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One Piece Chapter 653-Goodbye Fishman Island

So One Piece is finally going to the phase of the New World. The the world we have seen so far in One Piece is child play compared to the New World. A world where all the strongest of the strong strive to achieve One Piece and become the most powerful Pirate, Marine or what ever they are. Though this week we got a fair well good-bye to Fishman Island.

Fishman Island

Many people thought that  Fishman Island arc was not as exciting as the rest of One Piece, but I will explain to you why I think Fishman Island was more of starting arc to the next than unexciting arc. In order to understand or like One Piece you need to understand that the author, Eiichiro Oda, he is a very awkward, very detailed and one of the best authors of manga out there, that’s a fact. He cares about detail of the plot more than anything, that’s why One Piece has one of the most deep rooted plots. So with that being said I believe that Fishman Island was more of a foundation of the arc that will occur this year. Think about in the beginning of One Piece we did not know much about Devil Fruits, haki, robots, and etc, my point is that the New World will introduces us to new concepts that we would have never thought of. For example, Pekoms, we only have seen him in only about four panels and he is already one of the most badazz character we have seen, I mean come on, a half lion half turtle that has haki and can use a sword, and we have not even seen the New World.

Good-byes are always hard!

It was an enjoyable, relaxing and pumps you up type of chapter this week. We finally are move ahead of Fishman Island, and I must say that I was surprised that the Strawhats are actually already leaving the island. To be frank I thought that the Strawhats would not leave until three or more chapter, but nonetheless I am happy that they are making their way to the New World because the first thing they will encounter is Luffy’s old nemesis, Smoker. But it was both funny and heart warming to see that Shirahoshi has become to have a bond of friendship with Luffy and his crew. My favorite part of this chapter was the little fight Sanji and Zoro had. These guys are like brothers always hating and making fun of each other, if you have a brother or sister you would understand. But even as mean as they are to each other they would dedicate their lives to each other and actually they did that before.(Remember in the Thriller Bark arc?)

Also, it was hilarious how Nami was afraid of that Log Pose, and her face when Luffy found out was priceless. We rarely get to see Nami acting like Ussop or Chopper, but in this chapter it is proven why Ussop, Chopper and Nami are considered the weakling trio. Not in the sense of battle but in the sense of maturity and seeking out danger. Luffy is the first one to want to go do something dangerous and Sanji and Zoro always fallow him because in a sense they are his left and right hand man. Lastly it is Chopper, Nami, and Ussop always wanting against anything dangerous but when it comes to it they can defend themselves. But now I think that two people just joined the Strawhat but will not be accompanying them on their journey. The  people I am talking about is Shirahoshi and Jinbe.

The Strawhat Pirates

Many people would assume that only Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook are the crew. But I have a theory that it is much more than that. Remember Vivi, the two Giants, Frankys posse, and etc, well they are all allied/friends with Luffy and the Strawhat, so in a way they are a part of the Strawhat crew, and now Shirahoshi and Jinbe have joined. Well also know that Jinbe will for sure join but not any time soon and it is an interest relationship between Jinbe and Luffy. Now they have become really close almost like that of a brotherly bond as to they do not even have to exchange words to understand each other thoughts. We saw that when Luffy called for Jinbe, Jinbe  just nodded his head and Luffy understood. So in doing so when Luffy will need help in the New World I can guarantee you that any of these people will come to aid him, and there will be more allies Luffy will make in the new world. Though next week will be the real restart of One Piece in the NEW WORLD.

Side Notes:

  • The pinkie promise was cute, shows how such a baby shirahoshi is.
  • The prediction of Madam Shirley just became even more suspicious. I guess the only thing to do is wait and see what really happens.
  • Zoro vs Sanji is a match I want  to see happen, who do you guys think will win. I say it would be a draw.
  • Robin has changed her outfit, she no longer has those awful glasses and seems to be wearing a short dress.
  • Luffy was a little to friendly with Nami, we never seen Luffy rap himself around Nami. I  bet Sanji was jealous.
  • Did you guys notice that Zoro and Franky were the only ones not pinkie promising Shirahoshi. Maybe their pride got in the way.
  • Franky’s hairdo is just too funky, I liked his Afro and baldness.
  • What do you guys think the New World will be like?


19 Responses

  1. SUPERRRRRRRR Quick reply (more detailed one later) when the strawhats meet mermaid princess maybe she’ll be able to control her powers…….
    Zoro vs Sanji will never happen as a real fight like u said J dogg those two are like brothers but if it did happen I’d put my money on Zoro imo he’s the stronger one.
    Do u think captain buggy an mr 3 made it to the new world??

  2. @tensa After the war I remember him receiving a letter from the government, he may be a shichibukai and if thats the case he is probably in the new world

  3. Yea i just have the image of Bad ass mermaid being the straw-hats sea-cow of sorts to pull the ship and control the ocean lol thats epic.

