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Naruto Chapter 670 – The Boy and His Fox

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

I should be squealing like some Naruto fanboy right now for what is finally going to happen. Yes, we’ve seen this coming for several chapters now, but I’m still excited to see how Kishi will execute this new combined Naruto/Karuma combo that will be taking names and kicking arse next chapter. Actual fighting was still light in this chapter, but the events moved pretty fast, I had to re-read some parts just to make sure I understood what was happening.

Here’s my take on some of the important moments in the chapter that might have been missed by some:
– after Naruto removed the chakra stake, his sage clone inside Son Goku is released. Tobi, realizing he’s about to lose control over the Four-Tails, immediately summons the demonic statue from underground to rein back the beast. The chakra stake only allows Tobi to bind a beast to it’s ex-Jinchuuriki’s body to use it in combat, but the statue still has ultimate control on the beast’s freedom.
– Naruto uses a dual-Rasengan to smash to chakra stake to smithereens right after he pulls it out.
– Son Goku was about to use his fist bump with Naruto (apparently this is a way to meld chakra between a Jinchuuriki and a tailed-beast) when he is re-sealed by the demonic statue. Whether Son Goku gave anything to Naruto during that short period is unknown.

One of my favourite moments in this chapter is when Son Goku realized Naruto was really interested in freeing him completely from Tobi, not just to learn how to defeat him. I guess all the Jinchuuriki excluding Killer Bee and Eight-Tails (and now Naruto and Kyuubi) shared very little trust between host and beast. It was natural for someone like Son Goku to assume that all humans are selfish and thought Naruto was only saying he wanted to help him because he had something to gain from it. Even though Naruto did not end up succeeding in freeing the Four-Tails, I think their interaction will be very important later on in instilling trust amongst to other beasts towards humans. Even if the tailed beasts were all freed, without trust they will never again subject themselves to working with a human. To defeat the real Madara, Naruto might just need the cooperation of the other tailed beasts. It just proves that his talk-no-jutsu is the most powerful technique ever.

I think Kishi really captured the underdog Naruto we’ve come to love in this chapter. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing an exhausted Naruto on the brink of collapse still willing to face the enemy against overwhelming odds. The epic “come-back” is a key component of some the greatest battles in Naruto history, from Naruto vs. Gaara to Naruto vs. Pein… make it happen again Kishi. Next chapter, let’s see what a full-power Naruto-Kurama combo can really do!


23 Responses

  1. I think we will see the Juubi soon. It’s all too convenient that the fox is set free and all the tailed beasts are now. This is just a setup for the fox to be released and captured. Plus do you all really think Naruto is going to go through the rest of his life having the fox inside him. This is just foreshadowing to all the tailed beast being freed after Naruto and Sasuke find a way to defeat the Juubi, then they all will be set free from their prison of hatred, and all the good energy can flow back into the world, and so on, and so on, Everyone lives happily ever after. Time skip happens Naruto has some kids by Hinanta, Sasuke has a child named Itachi by Sakura. Shikamaru is head of the army like his father, he has a little mini him by Temari, the sunset fades, and Naruto rides off on Shenron…..oops I’m sorry wrong manga 🙂 .


    Itachi was wrong, talk-no-jutsu is the only jutsu without a weakness. It’s winning record is like 999999999999 to 0.

  2. The way Naruto smiled after the fist bump with Son Goku, it would appear that something occurred during that exchange. Obviously, much like Itachi’s crow before it, we will have to wait a while to find out what advantage Naruto gained.

    @UchihaTheInfamous, it’s going to be odd when/if Kurama is split from Naruto. We know Sage Mode is extremely powerful, but is it believable to see that as the key to beating Sasuke, Madara, and Tobi at this point? What would the point of all the training and power-ups Naruto has accumulated since the fight with Pain if they disappear and he fights the final battle without his best abilities?

    I have a feeling Bee will get captured before it’s over but Tobi will have to retreat due to a wave of reinforcements for Naruto or something. There may still be a way to pull Kurama’s other half out of the Reaper Death Seal and revive the Juubi without needing Naruto. It seems a foregone conclusion that we will see the Juubi revived, but without his own beast fusion, Naruto still seems like he’d be too weak to stop it.

  3. @Corvis

    Gaara didn’t lose a lot of his powers after Shukaku was extracted. Look at the Gin/Kin bros, they got swallowed and kept the powers. So, he doesn’t need Kurama to have the powers.

  4. Perhaps the Kyuubi would be extracted, but Naruto would be able to retain the chakra pool he separated from Kurama. I remember when KB and the Haichibi were fighting, KB used the compressed tailed beast mode and then told the Haichibi he was out of chakra and wanted some lent to him. This implies there could be 3 chakra pools: the Jinchurriki’s & the beast chakra he took, plus the beast’s remaining chakra.

