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Bleach Chapter 672: Son of Darkness

Chapter 672: Son of Darkness
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Allrighty a little side note which you probably are already aware off : Uzumaki Boruto.

How do we feel about that?

2nd point of this week:

This fucker still isnt dead.. I’m done talking about this guy… moving on.

We get this strange little two-panel inception moment. Where Ywach in his older form is found asleep by Ichigo in his old form. An intriguing little tidbit. Could be something about his all-seeing-eye not seeing everything. Not sure what the point was, but I suppose it shows that with ywach awakening, the night is over and the light of God shines down again.

Or it could make the point that Ywach is a bit of a masochist. Y’know..getting off on dying. After that we go back to Haschwalt vs. Ishida. That battle is going about aswell as one would expect.


Ishida is quite injured already where Haschwalt hasn’t even broken a sweat. He even says his own abilities are much more suited for battle. Which we have seen just a glimpse off when he took out one the subordinates quite a while back. It is interesting to see that he uses his sword as if it were a bow and arrow.

AS that battle heats up we finally go to Ichigo arriving at the door. Ywach’s presence is easily felt and without an extra thought he places Inoue in charge of defense. Which is kinda of first for him as Inoue realizes herself as well.


Ichigo always protected her, want to keep her as far from the fight as possible. Lets just hope Ichigo keep to this maturity that he finally seems to have grabbed onto.