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19 Responses

  1. Well…way to go Minato, you really dropped the fox on that one.

  2. Minato has totally been nerfed during this war. He was painted as this badazz, intelligent shinobi and he keeps getting pwned. I thought Naruto getting the other half of the kyuubi was too obvious so I was right there, but at the expense of Minato looking like a tool? I hope he can finally redeem himself, unless the extracted kyuubi causes his Edo Tensei to disperse, which is such a dark turn for this manga. The only thing worse would be bringing Jiraiya back via Edo Tensei.

  3. @rip this war has done that for every legend in the narutoverse outside of the first, second and madara. All of the living legends were heard of before are brought back and look nothing like how they were painted to be. Granted edo tensei nerfed their powers but minato wasnt outmuscled here… he was severly outsmarted which is supposed to be one of his many strengths. O well be interesting to see what happens next but i feel kishi is starting to do his drag out process again. The tools bein spit out was a nice touch but seems awfully anti-climatic as either naruto gets the chakra from the bros in there or the tools r used to seal madara. At this point madara’s worse enemy is himself. THere is absolutely no way he should lose in a head to head confrontation against anyone. Against the sage himself madara would probably come ahead given all the powerups and such he has.

  4. Byakuya is back!!!! I wonder how senbonzaka will be

  5. “My tummy hurts. Blech! Whoo, now I can go on and take sword strikes, energy blasts, & elemental attacks of all kinds unphased now that my tummy feels better” ~ Madara’s logic

    How was Hashirama able to handle Madara in the past? Why is Zetsu both immortal/brilliant/and undamageable? Didn’t we just deal with Obito power-leveling, wiping the team, the team rallies, & heart wins out over immortal indestructible technique?

    Seems like another repeat. Who cares if Naruto and Sasuke die considering they can’t even touch Madara? I liked the original Naruto series where characters had different skills and could hold their own against each other in a rock/paper/scissors type breakdown. Now it’s a nuclear bomb vs a rock a piece of paper and one pair of scissors. No contest. Not even interesting.

  6. So in my last comment I said that Madara is way to overpowered and that Naruto can’t do shit, and woun’t be able to do shit. Well after rereading this chapter, i found the answer. So we had the tools. This way Naruto will be able to live but he woun’t be able to fight Madara. But then, without any reason, we saw the tree. The tree is still there. So Naruto (underpowered) will have to go and eat the fruit. Voila then we well have 2 uper powerefull opponents. (But then we woun’t have a Naruto vs Sasuke battle).
    About the foot guy, he has to be powerfull, cause he will have to face Madara for a few chapters to give Naruto some space.

  7. @kyle for one hashirama is a Edo zombie and his power is weaker than in his real body. And for two this madara has his own powers, absorbed hashiramas sage mode and has the rinnengan so this madara is a lot stronger than te madara te first hokage faced before.

  8. I really don’t know what to say about Naruto. Madara is so powerful right now, he can easily wipe out the weak and battered shinobi. I mean what can they possibly do against him now? Let me restate the question; what can they possibly do against him that would be BELIEVABLE. Another thing I didn’t like was how Karin (now upgraded Karin), couldn’t tell who foot guy was. She was able to pick out a dog from a tracking unit but not foot guy. Yeah….

    Now Minato must have been Edo’ed with weaker cognitive functions. When he was alive, what made him so smooth was not how fast he was, but how fast he could think. Not only that, what the heck was Kakashi doing? Wasn’t he keeping a eye on black zetsu? I just hate when a character is dumbed down just to make a story. I also hate when a character is OP just to make story.

    Well the good new for me though was I got to see my main man Neji in a flash back! Sweet!

    @Todd Swoope: ROFL!!! Everytime I think of that phrase, I laugh! Nice!

    I’m out……Shannarogan!!

  9. @Immortal saying Another thing I didn’t like was how Karin (now upgraded Karin), couldn’t tell who foot guy was. She was able to pick out a dog from a tracking unit but not foot guy. Yeah..

    Perhaps she dont know who he is beacuse Karin dont know every person in the world

  10. @seda: Point taken. I was under the assumption that she can detect a person to detail (which is why I use her sensing the tracker dog). For example, she never met Danzo the Manzo but she was able to pick him out during the five kage summit. Did she also pick out Itachi before she met him?
    Another thing I assumed was thinking that the foot guy is Kabuto which is why I probably jump to the conclusion of her not being able to sense that said person. We shall see how this all unfolds.

  11. @Immortal
    Karin knew Danzou from the white Zetsu pointing out who Danzou was.

    For Kabuto, Karin might not have seen or encounter with him before.

  12. Anybody ever notice how 10 tails obito looks compared to 10 tails madara? I’m assuming, besides all the other tails beast, that since obito 10 tails was created with only fragments of the 9 and 8 tails is the he looks like Frankenstein’s monster. Meanwhile madara used about all of the 8 tails and 1/2 of the 9 tails. Therefore it was a good thing that kish planned for Minato to lose the other 1/2 of the 9 tails (I rather minato make a mistake than to lose the 9 tails by getting pawned in a 1 on 1 battle with op madara in god mode). Anyway, I know I’m jumping ahead but Naruto, once he is revived, will have a slim opportunity become the a complete version so6p once he absorbs all parts of the 10 tails. However for now, I do believe Madara will still be able to absorb the yin half of the 9 tails and thereby completing the other his staff (I hope I’m wrong).

  13. @nss7:
    Understood. I had Karin’s power and the events of the 5 Kage summit wrong.

    About Kabuto, that is quite possible. Again I had Karin’s power misunderstood.

  14. OK so lets get some things cleared up

    Madara is on the scene where Naruto is just about to kick the bucket

    Madara spat out the Sage Tools on route to where Black Zetsu and naruto are which have part of Kurama’s Chakra.

    The tools are currently with Guy, Rock Lee and TenTen.

    Black Zetsu has control of Obito’s body, All he needs to do is take out the Rinnengan and give it to Madara.

    Kakashi and Minato said they cannot feel Obito’s Presence anymore…

    Black Zetsu has absorbed the Yin side of Kurama.

    there is a Mysterious person next to Sasuke that no one can read there chakra.

    Sasukes team are heading to Sasuke to help him.

  15. Naruto has a small amount of Chakra from all Tailed Beasts besides Shukaku.

    So what is he going to do with that?

  16. Hey, what the #%*& Gaara meant by ” that black guy”? 😡

  17. Madara is being too reckless. First he drops the Sage weapons and now he’s allowing Obito to get near him with open arms?

  18. The after the holiday break first few chapters were awesome, but now it’s starting to get more ridiculous than before -_-.


  19. @uchiha i completely agree. Kishi has gone into his stall mode and frankly this chapter was pretty useless. Not only that but apparently obito is still alive and capable of punching madara in the gut? Minato with a flying thunder god tech wasnt quick enough to strike madara but obito slowly walks to madara and apparently madaras reflexes r so slow or he is caught off guard (really caught off guard? he should kno obito wasnt coming to give him a hug) that obito while bein possessed by black zetsu is able to strike him and look like absorb something from him? This is just getting to be annoying and frankly kishi looks to be running out of creativity.

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