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ITS outro!

Naruto Chapter


One Piece Chapter


Bleach Chapter



93 Responses

  1. Naruto chapter is super lame. Minato now looks that he can use Sage mode perfectly well. But it is said in the series that only Naruto was capable of mastering it.

    Madara spitting those sage tools is just an excuse to seal him. Obito just keep on coming back no matter how you slice him or pull the jubbi from him. What an awesome vitality. He was able to gain his staff.


    There you go bleach guys! Rukia uttered ‘BANKAI’ and she pawned that quincy.


    One piece- I knew Sugar was a weakling. I’m surprised Usoppland didn’t just shoot that Tabasco whatchamacall it down Sugar’s throat.
    I have a question for One piece fans, what did Robin do I think on page 19 when that slime dud hit her? I didn’t know she could use a substitution jutsu.

    Naruto- Boy SUPER ULTRA MAGNUM beat Minato, Kakashi, and Gaara in .02 seconds. Then Supreme Obito punchs S.U.M in the gut like it was nothing! I was one of the people who doubted the power of Obito and look he did what 3 top tier ninjas couldn’t do all in a weakened state!!
    Ahh well….my only question is, what will Obito do now? What can he do now against S.U.M.

    @kantutantayo- TK is good. I was complaining last chapter about how I wished Rukia would have beaten the quincy using a bankai and what do you know, it happen this chapter! Just awesome! Can’t wait for pretend3r review!

    Peace out Shannarogamis!

  3. I’m sorry I forgot to say this, thanks Jdogg for posting IT’S OUT!! Hopefully you can post a comment about what you think about the latest chapters.

  4. Why didn’t minato use sage mode when he fought the 9tails? Ur not gna use ur strongest form against that beast? He coulda saved himself and kushina.

  5. Naruto did a fantastic job this week. We finally got to see what went on inside Madara’s head and his ambition much clearer. By his logic, everyone being Madara or could be the next Madara is like pointing out the flaw in mankind and that everyone have some degree of evil. Madara represents the individual that have abandoned humanity as a whole. People like Sasuke, Naruto, Obito, Gaara, or Orochimaru could’ve became the next Madara Uchiha; someone beyond redemption.

    Nice seeing Obito regain his rationality. He use to be nothing but a mere puppet. A shadow manipulated by Madara who have clouded his judgement. Now Obito can finally become his own Person by breaking away from Madara’s control. His character have been flat for a long time. But for the first time, Obito have shown real emotions.

  6. Hello everyone, I know that I have been MIA, but to tell the truth my life is fully determined to school. I am trying to squeeze some time so that I can say my 2cents about the chapters.

    One Piece: @Immortal, Robin can fully clone herself because her Devil Fruit allows her to duplicate any part of her body, and this duplication can be done to thousands of times. So yes in essence she can use substitution jutsu or something similar to it.

    Other than that I am enjoying both One Piece and Bleach chapters. As for Naruto I am actually trying to decide what the hell is going on in the story.

  7. @kai exactly. Kishi is ust pulling sage mode out of his a** right now. If minato had the whole time there is no way he should have been fighting the fox without it

  8. @jdogg yes but the main difference between Robin and the substitution is that any damage that happens to her created body parts, or clone, happens to the real Robin as well. So if say her clone is shot, Robin is shot.

  9. @Fire Fist, that is very true about Robin’s ability, but when she is about to be harmed she cancels her clone so that she is not harmed. A perfect example was when Luffy and Jinbe were fighting and they were about to collide onto Robin, she dispersed her clone. So in essence her clone ability is very similar to the substitution jutsu but like you said if her clone is damage, that damage goes to the original body. She deals with this by canceling her clone before the damage is inflicted.

  10. @token
    use sage mode and do what exactly?make bigger rasengans?yeah that would damage a full-fleshed kyubi considering naruto barrage of giant rasengans caused little to no damage to the half kyubi.
    I agree kishi may have pulled sage mode from his a** but the objective in the kyubi incident was to seal,no need of spamming big unnecessary moves.
    Oh and obito battle was a matter of speed he was already at his fastest with FTG

  11. @Token
    Have no idea what Kishi was thinking of having the 4th using sage mode out of the blue. I agree with your point and the elder toads never made reference to the 4th mastering sage mode when they were training Naruto. Also, Jiraiya never mention or reference to the 4th hokage mastering sage mode either. Kishi have finally lost it.

    What it all means is that Naruto have no originality. All of Naruto moves have been completely copied from the 4th hokage. Not only that but the 4th is still faster than Naruto and more mature, making Naruto character less credible.

    The other thing is why would the 4th use sage mode now? Plus, like Token said, the 4th should’ve been able to dodge Madara’s attack or his attack should’ve been faster than Madara. He’s using sage mode with superior sensing ability and with his superior speed, he should have dodge Madara’s attack. For Madara to be able to outspeed the 4th in a speed battle is rediculous. He beat Tobi in the past with speed. No one is faster than Tobi, Raikage and the 4th. How can Madara even outspeed the 4th? Can Madara move at the speed of light or sound? No. Can Madara teleport? No.

