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Its Out!!!

Finally after weeks of waiting the new chapters are out. You can find them on mangastream.com

Sorry but time is something that I do not have right now but once I will have it, I will make this blog pretty.

Carry on with the discussion.


42 Responses

  1. Still wait to see Madara sealed..!

  2. Way to begin the new year, people dying from left to right, Naruto having the kyuubi extracted from him, Sasuke being Fatally impaled in a vital spot( They’ll both both suvrive somehow, of course, but still) and mr. Superstar incinerated( and I was beginning to like him too, unusual for me since he had little panel time)

  3. Sasuke will be saved by Karin, duh!

    As to Naruto, his only chance is life transfer jutsu or the other half of the Kyuubi which Minato still has to have (if it could be split all this time why not now).

  4. Speaking of which, Sasuke needs to make babies with Karin immediately. She’s an uzumaki. Just on genes alone, sasuke will have some strong kids. A better choice than Sakura. I can see them as toddlers wiping their own ass for the first time with Susanno o’s…..

  5. Ok we all know that Sasuke and Naruto will survive. But Bee lost 8 tails, he is going to die, but it seems that no one cares about him. Naruto woun’t die cause he has a back up kurama. About Sasuke, I don’t think that he will be saved by Kirin…she’s not there. But the first gave him a jutsu…I may be wrong but I sasuke threw the sword at Madara.. and nothing happened…and then Madara stabbed him with that same sword…(insert Aizen: everything goes accordin to plan).. so the first wanted Sasuke to be stabbed by Madara… wild guess, I guess

  6. I feel like izanagi and izanami will play a big role with sasuke and madara if sasuke wants to live

  7. @Impaler
    The 1st did not give Sasuke a new jutsu. What he gave Sasuke was his chakra. Now Sasuke has the equivalent of a Senju chakra running through his veins.

    Sasuke did not throw his sword at Madara. Madara use the renningan gravity powers to yank the sword out of Sasuke’s hands and make him float in mid air.

    Madara can’t be sealed. His days as an edo Tensei Is over.

    Sasuke shouldn’t make babies with Karin. Logically, it makes sense but emotionally, Karin too much of a fan girl. She’s one of those chicks that can really get on someone’s nerves. Thus, Karin always throwing those random tantrums. Plus, she much more annoying than useless Sakura.

    That’s the worst outcome to resort to. Sasuke using Izanagi or Izanami would deplete his chances for defeating Madara or competing with Naruto for a rematch. Blindness would not be in Sasuke’s best interest after going in such a far length in require the EMS. Using the forbidden eye technique Izanagi or Izanami would mean throwing his future away.

  8. @nss7, wouldn’t sasuke be able to heal his eye and use izanagi since Sasuke now has the equivalent of a Senju chakra running through his veins?

  9. @rsvp4God
    Senju chakra or cell does not heal blindness. The process of going blind is prolong not reverse. Tobi has used his Izanagi jutsu against Konan and became blind even with Senju cells. We got the same case in Sasuke’s situation. If Sasuke were to use Izanagi, he will permanently become blind in one eye like Tobi’s left eye.

  10. Now this is what I’ve come to expect from Naruto and Bleach. Awesome chapters to begin the new year.

  11. @nss7

    huh? Madara can definitely be sealed. Granted it has to be a beastly god-like sealing technique to stop the guy at this point, but still.

  12. And as far as izanagi goes, you may be right. It would probably weaken sasuke to the point that he wouldn’t have any further use against madara, and it would seem like an asspull for sasuke to know how to use it.

    At the same time, how do we know that it would cause permenant blindness in Sasuke’s eye? We haven’t seen anyone else with EMS use those techniques. And how did Madara survived his fight with the 1st? He was quite certain that he was dead at that point….

  13. readms.com/r/naruto/661/2211/14
    Actually nss7 the first did give SASUKE a jutsu. I’m thinking SASUKE getting stabbed wasn’t a part of the plan but whatever it is is probaby op as per the first hokage.

  14. Stupid phone lol but tht link is on page 14 of the new chapter. The first clearly states he gives SASUKE a jutsu. It will be op and I swear if SASUKE can beat madara and him only (cause he reminds madara of his bro) I’ll be pissed… Cause it will e SASUKE probably using something similar to talk no jutsu to get thru to madaras soft side ugh

  15. @Token
    Sasuke has never done a talk no jutsu before. He has always remain silent. Just because he’s more mature and smarter than Naruto doesn’t mean people should be complaining about Sasuke using a talk no jutsu. Wasn’t everyone fine with Itachi lecturing people chapters at a time? Shouldn’t Sasuke get at least one shot at sayin what he wants to say? Unlike Naruto who opens his mouth every 5 seconds and say some of the most childish and unrealistic bullsh?t. Naruto sounds like another version of Obito, thinks he can get whatever he wants by bragging about how he’s the destine child and how he’s the only one relevant to a cause. Perfect reason why Itachi and Jiraiya had to mentor and babysit him like a little child. Even the second Hokage thinks he’s a moron. Whatever brain cell Naruto has, let’s just hope Shikamaru Put some common sense into him.

