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Bleach Chapter 681: The End 2

Chapter 681: The End 2
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So here I was enjoying this weeks chapter. Haschwalt didn’t suddenly despair feeling honored that his Majesty took his power.

I felt for Inoue apologizing to Ichigo, such a sad moment.

I felt the despair Ichigo felt this chapter being beaten to a pulp, his resolve broken..

And then… this guy happened…


And just like that Ichigo is good to go again… I then I just feel somewhat like this;



Kubo Tite, you created such a awesome mood with Ichigo’s defeat. All the feels, despair, tension.. destroyed… It feels so lazy and I’ve reread the chapter several time and I still feel the same. He wrote in a cool scenario and then thought; ‘oh crap, how do I get Ichigo out of this one.. oh I know!’ Thanks for ruining the mood completely by giving Ichigo the fullbringer version of a Red Bull…

I will see you guys next week.