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Bleach Chapter 673: Father

Chapter 673: Father
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That Rukia face.. So funny. Anyway, welcome back this week. Pretty good chapter. Renji gets up toward where the Captains are fighting as he carries Rukia on her back. The two lt’s thinking that its Toshiro elder brother yelling at them and I love it that he doesn’t even bother to correct them.

They all stop in their tracks as they all feel Ichigo’s reiatsu spike up as he and Inoue step into the King’s chambers. THe dark-shroud of the Soul King’s powers covers his eyes but he can still see everything and more. He sees Ichigo’s true, original power flow from his body.

Ywach still considers Ichigo a son of his. Calling Ishinn a mere surrogate to raise Ichigo. The mention of the source of his power strikes a nerve with Ichigo, remembering the fate of his mother.


Ichigo draws his blade and moves in to attack. With his signature Getsuga Tenshou he strikes at Ywach. Ywach dark shroud easily block Ichigo’s attack before he pushes him back. Inoue helps in blocking the attack, but his attack breaks through her barrier.

Ichigo dodges and cuts his way through to try and to get close to Ywach again. THe King allows him to get close to speak to him some more. He mock Ichigo’s feelings more, considering attachments like that meaningless and pitiful in the grander scheme of his own existence.

He throws him back into a wall. Inoue seems worried, but we all know Ichigo is just fine. He barely released his power as has the King, but he seems to ramp it up a little in an awesome, gruesome looking final panel.


That shit looks ominous.

2 Responses

  1. What up folks?!

    Not much to say about this chapter; it was pretty straight forward. I do have a question for anyone willing to answer; do you think Ichigo is stronger now or when he fought against Aizen? Personally for some strange reason I think he was still stronger when he fought Aizen. Maybe because it just kinda feels that way based on what was said. One example was how the power levels in bleach was first introduced.
    I mean if you had a lot of power, it would overwhelm people. Later when Aizen, then Ichigo got their respected power ups, you could no longer sense their spiritual pressure. Their power was in another dimension of sorts. Well now Ichigo has overwhelming power (which is cool by the way) but it can still be felt. Ehh…..maybe it’s just me.

    Well I am curious to see how Ichigo or anyone will be able to take down Y.H. I personally think that the Soul King had a ace in the whole to defeat Y.H (my Aizen theory). Weeee shall see.

    Hey on a side note, at least Orihime protected Ichigo with that barrier and it didn’t even break!! Go Orihime! Wait a minute I just thought of something; what if ORIHIME defeats Y.H! Yessss that would make a lot of sense if you just think about it. All Orihime has to do is use her powers to reverse Y.H’s transformations and restored the Soul King all at the same time! What!! Nobody ever even thought of that! I bet even Y.H himself wouldn’t see that coming! That would be the ultimate plot twist. LOL!!

    But anyway……..speaking of barriers, what happen to that barrier making Vizard? The big guy who defeat the number two Espada. Haven’t seen him in a while.

    Hold it down ya’ll!

  2. What!!! I called it. I knew Ishida’s papa was gonna show up!!


    See ya!

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