  16. @nss7 i was fine iwth itachi talking cause he actualyl made sense as to why he was doing what he was doing. Sasuke has stated several times he wanted to reclaim the uchiha name. once he realised what itachi did he was all o lets kill konoha. Now after the first talked to hi hes like lets help the ally. Itachi has been a constant so has naruto. Sasuke flip flops pending on his cycle. If sasuke does a talk no jutsu that would be stupid cause thats not who he is. Hes irrational, moody, doesnt know where he stands on anything etc. and didnt itachi baby sit sasuke along the way? itachi literally staved off death so that he could stay alive long enough for silly little sasuke to mature (which took so damn long). And yea the second hokage thinks naruto is a moron.. but he also sees his brother in him which i would think is a positive. Sasuke doesnt need to talk cause he doesnt kno where he stands. at least obito, naruto etc know where they stand and dont flip flop. Sasuke is the epitomy of a fence sitter. one day he wants konoha destroyed the next he wants to partner with the aly.. stick with a side sasuke god.

  17. and sasuke hasnt said anything moronic? it would take me a long time to put together a list of the moronic stuff sasuke has said

  18. @Token
    Sasuke is being realistic. He takes input from both sides before making a final decision. How can he be irrational when there was always a good reason behind his actions? Who wouldn’t want revenge if the village that raise them killed off their closest relatives, parents and lead their brother to his grave? Sasuke had every right to be angry at his own village for Commiting the act of genocide. Sasuke wasn’t being reckless to want a vandetta. He was perfectly logical to feel that resentment.

    When Suigetsu handed him the scroll to turn The tides of war, Sasuke didn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon but he actually took the time and thought about the consequences before acting upon his decisions. Sasuke has proven he’s more mature than Naruto. He has negotiation skills; making deals with Oro and Tobi. With Oro, he was willing to join Oro in exchange for power or sacrifice himself for the sake of revenge. When he was with Tobi, he sat at a table to bargain with Tobi, that if he captured a tailed beast for Tobi, then in exchange, Tobi must lead him to one of Konoha elders. Naruto on the other hand, have no negotiation skills. He negotiate by begging and crying like a little baby to the Raikage. Naruto’s the more irrational one. He does whatever he can to save a villain like Sasuke and not save any other villains? Also, Naruto gets too emotional that he threatens national security and the world just to fill his own personal agenda without thinking about the consequences. When the 4th war began, the purpose of the war was to protect Naruto at all cost. If the enemy have gotten their hands on Naruto, the world would be reduce to total chaos. Naruto was suppose to stay put but what did he do instead? He broke through security And risk the lives of hundred and thousands of people. Here’s where his negotiation skill and rationality is lacking. He never ask to formally speak to the people in charge before acting upon his decision nor did he got an approval first. He broke pass the highest security, which is completely irrational and criminal.

  19. Wow its been years since I’ve posted on here! @nss7
    You do realize that naruto has matured and made mature decisions. He chose not to kill Nagato when given the perfect opportunity when he located him for starters. Don’t forget Naruto and Bee only left after Kabuto found them and honestly the world needed that to happen anyway. That he tried to reason withthe Raikage but the Raikage wouldn’t have it?

    Sasuke wanted to kill the entire village over the decision of a few elders and to suspect itachi’s memory. Don’t go putting him on some pedestal as if he’s never acted irrationally before. I fact is his modus operandi.

  20. Welcome back eaglesfan.

  21. @eaglesfan87
    Naruto was mature when he fought against pain, but all the examples I gave were more recent. You gave examples that were in the past. Naruto now is more immature.

  22. I hope bleach gets reanimated like hunterxhunter

  23. Naruto lost his dear Little fox.. So now what? Will he get the other half of the fox? Or will Bee loose his Little pet and die and then Naruto will take the juubi and become the new sage??

  24. Or will he just free all of the tailed beast and let them go to be free without any host to be forced in?

  25. Good day to you all. I hope the new year is starting off right for everyone.

    Naruto- My feelings for Naruto remain the same. I’m not overly excited like I was back in the day but I’m not completely disappointed either. I was surprised that the tailed beast were absorbed so easily. I think to that Kish so far is doing a good job with the power balance of Madara; I guess that’s easy since he is just owning people left and right. Kish will have to tread carefully though depending on the outcome of this fight may make or break the whole series.

    One thing I wanted to talk about was how Sasuke went from being like Madara to Izuna Uchiha. I wonder if Kish is trying to solidifying Sasuke as a redeemed shinobi rather than a shinobi with a evil hidden agenda.

    One piece- Not much to say about the chapter. Still waiting for the ultimate showdowns.

    Be cool Shannaropoo!

  26. Edo Naruto and Edo Sasuke maybe?

  27. So Let me get this straight about Juhabach. He can lend you power but cannot use it directly, but if the people to whom he lends power happen to die, all of their power gets transferred back to him. That sounds like an interesting way to give Ishida the power he needs to put up a fight against Ichigo. Bottom line is, now one of them has to kill the other . For Ichigo, its the only way to stop the war between quincy and shinigami. For Ishida, it is the only way he survives.

