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Its out!Naruto and One Piece chapter!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/60737455/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/10139425/1

Bleach on a break again.


111 Responses

  1. all i can is wow great chapter, but im still confused by a sage mode naruto and sosp mode naruto, can he just combine them? kurama looks sick! with this power up i can see sasuke showing up soon

  2. oh yeah his speed was incredible, nice way of concealing guy and kakashi, im suprised they didnt say alot about how naruto has grown

  3. @profess

    I think he uses his sage mode naruto to locate all the rodes….he is now without any doubt the strongest ninja in this manga.
    You could argue before, if Sasuke or Bee are stronger…but now….REAL GOD mode for 5 minutes

  4. reflecting 5 bijuu damas….wtf….have the same amount of chakra like 5 bijuus together….wtf…..Kishi don´t you overdraw it a little bit???

  5. Even Kurama himself wasn´t that powerful when he attacked Konoha

  6. With this progress, I give this manga 29 chapters till it ends….seriously….can Naruto get any stronger???

  7. @Profess – Kakahsi saying ‘Sensi’ to Naruto is a big shock to him but why would he say that when he knows he long dead. But I guess since he hasn’t really seen Naruto new power and the speed he was moving gave him flashback of someone important to him. Minato.

    @ultimate – yes it’s possible for Naruto to have power equal or qreater than their combined bujii Bama cause the nine tails is the strongest and if I’m not mistaken, according to some theory, the nine tails have fought the multiple beast at one time and won. I can’t credit but hope someone else knows what I’m talking about.

  8. This chapter was spectular! Naruto is starting to remind me of ichigo when he looked baddass after getting his powers back. I think we can all safely say naruto is on his way to being top dog. The last two core things he needs to do in my opinion is master the transformation into these forms so he can use them whenever and as long as he pleases(or at least longer than five minutes) and master one more good jutsu besides rasengan. Id like to see him develop some wind style attacks. Once he has those, he will be set as a ninja. The final battle between sasuke and naruto will be an epic one indeed. And i really doubt naruto will be over in a few more chapters. We still have PLENTY of story to cover and things that can be done. While i do think naruto is reaching the high point of the series, i still think we have a while before its over so please stop expecting the series to end anyday and just enjoy what you have 🙂

  9. I haven’t seen Naruto look that badass since he fought Pain…that’s all I got….

  10. Naruto – Great chapter! Naruto an Kuramma look total badass!! What a power up! Was kinda hoping Guy would have gone 8 gates tho…… As for sasuke he’s probably on his way – u know wat kishi is like if Naruto go this power up, Sasuke’s one is gonna look sick aswell. Susanno vs 9 tails is on thee way.

    One piece – did they reach they reach the new world already?!

  11. @Naruto101 – Kakashi thought that Naruto was Minato’s because Naruto is a lot like his father in this new Bijuu mode. Take a look back to his hair and clothes when Kishi showed the new transformation. I see the Minato, it’s the same hair style and the same coat.

    I wonder why Killer Bee cannot do the same transformation like Naruto? What does he have that the others Jinks don’t? What mean these symbols in his body? 5 mins? really?

  12. my understanding of it is that Naruto is in Bijuu mode and he created a clone that went into sage mode to detect the chakra rods, so the clone isnt doing anything other then sensor work. maybe he will stay there and gather chakra he will release it 😀 then we may see the all awaited augmented chakra version. by the way naruto looks BADDDD ASSS! he looks like he is a baddddd Maaaannn! ha ha

  13. can i just say ive sounds corny but we have all probably been waiting for this day since the naruto manga series was created about 13 years ago and it was well worth the wait IMO!! 😀 😀 😀

  14. Wow! that was one of the most satisfying chapters in a while in terms of action. Naruto has seriously never looked or acted so bad-ass (maybe when he came with his toad entourage at the beginning of the Pein battle, but now he looks insane!). The five minutes is really designed to show that Naruto isn’t the finished article yet. a bit like Ichigo when he was first mastering his hollowfication and could only last 11 seconds vs Grimmjow. If Kishi made it so that he simply mastered the Kyuubi transformation that would take out all the fun. @Rocks- I think the reason Bee can’t do the same transformation really just boils down to something that many have suspected: the Nine Tails is the closet thing to the Juubi, hence Naruto’s form also looking very similar to the Sage of Six Paths. I’m beginning to believe the theory that the 9 tails is as strong as all of the other Bijuu combined, and this may well have confirmed it.

