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Bleach Chapter 675: Blood for my Bone

Chapter 675: Blood for my Bone
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After the okay chapter last week which introduced the arrival of team “Hi Its me. I am dad.”

We find Haschwalt taking it easy in his fight against the young Ishida. In short he is so goddamn confident that Ywach wont be in any sort of danger that he can just take his sweet ‘ol time dealing with young Ishida here.

After a comment of Ishida though. He suddenly turns quite menacing or powers up or something I don’t really know but Ishida seems quite fearful before Haschwalt goes on the attack again.


In the meanwhile. Ichigo is fruitlessly attacking Ywach getting knocked back and flung around by the godlike being. Inoue tries to stop but to her surprise he seems quite calm and not at all fighting in the anger he showed earlier. Inoue realizes her crush seems to be simple stalling or something of the sort. She re-grabs her resolve and holds station providing cover where necessary.

Even Ywach questions Ichigo’s motivations. Ywach continuously mocks him as he blocks and counter every attack Ichigo makes. Ichigo keeps going until and going until..


His blade starts to change color. He calls back to Inoue who puts up a large shield to cover them.

A few panels later we see it a little better. His blade starts to turn white and as Ichigo explains to her. He simply needed some time to unleash (and get rid off) his Quincy reiatsu and to ‘jolt’ somebody to wake up.

That somebody is of course the other source of power. The hollow that resided within him. Now I wonder if this released for that he turned into is already his bankai or not.


As he unleashes his true form we see the partial hollowfication (for lack of a better word) take place on his face. One horn and the red-markings on his body. Somehow he also looks older/more mature. Like what happened when he trained with his father before the Aizen battle.

I hope we will get a better look at him next issue.