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Bleach Chapter 478 – The Lost 3

Chapter 478: The lost 3
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Hey everybody, I am Pretend3r and starting from today I will be posting the Bleach summaries right here on Shannaro! I’m already feeling nervous right here with this bigger audience… gulp… With that little simple introduction out-of-the-way, time to get going.

In the last chapter everything looked like it was heading for a flashback chapter of Tsukushima and Ginjou’s history, which I am still interested in finding out.

Tsukushima is in a lot of pain, and not just because of the gaping hole in his chest. With a few simple pages it is clear that Ginjou was everything for him. Tsukushima seems almost like a child, seemingly depending of Ginjou for everything. With his torn body he finally notices Shishigawara. The little kid, pissed off. Tsukushima manages a smile, accepting his fate.

The chapter continues on. Yukio has been set free, bit of ice still falling off, he gets called out. Jackie. She seems fine, relatively speaking. The conversation isn’t all that interesting(we seen this type of convo before) but one little thing is indeed interesting.

Jackie’s fullbring is destroyed. No doubt it happened in the pocket dimension where either Jackie or Renji saved the other. So, she made her goal. Losing her fullbring powers. She has been busy after her fight. She found Giriko’s body and buried him. Possibly needing two graves, one for each half.

Yukio seems to soften up a little. He’s not very open about it, but still makes the gesture, inviting Jackie and the other to work for his company to make sure they have a future, together. Heartwarming stuff really and it continues on with even more sweetness in the next scene. Riruka wakes up. I can’t read Japanese but I assume it’s Urahara’s shop.

Everybody else from Xcution managed to escape them. Riruka is safe aswell. She finds herself beside Inoue, crying, just happy to see she is all right. the most notable thing happening her is as followed. Inoue has no idea who Tsukushima is… the only reason that would happen if he was dead. But… he’s not. Does that mean his fullbring abilities are also gone? Or did he was he actually dead for a short while negating every ability. Or maybe Urahara used his magic fingers.

So… Tsukushima didn’t die. Shishi is a good kid, since he didnt throw in the killer punch. I have to say that it looks kind of funny, a kid carrying a guy twice his size…

So with this it very much possible the Fullbring Arch is over. Starting the next major arch in the new year. If so, where can Bleach still go from here? And will this next arch reveal what the Soul King actually is… We can finally meet the royal guard.

So, Pretend3r signing out, and a happy new year wish in advance! See you!

One Piece Chapter 651- War over Candy!

In one chapter Oda has turned the Fishman Island from dry, weak and disappointing villains, to one of the most epic and strongest character, one of the Four Emperor Pirates, Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mama. Little is know about her history and her personality, however I can guarantee you that in the next coming chapters we will be getting to know a lot about Big Mama. But lets get on with the rest of the chapter.

Big Mama’s Body

Like I said very little is known about this freakish being, but we get some light shed on her personality and how she actually looks like. She seems to be the size of a small giant, this could be because of her eating habit or it could just be her actual size. But take note that when she was first mentioned by Garp, all the way back in the 300 chapters, her actual appearance has changed dramatically, for one her nose and teeth are rounder now and her body size has doubled since the two year skip. In addition, she seems to have a very strong stomach acid that can digest large things, be it candy or humans and it seems that here saliva is able to disintegrate things easily. I can estimate that she is one of the strongest pirates in the New World, from her title of Yonko (Emperor). Her abilities are not known, we do not know whether she has a devil fruit or is just a strong human like shank, Zoro and Sanji who do not have devil fruit abilities but are freakishly strong.

Big Mama’s Personality

Big Mama seems to have a capitalistic mind set, more like a business woman, as she charges people for her “Name”.  She deals with things in a business like manner, it can be said that she is a very educated person in the concept of business, but it seems that her only interest is in candy. Pirates are known to be obsessed with treasure; for example, take Nami or Buggy who are both obsessed with treasure. But like I have said in my first blog that one of One Piece messages to its audience is the meaning of treasure, and Big Mama proves my point. As in she declines a treasure worth that of a whole country and instead wants her candy.