  12. The 4th should’ve beat Madara in terms of speed or dodge his attack with sage mode sensing powers + speed.

  13. I know! I am so pissed that the 4th has been nerfed so much. At least let his attack hit, even if it doesn’t cause any damage.

    For the Sage mode, I bet Kishi realized he needed Minato to be able to damage Madara and sage chakra is required, so he just retconned it.

    I agree that the attack was completely unnecessary except to distract Madara, which could have been done without Sage mode and without taking away from Minato or Naruto. Distractions don’t have to cause damage.

    Seems like the attack was just for Minato to be humiliated again and lose both arms so he is completely useless. It doesn’t make me feel suspense or anything like that, it just makes me sick.

  14. @sannin sage mode has more uses than simply more powerful attacks. Add on sensing ability, increased speed and the frog kata (or whatever it was that increases the range of attacks) u have something that Minato should have had activated when facing off against tobi( who he thought was possibly madara a the time and if he thought that was a possibility y not activate sage mode as a precaution) or the fox. When facing opponents like that it’s best to use what u have not keep it ‘hidden ‘ away. And the way Minato was defeated just makes him look so bad after all the accolades we heard about him. At least tobirama and hashirAma looked decent even when locked down by a op madara. Te fourth just looks like naruto at this point…

  15. @ Token

    Now that I looked over the anime version of the events of the kyuubi attack, it seemed more like just like one huge plot device, nothing more. But I wouldn’t expect someone like minato to revealed all his strength right off the bat, especially against an opponent he knows nothing about. One of a ninja’s key arts is deception, after all.

    Besides, minato never really believed he was madara anyway. He mostly referred to him as ‘that masked guy’.

  16. @darthuchiha
    It may be reasonable for the 4th to not use sage mode against Tobi and the Kyuubi but why didn’t he use sage mode against God mode Obito? Minato just sat back and let Naruto and Sasuke go against God mode Obito all by themselves? Why didn’t he use sage mode then instead of randomly using his sage mode against Madara?

  17. Here’s the plothole. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/645/9

    Why didn’t the 4th use sage mode himself and apply it to the rasengan? Then here’s when he use sage mode out of the blue. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/665/13

  18. @nss7&token
    whatever you’re expecting minato to do in sage mode,madara does better.
    hello?am i the only one thinking here,minato uses sage mode but madara is a freaking sage not to mention if he still possesses hashirama sage mode which is arguably more powerful(flashback-he was able to beat everyone w/o eyes).so whatever sage mode speed or sensing ability you’re talking about madara got it covered and more, being a sage himself.
    he didn’t just randomly use sage mode have you forgotten his power up yin(maybe yang)kyubi was stolen, so he needed another power up to keep up with the uber powers around. which brings me to my next point, your link,unlike naruto,minato can’t combine sage&kyubi mode(filled your plot hole).so it was be either a speedy top tier or an uber powered jinchuriki.i believe he chose the most tactical.

    Why am i the only one seeing these?could i be kishi’s assistant? but then no-one would believe me

  19. In your face!i told you guys didn’t i,during the one piece vs naruto thread,i said one piece characters were faster but all you minato lovers insisted he was faster than the speed of light, he teleports blah blah blah…i hate to say i told you so but ya “I TOLD YOU SO”.
    wanna know why madara got the monster kicks in.like i said before. yeah minato is super fast but his attacks(punches kicks reasengans) aren’t.So madara had a few seconds to you know, bitch slap.
    It was sad though madara was like bitch please,as in “BITCH(kicks his hands off)PLEASE!(kick his chest off)let me talk don’t interrupt”.sad, real sad. minato got raped,officially

  20. No no no.bankai goes with hotness.like soi fong, hallibel, scary but unohana too. if you’re not hot you shouldn’t have a bankai or ressurecion.and rukia is not hot.if she was going to grow reiatsu why not accompany it with boobs and ass.*sigh*

  21. @Jdogg- Good to hear from you Jdogg. Thanks for the response to my post. I hope all is well with school and life in general.
    Thanks for answering my question. The furthest I’ve read the one piece manga was the impel down arc (which is why I didn’t know about Robin’s ability to clone her entire body all at once) then I got side tracked. I will return one day to finish it.

  22. @gentlepunch

    And yet, notice that he didn’t sense obtios kamui technique coming at all.

    and this is SOSP Madara we’re talking about. Can’t imagine ANY one piece character doing any better……..

  23. @gentlepunch
    SOSP Madara can build things out of nothing. Madara could easily make any One Piece character disappear.

  24. @nss7

    and as for your question, yea it does seem like he pulled sage mode out of nowhere, but honestly I’m glad that he does know senjutsu. He’s jiraya’s pupil, and, other than naruto, is the only one we know that has a contract with toads. I used to found it hard to believe that someone of minatos skill wasn’t at least familiar with sage jutsu.

    Maybe minato believed that he would be more use in kyuubi mode than in sage mode at the time, because him and naruto was combining kuramas chakra together. Difference being that naruto can combine sage jutsu with kuramas chakra, whereas minato can’t. Now THAT would’ve been a real asspull on kishis part. Also its not until kurama’s chakra had been ripped from minato that he decided to go into sage mode so that further supports my explanation.

