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Naruto 562 – Kage’s, UNITE!

Hello Narutards! Sothe here, covering for Bob while he does whatever Canadians do.


This chapter starts off directly following 561 with Oonoki proving to be a real inspiration and never backing down, facing almost certain death he fights with complete selflessness, a trait very rarely shown. At his age, after the tremendous beating he has received and knowing he has almost a 0% chance of victory Oonoki shows why he is a kage, a leader of people by never backing down. Really inspirational stuff!



We are granted a glimpse into the past of Oonoki and Madara in which the Uchiha demands that Oonoki and his village are no longer an alliance but instead they must obey orders from the leaf and see them as their bosses so to speak. The most interesting point of this flashback is Madara’s hatred when the First Hokage’s name is mentioned, this is of course before the legendary battle in which the first defeated Madara and hints toward a build up of hatred before the battle, I personally would love to see much more involving the first and Madara’s fight, more history please Kishi!


Oonoki again replies with the same awe-inspiring reply about love, being united as one ninja force, how he understands suffering and because of that is able to create a perfect future. He goes on to explain that he truly believes the ninja world is learning from it’s past mistake and the future of Kage’s (A picture of Naruto and Gaara) are moving toward peace. Madara replies with the revelation of his plan to put the world in an ‘infinite tsukuyomo’ The Tsuchi-kage shouts he will pick himself up and is helped by Gaara and the other present ninjas, who all offer to pick themselves up and fight. After the absolute arse kicking they have all received it’s good to see so much hope from these ninja, really gives you an insight into the mental, as well as physical prowess they all have.


The scene changed to Tsunade, basically screaming at everyone, mainly, Mabui to prepare her teleportation technique, which is commonly used to transport inanimate objects and would kill any normal human. The only person to every survive it was the third Raikage, and we all know how insanely bad ass he was. Tsunade then reveals she is going, and will use her curse seal to survive, relying on it to keep her from certain death is really risky, it’s a big gamble and Tsunade has never been the most reliable gambler so she must be really dedicated to saving the kage’s to use it. Everyone is showing their true intentions this chapter and it’s nice to see the good guys fighting for love and for unity, cheesy though it may be, it’s heart warming.


Flying. Thunder. God. Technique. Oh yes, it works, it is in use and the plan is to use it on Madara. The technique derived from Naruto’s father will be put into use and Naruto is there, I hope to the ninja Gods he picks it up. The only difference is that the 4th personal guard need all 3 of them to do the technique, hopefully Naruto can fill in if something happens, he must know the basics. I just want to see the Yellow Konoha Flash, mark 2.

Now we get the finalé of the chapter and this gave me chills. Tsunade and the Raikage are teleported to Oonoki and Gaara’s position. With the Mizukage also showing up all 5 kage, Naruto and others are all standing in Madara’s path, 3 of which are at full chakra reserves, and Tsunade is really, REALLY angry. Next week, there will be pain.

This is a small summary, I am in no way a theorycrafter such as Bob so I leave that to you guys, hope I haven’t stepped on anyones toes here, but enjoy shannaroites. I’ll see you next week!  Post theories/predictions below!


Sothe ❤


31 Responses

  1. First

  2. This should be a sweet chapter coming this week if its done right. I agree, there is probably a build up of hatred before the “valley of the end” fight. Its funny how its called the valley of the end, but nothing actually ended there. Gotta love how history gets messed up.

    – pcgnome out

  3. Long time no see Shannaro! Well jnot as long as last time but a coupla months away sucked.

    Sothe! Great job with the story overview. Trust me when I say I know how hard it is to do one of these things.

    Now as for the chapter itself I only have one qualm. At the end there, when the kages were all together at the battlefield, yes that picture right above these comments, no one in that whole manga office decided to slide in a little Kage Rangers joke! I mean C’mon! I kow everyone here yhas had to atleast heard of NTAS Kage Rangers! This thing is too priceless not to do a joke about that! Oh and the chapter was pretty good too for having barely any action.

    Kage Rangers for the win!


