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Bleach Chapter 679: The End

Chapter 679: The End
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So.. this chapter is called ‘The End’. Which, considering the state of our heroes seems an appropriate title. Ichigo is facing the indestructible wall that is the Almighty God. Throwing more mockery his way showing off his might, using only his words and the actions he’s shown before.


To change anything and everything that he can ‘see’ and he can now see everything. The end is nigh for our heroes. Even Ishida seems at his last breath. Ywach’s right-hand man seems undamaged.

We finally learn about his “Schrift” – The Balance. He says the following; “By taking the misfortune that occurs within my sphere of influence and dispersing it to those that have fortuitous luck and lead charmed lives. I maintain the balance in the world.”


There is also that shield of his to add even more trouble to whoever is fighting him. It absorbs any damage or “misfortune” that befalls upon him. As he gets ready to strike Ishida asks him to wait. Asking Haschwalt if he doesn’t want to know what his own “schrift” is like. Ishida even goes to say that it’s about time that he can use it.

“A” – Antithesis

Among two designated targets he can completely reverse anything that has ‘already happened’. In this case he chose to swap the damage back to him. Then Haschwalt, still confident (and rightfully so) tell Ishida that he might be the only one capable of opposing his Majesty’s power.

I think even Ywach mentioned something like this. That Ishida would become the leader of the Quincy after he is dead. But of course Haschwalt can redirect any damage done to him straight back to Ishida. Which Ishida could throw right back at Haschwalt. Assuming he can muster the strength with so much damage being done to him.


So and the end of it all our heroes are at death’s door. Ishida by the hand of Haschwalt and Ichigo by the hand of Ywach. Though Ywach starts by reclaiming his power.

I guess it is time for their fathers to put their lives on the line for their children.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review pretend3r.

    I’m wondering how Y.H will take Ichigo’s power? Will he take only the quincy portion of his abilities or can he take all of his power including his hollow powers? Even if he takes his powers, will this open the door to his fullbring abilities?

    I’m also wondering about how Ishida’s schrift works? I mean he would have to monitor the amount of damage he can take in order to be able to send it back to his opponent. If Ishida uses his antithesis on a opponent who will be able to take the damage they inflict on Ishida, then they will completely neutralize his antithesis, (similar to what happen this chapter.) I actually like his power even though it is a bit dangerous.

    The good news about this chapter is the fact that Haschwalt has a weakness. If you get rid of that shield, you can inflict damage on him; well until he activates his vollstandig. Hmmm….if Ishida cut’s his hand off, will he be able to redirect that damage on Haschwalt, ridding him of that shield? That would be interesting.

    Last point, is in a question; what will the dads be able to do? In Ishida’s case, his papa can probably do something against Haschwalt but what will Issin do against Y.H? I don’t know what Issin can bring to the table but I’m wonder if Ishida’s dad has a “schrift” or even a vollstandig? Now that I think about it, maybe Issin has another power his son doesn’t know of. I mean he did teach him the “final getsuga tenshou.” We shall see.

    THE END.

  2. We still haven’t seen Engetsu’s Bankai. It takes its toll on Isshin, so he probably will use it as a suicide attack to buy his son time to run and regroup.

    Fullbring shouldn’t play here. Ichigo had to draw out, like all other fullbringers, from the object that held the ability (like his badge). I guess he did keep the badge though….

    Lastly, Ryukin won’t have Volstandig I don’t think, because it’s a new Quincy kind of power. He’s an old school Quincy with old school tricks. Perhaps he has a scriff but I bet his raw Quincy power is top notch.

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