  25. Everyone is saying that Minato pulled Sage Mode out of thin air, but if I remember correctly it was stated at one point that he signed the contract and mastered it as well. When he went SM, I was just like, “ahh, finally he did it.” I literally wasn’t surprised in the least bit.

  26. @dartuchiha&nss7
    it was once so6p obito remember, now it’s so6p madara, who knows, it’ll be s06p sakura next.so6p madara is a tempoary form.we talkin’bout individual strength here.madara may be the god of gods of the naruverse, with ten kages hell the whole ninja world not able to do jack to him but in the one peice verse a god-tier like white beard does him in.giving him ten top- tier(akainu aokiji fujitora kizaru,jozu marco eren………..now that’ll just be raping madara wouldn’t it?

  27. @dartuchiha
    taking that scenario alone(where minato needed to land a hit on madara)kizaru could have have done a whole lot better than minato.it would just be light speed to where he was and when madara dirty sage senses,notice a hot guy bending so low near his em?…magnum,while minato took so long to land the hit, kizaru would just follow up with an unstoppable light speed kick

  28. @Gentlepunch

    And as NON-SOSP Madara, with his sensory, rengeneration, rinnegan tech, and clones, a super speed kick would certainly do him in. -_-

    And SOSP Madara is not a temporary form. If he falls asleep and wakes up in the morning, he will still be SOSP Madara. Madara has to be forcibly stripped of the jinjurruki for him to no longer be SOSP Madara. Luffy’s 2nd gear is a temporary form. Naruto’s 2nd kyuubi mode is a temporary form. Goku’s ssj is a temporary form. SOSP Madara is not. He’s simply is. You think a devil fruit eater can’t be stripped of their power? They can. You think that means that all their abilities are temporary too?

  29. @dartuchiha
    first of all, on what planet can devil fruit users be stripped of their power?
    i guess “tempoary form” wasn’t the right word cuz your comparisons were horrible.you know a good comaprison nightmare luffy,final getsuga ichigo.
    2nd gear luffy,kyubi mode,super saiyan these are all the characters individual strength.they don’t involve the characters using other people/entity strength
    Also i said “taking that scenario alone”i wasn’t talking about kizaru defeating madara entirely….hell! What does madara have that can hurt kizaru anyway?.

    And again to prove one piece verse superiority, the whole naruverse past present and future cant defeat the normal madara let alone so6p madara.should i bring in one piece verse’s :admirals,vice admirals,yonko,revolutionaries commanders(ivankov caliber),yonko pirate commanders(marco and jozu caliber),suchibukai,pacifista.that’s like 60 way-above-kage-level badasses(note:naruverse produce only 4 of this badasses every generation).in your honest opinion madara ass saged or not is toast.

  30. is it just poor quality on the Picture or is Kakashi´s sharingan gone??

  31. I don’t mean to derail the subject of the one piece vs narutoverse but I wanted to asked this question since I was thinking about it today. Did Kish ever explain how and why Obito became Mizukage in the first place? What purpose did Obito have to become the water village’s kage anyway?

    @seda: Kakashi was so freaked out that Minato got pawned so easily that his Sharingan vanished for a moment. LOL!

  32. Minato can now be a zombie pet by Michonne. That’s 1 bad-ass zombie.

  33. “they don’t involve the characters using other people/entity strength”

    Last I checked, the majority of those you listed falls right into that category. How many of those are DF users? You think they were born with that power? You think they trained hard to achieve it? Remind me how is that any different than madara or obito or any of the jinjurrukis..

  34. “admirals,vice admirals,yonko,revolutionaries commanders(ivankov caliber),yonko pirate commanders(marco and jozu caliber),suchibukai,pacifista.that’s like 60 way-above-kage-level badasses(note:naruverse produce only 4 of this badasses every generation).in your honest opinion madara ass saged or not is toast.”

    NONE of the one piece characters you named could even harm madara in this form. Even if the ten tails chakra ( which if madara uses, automatically nullifies anything that isn’t senjutsu fueled) doesn’t apply to techniques of those characters how would any of them bypass his regeneration abilities?( which, if superior to obito in SOSP mode would be majin buu like). How would they withstand attacks that can kill someone whos already dead?

    And seriously, Marco? Jozu? PACFICISTA?!?! I’ll be back. Ima research and try to find jounin level ninjas that would have a hard time against these too. I can only think of kureani and kankuro for right now LOL

  35. I noticed this as well seda.

  36. @dartuchiha
    Again,horrible comparison!i don’t see any Devil Fruit naming themseleves kurama or having double personaility issues or having to chat with your devil fruit like buddies.totally horibble comparison,bijuu.
    you know a good comparison sharigan,rinnegan,senju chakra.
    Apart from that,they do train hard to get powerful,unlike jinchurikis who are given a truckload of power(yeah they have to go crazy to release it but its still there).i think it was mentioned somewhere but DF power are judged by the wielders, that’s why luffy rubber fruit can defeat an awesome power like the sand fruit because of how skilled he got with his.but the fox will always get to rape other jinchuriki no matter how skilled they get.so the devil fruit is more comparable to a sharingan not at all a bijuu.dude

