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Merry Christmas!!!

One Piece Chapter


Naruto Chapter


Bleach Chapter



13 Responses

  1. @Jdogg: I don’t just like your space this week, I love it. A very Merry Christmas to you. May all your mangas be happy reads. 🙂

  2. Merry Christmas everyone! I wish everyone a happy 2014 with lots of awesome manga moments =).

    – Naruto –
    Even though I never liked the war arc, I’m still hoping everything will turn out fine and that Kishimoto can make us forget about the whole ‘obito’ debacle…

    About the chapter: is it just me, or is Madara a lot more dangerous than the Juubi and Obito combined? He’s taking out Bijuu like they’re Genin. And wow, did Naruto just seriously lose the Kyuubi? I wonder how he’s going to fight Madara now, maybe with the yang part his father has.

    – Bleach –
    I’m a huge fan of Mask de Masculine! But I’ll admit he’s no match for Renji’s badass attitude. And what’s that? Is that his bankai he’s about to show? Shit is about to get real!

    – One Piece –
    This arc blows my mind every week. At first I was affraid that with everything going on it would be a bit chaotic, but everything adds up perfectly in my opinion. Nice cliffhanger for next chapter though. No idea who could be the winner of this colosseum match!

  3. Bleach keeps getting better and better. Just when we though the mask sterritter was done for, he comes back stronger than before and spends a whole chapter dedicated to him owning the living hell out of Renji. Despite the mask sterritter affort, Renji still looks unfazed and about to massacre the living bacon turkey sandwich (yummy) up in this hell hold.

    Side note: looks as if all sterritter final form comes with a halo and wings. Difference between them is their abilities. There’s a strong possibility that the Quincies cannot fly if they’re not using their final form. Uryu have demonstrate before that Quincies can’t fly. Quincies final must be the solution for the Quincies to beat this weakness and allow them to fly and compete with the death gods. Most of them were laying low on the ground before activatin their final form.

    Another note: when will the blunt vene etc come into play? The whole switching the Quincie’s power from offense to defense or defense to offense?

  4. I guess now that Naruto lost Kurama, his only hope is the god tree fruit..right? Or do y’all think sage mode, Wind Release: Rasenshuriken and shadow clones are enough?

  5. @Gaviotero
    Yep, I was thinking at the same thing, now the bijuu seems so underpowered..But this chapter was really nice, we can clearly see the union between Gara and One tail (plus we had the chance to see Shukaku).
    About Naruto loosing Kurama, it felt a little rushed at the beginning of the chapter Madara says that it will take some time to capture 9 tais… and boom.. the chapter ends and Kurama is extrated…(felt rushed.. or Madara has a serious vacuum cleaner).
    Naruto lost 9 tails, and by the look of his eyes (they were blank, lifeless, he is dead or going do die). So Obito now has the chance to redeem himself, or like someone said, 4th has the chance to transfer the other half… but he is a zombie…we will see.
    Naruto is dead…Madara is GOD… things start to look bright for this manga.

    Renji is a boss. The new sword is nice…better looking then the previous shikai, but not as cool as the Bankai (that snake was dope).
    But Masculine was a hard nut to crack…Remember he is S… but still beat the shit out of 3vice-captains and 2 captains (that had masks too). way to overpowered for an S, if you ask me..

    Merry christmas everyone

  6. Madara getting the nine tails and becoming the juubi host just seems like way too much to me at this point. He’s already wiping the floor with everyone, there’s no point in making him more powerful…I’m thinking someone will save Naruto at the last minute and things will continue; Madara is just too much if he gets another power boost.

  7. It’s gotten to te point where however they defeat madara will appear like a ass pull. When he’s able to basically smack around 7 tailed beasts and two of the most powerful shinobi in the war right now (bee and naruto) just by lookin at them it’s basically almost silly how far op kishi is making madara. Honestly at this point madara should be unbeatable as he has every possible power up known in the narutoverse coursing through his veins. All he is missing is literally the bakugan…. Rinnengan, uchiha tech with senju DNA and wood jutsu on top of ems tech and the firsts healing ability? Yea that’s not op and annoyingly powerful…. O and he can summon the ten tails shell..

  8. Sorry for the late reply but Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

    Naruto: Naruto was a good chapter this week. Let me take that back Garra made the chapter this week. Even though the story line is kinda strange, Garra is still a awesome character. There are a few characters in the series who I believe really represent the way this manga was in the beginning. In other words, Garra is one of those characters who not only made and continue to make the manga great, but he is what is good about this story.
    I have two complaints:

    Madara is seriously OP. The fact that he has all this power with ONE EYE is insane. He has already shown that he is nigh invincible, what will happen once he gets his other eye and becomes the jinchuuriki of the ten tails? The guy would literally be impossible to beat. I agree with Token. Even if the alliance manages to beat him, how will they do it in a way that seems believable? Just had a thought, they could always bring back the Sage of the six paths via edo tensei.(At least it would be cool to see him.) Other than that….I got nothing.

    My second complaint is the alliance. What in the world are they doing? It seems like every since Madara hit the scene (and before), they all just went into hiding (can’t say I blame them this time) while Naruto, Bee, Garra, and the tail beast are struggling to stop Madara from becoming even more godlike. I just hope they all don’t make a appearance AFTER Madara obtains infinite power and complaining about how doom they are. If that happens I believe truly there will be no hope for this manga in my eyes.

    One piece: One piece is great, still waiting to see the ultimate showdowns.

    Bleach: I will comment later on pretend3r review blog.

    Peace out Shannarobotzzzzz!!

  9. Check out the top selling manga series for 2013. http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/12/01/one-piece-tops-2013-manga-sales-in-japan

    Attack On Titan is becoming one of the more popular manga series. In my honest opinion (after watching the anime), I would have to rank Attack On Titan along with Bleach to be in the top 5 of being my favorite series of all time. Nothing short of superb.

    Everyone who are new to Attack On Titan should check out and watch the first 5 episodes of the Attack On Titan anime. The first few episode will be a bit boring but by the time episode 5 rolls up, the anime will blow everyone away.

    Naruto. Hope the series picks back up. Still interested in team 7 and Madara’s character. Will be following the manga until the very end. Can’t wait to see another Naruto vs Sasuke. Though, the manga many not be as interesting as it use to be, I still see some promise in the series climax, but until then, hope everyone a Happy New Year.

  10. @nss7: Thanks for sharing. I will check out Attack on Titian.

  11. So are the chapter slated to come out this week?

  12. new chapters out on mangastream.com and mangapanda.com

  13. Now this is what I’ve come to expect from Naruto and Bleach. Awesome chapters to begin the new year.

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