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Naruto Manga Chapter 406 – They’re 106cm… definitely 106cm

Post Author: Bob

This chapter was a nice change of pace from the rather solemn one we had last week. Jiraiya’s legacy is still on everybody’s minds as they work hard to makes sure his death was not in vain, but this chapter also touches on Jiraiya’s more perverted side as well. Some new characters appear in this chapter, and one of them has got her eyes on Shikamaru it seems. And lastly, and probably the most important thing to happen, is Shikamaru’s speech to Naruto.

Jiraiya sent three pieces of information back to Konoha before he was killed by Pein. One is the captured Rain ninja still trapped inside the frog which can change size. Another is the corpse of one of Pein’s bodies (the one which specialized in summonings). And lastly is the secret code which Jiraiya left on Fukasaku’s back. Shikamaru has been pushing the cryptology department to crack the code, but they say it doesn’t fit any of the algorithms which Konoha uses. But a member of the research team, a geeky looking girl named Shiho, suggests that Jiraiya probably used some personal knowledge to create the code and that only someone close to him would have the right ‘key’ to crack it. This Shiho girl is kinda interesting, she’s definitely interested in Shikamaru, but as usual Mr. I’m-a-Super-Genius is completely clueless. Personality-wise, Shiho-chan actually reminds me a little of Karin – they both probably don’t get out much and have pretty messy hair too. But Shiho-chan better watch out though, because as Temari’s past battles have shown, she is not the type to go easy on competition 😀

Shikamaru’s next step is to try to find those who were close to Jiraiya and see if they can offer any clues to solve the code. He goes to Kakashi for help, but the only clue he could offer was rather dubious. It was a classic LOL moment when the only thing the number 106 reminded Kakashi about was 106cm – Jiraiya’s estimate of Tsunade’s bust size. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jiraiya made his code based on women’s bust sizes, but most of the numbers in his code are too small to be bust sizes, and the number 207 is too big (A-cup 24cm, B-cup 39cm, C cup 62cm, D cup 80cm). As great as they are, it seems that breasts are not the key to Jiraiya’s code.

Next, Shikamaru visits Naruto, who is probably his best bet for getting a clue about cracking the code. But despite the talk Iruka had with him, Naruto is still zoned out like some mindless zombie. To get Naruto out of his daze, Shikamaru takes him to see Kurenai at the hospital. A few months must have passed since Asuma’s death, because her baby has grown significantly. Anybody can see that she’s pregnant… anyone but Naruto is seems. Naruto’s first reaction is that Kurenai must have eaten too much BBQ and needed to go to the hospital. Now we all know Naruto’s not exactly the sharpest kunai around, but it’s pretty amazing to see him miss this one. If I were a citizen of Konoha, I’d be a little worried that this kid could becom the Hokage one day ;p

Well anyways, I think Shikamaru’s message was just what Naruto needed to get him out of the rut. Unlike Iruka, Shikamaru’s is not going to sugar-coat his words to Naruto. Shikamaru recently lost his sensei, Asuma, as well so he knows firsthand what Naruto is going through and also knows what Naruto needs to do to move forward. Clearly and simply, he tells Naruto to put his time with Jiraiya behind him. Naruto has come to the point in his life where instead of always being taught new things, he must now be self-reliant because pretty soon he may have his own students looking up to him for knowledge and skills. It’s time for Naruto to grow up….

… and take responsibility.

P.S. My guess on the code is that it involves chapters, volumes and page numbers in the books Jiraiya has written.

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