    Whats even more awesome is that now that they have been joined together Naruto has the Kyuubi eyes and it isn’t just because of anger. What Kishi has been very clever in doing is that he has made naruto develop this new power in the middle of a war, meaning that he can’t train with Kyuubi and develop their battle relationship in the same way Bee has been able to with the 8 tails and Sasuke has been able to with his ridiculous amount of power. This adheres to the Naruto ethos: the underdog. I can guarantee that if/when Naruto is/was given a chance to develop this power he will be the most ridiculous shinobi around and worthy of the title of Hokage.

    Gonna read the chapter again

  15. @El Jefe – I agree Naruto is getting worthy of getting the Hokage title, he’s now not only able defend/protect himself but also his sensi/comrades and most importantly village (the king).

    I doubt this series is anywhere near it’s end. Too much story and development needs to take place to the final closure of this manga.

  16. @Naruto101- I agree that the manga is far from being finished there are various storylines that have yet to bee explored/tied up such as issues regarding what happens after the war? For instance, yes the different nations have united to fight a common threat but like all wars, what happens afterwards? There is always a huge fallout after something so big. I think Kishi will show us how the different characters grow after the war, especially Naruto’s class. questions such as ‘how will the war affect them personally’ and ‘what will they have learnt from the war’ will be posed. We’ve seen how far Itachi was willing to go to prevent war and I think Kishi would be missing a huge opportunity if he didn’t explore that type of thing with this generation.

    I think a good way to go after this would be to have the Sasuke/Naruto battle and see how this battle impacts everyone. I for one believe that Kishi might leave us with a scenario where Sasuke kills one of the main/older characters and I’m beginning to think it might be Tsunade or Kakashi (someone older and close to Naruto). That would be awesome because it would give us an opportunity to see how much Naruto has grown exactly. Will it be too much for him to handle and result in him going buck wild on Sasuke? Will he be as forgiving and clear-minded as when Pein destroyed the village?

    Basically, there are so many potential storylines to be done; and there are also so many potential villains to unearth.

  17. Liked that even with Naruos power up he stil didn´t take care of all and Bee helped Naruto and did some damage him self


  18. Is Naruto really in Sage mode too?? I think that he changed his cloak beacuse it got more power. and not beacuse he is in Sage mode

  19. forhget it.. saw on his eyes that he´s clone was in sage mode

  20. El Jefe, that’s exactly what i thought, now Naruto has 5 min in this mode, but like in Bleach, we will have another one more refined. But still one bijuu (even if it’s the 9 tails ) vs 2’d+3’d+5’d+6’d+7’d bijuu… That’s overkill.

    So this mode is badass, but remember there will be at least one more ( in bleach we had after the mask, the full hollow mode and the final getsuga tensho, and now the fullbring-shinigami mode )…

  21. Im thinking the reason why naruto looks different to what Bee looks like is simply down to the special Key that naruto used to unseal Kurama. there using that key as a bridge to connect eachother. Bee had a different sealing mechanism then the one Minato put on Naruto when he was a baby. also there is the Yin factor. he may only look that way because naruto only has the yin chakra not the yang. still i think naruto looks better then just having kurama normally like he looks in his belly. sorry if somoene has said similar i didnt read all the posts.

  22. @el jefe: i think your right in a way he needs to develop his tactics with Kyubi but naruto has always been an instinctual fighter, he has thrown in tactics at other times that have paid off big time though.

  23. and remember, half of 9 tails chacra (spelling ?) was taken away, when Minato sealed it… so it’s not fair versus the other tailed beasts, it looks like they are weak,

  24. Naruto looks different from Bee because he has not Mastered the Bijuu Transformation…

  25. @mattmaru, I agree with you that the type of seal probably has a lot to with the appearance of a transformer Naruto right now. I also think that the fact that the transformation wasn’t perfect, hence the spirity look to the fox’s tails, is another reason. Once he gets the transformation down pat, he’ll probably resemble the fox that we know.