  37. Kan…kan….kuro??kurenai??who the..?oh right,i think there was somebody by that name.she must have been SO LAME! for me not to remember!.more importantly how dare you bring a high mid-tier from naruto to comapare with top-tiers of one piece.the hell?
    Okay let me spell it out for you(am so upset by this i don’t mind typing)
    jozu-able to turn his body into diamond-an impenetrable defence with an insane strength,which is superior to that of tsunade able to throw a meteor sized ice(half the size of a football pitch)like he was donking a ball and scary fast too.i dare say one attack from jozu and kankuro is done in
    kankuro-who plays with puppet,needles, kunai and poisons. physical ability when compared to jozu is zero.all his kunai poison tricks falls on diamond skin.*sigh*,his rape face would be epic during the battle
    Marco-a phoenix,he can fly,high combat ability,with insane strength on par with sakura.vitality,able to survive being shoot full of holes and the killer being he automatically recovers similar to tsunade(only his is far better)
    kunai(or WTF her name was):she can do genjutsu and…………wait for it…………just genjutsu(which you can escape by hurting yourself).she’s shit physically.vitality,raped by one attack from itachi.whatelse, nothing?right.
    You are really horrible at comparison aren’t you?.i was expecting you to bring a kage or a kage successor at the very least.if you could,i would have dared you to let go of so6p madara but you can’t.so please do yourself a favour and stick with the OP of naruverse to have a say will ya?

  38. @dartuchiha
    So6p Madara regeneration is Majin buu like!??too sick of typing to talk about that right now.
    So 60 kage level badasses can’t defeat s06p madara.saved by sage mode huh?.well if it were power-wise madara’s saged ass was toast .like i said stick with the OP to get a say

  39. @Gentlepunch
    You’re arguement has lost. Suddenly YOU get to pick and choose who gets paired with who in a Narutoverse vs One Pieceverse? Also you pick weak ninjas like Gaara’s weak brother who only specializes in puppets and Tsunadi who is more well known for her medical skills than anything else. Not only that, but you also paired weak ninjas that YOU chose against pirates from One Piece they’re weak against. Way to fail an arguement. Stick to video games if YOU want to choose YOUR match up. Otherwise, SOSP Madara would pawn any universe in Naruto and One Piece alone.

    Like @darthuchiha said,
    SOSP Madara is invincible. He has control over all 5 elements, dark/light energy, gravity, life/death, time/space (sharingan manipulating time), absorption and natural chakra.

    Senjutsu also doesn’t work against Madara either. He fused Hashirama’s sage mode within himself and can now absorb Senjutsu.

  40. @nss7,

    “Senjutsu also doesn’t work against Madara either. ” where on earth did you get this idea?

  41. @nss7
    what are you talkin’bout dude?read the whole thing will ya
    Dartuchia:”And seriously, Marco? Jozu? PACFICISTA?!?! I’ll be back. Ima research and try to find jounin level ninjas that would have a hard time against these too. I can only think of kureani and kankuro for right now LOL”

    Gentlepunch:Kan…kan….kuro??kurenai??who the..?…(he was the one who brought the weaklings hence my pissed off answer)and you said pit them to whom they are weak against.LOL….i may be guilty of that(kankuro vs jozu being obvious)but, say we shamble the whole thing.kankuro vs marco and kurenai vs jozu….*sigh*again do i really need to say the outcome

    “SOSP Madara is invincible. He has control over all 5 elements, dark/light energy, gravity, life/death, time/space (sharingan manipulating time), absorption and natural chakra.”
    yeah yeah,i think you’re confusing the so6p power with madara’s a little, especially with the life and death, time/space thingy is one thing to have the power is another thing to unlock it,and even with this hax,obito was done in wasn’t he? And the 60 kage level badasses from one piece, i mentioned, have more than the fire power used to bring him down.just the sage mode missing,so yeah,saved by the sage mode

    “Senjutsu also doesn’t work against Madara either.
    He fused Hashirama’s sage mode within himself and can now absorb Senjutsu.”
    you should really answer K’s question.
    he just wanted to paint madara’s ass, like it being saged wasn’t enough.The fat pain could absorb senjutsu chakra that didn’t stop him from getting giant rasengans and sage punches as breaklfast

  42. Naruto was meh…

    One Piece pretty good, very interesting reveal. I did not see it coming.
    There is always more to something than meets the eye in this manga.

    Bleach was the best for me this week, even with the close to 0 action.
    Very interesting new villain. V will prove difficult to deal with, but can’t wait to see what the two vice captains can do. Al though my bet is Ken-chan comes in to save the day. Hopefully with Unohana by his side.

  43. @Kantutantuya
    Madara has Hashirama’s sage mode. Sage mode= Senjutsu. Since Madara has Hashirama sage mode, he can absorb and use Senjutsu. It doesn’t get anymore obvious than that.

    SOSP Madara has the power to
    manipulate time by using his sharingan. Itachi can use time/space by making an event seem like days or weeks at a time even though only a second went by in the real world.

    Madara has control over life and death. He wields the renningan, which gives him the power over life and death. Also, I have no idea why you brought Nagato (Pein)into the argument of absorbing Senjutsu. Clearly Nagato does not have Hashirama’s sage mode.

