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Bleach Chapter 672: Son of Darkness

Chapter 672: Son of Darkness
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Allrighty a little side note which you probably are already aware off : Uzumaki Boruto.

How do we feel about that?

2nd point of this week:

This fucker still isnt dead.. I’m done talking about this guy… moving on.

We get this strange little two-panel inception moment. Where Ywach in his older form is found asleep by Ichigo in his old form. An intriguing little tidbit. Could be something about his all-seeing-eye not seeing everything. Not sure what the point was, but I suppose it shows that with ywach awakening, the night is over and the light of God shines down again.

Or it could make the point that Ywach is a bit of a masochist. Y’know..getting off on dying. After that we go back to Haschwalt vs. Ishida. That battle is going about aswell as one would expect.


Ishida is quite injured already where Haschwalt hasn’t even broken a sweat. He even says his own abilities are much more suited for battle. Which we have seen just a glimpse off when he took out one the subordinates quite a while back. It is interesting to see that he uses his sword as if it were a bow and arrow.

AS that battle heats up we finally go to Ichigo arriving at the door. Ywach’s presence is easily felt and without an extra thought he places Inoue in charge of defense. Which is kinda of first for him as Inoue realizes herself as well.


Ichigo always protected her, want to keep her as far from the fight as possible. Lets just hope Ichigo keep to this maturity that he finally seems to have grabbed onto.

4 Responses

  1. Inoue almost as useless as Chad. Her Santen Kesshun breaks all the time. :o/

    Unless we missed some training that those little hairpin fairies got, don’t think she can realistically help. If anything she’s putting him in danger just by being there, a liability.

  2. Maybe she had some training up there before things went south. I wouldnt be surprised her power are as strong as her resolve.

  3. Yo!

    First things first… I just read the Boruto manga and I doubt I will dive into it. I mean personally I wish Kish would have done something different like a spin off of other characters other than Naruto’s son. I would like to have seen something like a prequel to Naruto. Maybe seeing the ninja wars before Naruto was born. Or maybe see something from another village perspective. I don’t know. As of right now Boruto really isn’t doing it for me. Thanks for the link pretend3r cuz I had no ideal a sequel to Naruto was out.

    Now that’s that…….on to Bleach..

    Maaannn that if unbelievable that the quincy giant is still alive! But you have to admit that it shows consistency on TK’s part. I mean the right hand of the SK had the ability to regenerate so it’s only natural that the “heart of the SK” would have a similar OP ability. TK is very smart by changing the scene before anyone can go on a rant about keeping that “nothing can be me” quincy giant alive.

    I really don’t have any thoughts about Yhwach and his power. Pretend3r and Shikamaruistheman both have good insights as to perhaps the “weakness” of Y.H’s power. The question that bugs me is, does Yhwach see the future then tries to change it or does he see the future and he also has to except it? I believe it is the former. Which would indicate that yes there are certain things his byakug….I mean his “all seeing eyes” can’t see. Even with a weakness like that, Y.H is uber OP times infinity. I mean Y.H beat that “monk who knows every name”, he possess Yamamoto’s bankai, and he is the creator of the very super quincy that the strongest shinigami are having a hard time fighting. So I doubt this will be a cake walk of a fight. I think somewhere that “monk with the google search power” said that no “human” can defeat Y.H. If that’s so then Ichigo will have to activate a “god-like” latent ability in order to defeat him. I wonder what help Inoue will be in a situation like this? Ichigo trust her for some reason so maybe there’s more to her than meets the eye. I just hope we don’t have to see the over used cliche of someone getting killed or nearly dying( in this case Inoue) in order for a said person (which would be Ichigo) to go nuts and unleash his powers. Hopefully Inoue provides some level of support; which would be cool especially for a female character.

    I was surprised to find Ishida still alive….or at least conscious. Haschwalt had the byakugan as well so I thought he would be able to do more damage. I wonder if that means there are limits to that all seeing ability? Perhaps. What got me was when Haschwalt said something about going all out on Ishida as if he expects Ishida to be stronger that what he has displayed so far. Personally, I’m looking for the activation of the power Y.H gave him in order to defeat Haschwalt. Maybe Ishida papa will show up? There is also apart of me that thinks that Haschwalt isn’t really on Y.H’s side but that is a topic for another day.


  4. My thoughts on Boruto…
    – the only good thing was the final couple of pages when Boruto confronted Sasuke to train him, thats all we needed, everything else seemed unneeded. I also didn’t appreciate how Naruto was portrayed as a total dead-beat Dad, it just seemed out of character. All Naruto longed for his entire life was a family, now he has one and all he does is Hokage paperwork?? The Knucklehead ninja we grew to love doesn’t do paperwork, he lives life to be alive and stand by his word. We are supposed to accept that as an adult he forsakes his WORD as a father and husband, sorry but I ain’t buying it.

    As for Bleach
    – I agree that Ishida should have some OP power upgrade given to him by Ywach and shouldn’t just being near Haschwalt enhance his powers?? I really hope Inoue isn’t given the Sakura treatment and just become a distraction for Ywach to take advantage of when fighting Ichigo. Her powers have always been kind of mysterious and untapped as we saw during the Aizen arc and how much respect he gave to her not only as a friend of Ichigo but how he used her unique powers to further his goals and power-ups.

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