  26. @Rock

    Naruto is like that because he has the sage’s body. Hence the sage necklace tattoo around his neck. Sasuke will have the eyes. That is how they will forever linked. The older brother got the eyes, the younger brother the body. This descended down through the generations. Into the Uchiha and Senju/Uzumaki bloodlines.

  27. yo its like a kyuubi version of susanno if you think about it. it envelops naruto like a susanno almost.

  28. @Impaler

    No, the other way around….not the Bijuus look weak rather than Naruto got too much power…..half of the nine tails chakra even if someone told me that Kurama is the strongest of them all…..this is just unrealistic…..I said it before even Kurama himself didn´t look that powerful when he attacked Konoha and he had twice the strength he has now….because of the sealing…..and every Bijuu are able to create a bijuu dama so it´s just the normal strength of an Bijuu…..so not the opponent is so weak…..Naruto is ridicously strong

    Some ppl here mention that there are tones of stuff to expand the Naruto Manga…..For me it would be better if Naruto ends after this war…..I love this manga but looking at the other manga like Bleach after Aizen or Dragonball after Cell….they just force to expand their story and it wasn´t good as before

  29. Why was the 8 tails looking stupid instead of making a bijuu dama of his own?! Way to leave the 9 tails hanging.

  30. @ultimate u have to remember though that nine tails that attacked the village may have had more chakra however this is a combination; its not just him anymore its him and naruto. In all manga or anime anytime there is a transformation or combination the end result is always stronger than any individual (like tecnoman, dragonball z, etc). The combined power of narutos natural chakra (which kakashi mentioned even on its own is vastly superior to his own and many other shinobi) and kurama is bound to have a heightened affect… dont forget this combination took time and years to come about. Not only that but kyuubi mode is a nice power boost and when u combine that form with the nine tails ur bound to get a powerful entity (btw remember alot of the tailed beasts were taken down by akatsuki members and at times only 1 of them at a time. If tails does in fact matter the alliance have the two most powerful left and u have seen what bee can do). The fact it lasts only five minutes right now is a good job of kishi of giving a glimpse of what naruto can do but even now its incomplete. At least naruto is fighting and getting these powerups on the fly… sasuke literally sat around for weeks after gettin a massive boost from itachis eyes. Naruto I feel deserved this powerup.

  31. @ultimate, I know exactly what you mean by manga being extended and they lose their specialty, but you cant judge bleach just yet we still have not seen the new arc which I am hoping will bring back the originality Bleach had in the first place and DragonBall Z ending with the freza saga. The animators wanted to make it longer because of its success-fulness but the actual manga ended with after the freza Saga.

  32. Also just because the other bijuu can make bijuu damas doesnt mean they are all equal; think like dragon ball z. Gohan, goten and goku could all do kamehamehas but gotens was always gonna be weaker due to him having a lower power level. The stronger the individual the stronger the techinque or jutsu will be. So its not too out there to see the nine tails combined with naruto matching the bijuus.

  33. I have a theory on Juubi and SOSP.. He was the first shinobi according to everyone, and he was really strong because of his spiritual force and his eye techniques/rinnegan. What if originally, the sage only had his spiritual power and not the eye tech and later developed it because he was host to the Juubi? And as far as I can tell Son, Hachibi and Kyuubi were able to verify that they are not such bad characters but was made that way because of other shinobi . So why not the Juubi as well. So my point is if SOSP developed his eye tech due to his affiliation with the Juubi, may be Naruto can also develop a new eye tech wen he combines sage mode + the current Kyuubi mode (like the one wen we so in the Pein arc but much more powerful). I say this because, I just think the sage mode is something which was originally found by SOSP and he was the only one who was able to perfect it till now like Naruto, and also Naruto being a possible descendant of the Senju/SOSP, there is a chance that he might have a possibility of developing a new eye tech hopefully powerful than rinnegan (when fully developed) just like SOSP. Well later in the manga may be Kishi could develop plot lines based on developing new techniques for naruto based on his eye tech (like shringan–> MS–> rinnegan) and also a possibility of seeing a fully ressurected Madara(original). and all this happens if my theory is somewhere close to the actual fact. Otherwise according to the current pace of the manga, I dont see any further development to naruto’s power (like DBZ) than it already is other than perfecting/ increasing the time limit of Bijuu mode. And may be also do Rasen shuriken with his Bijuu dama (tat will be crazy powerfull )..