    (SOSP Madara)
    Lastly, SOSP= sage of the six paths. SOSP Madara is the Completed version of a second SOSP. He has all the make up of the sage from obtaining the ultimate eyes, body and Juubi.

    (Narutoverse vs One Pieceverse)
    No character’s from Narutoverse or One Pieceverse can beat SOSP Madara. Since we’re talking about “verse” all characters have to be included, in which SOSP and SOSP Madara would win against all characters from both universe.

  44. Bleach-funny how no one’s complaining about rukia getting bankai in less than a month,when the most skilled shinigami would take ten or more years to achieve it.if it were in naruto,all hell would have broke lose with plothole this and plothole that.
    Anyway,unlike naruto, bleach is a manga which barely has a story and charcter.its just about the action, powers and battles.kubo is really good at it,thats why its a hell of a manga anyway……..curious to see that little girl’s ability.i’ve been ever wondering,what makes her superior to ikkaku that she earned vice captain and monster ikkaku gets to be 3rd seat.though it looks like she’s going to get beaten up on her first show of power

    Naruto-still trying to figure out what minato is doing,his string of failures is starting to surpass he’s past accomplishment and he’s starting to look lame(kakashi kind of lame).i hope that’s not all there is to kamui combo,maybe its because the priority is to rescue naruto and now we’ve seen naruto’s saviour,where is sasuke’s?

  45. @saninns
    We have no idea how time works in the zero squads realm, it could be similar to when ichigo trained with his dad. Also hat and clogs devised a method to attain a bankai in less then a month (ichigo used it to get his own bankai remember). Also her bankai is hardly complete, seeing that her bro has to take her down while she recovers from using it.

    About ikkaku, he chose to be 3rd seat, he doesn’t want to be a vice captain or a captain as his dream is to die under the command of kenpachi or fighting kenpachi. That is why he hid the fact he had bankai for so long, he was worried they may try and promote him.

    Minato is currently missing both his arms and is beaten up pretty badly, the fact he is still of some use is pretty impressive. Also its been said before that all the kages brought back with edo are a shadow of what they were alive. As for sauske his red headed chew toy is on her way to save him.

  46. @Nss7
    Madara has Hashirama’s sage mode. Sage mode= Senjutsu. Since Madara has Hashirama sage mode, he can absorb and use Senjutsu. It doesn’t get anymore obvious than that.”

    Having Hashirama’s sage mode does not mean that he can absorb it. Remember that Madara only obtained the SAGE Mode of HASHIRAMA but Im pretty sure that he canT absorb nature chakra because we know the limitations when absorbing natural energy.

    What I think is, with the assumption that all Sage mode works in the same way, that the Nature chakra that Madara has is limited to only what Hashirama had when he activated it.

    I would only like to stick to the facts stated by Kishi.

    @ naruto chapter,

    I really don’t know where the story is going. What now if Naruto has a PART of kyubi and hachibi chakra? If he can’t beat it using half of Kurama’s chakra, then I dont think he can beat Madara with that little chakra. There has to be a power boost coming or a major twist like Madara becoming good again. Kishi plays this kind of sh*t well.

  47. @ cesc:: BLEACH. As far as we know Captain Unohana is dead, and there was no one there to bring her back. That is why her Assistant Captain is scrapping around for medical supplies. I realize that sometimes the dead come back, but in this arc, the closest we have come are those that were near dead and were sent to squad zero. Kenny is working his pants off to bring forward his bankai, now that he is talking to his sword.

  48. I guess now that part of the 1 tails and 8 tails was taken from So6p Madara that should complete all the pieces Naruto needs to level up. Naruto already been in contact with other 6 tailed beast and I pretty sure Obito said you only need a portion of the tailed beast chakra not all of it to….

    Also, did Obito arm stretched because of the Kyubi’s power inside him or was that some Hashirama ability?

  49. @nss7 I think you jumped the gun a little bit madara isn’t fully evolved yet. He still needs the other rinnegan eye and the other half of the kyubi which obito/zetsu has. 2ndly we haven’t seen madara use his mangeyko yet I don’t think. Itachi’s was unique to him if I remember correctly like how the other guy (name drawing a blank) could control other people, sasuke was only proven to be able to manipulate time a few seconds with his battle against danzo. I don’t think you can give people powers that haven’t been shown yet

  50. @nss7
    (Narutoverse vs One Pieceverse)
    “No character’s from Narutoverse or One Pieceverse can beat SOSP Madara. Since we’re talking about “verse” all characters have to be included, in which SOSP and SOSP Madara would win against all characters from both universe”

    first of all,there can’t be So6p and Sosp madara cant existing at the same time,there aren’t 2 tentails dude,and in arguements like this we stay in the series, not prior to the series we should be talking about characters from when naruto was born not sage of the six ass, who we don’t know jack about,hell! he might even be a myth(oh that’s right kurama had a flashback,but still…)
    now that is cleared up,you had to say that,all characters from both verses can’t defeat madara.The hell?what anime/manga are you wacthhing anyway.
    We are complaining that kishi hyped madara too much and put him on a pedestal making him OP.but you,….you put his ass on a pedestal as high as a skyscraper,butter it up and called it a biscuit.just 4 high kage level ninjas were able to pawn jubito.if he was 3x stronger(Sosp madara).adding the yonkou to that would be enough.i doubt i’ll have any need for akatsuki,suchibukai,supernovas,kages.
    Also really listen to this, tell him cas24:
    “I don’t think you can give people powers that haven’t been shown yet(and will never be shown)”

  51. @gentlepunch
    The fact that you acknowledge SOSP Madara to be OP (overpowering) proves my point.

