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Its out! One Piece, Naruto, Bleach chapters!!!


One Piece:http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/658


Bleach Chapter 482: Bad Recognition

Chapter 482: Bad Recognition
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Ladies. Gentlemen. It is another very interesting chapter. Two major facts were revealed today. But first things first. Vlad is still standing on Ichigo’s bed getting on Ichigo’s nerves. With a quick play of teamwork between Ichigo and Inoue he’s now outside. No-one seems anyway impressed about this masked man. As the other focus on a more important matter.

The new recruits do seems scared, as to be expected. The line on page six is a bit awkward. If he hasn’t got business with Ichigo, why did you go there in the first place? Was he there to visit on one of the others three? Or Ishinn?

The guy doesn’t seem all that hostile at first glance. But as soon as Ichigo mentions the word Arrancar, Ivan gets a little pissed off and he finally reveals what he is.

A f*cking Quincy. My first chapter thoughts were right after all, the Quincy cross fall from his sleeve and he powers up a massive bow. Ryuuken has never really used his cross, but the huge difference between Ivan’s and of the Ishida’s. Could be he uses the cross as a catalyst. But I think uses that thing too. But he is not as strong as his father, which looks like he didn’t use the cross in the brief time we saw him use his bow.

The second and I think more likely; the hollow mask. They might have strengthened themselves using hollow. They wouldn’t be the first. Seeing how Quincy destroy hollow, they sure as hell won’t doubt about using them for their revenge. I wonder if we already get our first little fight in next chapter.

The chapter continues on. 11th squad actually being put to work for investigating, and not doing that badly either. Our old favorite man-boy-girl Yumichika looking even more flamboyant. The people of the village are responsible for their own disappearance. wierd… Quincy are likely to be involved but the matter of how, is still a mystery. I doubt Quincy will go after villagers seeing they are not Shinigami. They could also be looking for them as recruits. Low level soldiers. There is too little to go on for the time being.

Captain Commander Yamamoto is being kept up to date as the division conduct their respective investigations. Before a group of 7 masked men appear before him. Who look like they don’t have arms(there probably keep them on their backs, but I think it looks a bit weird). They don’t really introduce themselves but come with a short message.

Its Out! Bleach and Naruto chapters!

Naruto: http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/575

Bleach: http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/482

One Piece is taking a break this week!


Hey everyone this is Jdogg, I was skimming through mangafox.com and they no longer carry any of the big three mangas. Well all know what happened to Mangastream.com, who were the best of the best, I personally thank them for all the wonderful work they have done in the past two years. No other website had as clear of translation and quality as did Mangastream. But they no longer have the right to release One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, KH Reborn and several other manga because of VIZ media had an issue with that. Because VIZ media is a garbage ass website that charges people way to much for garbage translation and horrible scans. I think that they have an issue with the other websites in the west that are releasing manga to the public because VIZ media is garbage and no one goes to their website and who ever does is not my friend. So with that being said it seems that mangafox.com is running into the same trouble. Thats why I am posting this and hoping that I am just exgeratting and that we will get to read our favorite mangas tomorrow. But if not, If you know of another different website that releases the Big three other than mangastream, mangafox or mangareader, just drop a comment.

I am sorry if I scared you, and I am hoping that this is just a fluke and that mangafox will get the right to release the big 3. I am sorry if I alarmed any one and sorry for my language but FUCK VIZ media. Do not support them for what they are done, let them go broke with their have ass’d website. Again sorry for the language.

Naruto Chapter 574 – My Brother’s Eyes

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Interesting transition chapter this week, and we get a sneak peek at how the remnants of Sasuke’s Team Taka is doing. To be honest, I would have liked to see more of the Naruto vs Tobi battle as it seems it was just getting to the good part where the tide will be turned to favor the good guys. Sasuke is finally getting some more face time, all he seems to want to do is to kill Naruto and then all the Leaf ninja because he blames Konoha for everything that has gone wrong in his life – the translation this week from Mangazone made it hard to understand what exactly Sasuke was trying to convey in his inner monologue; if you haven’t heard yet, Mangastream was made to stop their scanlations from Viz Media last week.