  4. BTW just want to put in a quick prophesy as to how this will play out.

    The kage rangers will fight to the death
    Madaras might is sure to prove the best
    So the naruto clone will disperse
    Then our hero will let out a curse
    But Naruto’s fight is still ahead
    so killer bee will go instead
    The fight will be the stuff of legends!
    Til Hachibi’s power lessens.
    Madara is haxorz pro
    Damn that dirty Kabuto
    But wait on the horizen, who is that I see?
    Why its the greatest, the one, the only, ITACHI!

    Suna OUT!

  5. nice

  6. @Sothe
    great job man
    like it, especially the Itachi part

    These 3 Konoha shinobi were the 4th guard? Are you kidding me….it is about 17 years ago since they were his guards and given how fast shinobi are progressing this Shinobi must be really weak and they are already just war fodder

  7. @ultimate: and just how young were they. and how is FTG meant to counter fire, hence why people thought ‘him’ was in reference to the mizukage as she is next to be seen having FTG used on her.
    and naruverse fashion really doesnt change. Sasuke used to wear the same top as flashback Madara

  8. extreme nerdiness comming on: kage team looks just like a dungeon team from WoW XD; tsunade = healer, gaara = tank (good defence with his sand), oonoki, raikage and misukage = DPS

    on a more serious note, can’t wait to see them in action 😀

  9. Only one thing comes to mind when I see the kages together in that picture………..


  11. SoThe: Good review, I like the way you broke down your summary

    On other notes, it is interesting how day two of the war has turned into the hotseat. Just 24 hours ago, we were bored with easy mopping of the foddlers edo’s being sealed by the alliance army. Somehow, the alliance suffered a 50% lost on that days battle field, then to be silent attack by the ‘perfect clone zetus’ losing more fighting force since the enemies couldn’t be identified until Naruto arrived, and to suffer major casuilities during the previous kages rampage and then crushed by Madara comet. What is the standing force of the alliance now? I think it is safe to say that all edo’s summoned by Kabuto at the begin of the war has been successfully sealed away beside Muu, Itachi and the former hosts. The clone army, who know’s how much of them are remaining but can this really be the final day of the war? And as far as to where Naruto is heading is to the location he sense the most hatred and that is Sasuke, who will more than likely run into Tobi. I am still yet to see what Tobi is really capable of doing, cause on the battlefield he doesn’t come off as someone to be feared like Madara, phasing in and out just doesn’t do it for me.

    How will you guys feel if none of the known ninja’s dies during this war? Will you feel cheated? How?

  12. Did anyone forget that Madara is currently only half as strong as he could be? 😀

  13. why do u say that Yuffie

  14. @yuffie Did you forget that kabuto said that he resurrected madara at power past his prime? Did you forget that pretty much every ninja in this show is only half as strong as they could be?

  15. I didn’t know that Bob was a fellow Canadian. NICE!!!!

    I really hope that in the future the five nations commemorate this moment the same way VOTE was commemorated. I hope that one day they call that battlefield the Valley or Plain of the 5 Kages and have a statue of each one.
    Kishi. This needs to happen!!!!!

  16. no there will not be PAIN next week, naruto defeated him 😦

  17. @Yuffie, how is he half as strong as he could be? Kabuto specifiically stated that he ressurected him back to past his prime. so he is even better then he was in his prime!

  18. Cheers for the positives guys! Apologies on Bob’s behalf because he really is a real person and has a real life, It’s hard to juggle evil Naruto-based dictatorship and being a student.

  19. @Double4anime

    I would say that Darui is at least Kage level. He is on the same level as Kakashi plus he has more chakra and the black lightning and is just as smart. So Darui beating the bros is not that surprising. Honestly I think he is going to be their next kage because he is young and I think Bee is going to die.

  20. And A.

  21. Oh and the real Uchiha Madara around here is known as BIG MAGNUM, lol.,

  22. @UchihaTheInfamous

    I like Darui. I see him being the Raikage over the silly Killer Bee one day, and I too think Bee is gonna die, because we heard so much about the 10 tails jubi, it wouldn’t make sense if Kishimoto didn’t show it.

