont be as fast as the raikage. long range isnt going to work i dont think either!

  17. i for one am pleased naruto cant just go in and take out anyone he wants with a Rasenshurriken

  18. @sothez0rz

    I think you really did a good job, I especially liked the witty commentary. Job well done.

  19. Also has everyone noticed these random things:

    1. That tailed beast bomb is really a cero.
    2. Evil Ryu in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition uses a rasengan to the face as a finishing move, and he also has a hole in his chest like he is a hollow.
    3. A Oni from Super Street Fighter 4 looks like super android 13 from DragonBall Z.

    That is all.

    ~The Infamous One

  20. u kno everybodys been talk’n about how narutos been arroogant and really, he’s only been arrogant in 2 conversations and that was with iruka and itachi. other wise than that he’s just been kill’n people for real. even when he jumped after temari said something, all he said was except me. as in he is another wind element user and of course he is proud of that. but i mean naruto hasn’t been say’n anything….in this chapter it seems more like he wuz just listen’n to the other people after his attack missed…plus this isn’t the real naruto so of course he’s gonna be like this so stop worry’n cuz soon he’s gonna be the number 1 goofy perverted nuckle head that we all kno and love.

  21. I know this is off topic but Someones gotta do the reviews for Bleach on Bleachedichigo.com No one does em and if someone does it’s usally a week or more after the chapter is released!!!

  22. I am so gay

  23. LOL. That’s the only time I can like your comment Fleece. Seriously, anytime you go talk about the manga here, all I hear is how huge of a hard-on you have for sasuke. Props for being honest though.
    Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being gay and proud of it, right Fleece?

  24. btw, I’m back! :p
    –> clut-ter

  25. oh yeah, its a great review, hands down….with naruto now with superiority complex, for me a complexity we experience sometimes if we gain much power

  26. the Uchihas decides the flow of this manga, always has been, always will be………enough said.

  27. Mangastream has the new ch. Out that is all

  28. “btw, I’m back! :p
    –> clut-ter” you realize that you have the same gravatar as fleece right? Kind of seems like you just want to un-reinvent yourself but whatever floats your boat…

  29. Naruto finally showed some battle prowess, and for all you people who said it was a clone, suprise suprise, it was the REAL Naruto being hardheaded again. Still hasn’t learned his lesson, smh.

  30. Clue: kishi, why did you do it.
    Kishi: whaaaaaaaat?
    Clue: naruto is still hard headed and cocky!!
    Kishi: Well wouldnt you be cocky too if you were him?
    Clue: yeah but i would have changed when itachi lectured me. i dont get it men naruto is to hardheaded and he is waaaaay to unpredictable. he keeps pulling new rasengans out of his ass kishi!! his ass!!!!
    Kishi: well now you know why they call him that
    Clue: call him what?
    Kishi: leaf villages most #1 unpredictable knockleheaded ninja
    Clue: O_0

  31. sothe your funny as hell. i hope you get to do more reviews. good descriptiveness too.

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