Bid Mama and Whitebeard

These two great pirates had great similarities and differences. Both are powerful and command a great deal of people. But they have differences; in a sense they are like ying and yang, both are looked up by their crew in a mother and father figure.  But Whitebeard crew calls him papa from love, while Big Mama crew call her mama from a fearful standpoint. I am not saying that her crew does not love her but from what we got so far, I can safely say that most of her crew fears her with the exception of her top generals. Whitebeard embraced one of his crewmembers even after being stabbed by him, Big Mama on the other hand is even whiling to cannibalize some of her crewmembers.  Though I am just saying this from what we have learned so far about Big Mama, I could be totally proven wrong in the future about the really persona of Charlotte Linlin.

Is Luffy ready to take on A Yonko(emperor)

For starters Luffy this chapter was a badazz and made me laugh, I just love how Luffy is still Luffy, that his character has not changed in the sense of his beliefs, ideas, and his carefree manner. But on with the chapter, so Luffy has finally done it, claimed war on one of the Yonkou Big Mama. I can see that a lot of people would question if Luffy being ready to face of a Yonko? There is a simple answer to that question, and Luffy is neither ready nor not ready. Luffy was never ready and was always ready to face of his enemies. I know it is confusing but let me explain.

Remember when Luffy claimed war on Crocodile who was a previous Shichibukai and people than questioned whether Luffy was ready to face a Shichibukai, look how that turned out. Luffy claimed war on CP9, the top assassination group of the Marines, and people questioned whether he was ready, and again look how that turned out. Luffy claimed war on Gekko Moriah, also one of the shichibukai and people asked whether he was ready. By now you should see what I am getting at, Luffy is never ready for his opponents he just goes with the flow and speaks his mind by backing it up with his actions. So the real question is Big Mama ready to face Luffy? Now do I think that he is able to beat Big Mama? I do not know the answer to that because I do not think that he will fight her because this whole miss understanding will be fixed once Big Mama realizes that Luffy was the one who saved her daughter.

Side Note:

  • Oh boy, if Nami finds out that Luffy offered the treasure to Big Mama, she might kill him. Lucky for Luffy Big Mama denied his offer.
  • All of Big Mama’s men are very odd, one is a talking lion, a long-legged man, and that fat guy at the end. Remember in the world of One Piece, there is all sort of type of people. There’s giants, long-legged, animals, Fishman/mermen race, etc.
  • I really liked the cover page where all of the Strawhats are interpreted into their respected animal.
  • I can assume that the vivre card will play a huge role in this new arc.
  • Sanji and Zoro were so funny this chapter, with Sanji thinking that Big Mama is a madam. I can’t wait for his reaction once he sees her. Zoro getting mad that Caribou is out.
  • Speaking of Caribou, what a weakling, but like I have said before no one can go against Luffy in the first half of the grandline.
  • Madam Shirley’s prediction of Luffy destroying FI might be because of Luffy claiming war on Big Mama.
  • Jinbe might join Luffy for now to take on Big Mama because now Luffy needs to get all the help he can get to against one of the Yonko.
  • The lady with the three eyes is very interesting, might be Big mama’s other daughter.

Naruto Chapter 568 – Conversing with the Ape

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Just got back from a Christmas vacation and didn’t expect Kishi to push out a new chapter this early in the week. A nice little post-xmas present, but like the last chapter, we still seem to be building up to something with a lot of new information provided but lacking on the action side. Nonetheless, the last few chapters have some provided some key clues about what/who Tobi is as well as giving us a new perspective on what the tailed beasts are actually like.

First off, you have to commend Kakashi and Guy in this chapter for holding on as long as they have. Any other non-named shinobi would definitely been a smear on a rock the first few seconds after engaging this many Jinchuuriki in their transformed states. Though I do think Kishi is inflating this dynamic duo’s power level a bit. Remember that Jiraiya said he almost died when he had to fight Naruto in his transformed state (he had an ugly scar to prove it), and that was only against one Jinchuuriki. As well, Orochimaru had an awful hard time dealing with Naruto’s transformed state – he had to pull out some serious jutsu just to stay alive. As powerful as they are, I don’t know if I would put Kakashi or Guy above the level of the late Jiraiya or Orochimaru, but perhaps because the Jinchuuriki they’re fighting are Edo Tensei summons, they aren’t as strong as the real thing.

