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Bleach Chapter 675: Blood for my Bone

Chapter 675: Blood for my Bone
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After the okay chapter last week which introduced the arrival of team “Hi Its me. I am dad.”

We find Haschwalt taking it easy in his fight against the young Ishida. In short he is so goddamn confident that Ywach wont be in any sort of danger that he can just take his sweet ‘ol time dealing with young Ishida here.

After a comment of Ishida though. He suddenly turns quite menacing or powers up or something I don’t really know but Ishida seems quite fearful before Haschwalt goes on the attack again.


In the meanwhile. Ichigo is fruitlessly attacking Ywach getting knocked back and flung around by the godlike being. Inoue tries to stop but to her surprise he seems quite calm and not at all fighting in the anger he showed earlier. Inoue realizes her crush seems to be simple stalling or something of the sort. She re-grabs her resolve and holds station providing cover where necessary.

Even Ywach questions Ichigo’s motivations. Ywach continuously mocks him as he blocks and counter every attack Ichigo makes. Ichigo keeps going until and going until..


His blade starts to change color. He calls back to Inoue who puts up a large shield to cover them.

A few panels later we see it a little better. His blade starts to turn white and as Ichigo explains to her. He simply needed some time to unleash (and get rid off) his Quincy reiatsu and to ‘jolt’ somebody to wake up.

That somebody is of course the other source of power. The hollow that resided within him. Now I wonder if this released for that he turned into is already his bankai or not.


As he unleashes his true form we see the partial hollowfication (for lack of a better word) take place on his face. One horn and the red-markings on his body. Somehow he also looks older/more mature. Like what happened when he trained with his father before the Aizen battle.

I hope we will get a better look at him next issue.

2 Responses

  1. Awesome chapter! First my respect for Inoue has grown a little bit. She healed Ichigo and was able to block a attack from the great Y.H himself. Even Ichigo believed in her powers enough to rely on them despite the foe that he would be facing. So I’m glad that TK is giving his female character who started off as what I would consider “weak” to becoming someone more reliable.

    Another thing that made this chapter great was how much Ichigo has grown. At first it would appear that he was just attacking for no reason but he figured from his first encounter with Y.H, he would have to rely on his hollow powers rather than his quincy powers in order to have a chance; since last time he storm in and inadvertently killed the SK. Also, hollow powers should some what be effective against Y.H because of the conversation between Mayuri and Kisuke a while back. I can’t wait to see what Ichigo can do.

    The battle between Ishida and Haschwalt can go in many directions. I mean first a foremost with the way Haschwalt is talking, I don’t think Ichigo will beat Y.H; at least not like the way he is now. Haschwalt mention something about Y.H’s “almighty” power as having another fearsome ability which I believe this if foreshadowing how he will use this ability to stop Ichigo. My personal belief about Ichigo not beating Y.H right off the bat is simply because all of the players haven’t played their roles yet (Aizen, Isshin, Rukia, Renji, Zero squad, and anyone else.)

    One thing about Haschwalt that bothers me is his motives. He seems like some loyal sternritter following orders but I don’t know. Something just seems off about his character. His comments to Ishida, his past relationship with the Bazz-B, and his over willingness to just follow orders seem strange. One well maybe it’s just me.

    Finally, I wonder if Ishida with use his sternritter ability? But you know, I’ve been thinking that what if Y.H gave Ishida the same letter as him so that in the event that he dies, he can revive in the vessel of Ishida? Maybe in Haschwalt? That would be terrible but you never know.

    Can’t wait to see what Ishida’s dad can do and get some history on the money man!

    Until next time. Time in the linear sense that is.

  2. GRAN REY CERO!!! That was awesome!!

    Nuff said about the latest chapter.


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