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Don’t Get a Boner, Cuz It’s The Naruto Rap Corner.

Bee: “Yeah, it’s that time,

So come with ya dopest rhyme.

Flowing cool like a curvy 9,

Drop your best Naruto lines.

Do your best not just fine,

The best get their chance to shine!”


41 Responses

  1. Flying like a dove, come and show the rap corner some love, yeah don’t shove, cuz next week we gon’ judge.

  2. (This is a Naruto rap contest for those of you who don’t speak ebonics…)

  3. lol @ ssj

    @kisu, I’m coming back with the best rap ever.

    ~The Infamous One

    *Exits the page with his mine focused on destroying the competition.

  4. lets battle this out son

  5. Why does it take this website so long to come up wit reviews/critique for naruto chapters but bleach and one piece come out so quick?

  6. Shaggy, Shaggy….. Shaggy

    Not Shaggy with Scooby, but “Shaggy wasn’t me”. Shaggy….

    I heard… I seen.. I saw. Same as seen, I understood.

    I broke down…. and I broke down some more, and came with the conclusion.

    “Shaggy wasn’t me”… Shaggy….. wasn’t me

    I got love for those who got luv for they self. If you don’t luv yourself I hate you too

    Shaggy…. wasn’t me…

    Word of day is “Prevention”

    Prevention is the cure… If you know something and you know the results of something that you do before you do it, you wouldn’t do it, so prevention is the cure

    Shaggy it wasn’t me… Shaggy… wasn’t me

    ICE N***A

  7. Shut up critics I’m about to drop some funky fresh lyrics. Read it and weep no gimmicks, and please, no mimics.

    Yeah, Naruto’s being a little prick,
    Breaking orders and being dumb is his schtick.
    He ain’t listening shit
    He knows Gedo Maz’ll suck him dry like a tick
    So why did destiny pick,
    This little blonde country hick?
    Man it’s gotta be a trick,
    Cuz at this rate the world’s gonna burn like a candle wick.
    Anyway lemme say this rea’ rea’ quick
    Guy’s got a hot Hyuga chick
    But he only does her in Fanfics,
    He’s too busy wanting to take Sasuke’s stick
    His mind’s gotta be sick,
    Dude’s got problems staring at an Armadillo’s dick!

    The hugest ego belongs to Kisu,
    But chances are he’s already debated and beat you.
    Flash be up in his grill with Minato wank
    But yo, Flash’s arguments are jank.
    Yeah yeah Madzi usually agrees
    Cuz he knows Kisu never fails to please.
    Tensa, pretty cool guy
    But in this rap battle he gon’ die.
    Uchiha is infamous,
    But he won’t come out on top in these matchups.
    John got a problem admitting Pain’s the man,
    Jiraiya lost yo, admit it. Damn.
    SSj be all up in my grill yo,
    Imma boot you back to Bleached Ichigo.
    “Why’s Naruto reviews so slow” asked SubZero,
    Kisu said “Cuz Bob’s a badass mofo”
    Woi Ai Ni is a pretty cool cat
    Doing research and coming up with all those Timeline stats.
    Fleece is a Sasuke Fanboy,
    Pfft, he’s just a troll guy.
    Profess is a mystery,
    But after this he gon’ be history.

    That’s right I threw the first blows, now come at me bros.

  8. i cant believe you guys were serious lmao.

    you know what i take that back. im thinking of signing all you guys to my record label, No Talent Records =)

  9. lol. When can I sign up?

  10. Sasuke….. flip ya boy side ways

    They used to drink kool-aid…..back in my days

    Chidori to ya face, if you coming my way

    It’s time to roast these cats, call it fry day (friday)

    U can’t see through the eyes of Uchiha. Sasuke befriend Naruto and killed em

    Like Selena

    Go ahead tell the people how you dress up like Bellerina

    Bob is never here on time……………………FEMA

    100 comments later, reviews we don’t need em

    Sasuke is the best…. Yes!! Please tell me who can beat em?

    If I’m a fanboy, well.. so is ya niece

    I’m on ya head now boy, you can call me the fleas

    Kisu don’t wanna battle, betta call the police

    And I will never, ever, ever trust a man in pink

    You’re just a princess, and I’m about my green like Link!!