    Do comment on what you think about my theory. Well it might have some loopholes and some factual errors but i hope u like it.
    Falcon out.

  34. I think somehow Naruto will lose the nine-tails and the Juubi will be resurrected. Naruto will have a serious power drop and thus will have to train to get stronger without the help of the nine-tails.

  35. what? dbz manga ended after the boo saga n it was not the animators who wanted to continue after freeza it was the fans

    btw cant wait for the tailed beast royale to be animated

  36. @token

    you mention a combination is stronger than the bijuu itself, but the other bijuus were also a combination and their host are most known as the strongest shinobis in their village……I´m still think Kishi overdraw Narutos power….even I like to see Naruto as a badass like this…..but it also seems that the words of teamwork which were said before are for nothing, he seems to do this all by himself…..it´s not Naruto fault he has no choice but after Kishi drawn a big picture of teamwork but than contradict his own message

  37. http://www.mangareader.net/105/dragon-ball.html – sorry confused how did dragonball manga end after freiza saga? ps awesome naruto chaper

  38. Naruto has a cool upgrade, but I don’t think it’s enough to go up against Sasuke to be honest.

  39. @ultimate actually he didnt do l this himself. Bee helped out by drawing one of the bijuu of him while also tackling one charging straight at him. All naruto did himself this chapter was deflect the bijuu damas and get ready to fire one of his own. The rest of this chapter he and bee worked well together with naruto charging in and bee actin as support. When i say combination I mean what you are seeing from naruto; the host and bijuu combo is powerful but naruto isnt like the hosts; he has kyuubi mode to power himself up which the hosts do not, combine that kyuubi mode with kurama and u have a tandem that is unmatched on the field. The kyuubi mode is powerful on its own but combine that with the kyuubi and that is off the charts power. gotta remember the strongest tailed beast is being combined with naruto while he is in kyuubi mode not normal….. kyuubi mode arguably doubles or even triples narutos normal power so that is y the power increase is great, which imo is how it should be.

  40. Sorry DBZ did end with the buu saga, but as a fan I felt like it truly ended after the Freza saga, after that it lost some of it’s importance, Gohan became a wimp, all the other humans were not even worth to mention, but that’s my opinion. But back to Naruto, I as a Naruto character fan am so excited to see Naruto in such an epic and badazz state. You can say he is overpowered, but I just love seeing Naruto having so much power coming from the wimpy clumsy kid, now no one can mess with his Awesomeness.

  41. “Sorry DBZ did end with the buu saga, but as a fan I felt like it truly ended after the Freza saga, after that it lost some of it’s importance, Gohan became a wimp, all the other humans were not even worth to mention, but that’s my opinion.”

    The android saga was the best saga in my opinion. Vegeta turning super saiyan for the 1st time, Future Trunks making his debut, Dr. Gero owning Yamcha etc

  42. Is the kyuubi mode…well not based on Kuramas power….so I´m not sure if you can count this….not the power of the combination is what unlogic, it´s the relation to Kurama in the past and the other bijuu…..I´m not good in math but Naruto+half Kurama doesn´t make 10 times stronger kyuubi mode

  43. @fleece, I’m gonna have to disagree with you. As it stands now, I see Naruto having a clear edge. For starters, genjutsu will no longer work on him thanks to the teamwork of the fox. He’s probably fast enough to dodge both susanoo arrows and the Amaterasu (sasuke dodged itachis), and the techniques he’s acquired since Sasuke last saw his moves are very impressive. Throw in the sheer power that the fox brings as well and I think Naruto comes out on top. The only wild card in my mind is what new jutsu comes with the EMS that sasuke now has? I think this jutsu will be very powerful, but strong enough to beat Naruto, I don’t know. In the back of my mind I also see Kishi stretching the battle out and giving Sasuke the rinnegan as well. Why would he have introduced the idea of the rinnegan being an EMS evolution if it weren’t possible for sasuke to have one? Madara would have been a beast without, but I think it was an idea that was set in motion to later be applied to sasuke. Rather then having us figure out how this happens, he introduces the evolution earlier so we’re all just hit with a “really!?” look when it happens.