  52. Naruto- Strangely enough, I kinda like this chapter; well at least the pace of the chapter. As far as how a weakened Obito managed to take advantage of a impossible situation is another story altogether. I would rant on about the story but it feels like I would just be repeating myself. It was good to see Guy sensei and Madara has me curious about the jutsu limbo which hopefully he uses! Or did I read that right?

    One piece- This arc is getting more exciting as it goes on. Not much for me to comment on. It was all good.

    Bleach- Rukia……so awesome. It’s good to see Rukia and Byakuya working together like this. That V quincy is a bizarre one. I don’t quite understand his power but something tells me he is trouble.

    @Saninns- I don’t really see a plot hole with how Rukia learned her Bankai. She trained with the “elite special forces” of the Gotei 13. Look at the power Ichigo and company received from their training.

    Renji: Learned the true name of his sword and received a new outfit to boot.
    Ichigo: Finally embraced the role of “shinigami” receiving two swords and a new get up.
    Byakuya: From what I read last chapter, his shikai is now on par or maybe stronger than his bankai. (I say this because that fear sternritter mistakenly thought Byakuya was using his bankai) Also got some new threads.
    Rukia: Learned the true nature of her zanpaktou and learned bankai although she still have to master her abilities. Also received a new attire.

    The only thing I found suspect in bleach was how Byakuya showed up before Ichigo. But that isn’t that bad IMO.

    Now as far as how a weak, near death, partially controlled, mediocre Obito can play a super powered, over powered, put the 1st, 2nd, and 4th hokages to shame (not to mention the current kages of each village before he had all the power he has now), top tier mega elite ninja (from the all powerful uchiha clan), is kinda suspect.

    Then again, what do I know…….LOL!

    @Corbray: Hey why do you think that pink hair girl said Kenny isn’t coming back? (pg 15).

    See ya…..Shannarokai!

  53. @ Immortal: You are talking about Yachiru Kusajishi, Kenpachi Zaraki’s lieutenant, who regardless of her physical age continues to play the child. It would be my guess that she is relying on what Kenny told her in that letter before he went off to meet with Captain Unohana. I doubt that she has seen him since then. Head Captain Shunsui Kyōraku knew that they were down there, so when the battle was over between Kenny and Unohana, either he or someone at his Orders picked up Kenny and helped him learn what he needed as far as acquiring his Bankai. I would assume that he is still working on it.

  54. @nss7
    Overpowering for the narutoverse not the one piece verse and definitely not for both put together

  55. there is no proof Unohana is dead. If Byakuya can come back after having his insides torn out, then Unohana at least has a chance.

    Only two people to have died so far really are Gin and the Captain Commander.

    Kubo has attachment issues with his characters. I doubt he will let Unohana die so easily.

  56. @telemacus&immortal
    i think time works normally at the zero squad realm, if it didn’t,kubo wouldn’t fail to mention it.also the only ppl able to learn bankai in less than a month were
    Urahara:because he’s a genius
    ichigo:because he’s the title character and if anyone is getting it in 3 days it should be him…..and because urahara is a genius and he almost got killed in the process save his strong will.
    Renji and byakuya are different,they got bankai already.levelling it up is far different from achieving it.as for rukia no special urahara-ish equipment was shown ,she just went up and came down with a ten year worth bankai.like i said,i am not b*tching though.from kubo point of view,what he wanted to do was bring ichigo sidekicks(including inoue and chad)a bit closer to the currently hyper-powered ichigo.all i was saying was,if it were in naruto,say sasuke goes to the naka shrine for a week and come out with a rinnegan we would have seen a lot of angry grinches
    about the vice captain,i think she’s stronger,if he wanted to serve kenpachi being his lieutenant was the perfect opportunity.and bankai makes your shikai 10x stronger or something like that.ikkaku hid only his bankai not he’s combat abilities and shikai.so in terms of shikai and combat abilities,she surpasses ikkaku,which is monstrous since ikkaku taught before-bada**-renji

  57. Anyone else getting the feeling kubo is planning to show us,all the captain class shinigami’s shikai/bankai before ending the series.its even starting to look like a video game.a little movie then round 1 fight:hero wins,
    round 2 fight!:villian wins,
    round 3 fight!:hero ultimately wins.
    If kubo really is showing the captain class’s zanpakutou, then am curious to see urahara, shunsui and yoruichi bankai too.for some reason not curous about kenpachi,i kinda like the single sword monster he is,don’t want him coming out with some heavy artillery like ikkaku

  58. So on the subject of the current naruto chapter, I’m really anticipating on what Guy will do to help fight against Madara.