    Hard to say if the manga is ending or if the QB will be extracted, but I feel like it has to be in a way, especially with the following events that happened: Chiyo resurrecting Gaara, Kushina surviving the extraction of the Kyuubi, and… there was a 3rd one… but I forget and I gotta go…

  5. im actually not liking the idea of friendly kurama

  6. I’m also starting to think BIG MAGNUM in the end is going to be a victim of the talk-no-jutsu. I think he is going to see Sasuke and Naruto fighting together and have a change a heart by seeing how much power those two have when they use it positively together. Either against the juubi or Kabuto, or Kabuto and Tobi, or juubi and Tobi, whatever the case is. I still think Kabuto may be the final villain he has a WHOLE lot up his sleeve he hasn’t even revealed yet. Let’s not forget he still could fully control BIG MAGNUM now for how long is different story. I think BIG MAGNUM is smart enough and powerful enough to break free from his spell.

  7. Personally I always hope for the manga not to end. Even if Tobi/Sasuke/Kabuto get defeated, Naruto could have the Kyubbi extracted/tailed beasts set free causing him to only be roughly Kage level instead of OMG-who-could-F###-with him other than an arrogant emo? The countries are united now, but they could fracture, especially if the tailed beasts are free and minor countries get uppity. Especially if One or two of the main three make tactical retreats and live to star in another arc. Personnally I would love to see Naruto become a well rounded ninja instead of a god-figure. Plus Kishimoto could have Naruto’s students advance quickly since he doesn’t have to explain as much to the reader as he did at the start of the manga and he knows he has tenure so to speak. That said chances are slim…

  8. This might be slightly silly but if naruto Melds his Chakra with all the Tailed Beasts he could potentially have control of them all. now i dont know whether one Vessel can hold multiple Biju’s but obviously the Sage of the six paths did but he is an exception. the bump of goku’s and naruto’s Knuckles suggest he either gave him the power to meld there chakra together or like Itachi’s tap on sasukes fod. Goku’s gave naruto possibly a Tailed beast ability or technique.

  9. @walmart1= yeah i agree with you there mate. it seems that the tailed beast have not had any of there past been over seen so there would be potential arcs there to be put in place for future naruto chapters. Also Suigetsu Hōzuki is after the seven swords men blades so that could be a potential new arc as well. he could form another rogue ninja group. I think Naruto being a team leader like Kakashi training konohamaru’s gang would be a good story to follow as well. Konohamaru has ALLOT of promise. he could take on the mantle of the Senju clan and restore its former glory as there is hardly anyone in there Snju clan anymore as far as i know besides Tsunade.

  10. apologies for confusion. sarutobi clan i thought had some sort of relation to the senju clan! not to sure though.

  11. Quick question: If the tailed beasts are evil energy due to the treatment of humans who have always wanted to catch them after they split up?… Why the Juubi was evil? Why the SOP6 caught the Juubi inside him? Anyone?

  12. there not evil, its just the ninjas perspective on the Biju’s maybe the Juubi was an exception but im not sure as there is not much about the juubi. they all have there own personalities so there individuals. some of them could of turned evil due to the treatment they have had to endure throughout the ages by ninjas.

  13. You all this capturing beasts and using them fight is starting to sound a lot like Pokemon. I guess if we give Naruto a hat with a pokeball symbol on it, and change his last name to Catchem he could have a whole new arc created from that. I can see it now. “The Chronicles of the Tailed Beast Catcher”…..staring Naruto Catchem, and Sasuke can be his rival like Gary was in pokemon. That’s a hit show right there. 1st arc, “Retrieval of Shukaku”, and give a little back story on how they all got released, there you go the stuff just writes itself :-).

  14. what a chapter, a rasenshuuriken+bijuu bomb combo could, end this battle in one fell swoop! care nathing!

  15. I really think Naruto is going to lose the Kyuubi and somehow will learn the arts of the Senju and become a badass shinobi. At least, that’s what I hope happens.

  16. Yeah except that there are only nine bijju while there are millions of pokemon…. I see it more like an edgar allan poe short story Bijju: The World’s Most Dangerous Game. Then again you have Kabuto making the story of the “Still Beating Heart” much more plausible

  17. if you look at naruto episodes, the whole good vs evil arguement has always been there. look at sasuke who turned evil cos his brother went rogue and killed everyone. naruto had every opportunity to turn evil like gaara but chose to stay good. why not the same situation for the bijuus? they could have been friendly with the sosp, then when he died and the first hokage spread the beasts out for peace, the bijuus lost all respect for humans as their hosts. i always said that whenever naruto spoke to karuma he had other chambers within himself. i could see naruto with all the bijuu in him. whether it happens or not, i could still imagine it happening.

  18. So I don’t know if anyone brought this up earlier. But I now believe Madara’s jinks are not Kabuto’s edos but in fact the actual bodies of the Jinks they captured. Ever wondered what they did with the bodies after extractions?

  19. @itachi yea i thought the same thing; i mean tobi cant possible be dumb enough to take control of kabutos summons and not only that put the tailed beasts into their previous hosts edo bodies…. that would be the worst plan by tobi ever. Also when the beast was put back into the statue the jinchurriki’s body still looked beat up; now this could be it just took time but tobi using the jinchuriki real bodies makes more sense (after all pein used real bodies and tobi looks to be exerting the same control)

  20. Itachi, Token… but we saw Kabuto’s edo jinks shown ealier?

  21. @rocks yea we did see the, but like i said earlier im assuming tobi isnt dumb enuf to put tailed beasts into edo summons so my guess is these r the dead bodies

  22. I just saw a little of a spoiler that was confirmed, and if it’s right…this chapter is gonna be goooooood.

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