  44. @jdog

    the new arc of Bleach is not written yet, but I don´t see any other villian that can compete with Aizen or that Ichigo can surpass his former state….now some ppl would say is not all about power but what I´ve seen so far wasn´t that exciting either.

    the only top manga which can extend after a showdown like it was with Aizen is One Piece, because of its nature it is easy to come up with something new but all other manga…..I don´t think so

    Let´s take a look at Naruto again, when Madara, Tobi, Kabuto are gone who can possibly top this…..and of course Sasuke….if he survive the last battle how can he progress any further.

    So my prediction stands… chapter 600 is the end

  45. But before Naruto ends I want to see a flashback from the fight Madara vs the 1st

  46. @ultimate
    You will get that if the kages throw down a zombie beating.

  47. Kakashi calling Naruto sensei goes to show you the respect the Yellow-Flash had…. When the Impossible happened Kakashi only knew 1 person it could have been… and i guess now thats 2.

  48. Possible reasons the Kyuubi/Naruto duo looks different than the others:

    1) The Kyuubi is closest to the Juubi.

    2) Naruto has the Sage’s body through the Uzumaki clan.

    3) Naruto is possibly in Sage Mode (actually he is the only jinchuriki who is a Sage…)

    4) All of the above. 😉

    Naruto looks more and more like the SOSP with that cloak… 🙂

    And I agree it seems exagerated to have them on equal footing with all the others bijuu. But Kyuubi remains the most powerful bijuu (even though he’s supposed to have lost half of his chakra, he seems the same size as the others, so either he used to be MUCH bigger than them or the chakra drain didn’t affect him all that much??). And if we add Naruto’s power (who is probaly in Sage Mode), I don’t think it’s that far-fetched. But then again, we have to wait till next chapter to see if it will succeed.

    Yes, Sasuke’s new powers will likely be very impressive in order to match such power, since he’s supposed to be Naruto’s rival. I agree with Firefist87 about Sasuke getting the Rinnegan, because as Naruto is right now, Sasuke’s got to have major power-up to match him. Simply getting Itachi’s eyes, as amazing as they are, will not be good enough to justify such power, at least not for ME. I mean come on, he’s up against a bijuu/sage team! Naruto had to train to become a Sage, he had to fight Kyuubi, then convince him to team-up with him by fighting a whole bunch of bijuu. If Sasuke becomes as powerful as Naruto by laying on an operation table… that just sounds ridiculously unfair, doesn’t it? 😛 I know the EM sharingan is awesome, but that’s too much. I simply won’t buy it. But that’s just me.

    …Unless Kishimoto has some revelation coming about Sasuke. Or maybe Naruto will be weakened after the fight and the Kyuubi will be extracted somehow. It’s quite possible, since I believe we will get to see the Juubi by the end of the series.

  49. @Ultimate, I know exactly what you mean, but I still feel like Bleach has a chance of bouncing back to its greatness. As for One Piece, well there is nothing to be said Oda is a descriptive freak, never leaves any details out, as for Kishimoto I feel is like Oda he likes to tell the story and I am actually liking the way the Naruto series is heading. As for who is the ultimate villain, I can’t really say. It would make sense and make the series longer is if after Madara/Tobi get defeated and the final villain becomes Sasuke, sort of how Madara became the lone warrior and took the world head on by himself. It would just make for a better story if Sasuke ends up the final villain.