    Just wondering, did anyone else read past the “last” page? I haven’t heard anyone mention Guy being the one who saved Kakashi from that blast.

  59. @cese: more than just those two died, besides Gin died during the Aizen rebellion. I tried to pick off their names from the soul reaper wiki. Note I only listed the captain class losses. Also note that some like Izuru were frequently reported dead. I suspect that they were not taken to squad zero seems to say that either they didn’t survive, or were not expected to live.
    Division one – Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto died by Yhwach’s hand.. His lieutenant, Chōjirō Sasakibe was also killed by the Quincies.
    You mentioned Gin Ichimaru, Former Captain of squad three as dead, but then there are those, who think that he will come back.. His lieutenant, Izuru Kira, suffered mortal wounds in his battle with the Quincies, and may be dead.. Shūsuke Amagai in the anime was a short time Captain of the third division. After he realized that he was wrong to blame head captain Genryūsai for his father’s death, he committed suicide.
    For the fourth squad, Captain Retsu Unohana, battled with Captain Zarak, bringing him close to death, and then reviving him over and over, until she was run through by his sword..
    Captain. Shinji Hirako of the fifth squad was badly injured in his battle with the Quincies.
    The seventh squad Captain Sajin Komamura’s body reverted back into a wolf at the end of his battle with the Quincies.. It is doubtful that he ever can be or act human again.
    As you mentioned Gin, do not forget Former Captain of the ninth division, Captain Kaname Tosen, who was killed in battle and by a shot from Aizen, during that rebellion.
    From the thirteenth division, former lieutenant Kaien Shiba was eaten by a hollow, which retained the ability to emulate him to fool others. But he is definitely dead..

  60. Mark my words, Unohana is not dead!
    And nor are any of the other people you mentioned who’s “death” has not been confirmed.

  61. Wow! Guy is about to go ham in next chapter!!! Hope he’ll live after the 8th gates…if not It’ll be the best death in the Naruto series.

  62. It’s really getting really bad now. Apparently, now you don’t even need another person to give you the talk-no-jutsu. All you need is to be placed into a genjutsu, and you can give it to yourself.

  63. Bleach is really good! That kid has some kenny instincts in her.

  64. @kantutantayo: even though she acts like a small child, it s not surprising that after more than a hundred years spent with Kenny that she picked up some of his tricks. What did surprise me was that she has learned a lot about the nature of her own sword. I would have thought with Kenny’s attitude that she would know nothing. Perhaps this is another influence that Ichigo had on the Soul Society.

  65. @uchiha lol thats kind of the point of the jutsu itachi used… it wasnt a lethal jutsu it was literally supposed to make u change to get out of the loop. Kabuto wasnt talk no jutsu’d, he was bitch slapped straight by itachi

  66. @Naruto,

    Speechless. No good words to describe such a lousy chapter.

  67. @token

    I know, but it seems overly lame with the way Kabuto explained what happened to him this chapter, lol.

  68. Who said the pink haired lady wasn’t a badass again?

  69. I personally don’t mind that Kabuto got himself out of the Izanagi. Ever since he was introduced during the Chunin exam, Kabuto has surpassed what we as readers thought he was capable of every time he shows up. He is a true ninja and was always a sick medical nin and bat-shit crazy yet super smart.

    I liked how even Madara was relieved that Guy only went “green steam” i.e. 7th gate. Can’t wait to see the RED BEAST with all his youth. I have a feeling Guy might die from the 8th gate but Lee will do it after and survive for two reasons. 1: Lee is a survivor. 2: While Guy can mold chakra and only chooses not to use it, Lee as we know has only his taijutsu and the use of the gates. It is for this reason I think Lee will be able to surpass the innate consequences of opening the death gate. Lee is like Kenpachi, limitless yet untapped power. Also, Lee has already broken the rules of the Gates by fully recovering from his fight with Gaara way back when.

    And for the love of god let Minato grow back his damn arms, its getting ridiculous.

  70. Thinking about it, obito using the rinnegan rebirth technique wont be the worst idea.especially now that gai wants to go red beast.i’m sure every naruto fan wants to see gai go red steam but no-one wants him dead.so obito using the rebirth will allow us see gai at his best and still have him back,is like eating your cake and still have it.not to mention neji as an added bonus.HaHa

  71. @Naruto: This was another chapter that I enjoyed because of the characters that made a appearance. I agree with “skimaruistheman” on the fact that Kabuto got out of the Izanagi. He was always a interesting character in IMO so I can’t wait to see what he will do aside from healing Sasuke.

    Might guy is a beast! He is another one of those characters that makes things interesting. His overall story is consistent and believable; in fact that goes for the all of team Guy. Tenten, Rocklee, and my main man Neji all have believable and consistent story lines that bring the main story of the manga to life.

    It’s scary to see how powerful guy is considering even Madara acknowledge his strength. Especially compared to how he handle everyone else.

    One piece: I wondering if the strawhats bit off more than they can chew with dealing with Donflamingo?

    @Saninns: NEJI HYUGA!! I would love to see Neji come back! What would be interesting is that if Neji would return, he would no longer have the curse mark! Then again if he does return would his Byakugan return with him since it is sealed upon his death?

