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Bleach Chapter 685: A Perfect end

Chapter 685: A Perfect End
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Well.. I guess the battle is over. Ichigo won!! No problems whatsoever. It creates quite a few questions and probably some missed opportunity’s on the story part in keeping some tension going a little longer.

I will come back to that after I run by the chapter in my usual fashion.


We start with Kyouraku enjoying a drink, seemingly talking to himself. Relieved to see that after 10 long years all the rebuilding has been completed. Logically, the place looks a bit different with a large structure overlooking what is left of Sōkyoku hill.

He gets interrupted by his lt. yelling at him from the distance. It turns out he wasnt just talking to himself, but chatting at the grave of his old friend. One of the few (main cast) casualties.

Then we switch to Mayuri impatiently waiting for the rebuilding to be finished, immediatly heading out with his new ‘daughter’ Nemuri Hachigou. He seems a bit annoyed with her happy go-lucky attitude wondering how that happened.

On to the next pair of misfits. The 11th squad guys. Zaraki and co. They are all back to their usual selfs. All of them seem confused about where they need to be or how to get there. So yeah, nothing new.


Hirako and Hinamori who hear the ruckus that Zaraki is creating. He calls her back under captain’s orders when she want to go and fetch them. Then onto Iba. Former lt. and now Captain of the 7th division after the death of Komamura. He seems to be training hard to feel worthy of his new title. He gets picked up by Hitsugaya, Rangiku, Hisagi and Kensei. All seem quite relaxed in this new time of peace.

Finally everybody, except Mayuri who doesnt care, gathers in the Squad 1 baracks. Ofcourse doofus Zaraki is late since he got last as all fuck. But hey, they finally gathered.


We see a few new captains. Former vaizard Lisa is now the captain of the 8th squad. Isane moved up to the Captain seat of the 4th squad and after a few words of encouragement we get introduced to the new Captain of the 13th squad.


Kuchiki Rukia. WEEE FAN SERVICE! sorta.

All is well and happy in Soul Society so it would seem. But Vice Captain of the 12th Squad notices a reiatsu similar to ywach’s. So who could that be? Anyone want to guess. Ichigo? Maybe Ishida since he was mentioned as the rightful successor to Ywach, taking in all his power.

The things that bug me the most that we have seen nothing of the aftermath upstairs. We saw what happened when the Soul King got destroyed, everything started to crumble. I guess/hope the final chapter will explain a bit of what happened up there this one keep me wondering which annoys the shit out of me. If this is the the way it ends.. that whole battle feels a bit wasted..

p.s. who wants to bet Ichigo and Inoue are a couple?


Bleach Chapter 684: The Blade

Chapter 684: The Blade
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Dislaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Advil

This chapter is another, which gives me a mixed feelings. Again, after a great action filled chapter this weeks chapters feels underwhelming again.

For no really good reason and proof they are confident that the one strike by Ichigo was enough to defeat Ywach.


I mean…why would it be so easy. When is it ever that easy, how many transformation did Aizen go through until he was finally defeated. Anyways, since success is at hand Aizen explains the strategy he used. Good to see Ichigo is at least a bit wary of Aizen, but as expected… Ywach is alive and well and strikes down Aizen.


Don’t get me wrong.. Ywach looks pretty fucking cool when he ‘reconstructs’ himself. The power to alter the future even extends to that of his own life. His dark form grows to even en larger and grosteque shape making Ichigo look really small. Quite nice and builds the mood. Ichigo’s blad gets knocked from his as Ywach ‘essence’ grabs him and starts to envelop him. A large sphere forms as he start to swallowing everything and create something new.

But before the King can tear everything apart he gets struck by Ishida’s Silver arrow. The special ‘Still’ Silver formed by Auswahlen can, if mixed with the blood of the one who activated the Auswahlen, stop his powers, if only for an instant. Now I like how it mentions.. ‘His’ powers.

Were they already referring back then that only this weapon could stop Ywach. The quincy’s on earth wary of their ‘Father’.


The cloak vanishes allowing Ichigo to get away and grab his blade urged on my Ishida he lunges for Ywach, but the effects of the arrow start to wither away already, Ywach regain his form. The king already strong enough to shatter his bankai, but then, Ichigo’s blade reverted back to its shikai form, with no damage whatsoever.. I am still not sure how to feel about this moment.