I liked the flashback portion where Kyuubi (or should I say Kurama) remembered all the previous people who either controlled him or imprisoned him against his will. It’s natural to see how he grew to hate all his previous hosts/controllers because everyone viewed him as an uncontrollable force that was easier to be locked away forever than to ever try to save or work with. From that, you can see why Kyuubi is viewing Naruto differently – the first human who is honestly wanting to work with and even befriend him. We’ve been told that the Kyuubi is a product of malice and hateful energies, so we naturally assume his primal behavior is to be evil – but that may be only the human side of the story; I think once we hear Kyuubi’s past, we may be able to understand why he is the way he is.

I thought it was odd Kyuubi did nothing to aid Naruto when he was about to be swallowed by Son Goku (Four-Tails) since it’s to his benefit to help out Naruto however he can in order to not be captured by Tobi. Perhaps he knew what would happen when Naruto was eaten, but it still sounds like a risky move to me. Nonetheless, having Naruto taking to Son Goku face to face is definitely a positive thing, and it may be the answer to turning this whole battle against Tobi. If Naruto can free and convince Son Goku to fight on his side, he can surely do so with the other Jinchuuriki. I’m still waiting for Kyuubi to stop playing hard-to-get and just ‘fess up that he wants to work side-by-side with Naruto – it would bring Naruto to the next level and it’ll be a real sight to see Naruto bring out Kyuubi when he fight Sasuke.

This chapter also consolidated some thoughts I had before about who or what Tobi actually is. Tobi is nobody – he has no real existence and this is represented by his ability to “disappear” or become a mere image with no physical form. I think Tobi was created by Madara somehow after he obtained the Rinnegan – it is a non-physical copy of himself whose sole order was to resurrect the real Madara and to help complete the Moon’s Eye Plan. Somewhere along the line, Tobi began to deviate from Madara’s plans and, perhaps in an attempt to fill in the emptiness inside him, took on Madara’s identity and made the Moon’s Eye Plan his own. For a being who is nobody, this might be the only way for Tobi to make the world recognize him.

Next Chapter: Four-Tails joins the team?

Its Finally Out!Naruto, OP, and Bleach Chapters!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/52710473/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/16037697/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/51106807/1

One Piece Chapter 650- NEWS

What an epic revelation we got this chapter, finally we get an upgrade on what happened in the world of One Piece during the two year absence of the Strawhat Pirates. Lots of information is revealed this chapter and has impacted the future struggles our heroes will face. So I will try to sum up all the information we got this week in a orderly fashion from most important to least important. So with out further or do lets get on with this weeks epic chapter.

The New Fleet Admiral

For starters a Fleet Admiral serves as the general of the arm force and the navy force and in a sense is the top General of the Marines in One Piece. He has the full control of the Marine, only answers to the world government. The Fleet Admiral is the most powerful ranked person in the marine, sort of how the Kage system works in Naruto, or how the Captain ranking in Bleach. While One Piece the Fleet Admiral is usually picked because of their power and ranking in the marines and most of the time they are picked by the World Government, or suggested by the previous Fleet Admiral. But after the Marine vs the Whitebeard Pirates war, the current Fleet Admiral at the time retired and suggested Aokiji to be next in line. But the higher ups wanted Akainu to be the Fleet Admiral which sparked an event never that never occurred before.

Aokiji who has a lazy persona and most of the time does not care much about what is going on, went against Akaniu becoming Fleet Admiral; which eventually led to their infamous secret battle. Now this hints a new issue on the Marine and the Government to being unable to control their most powerful soldiers. Because now the marines lost three of their top soldiers: Garp, Sengoku, and now they lost Aokiji. In my opinion the marines lost a tremendous amount of power and a figure for future people who wanted to joining the marines. So to combat for their loss the WG gave them a very powerful weapon. I would assume that it is a person or maybe a new invention made by Dr. Vegapunk.

For those who are not up to date with One Piece(*warning major spoiler).  Akainu is probable the most hated character of One Piece because of what he did to Luffy and Ace. In my opinion I think that he is and will become one of the main antagonist. His sense of justice goes to extreme measures and it just this chapter proves my point because now the Marines have become more powerful on their “justice”. For instance, what did Ace really done that he deserved to be killed of. The Marines thought that since Ace was the son of Roger that was a sin of it self deserving of death. But you cannot blame the son for the sins of their father. That is why I think Gard, Sengoku and Aokiji left the marines because they realized how corrupt and unjustifiable the Marines and the World Government have become. And Akainu is a perfect example of how blind justice can do more harm than good. I would assume that Akainu has so much hate towards Pirates and revolutionist because something happened to him that led to his grudge. Maybe his family were killed or that he just hates outlaws. Overall Akainu becoming Fleet Admiral will change the way the Marines look, plans and their way of doing things and spells trouble for our heroes.