  72. Could this site be anymore damn dead,we’ve been using this same thread for a month,A WHOLE MONTH!REALLY!.I, hell everyone is fucking tired of posting here.without sugar coating it admin are really doing a bad job,you are busy,you have studies,you have a family blah blah blah…even einstein and an uncivilised dude with ten kids get dozens of liesure A MONTH!.
    The truth is you don’t care about the site,so close it down for good.

  73. notentlepunch: if you are feeling so negative, then maybe the simplest solution would be for you to find another board to post upon, rather than trashing hard working souls like jdogg and pretend3r. They donate their hard fought free time to highlight and for some of us explain, what our favorite mangas have been up to…. Someday maybe you will learn that the world does not revolve around one person, it instead takes contributions from many interested parties, all working together.

  74. Don’t get saucy with me,what? everyone was thinking it.there is a saying ‘Give honor to whom its due’ or(something like that),if you wanna kiss thier ass over an empty platter,then by all means.
    And i do post on other blogs,shannaro is getting to be my least favourite,i kinda like it cause there is a lot of freedom,i can say ‘fuck you corbray’ and get away with it,that’s the only advantage it has other than that,it’s dead and becoming more dead………….than dead

  75. As a member,you need to post ass-kissing and bitchy comment alike,don’t settle for ass-kissing all the time@Asskissercorbray.
    moreover am new here and i kinda don’t share your bonds,which makes me perfect for bitchy situations like this

  76. @Gentlepunch
    “everyone was thinking it”
    You assume things too much. Not everyone thinks the same way and a lot of people on here have busy and social lives. We don’t waste our time complaining about other people’s lives. People got jobs, school, friends and family to hang out with. Plus, some people are actively involve in playing sports. It’s pointless to bash on someone’s busy life.

  77. @Nss7
    “Not everyone has the same way of thinking”
    Obviously,ass-kissers have their seperate way of thinking.
    And what else ‘they have busy and social lives’?
    So pratically you who finds time, come here to talk about your favourite manga is a jobless,good for nothing youth.way to compliment yourself there.Genius

    P.S:assumption is your attribute dude, remember giving madara a lot of non-existing power ups,LOL..

  78. @gentlepunch
    Reading manga is an aspect of entertainment. That’s all it is. There’s no need to get too worked up about it. People got social aspect of life to attend to.

  79. Well this is escalating quickly.

  80. i dont kno why ppl r payin any mind to gentle. hes obviously just a little immature brat so like any little annoying punk just ignore them and the problem willl be solved

  81. I always thought kakashi and gai were on the same level,apparently i stand corrected
    note worthy-gai is the only person madara hasn’t look down on,other than hashirama,if this struggle continues for like three chapters,this may turn out to be an even more epic death than jiraiya

  82. Yeah I agree with gentle punch, I don’t comment but I’ve been coming here for years to read others thoughts and it’s seriously being let down by inactivity of the people posting the threads. I understand that they have their own life and can’t attend to it but maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give power of creating a board topic to some of the regulars that comment quite a lot (sannin, dart uchiha , Nss ect)

    It seems all the writers have gone and with that the power to post anything on this site. Gg

  83. I wish we could at least get a “It’s out!” post…

  84. What a relief!,i almost started thinking,i was the only one feeling totally let down by this.thanks cursedhidan for having my back on this,i could kiss you if you were a girl……….and beautiful

  85. @RSVP4GOD
    Better start throwing a penny into the well or rub a magic lamp. http://funnyasduck.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/funny-judgemental-lamp-judging-you-pics.jpg

  86. This last gasp dying thing with Guy is seeming really rushed, cliche, and not needed. We all pretty much figured it would happen like this, but now that it’s actually happening, it’s looking really lame.

  87. For the sake of the blog,i could be a writer,although writing a review would be a bit of a problem for me,because i am from denmark and i may be fluent in english but it is my second language and all my errors will be obvious whilst writing a review.
    Although am quite busy myself,making an “its out” post once a week shouldn’t be a problem

  88. @Uchihatheinfamous
    I don’t think its a let down,i mean Madara,yeah “THE MADARA”is getting his a** kicked and that,honestly is enough said

  89. @nss7
    hahaha…I know right!

  90. @Saninns
    Feels like Gai is wasting his affort. Gai is not going to be the hero. That’s the problem. There’s no point for him to resort to 8-gates, knowing that Madara won’t lose to him. This is not like the time Gai went up against Kisame where he could win. He’s now in a situation where using his 8-gates is pointless.

    Agree. Gai should’ve stick to 7-gates to stall more time rather than throw his life away with 8-gates for no neccessary reason.

  91. Ummm for those saying GAi should have just saved 8 gates… Really? 1) course from our viewpoint GAi is gonna have a rough go at it but the whole point is to go all out against someone u feel needs it which goes to 2) GAi is facing madara the effing sage uchiha. Hold back? Um no this is the point where kishi needs to have guy go all out. There isn’t any other person alive now that 8 gates is warranted for besides madara

  92. As a fan we know that guy is gonna lose but unlike is it’s written where they don’t know what going to happen

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