Even though his power is returning, ywach seems to ‘see’ only his death, genuinely scared of what is to come before he recalls the vision from before. Seen by Haschwalt, Ywach thinking it was just a dream before he is cut in half once more.

Someone get this poor guy some Advil 400 or something..

Bleach Chapter 680: The End 2

Chapter 680: The End 2
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Apologies for the delayed piece. This chapter didn’t go as I expected. Their father’s did not come to the rescue and Ichigo gets all his juice, including the hollow (which I found a bit surprising tbh), sucked out of him. Interesting to note his mother is shown rather than ‘old man’ Zangetsu as it all fades to white and he drops to the ground, passed out.


Like a typical bad-guy ywach start laughing an absolute treat, his plans seems to near completion as the dark shroud that surrounds him expands into a massive mushroom-like structure, hovering far over the soul-palace.

We then switch back to Ishida and Haschwalt. The young quincy in an equally bad shape clinging onto like as Haschwalt doesn’t (in typical villain fashion) deliver the killing blow when he can and should.


Instead he allow Ishida to start a little monalogue about his growing relationship with Ichigo and co and the choices he has made being their friends. This anger’s Haschwalt to the point he is finally ready to deliver the final blow. But as he does…

A bright white light envelops him, oddly enough, Ishida is not targeted by the ‘Sternritter-power Vaccum cleaner’. For plot reasons he wont be targeted by Ywach, for logical reasons I guess Ishida being near death makes it pointless to take his strength, since he has none.



This also means of course that Espada #0.. sorry.. Gerard ‘Goldielocks’ Varlkyrie is also targeted by the Dyson vaccum cleaner.


All the Quincy power is sucked up into the black shroud before it condenses back into ywach as he forms a gate. He announces he has no need for anybody anymore before he says he will lay ruin to everything, SS, Hueco Mundo and the real world.


Now it begs to wonder where the gate leads too. The most obvious would be the real world. But a fight the scale of the Aizen-Ichigo battle would be too much. So.. he might head to Hueco Mundo perhaps, or simply in the space in between where Ywach will rip all the worlds apart to create it all anew.

All I can conform for now, that the end is nigh as it is declared on the first colored page.

Bleach Chapter 679: The End

Chapter 679: The End
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So.. this chapter is called ‘The End’. Which, considering the state of our heroes seems an appropriate title. Ichigo is facing the indestructible wall that is the Almighty God. Throwing more mockery his way showing off his might, using only his words and the actions he’s shown before.


To change anything and everything that he can ‘see’ and he can now see everything. The end is nigh for our heroes. Even Ishida seems at his last breath. Ywach’s right-hand man seems undamaged.

We finally learn about his “Schrift” – The Balance. He says the following; “By taking the misfortune that occurs within my sphere of influence and dispersing it to those that have fortuitous luck and lead charmed lives. I maintain the balance in the world.”


There is also that shield of his to add even more trouble to whoever is fighting him. It absorbs any damage or “misfortune” that befalls upon him. As he gets ready to strike Ishida asks him to wait. Asking Haschwalt if he doesn’t want to know what his own “schrift” is like. Ishida even goes to say that it’s about time that he can use it.

“A” – Antithesis

Among two designated targets he can completely reverse anything that has ‘already happened’. In this case he chose to swap the damage back to him. Then Haschwalt, still confident (and rightfully so) tell Ishida that he might be the only one capable of opposing his Majesty’s power.

I think even Ywach mentioned something like this. That Ishida would become the leader of the Quincy after he is dead. But of course Haschwalt can redirect any damage done to him straight back to Ishida. Which Ishida could throw right back at Haschwalt. Assuming he can muster the strength with so much damage being done to him.


So and the end of it all our heroes are at death’s door. Ishida by the hand of Haschwalt and Ichigo by the hand of Ywach. Though Ywach starts by reclaiming his power.

I guess it is time for their fathers to put their lives on the line for their children.

Bleach Chapter 678: The Future Black

Chapter 678: The Future Black
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I don’t really know what to think of this weeks chapter. It kinda has the Dragonball Z powerup bs going on. The “I told this was my power, but really this is my power!! HARR HARR!!” cliché. The action is still great, but this chapter still leave a bit of bad taste behind. Don’t feel like writing too long a piece.