Blackbeard Pirates

Other than Akainu, the Blackbeard Pirates are the only other group that Luffy shows a hatred or more that of never forgiving them for what they did. To those who don’t know the blackbeard pirates are one of the true evil villains in One Piece. They do not have a sense of right and wrong, no morals or norms, a purely evil band of highly ranked pirates. In fact, half of their members where imprisoned in the lowest level of Impel Down. Their Captain Blackbeard has become one of the Four emperors; the Four Emperors are known as the most powerful pirates and the ones closets to obtaining the Treasure One Piece. This is very fitting for Blackbeard to become one of the most feared and hated Pirate in the Grandline, very fitting for the mythical name of Blackbeard who was a really pirate in real life who was both feared and hated by people just like the Blackbeard in One Piece.

But the thing to take into account is how influenced and intelligent Blackbeard is, in just a short amount of time he has become so powerful. Though he sort of cheated his way to the rankings; for one he knew all the territories of Whitebeard, has the most powerful and evil criminals as his crew, and now has the ability of somehow stealing other peoples devil fruit abilities. Blackbeard in sense is the exact opposite of Luffy. For example, Blackbeard evil, cruel, and a coward, Luffy good, loving(just do not get in the way when he eats), and courageous. This is just an example of how different these two guys are and what they represent and I think that Oda will elaborate more on this concept.

Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus the Weapons with the name of Gods

Okay so we know that there is three ancient weapons that if come together or can single-highhandedly destroy the world. Pluton the ancient warship that has the power to cause mass destruction, sort of the Nuclear weapons in our world. Pluton is another name of Hades the ruler of the underworld and the oldest of the gods in Greek mythology. Poseidon, the ancient weapon that can command  the Sea Kings which are the largest beings in the sea. Poseidon is a god and the ruler of the Sea in Greek mythology. Now that we know two of the ancient weapons, a new one is mentioned by Robin which the ancient weapon Uranus. Uranus is the father to all of the Titans and Gods in Greek mythology, he is labeled as the father sky, in a sense he is the first Titan/God who gave birth to the Titans and Gods. Just from observing how Oda has incorporated Greek mythology into One Piece, I would assume that Uranus is some sort of ship or object that has the ability to fly in the sky which has tremendous amount of power. But so far only Poseidon has being really shown as in presence wise. But nonetheless if the news of Shirahoshi is Poseidon spreads it can disastrous for Fishman Island.

Side Notes:

  • The end of this chapter cooks up a very interesting plot twist. Big Mama wants her candy and is willing to go to war for it, this just made things more interesting.
  •  Interest fact that Poseidon, Neptune and Otohima are all gods in mythology. Poseidon is the god of the sea in Greek mythology, Neptune is god of the sea in Roman mythology and Otohima is the the daughter of Ryujin the sea god in Japanese mythology. Oda really likes mythology and is doing a great job of putting them into his work.
  • Luffy eating and kicking Caribou. Poor Sanji never gets what he wants.
  • Jinbe made me laugh so hard, yelling at Luffy for not being the Captain or at least filling the role of a Captain. But just like Sanji said that why he has great friends to help him out.
  • Sanji and Zoro this chapter just rising the theory that they might have haki, since they can somehow sense the presence of Caribou.
  • Hodi and his crew grew old and I could not care less for them, what a disappointing waste of character.
  • Nami wants gold, trying to steal from a thief. She truly knows no bond of the laws of a thief. But it did made for a funny scene.
  • Sorry that this is so long, but there was so much to cover, and if I missed something, please share it with us.

Its out!Naruto, One Piece and Bleach Chapter!