I’m glad Kishi hasn’t completely forgotten about Team Taka. The remnants of Sasuke’s gang seem to be doing okay after being separated and captured. They’re as dysfunctional as ever without Sasuke leading them, but it looks like all are trying to reunite with Sasuke despite being abandoned by their leader when he opted to pursue his own interests. Suigetsu found an interesting scroll inside Orochimaru’s lair, he mentions that it could allow them to gain control over the war. I was originally thinking that the scrolls was going to allow the user to somehow gain control of the Edo Tensei summons, but given that most of them have been sealed already or otherwise incapacitated, gaining control of them at this point will not allow the user to do much. The important thing to get control of is The Demon Statue which holds seven of the nine tailed beasts at the moment. Seeing as only Rinnegan users appear to be able to control the Demon Statue, my guess is that the scroll pertains to information on how an Uchiha with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan could obtain the Rinnegan. I still think the current Sasuke won’t be much of a match against Naruto’s new form – yes he has better control over his EMS powers, but the powers themselves haven’t changed much – that could change if Sasuke manages to upgrade his eyes to Rinnegan much like the original Madara did. I chuckled at the Karin scene and wasn’t surprised she hid something to help her escape her prison – she’s a survivor. She’ll undoubtedly try to get back to Sasuke once she’s out, but even for someone who is obsessed with him, but hell has no fury like a woman scorned and Karin won’t soon forget Sasuke nearly killed her and threw her away like trash.

Speaking of Sasuke, his escape from the hole Tobi meant to hold him in until he was needed is another setback to Tobi’s plans. Furthermore, Sasuke is said to have killed the original Zetsu who was holding him, which I read as no more white Zetsu clones can be created anymore. Tobi still has Yamato powering the big Zetsu maker in his underground lair though, so I could be wrong. Sasuke was just wandering aimlessly it seems, but interrogating one of the Zetsu clones clued him in on where Naruto and a large part of the Ninja Alliance army is converging on. No doubt Sasuke will make his way there and try to cause as much death and mayhem as possible. But the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter suggests a meeting between Sasuke and his brother in the near future, maybe next week perhaps? Itachi originally planted the crow inside Naruto as a counter to bring Sasuke back to the good side, but unfortunately is was set to be triggered by his own eyes and Itachi didn’t calculate in that it would be used on himself when he was Edo Tensei summoned from the dead. I doubt Itachi has another trick like that saved up to be used on Sasuke, if he is forced to stop Sasuke then he will have to do it the old fashioned way.

One Piece Chapter 657- The Bodiless Samurai

A very interesting chapter with so much going on that you will feel like you just read a whole book. In just about 17 pages, Oda was able to progress the story and leave us scratching our head about just what the hell is going on. Dragons,  angels, bodiless samurai and giant babies. So I will try to answer the questions.

Slay it and Eat it

Ussop has become so much stronger than he was two years ago, in physical sense. Out of the whole crew Ussop was the weakest in physical and hand to hand combat. But now he was dragging that huge chunk of dragon meat around. I have always wonder what Ussop would do if he lost all of his weapons in a fight? Would he be able to fight in a fist fight? The answer is simple, he can but he is not as strong as Luffy or Sanji in hand to hand combat, though I believe he can hold his ground now in a fist fight. Luffy claims that Ussop has no creative, on the contrary Ussop is probable the most creative person in the crew. He has art  as well as engineering skills and his battles are the funniest and most of them are all about tactics than anything else.



We have seen just about every thing in One Piece, I would like to challenge anyone to name a Manga/anime that has just as much creative and diverse breeds of character as One Piece does? Humans, mini giants, giants, huge giants, fishman, merman, sky people, animals of all kind and new kinds, dragons, angels, you get what I mean. It is impossible to limit the creativity of Oda and now he has given us a huge tease of another new breed of characters. The most interesting thing is that the only one who noticed that angel figure was Ussop. It could be because Ussop has the best eye site in the Strawhats. He can see things far away that a normal human cannot see, in a sense he has eyes like a bird. But what exactly is a dragon and angel doing on this very mysterious island?