“Tensa Zangetsu” is revealed. It looks a lot like his original blade, the white and black blended together with an attack from the back to the close to the front. It gets broken the instant he unleashed it.

Then after a few words from Ywach where again, he commends his power and ‘Bankai’ the man suddenly holds Ichigo’s horn. This repeats a few times Ywach landing several vicious attack even circumventing Inoue’s barrier, till we reach the The “I told this was my power, but really this is my power!! HARR HARR!!” moment.


Where Ywach ‘clarifies’ his ability which is not to see the future, but transform it. So.. what he got here is a really messed up version of Zachery Comstock or something, or a transgender, Elizabeth. Man.. I would love to play that dlc.

Anyway.. Ywach demands despair, Ichigo looks in despair at his enemy. Insert new revelation next week.

Bleach Chapter 652: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 6

Chapter 652: The Theartre Suicide – Scene 6
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Sorry I missed out on last weeks review. A decent chapter, where I found out I was wrong in my 650 review. ‘Kyoukotsu’ was not Nanao’s Zankpantou. It was simply hiding it for safekeeping if you will.

Ise Nanao’s true zanpaktou is Shinken Hakkyouken (Devine sword, Eight Mirror Sword). A unique blade passed down from woman to woman of the Ise house. It is not capable or striking down a person, but it was made to face off against gods. Taking the power of the God in its own ‘body’ and then disperse it off into the eight directions.


652aBarro quickly comments how bright the sword is, that he cannot even see it. This is good news for Nanao-chan to hear it, this means that the sword will work on Barro. We go back in time from Nanao’s point of view. Seeing some moments of her past. Quickly linking the man from her childhood to the man she met later in her life. By gifts her mother had given him.

Nanao couldnt form a connection with an Asauchi to become her Zanpaktou due to her being part of the Ise house ofcourse. She did however excel in kidou ending with a spot on squad Eight. With that man again, Kyouraku Shunsui.


Nanao’s blade manages to cut on his arms. It does seem to cut him, though Nanao says he managed to parry it. It could simply be that the sword needs some time to truly come to power. Maybe it will simply repel any attack of the God straight back at it.

For now Barro seems unimpressed and gets ready to whipe her off the map creating a shadow behind her. Shunsui uses the shadow to emerge behind Nanao chan, and help in this fight against Barro. I doubt we’ve seen a glimpse of what this sword is capable off.

“Oh Captain, my Captain.”

Bleach Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow

Chapter 645: Don’t Chase a Shadow
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Well.. I am pretty exited about this little pair up. Well, I don’t really care who Kyouraku is fighting, finally seeing what he can truely do will be exiting. In some ways his Zanpaktou and the way he wants to ‘play’ with his opponents make him quite the wicked man.

Barro wonders how the Commander has gotten her so fast, but doesn’t have to wonder long as Kyouraku starts to explain the rules of the game; Daruma-san fell over. Before that he reserves some time to chat with Nanao, his vice-captain, still staying beside him. She ends up leaving the fight to inform before she will return. Given the nature of his Zanpaktou she could very well play a part in this fight as she could end up being another pawn on the board.


Barro already know his enemies abilities. Now that is something Kyouraku doesn’t really care about as he usually explains everything anyways. Barro interrupts Kyouraku’s explanation of the game’s rules and continues analyzing with almost perfect accuracy. Much to the delight of Kyouraku it seems.

Quite amused indeed to his opponents learns the games of the rules so quickly. He then goes on to say. “It’s only when be both know the rules one can call it a ‘game’ wouldnt you agree.”

This comments puts Barro on edge, as it should. They Kyouraku gives him even more information, by telling he managed to trick Barro’s senses by leaving a ‘copy’ of himself using his reiatsu. He then announces his status as Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. Then, staying true to his style, he goes on the attack again without giving his opponent much time.


Barro breaks of a bit of his gun and anticipates his move, blasting Kyouraku through the chest. Or does he? He quickly sees Kyouraku’s Kageoni appear from the ground, successfully dodging the attack. After a short exchange of words where Barro or Varo(depending on which translation your grab) says his ability once more. Being able to shoot through anything and everything. He then quickly shoots Kyouraku again.

But again.. it is just one of his shadows. THe more powerful his opponent is, the more life-like the after-images are. The line he ends with is pretty goddamn good. I’m sure Barro will have his hands full.