  28. I can see it now, somehow obit i will be able to take over his body and as a way to redeem himself before he does he will bring back sasuke and naruto , he still has the rinnengan doesnt he?

  29. Sooo swirly face zetsu has returned. How in the world did he get this much power to summon that statue?

  30. I guess Naruto wasn’t kidding when he said to Sasuke during their kakashi and team 7 reunion that they both was gonna die. Of course, they didn’t fight each first, but whatever -_-

  31. Naruto- Sasuke and Naruto = Rinnegan. Both represent the two sons
    of the SOSP. (And they represented
    almost everyone else in the manga.)
    Hinata = Was falling on her face really necessary?
    Sakura =Sasuke lover protecting Hinata’s lover.
    Oro = Don’t think he should have came back BUT it was good
    to see him plotting in this chapter.
    3rd Hokage = Awesome!
    Garra = Still the man!
    Swirly face dude = Where did he come from?

    Anybody else?

    @darthuchiha: That my friend is the power of talk no jutsu. It has the abililty to:

    Cause people to redeem themselves via suicide. (Zabuza and Nagato).
    Risk one’s life in the pursuit of the talker. (Hinata)
    Change one’s ideaology despite how long they kept it. (Neji and countless others.)
    And now here’s the newest power, predict the future in favor of the talker. (Naruto die’s Sasuke must die as well.)

    Did I miss any othe power of the talk no jutsu?

    One piece: Things are heating up for really. Can’t wait till next chapter.

    Bleach: pretend3r has his review up, I will comment later. I’m still pondering the chapter.

    Later Shannarogators!

  32. Hmm, not many on here discussing about one piece. Me, I only read the chapters every now an then, I mostly prefer to watch it instead.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that it took this long for someone to want to end the Shichibukai. Issho can’t be the only higher up marine who feels the way he does about them. As I said about a month ago, the shichibukai has one thing in common; They don’t give a fuck about about the world government or keeping balance in check(which is the main point of them existing in the first place). They the most unstable out of the Three Great Powers. Miihawk, Buggy, and kuma(due to him being controlled) are the only pirates that does their job relatively well without hurting the world government (much) in the process, and how long will that last? Not to mention how many resigned and were revoked of their status. The Emperors are doing just fine keeping themselves in check( by playing king of the hill with each other all the time, leaving the military out of it for the most part).

  33. @dartuchiha
    one piece is a great subject though but like you am an anime-only fan so i can’t keep up.i tried reading the manga at first but IMO the art was poor.All the girls looked the same and their mouth was almost the size of their face.

  34. They’re heeeerrreee folks!!!


    One piece:


    Uhh…..Naruto is on break due to Sasuke getting injured.

  35. Kishi probably broke his fingers for having to hurt sasuke that much

  36. Oi dartuchiha,one piece verse VS narutoverse what do you think?

  37. @Saninns

    One piece: Boa Hancock, Nami, robin, shirahoshi, vivi, baby 5, jewelry bonney…

    Naruto: Sakura, tenten, Karin, sasuke, anko, kurenai, lady chiyo, Koharu Utatane …..

    (drops mic)

  38. @dartuchiha
    Yeah one piece girls rocks,kishi really doesn’t have a way with girls,but e
    when talking sexy IMO bleach girls takes it home
    but i meant abilitywise like, if the two universe gets into an all-out war who will emerge victorious .

  39. If the characters of Naruto and the characters of One piece had an all out war, honestly I think the Naruto characters would win out in the end. They are far more versatile and tactical fighters and one piece characters overall are more straight up brawlers. And the devil fruit eaters of one piece have devastating weaknesses that ninjas who can utilize many elements can easily exploit.

    Besides, I don’t see any characters in one piece would be able to stand up to BIG MAGNUM and obito(jinjurruki) in a fight. They’re pretty close to being world busters themselves.

  40. the narutoverse is too op right now. All of the bs that kishi is spewing out would make it really hard for any one piece character to handle… i mean naruto in his tailed beast mode is pretty op add in the disgusting powerups madara received and well its not a contest.

  41. @dartuchiha&token
    Well wouldn’t they all be useless against a logia

  42. @dartuchiha&token
    Found this not mine
    “I would say the one piece verse because naruto has become one of the strongest in his world and I consider him and luffy pretty equal in strength but luffy is not even close to a lot of guys in one piece. So the only people in naruto stronger than luffy are probably madara and obito with the ten tails. I’m only saying that because they are stronger than naruto and like I said he and luffy a about the same, but there are litterally boat loads( haha get it?) of guys stronger than luffy in one piece so they’ve got more strong guys one piece world win
    sIn the One Piece world, Luffy isn’t the strongest guy, there are multitude of people on whole different levels than Luffy, including Ivankov, Shanks, Akainu, Mihawk, Marco, and Kuzan.
    If they fought, I think the ninja nations would all just stand around and hope that Naruto would save them, while the strongest of the One Piece-verse would destroy the lot of them. And when Naruto finally shows up, it might be a small skirmish, but eventually, somebody like Akainu would take him out”

    so what do you guys have to say about that???

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