I have said it before that the New World will blow our minds away and already it has shown how mysterious and entertaining this new world is. Many are theorizing that this island is the Island the two admirals have fought on, which would make perfect sense. Since Admiral Aokiji power is Ice while Admiral Akainu power is of magma. And the island is separated into two separate weathers/environment: One of fire and one of Ice and also if you remember that when Luffy first entered Punk Hazards there was a base very similar to a military base. But this theory has one contradiction; Smoker has stated that the island has been locked off since “that” incident happened FOUR years ago, and the fight between the admirals only happened two years ago.


This island is so strange is because I believe that this new Shikiabakia (warlord) is a mad scientist that has experimented on this island for so long that the environment and landscape of the island has changed. It is just too strange for all these very bizarre things to just so happen to be on just one island, so the only logical thing is that some mad scientist uses this island as his base of operation where he experiment on everything and everyone he can get his hands on. I came up with this theory once I saw the giant kids. Because what are a bunch of kids doing on this island? It could be that they are the inhabitains, but they were in the same base where the Strawhats were being held, it might be that this “master” of the guys that kidnapped the Strawhats was trying a new experiment on the giant kids.

A bodiless Samurai

So this bodiless samurai is from that legendary land of wa, where the strongest samurai reside. But its only his head, how can someone live with just his head? Like I said again and again nothing is impossible in One Piece. But back to the topic, I think that the legman who is stuck to Luffy now is actually that samurai who is with Sanji, but his body is separated into different parts. His head is with Sanji, his legs with Luffy, now where is his upper body, this is what gave me the idea that who ever sliced him has the ability to cut some one but not kill, that they are able to separate the person without harming them. I would assume that this person is not a samurai because the bodiless samurai did not recognize him when he had fought him. This also could be the works of the Shichibuka, or it could which is most likely be the works of law. Law has the power to separate peoples bodies into different sections, I would not be surprised if it Trafalgar Law was the one who separated the samurai into different parts. Mystery is the concept of this arc, we are being left of with so many questions than answers, things will defiantly take a turn in the New World.

Side Notes:

  • Women in the Samurai island seem to be the symbol of discipline and respect, but it was hilarious how Nami treated the samurai. But I agree with the Samurai about Nami being stripped of everything she had. For a girl that loves money, she surely wears almost nothing.
  • Sanji was a boss in this chapter, he had that aura of a Leader around him. He out of Luffy and Zoro is more like a Captain. Luffy is too carefree, and Zoro doesn’t care. But Sanji would be a honorable Captain but loses easily to women.
  • Brook is missing because the kidnappers did not think he was alive. He is still on the sunny.
  • If you had not noticed but Mangastream.com has lost the ability to put up Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach chapters, all because Viz media had some issues with that. To me mangastream had the best translator and the clearest prints. It is a shame that VIZ media has put them down. Boycott VIZ media!!!

One Epic Moment

Bleach Chapter 481: The Tearing

Chapter 481: Final Arc – The Tearing
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I missed the Bleach on Wednesday. Mangastream has been forced to drop the jump series. Including the big three.

The chapter begins with a few familiars. It seems not every Vaizard decided to go back into the ranks. Lisa and Hiyori. The little blond loudmouth is fine(of course). They seem to have visited a public bath, but something’s wrong. She ‘smells’ Shinigami?! Instead she finds a small tear.

It looks a bit like a Garganta tear. Could this already be a result in the real world of our mysterious enemy tearing down the Hollow population. Probably so.

The chapter continues with Ryūnosuke waking up in Ichigo’s room. Casual banter for everyone. Some flashback action, Team Kurosaki making their newly designed epic pose. Shino eventually enters the room. Already found her place with the other four, having gone out for some groceries. so all is well.

Well, than until our mystery man from the previous act slips his way into Ichigo’s room.

Ivan Azgiaro. He wears a mad-german-doctor coat with a nice black-belt with a nice buckle. Surprisingly to last chapter. This guy is an arrancar. Now in the first arrancar arch, the top 10 have never really been designated as ‘Vasto Lorde’. Now the only one really confirmed as one is Harribel. Her transformation to arrancar could have failed, making her ‘weak’.

A band of Vasto Lorde would definitly be a worty enemy and their combined strength would make it possible for the royal Guard and maybe even the Soul King to be involved. The latter might be their ultimate goal. Seeing how this is the final Bleach arch, I would love to see, at least, the Royal Guard make their appearance.

So I already cannot wait what this man has to tell Ichigo, so I can actually speculate a bit more.