  4. @kaio,
    Buggy may have been a crew member of Gol D Roger an close friend of Shanks but I don’t think in terms of fighting ability he’s good enough to be a warlord, I like buggy a lot so it would be nice to see him achieve some sort of status….
    I think the new world is gonna be ridiculous – the amount of situations that Oda has already kind of set up is too epic, for example blackbeard an his devil fruit stealing ability…. Hate him or love him you gotta give this fat gap toothed son of a bitch credit! The guy is beast! Then you have fleet admiral magma boy an the change in the marines – I wonder what Garp an Coby think of this….
    Then you got thw World Government and why they tried to erase a whole century and the Revolutionary Army’s fight to reveal the truth an bring them down! You’ve also got the Epic clash of Zoro vs Mihawk…now these 2 highly respect each other but when they fight one on one probably alone on some dark island for the title of World’s greatest swordsman it is gonna be one of the Top 3 all time greatest one piece fights ever! You’ve also got the other emperors an the other rookies to think about an exactly what they are gonna do to the strawhats – fight them or befriend them…… There’s too much to discuss when it comes to the new world!

  5. @tensa Yeah like buggy too and of course he is not strong enough but thats not what the navy thinks. He also has a very strong crew now, most of them are from impel down. That’s why the the navy probably sent him the letter. I agree with the rest of your post, things are gonna be very interesting in the NW

  6. I’ll admit that it’s quite possible for buggy to have gotten that invitation, but would it make sence for him to accept it? His crew is now mostly impel down prisoners who wouldn’t really want to turn around and put people where they just escaped from. My oppinion is that he is going to see his wanted poster has risen to some rediculous figure.

  7. Mart, thats very possible and i wanna see his reaction. Thatll be funny.
    I dont think any of the Supernovas will be a problem for the Strawhats in the New World except for the Heart pirates. I dont know why Law helped Luffy but he must have some plan. I dont think Kidd pirates are strong at all. I guess im just not impressed with Captain Kidd’s DF power. I wanna see Dragon in some action already. I wonder what the Whitebeard pirates have been doing.

  8. I can agree that Law must have some kind of plan. Because not only is he the only supernova that is familiar with the Will of D, he also is the only captain(other than Luffy) that decided not to rush into the NW. I do think that Kidd’s DF is pretty strong tho. I don’t know the extent of his magnetic powers are, but just think how disastrous it be if he clashed with the marines, since all their battleships have metal coating.

  9. I am very excited to see what happens next. I would assume that the SH pirates will fight the G5 marines, since those freed pirates from Fishman island met them so quickly. I wonder if Smoker has any other strong marines other than Tashigi under his command now that he’s a vice admiral.

  10. There are going to be a lot of epic battles from now on. Dragon/WG, Shanks/Blackbeard, Zoro/Mihawk, Luffy/Akainu,Luffy/Coby, Luffy/Big Mam(possibly). There’s also the supernovas, the new shichibukai, Kaido, Sabo(I think he’s alive), and let’s not forget about the marines’ “unforeseen power”…..yeah I’d say pretty epic.

  11. Out of the warlord’s who do u guys think is the strongest???

  12. Love the review and comments….im a fan of kids devil fruit…if its similarto magnetos mutant power is could become crazy strong…..but personaly i think the straw hats would kick his crew’s ass…..Bugg prob is a warlord….zoro vs sanji will prob be a draw i agree…..zoro might be stronger(maybe a tad…..MAYBE) but his fghting style is perfect for a swords man…..fst reflexses…..heat….and he pretty much can fly to get outside zoros range

  13. @Tensa gizzla The warlords probably changed,(or maybe there’s no such thing as warlords anymore cause they probably been dismissed cause the events up to the war pretty much proves they can’t be trusted) but i put my money on mihawk.(I would say doflamingo, but we hardly know anything about his abilities.)

  14. doflamingo turned Diamond Jozu into a little puppet and was talking smack to Crocodile, I think he will be big time, and i hope he wont ally with blackbeard.

  15. I see Mihawk, Doflamingo, Kuma, and Hancock all still hold their positions but the other three have become filled with new ones. I’m gonna assume they gave Buggy one of the spots since he got the same kind of messenger bat sent to him as Jinbe did when he got an offer to join. It’s not that he’s strong himself, he’s really not, but the image he created during the war of him and his giant crew of escaped prisoners was probably enough to make the government think he was a good choice, along with his past and present ties to Roger and Shanks. As for the other two, I think they’ll be two new pirates that we haven’t seen before. I’m also curious as to who the two new admirals are.

  16. Mihawk is probably the strongest, he used to spar with Shanks, though Donflamingo is up there. Kuma is strong but the original Kuma is dead and Luffy and crew could own the PXs, Hancock is an all-or-nothing ability so I say she beats Kuma but not the other too. Jinbei is between Mihawk and Donflamingo considering his main weapon is water and that’s the weakness of all DF users

  17. I agree with u darth, I think Mihawk is the strongest of em all although doflamingo is no joke! Soooo curious about his DF – I don’t know if the trick to his ability is he has to be within a certain range but he seems the trickiest to fight! Kuma’s ability was cool but I’m pretty sure that if Zoro was at full power back in thriller bark he could have sliced his arms off

  18. “back in thriller bark he could have sliced his arms off” You do realize that Zoro and Kuma fought later when Zoro was at 100% and Zoro got owned right? that said he did later defeat a a PX which isn’t as strong as the original but close.

  19. Vegapunks upgrades to kuma are going to be insane in the new world.

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