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Bleach Chapter 683: The Dark Side of Two World Ends

Chapter 683: The Dark Side of Two World Ends
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It seems nobody missed last weeks summary, sad face.

A very nice, action packed story this week. Great battle between Aizen and Ywach. One where it is revealed that the ‘Almighty’s power is not that ‘Almighty’ after all.


It start with a enormous blast that destroys a large part of Soul Society. Pretty normal in that aspect. WE see an exhausted Ichigo at the end of pool of black goo, I guess. Ywach stands calm and confidently, mocking Ichigo’s inability to do anything even further.

Renji takes his monologue as a moment to strike, but it goes as well as you’d expect. The moment he calls out his bankai het gets slaughtered his arm cut off completely aswell as his bankai’s arm.


Before Ywach can whipe him away completely Aizen gets in the way. Which, to my first surprise he seem genuinely surprised at. Ywach laughs at the notion that Aizen would help Ichigo and Renji in this battle. Aizen remains quiet and launches a powerfull Kido attack. Which ofcourse is as useless as asking Gerald Valkyrie to stop transforming all the time like a total cheese factory.


The 2nd little notion is that Ywach ‘breaks’ Aizen’s blade. A blade that was already destroyed by the Hougyouku a long time ago as far as I am aware. He never had it in any scene after that. So why does Ywach seems to see it. Aizen still posesses his power, a feat he sorta demonstrated during his captivity. Remember the scene between him and Kyouraku where he seemingly was freely walking around.

Aizen believes he just punched Aizen to absolute hell before slicing Ichigo’s arms off. blocking his blade before shattering it completely as he says nothing escapes his gaze. After saying his final words to the young human he blasts a giant hole in his stomach then, if that wasnt enough, hold the half dead body up in the air to say thanks for an ‘amusing’ resistance.


Then Aizen decides to reveal himself to Ywach, noting how interesting it is that Ywach seems to think he was looking at Ichigo all along. Ichigo, thankfully, is wise enough to not give Ywach time to think piercing his back before cutting him in half with a powerful Getsuga Tenshou.

Now I doubt Ywach is dead in any way shape or something. He probably is just going to enter phase two. But it was very interesting to see that not even Ywach was able to escape Kyouka Suigetsu ability. Now Aizen does seem hurt and I don’t think he will be part of this fight for too much longer. But Ichigo will have picked up some vital intel.