    How did Madara became known as BIG MAGNUM?? So is 1st Hokage Hashirama known as TROJAN MAAAAAAAAAANN!!???!!!! Lol

  23. @Double4anime – dude….you need to summarise a little, otherwise enjoying your passion!!!

    you keep putting down tsunade saying she is the worst, however she has to be number one for her awesome breasts!!! lol

  24. man as you can see double4anime still hasnt hit puberty yet so he does not understand z boobs! hence he bashes tsunade.
    and no, The first is Mega Magnum, not trojan man. seriously, why are your talking about condoms kid?

  25. @Double4anime
    I agree about the Juubi being revived, Naruto has spread himself thin so he can’t save KB from Tobi. Plus, the Kages will be distracted by ET Madara. I bet that the Christmas break or golden week, I forget when it is, KB is taken (or at least beaten). If Naruto is taken too, he will survive the sealing, due to being an Uzumaki and perhaps Kakashi can use Chiyo’s jutsu to prevent him from dying and also not die himself, but this won’t happen until next year I bet.

  26. @Double4anime

    well i think you brought in a good subject for discussion for me it goes like this:
    1. the 1st hokage tied with 4th hokage
    2. the 3rd hokage
    3. the 2nd hokage
    4. tsunade

    for the first place i’m sure kishi said once in an interv that they are the strongest dead people whether he included madara or not i dont know but that goes for the 1st,2nd,3rd and the 4th i will give you another reason why the 4th comes before the 3rd if the 3rd was stronger than the 4th minato could not become the hokage while the 3rd was still around and thats why after minato died the 3rd was the one taking his place cus nobody was fit or stronger than the 3rd after minato is gone but they said in the manga that’s he was the strongest kage at his prime notice kage as they were comparing him to other villages kages at his time not other hokages of the past.

    as for the edo1st and 2nd hokages fighting the 3rd believe me thats not their full power as it was too early in the manga and kishi needed to put a good closure for the 3rd plus IMO until now we didnt see any edo that impress so you could say its the same power as its original.

    in the 2nd hokage case we dont know anything about him that’s why i put him in third or fouth place but i will take him before tsunade any day.

  27. @Double4anime

    Uchiha Madara became known as BIG MAGNUM around here a couple of weeks ago when he first appeared. There was comment by one of the members here that was really funny that said it wasn’t time to for Kabuto to pull out BIG MAGNUM, and it just went from there.

  28. @Double4anime

    In terms of Tsunade, we have only seen her against Orochimaru really, she needs to be put into a few more battles before you bad mouth her in my opinion. we have seen 2nd or 1st fight before but can only go by what has been said and averaged out.

  29. Thanks for the feedback guy’s

    @greenpeas Samui’s breast > Tsunade’s breast lol, when it comes to looks, Tsunade would win for sure

    @ItachiDaBaus, who said anything about condoms?? you’re very sick my friend

    @ripcord, I like your theory so much i might share with my subscribers. Well with your permission of course. Naruto isn’t a 100% and he will get his 9 tails extracted from him one way or the other. There’s been other theories going around that Sasuke could have the rinnegan, and I hope to god he doesnt bring back to life everyone who died in this war.

    @albati, i respect your opinion. Hiruzen Sarutobi and Minato could be easily tied. It was never stated that the edo version of the 1st and 2nd was not at their full power. I’m giving Hashirama the benefit of doubt, because he defeated Uchiha Madara. The 2nd is still a mystery, but it isn’t a mystery that it took a 1000 ninjas to kill the 3rd Raikage in 3 DAYS, and it took 20 elite ninja to kill Tobirama in one day, but the fact he created edo tensei, mastered water jutsu, and used spaced time jutsu is enough for me to know he’s better than Tsunade.

    @UchihaTheInfamous wow that’s funny. I don’t think my subscribers would get it if I told them, but’s that’s definitely a nickname to laugh at 😀

    @Matt She fought Kabuto and almost died in pt 1. She had the numbers versus Hanzo and her team still lost, and let’s not forget Deva Path, she has no excuses.

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