One Piece:http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/64985431/1


Naruto Chapter 566 – This Chapter only has 13 Pages! Hrrrrrnnnnnggg!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Sweet chapter this week, the battlefield is being set up for the next epic encounter in the war, and although I consider the odds to be still very much stacked against the good guys, you can’t complain about the epicness of the dynamic duo that has come to back Naruto up. Not only that, but Naruto’s gonna get help from squads 1,2,3 and 5, so we’re gonna have quite a few notable Naruto regulars come in to help out in this pitched battle. But even with so much back-up coming, you have to face the reality that they’re finding a team of six immortal, Rinnegan/Sharingan modified Jinchuuriki with what appears to be all their original powers intact and then some, not to mention the fake Madara is leading the charge. So without further ado, let’s get to the heart of my weekly/bi-weekly/monthly half-assed, late-as-usual blog post, Hrrrrrrnnnnngggg!!!

One Jinchuuriki is hard enough, the heroes will need to pull out every trick in the book to just stay alive here. Honestly, even with Kakashi and Guy backing them up, I can’t see Naruto and KB winning this one without doing one of a couple key things – none of which are gonna be easy. One is to just take out Tobi directly, yeah, easier said than done. If it were that easy, the war would’ve been over months ago. It’s hard enough to get past his bodyguards, but then you have to figure out a way to kill a guy who can phase out of the physical plane at any time. Two, is to take out the guy who’s responsible for the Edo Tensei, Kabuto… this is out of our heroes hands at the moment; we can only hope Itachi is getting close to locating the little snake. Three is for Naruto to gain a tide-turning power in the midst of battle that can overpower the zombie jinchuuriki and allow everyone else to focus on Tobi – this power is up to your imagination, but what I think would be cool would be for Naruto to be able to take on the form of the Kyuubi much like Killer Bee did with Hachibi in this chapter. The Nine-Tails is the most powerful of the tailed beasts, and I think Naruto would have no trouble taking out the other Jinchuurki chumps if he was able to somehow forge a new bond with the fox.

It’s nice to finally be able to see Kakashi and Gai in action as a team, this is a rare sight despite how well they can work together. You have to remember that these two have been rivals since ninja school, and have consistently challenged each other in duels and contests over the years. Each knows the other’s powers, strengths and weaknesses to a T, I’m sure they know each other so well they can coordinate their next steps without a word spoken. Kakashi’s Mangekyou Sharingan may be the only counter against Tobi in this battle. I haven’t seen Tobi use genjutsu yet, but Kakashi may be able to dispel them if he does resort to that type of jutsu. More importantly, Kakashi is the only one present who can access space/time jutsu, and as Tobi’s abilities are space/time based, Kakashi may have something up his sleeve to at least shutdown Tobi’s phasing and warping powers. I think Gai will be a big help in fighting off the Jinchuuriki, with his gates unlocked I believe he is almost on even ground with one. Remember he was able to take on Kisami one-on-one before in terms of strength and toughness, and Kisame was the one who singlehandedly took down a Jinchuuriki.

What I was a bit disappointed on in this chapter though is how Naruto is still being kicked around like his new Sage powers (which were so crucial in earlier battles) are virtually useless now in the face of the new enemy. Everyone seems to be faster and stronger than him, and Naruto has to be constantly be saved by KB (how many times has Bee had to pull Naruto out of danger with his tentacle now. As well, the Naruto we saw taking on the zombie kages earlier with precision and skill now seems to have devolved into his out habit of charging in hard without a backup plan. I know Kishi is trying to put Naruto in a situation of jeopardy so that the other characters coming to help have a chance to shine, but must Naruto always go back to his old ways of fighting with his fists instead of his head?
Other things to note:

– I count only 13 pages this time! Lots of action though, so I don’t mind the missing 3 pages we’re usually accustomed to. But hey, people get busy, it’s hard to commit to a weekly schedule and deliver every time year after year.
– I liked how Kakashi and Gai didn’t just jump in the moment they got to Naruto’s location. They hid and bid their time like true ninja to get a chance to take out Tobi when he’s most vulnerable while using Naruto as bait, too bad Tobi is such a damn weasel at playing ‘can’t touch me’.
– Gai’s already in his gate mode, I’m excited to see just how many gates he’ll need to open to take on the Jinchuuriki.
– Got to remember that Kakashi and Gai, and the rest of the squads coming to help have just been battling their respective enemies for over 24 hrs without any real rest, now they’ve rushed as fast as they could to a new battlefield facing even tougher foes. This might be a test of skill as well as endurance for the good guys.