  50. @firefist87, I agree with almost everything you said, but we must remember that Sasuke isn’t Madara, and Madara isn’t Sasuke. The power of the sharigan differs from each user, and to me Sasuke is the “best” wielder of the Sharigan, with Madara being second best. Naruto defeats most of his opponents through teamwork, so anything we see him do now doesn’t count, because he did it through teamwork, not by himself. When He faces Sasuke there won’t be any interruption.

  51. @jdogg and Fleece, okay on DBZ the best saga was when Goku came back from training at 100x earth’s gravity and fought the Ginu Force! Best fight move was that kamehameha at point blank range after his instant transmition on Cell!! Btw who do ya’ll think is faster Guko or Minato?

  52. is it me or is everyone missing the fact that there are two clones and the transformed kurama? i just read the chapter a second time and noticed that he is in sage mode, sosp, and bijui mode all at once…. he has really mastered the kagebushin jutsu and taken it to a whole other level

  53. Goku is faster, speed of light duhh
    I propose the comments be numbered.

    Epic chapter, I jizzed twice in 20mins as I read it twice!!!!

  54. Sasuke is naturally better with Amaterasu & Itachi is the same with Tsukiyomi. Now that Sasuke has Itachi’s eyes it is possible that he is the “best” wielder of the sharingan. Besides this has to be the case since he is the biggest rival to the main character…

    Goku is faster because he’s not freakin human

    Awesome chapter, my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Naruto deflect those bijuu damas!!!

  55. I didn’t read everyone’s comments but there is one i like to address. It was a short one. About Kakashi saying “Sensei” I believe cause of the speed of the attack and the way the attack Naruto used on the Bijuu Damas reminded Kakashi of Minato the Yellow Flash. So for a moment Kakashi thought of or thought for a moment that it was Minato that saved them. That is my thoughts on that particual piece. Other than that it was a awesome action packed chapter

  56. Im struggling to see how Sasuke is the best weilder of the Sharingan when Madara mastered the sharingan to the point where it evolved into the Rinnengan…. Madara’s Susanoo can summon freaking METEORS!!! and he has a plan to put everyone one into perpetual genjutsu…. how is sauske better? the only thing i can see Sasuke has mastered more then Madara is the manipulation of amaterasu which is blaze release.

    Naruto has the bloodline of the uzumaki yes so he could be a descendant of the son which had the Body chakra! so yeah thats why naruto could look different in his bijuu form. So Naruto’s natural huge chakra reserves coupled with his blood line could make naruto stronger with just half of Kyubi’s chakra. he could also deflect the huge bijuu dama with his bijuu dama but we shall see next week!

  57. Wow…..all that power and he still didn’t perfected the transformation..but why his transformation is different from bee and the other tailed beast (the seal and marking stuff in kyubi body)

  58. @Marie. I agree with u we will get to see the Juubi by the end of the series and naruto will be his host

  59. @Baus and Chefman
    Remember, Minato can put his FTG seal on anything that includes the ground Goku stands and his back. So, matter how far Guko travels..Minato can teleport right there.

  60. So what took less time: the super fast light speed that Guko traveled…or teleportation?…I believe teleportation is faster than speed of light…please understand…there are things faster than the speed of light. light is matter and is effected by gravity. if light travels around a hugh object like a star or black hole it moves slower maybe even stops, but teleportation is the mantipulation of time and space. So those rules of physics don’t apply…duh?! 🙂

  61. @RSVP4GOD Goku’s instant transmission is not based on the speed of light, but it is a teleportation based on focussing ones energy signature. Goku can teleport just by focussing on someone’s ki and he is right there.. If his technoque was based on speed of light, it would have taken him light years to just reach supreme kais planet or Piccolos planet. Where as Minato requires him to actually mark his target so as to teleport which makes Gokus technique far advanced.

  62. Ok, i had some time to think and i found more reasons that show that Naruto is WAY TO POWERFUL. Ok he got the Sage mode (in which he used the 9’s charka) and went all over the battlefield and fought a lot. So he used a lot of energy in the process (and the fox should be in the same state state, very tired). Ok after that they combine (remember Naruto was beated down and Kurama is only 50% in power) and they stiil go vs 5 tailed beasts ( so if Kurama is that powerfull, Why did the sand village bother with Sukkacu, he had only 1 tail? ).

    About the appearance of Naruto and Kurama, i think that they look like that because their transformation is not complete, we can see only chackra, Bee mastered the transformation and he was able to transform the chackra into flesh, bones and skin. So this mode is just a cloack, shaped after the fox.

    And Naruto vs Sasuke, seeing of Godfull Naruto is, Sasuke shouldn’t have any chance. Naruto is even faster then Superman, he has a clock made of chackra, that acts like a sheild against amateratsu, so he woun’t feel a thing, genjutsu woun’t work, phisical attacks wount work, and Naruto has a “small” Bijuu Dama (equal in power with the one made by 5 tailed beasts). So one dama would obliterate Sasuke with Susanoo. If Sasuke would have had any space time tehniques, maybe he whould have a chance to avoid that attack, but he doesn’t. And i can’t believe that he can take a bijuu dama and survive. And remember BIG MAGNUM didn’t have to fitght 9 tails, he just used his eyes, and that woun’t work.
    Sry for the long post..

  63. @ Fleece

    Now me and you normally don’t disagree to much, but I have to disagree with you on this one buddy. Do you really think Sasuke right now could take on BIG MAGNUM, the one that is fighting all the Kage’s, even right now, I don’t see Naruto being able to just defeat him. Because not even the Kurama can stop one of those massive meteors.

  64. Sorry MattMaru, you already said that I didn’t read all the comments, but I totally agree, as you can see by my commments.

  65. @Impaler

    It seems Sasuke wouldn´t have glimps of a chance against Naruto in his current state, but Kishi wouldnt let that happen. Just remember the fight in the valley where Naruto seems to be lot stronger but at the end lost the fight….so I guess Sasuke has more in his sleeves than meets the eye

  66. Exactly, like how Sasuke used Kirin in the battle against Itachi. That caught everyone by suprise and I personally think he use another crazy justu like that when he fights Naruto.

  67. @Faclon Prince, Per wikia Dragon Ball:

    Instant Transmission (瞬間移動, Shunkan Idō; also knowns as “Instant Translocation”, “Teletransportation” or “Instantaneous Transmission”) is a technique for instantly teleporting, taught to Goku when he was on Planet Yardrat after his deadly battle with Frieza.

    Gouku describes this teletransportion as follows:

    In the FUNimation Dub of the anime, Goku describes the technique as allowing him to move at the speed of light (specifically 186,282.397 miles per second)..Still sounds slower than Minato…I think.

  68. The Flying Thunder God Technique is a technique created by Minato Namikaze which allows the user to transport themselves to a marked location in the blink of an eye.

    activate this technique, the user needs a special seal or “technique formula” (術式, jutsu-shiki) to mark the destination. After this is done, the user enters a dimensional void that instantaneously transports himself to the location of the seal.

    It is because of this technique that Konohagakure came out victorious in a battle against Iwagakure during the Third Shinobi World War, despite already running short on manpower in the frontlines. After having his subordinates toss marked kunai randomly into the enemy ranks, Minato used the technique to appear within their ranks, using the great speed of this technique to seemingly appear to be in several places at once and wipe out entire squadrons one by one in moments before they could even react.

  69. Also see Speed of light – wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_of_light

    The speed of light is of relevance to communications. For example, given the equatorial circumference of the Earth is about 40,075 km and c about 300,000 km/s, the theoretical shortest time for a piece of information to travel half the globe along the surface is about 67 milliseconds.


    If we use the Blink of an eye description for Minato’s teleportation:

    The average length of a blink is 300-400 milliseconds. So Guko is faster at short distances and slower than Minato at longer distances.

  70. I personally don´t think the difference between lightning speed and teleportion in a fight is that different due to the short distance….you can see the difference when it comes to long distance like when Minato teleport himself to a totally different place

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    Top 3 fights:

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    Exactly that i was saying, now Naruto is just like Bee and Genjutsu should affect him.

    Question: does amateratsu burn chakra? Cause chakra is like pure energy and that shouldn’t burn….

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