    Trying to bounce BACK!! Piles of money I gotta count that!!!

    I’m old scool, like peanut butter on a MOUSE TRAP!!

    Don’t put my name in ya mouth, quit the chit chat

    Eight Trigrams Sixty Four Palms will leave ya ribs cracked!

    I said don’t put my name in ya mouth, quit the chit chat

    My name ain’t gum little boy so eat a tic tac

    Simon say’s Fleece Johnson FTW

    You can come to my house but you gotta be 10!

    Yes I’m the best rapper alive, and I’m your favirote rapper favirote rapper, and your favirote rock band favirote rock band!

    FLEECE N***A

  11. Sending, im sending i cant stop sending
    Kisu is that your best coz believe i will end it
    Your debating skills are top notch my brother
    But in a war i’ll send ur ass crying under a cover
    Readers better know im Tensa wit da better flow
    U’ll get left trolling on ur own in ur own home
    I’ll raid ur house and give u a quick 64 palms
    64 slaps, i hope u read ur psalms

    U like Pain so much that its so hard to bare
    I’ll make u just like him and put u in a wheel chair
    U can shout “Shinra Tensei!!!!!!” open ur eyes and stare
    And i’ll be like Itachi and put u in a nightmare
    Break ur legs then laugh just like i was Hidan
    Tryna go against me i dunno what u was thinkin
    Ur a scared little bitch its obvious to see
    Go and diss someone else coz im way outta ur league

    We can go 16 for 16 or 32 bars a piece
    If you dont like Naruto then Fuck off and read Bleach
    Dont say shit about Sasuke u dont want beef wit Fleece
    And Bob i like ur reviews each and every single week
    But back to the manga that we all love to read
    Kabuto’s got no heart so he needs to get beat
    I’ll leave that Madara, he’s sure to face defeat
    This is a warm up for my Shannaro peeps

  12. Yo Tensa your rapping is atrocious
    To match my flow you’ll need some hocus pocus
    Cuz I’m flier than a locust
    Rhymes oh so ferocious
    Style so focused
    Delivery so melodious
    So here’s the prognosis
    you suck but I’m so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    I like Naruto the series cuz it’s so hot
    But Naruto the dude is just so not
    Sasuke and Naruto’s lovefest ate the plot
    Leaving many characters to rot
    So I take occasional shots
    To show how shitty everything got
    Oh yeah, almost forgot
    Did I mention Sasuke’s a faggot?

    Lemme tell you about Pain
    The guy’s coolness is insane
    Having a dark background that’s off the chain
    It makes everyone elses look tame
    Killed Jiraiya and Hanzo of the Rain
    Then flattened Konoha to end the game
    It’s a shame
    That in comparison, Madara’s plan is lame

    Think you can touch me then bring it cuz Kisu’s in it to win it.

  13. Haha. Haven’t been here in so long
    But what can I say? Something went wrong
    Getting my user stuff back
    So I don’t totally get a rack
    By my peers from this forum
    But hey! No sweat.
    Because even though I really do regret
    I’m still back, so I can’t really fret
    So I missed 17 chapters of this manga
    I say that’s alot, other people say DANG-A
    I say yeah, I know
    They say yeah that must really blow ;x
    Mhm, it does, that’s why I’mma get back in the roll
    And try not to be a complete troll
    But hey, man, it’ll all get fixed
    Not with Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
    But with me
    You got dat, Bee?
    You just got schooled
    By a noob who can’t rhyme


  14. Kisu, U could never beat me in the first place
    I’ll slap u in ur dirty face
    Dont bother reply ur just a waste
    U better than me thats not the case
    Go an suck Pain’s shit through a drinking straw
    Danzo got stabbed wit a chakra sword
    I’ll do worse than that an break your spinal cord
    I told u, u aint ready for war

    You can be Pain – choose any Path u want
    Im Madara bitch so im the top dog
    I’ll play like Zabuza and leave u blind in the fog
    The Uzumaki clan are losers that all fell off
    Why u hating on an uchiha, is it coz one was Pain’s boss??
    Or is it coz Itachi makes Pain look soft?
    is it coz Sharingan’s the main jutsu in the plot?
    Or is it coz Pain got laid down to rot?

    And Sasuke’s top class just face it dude
    Madara said he’ll be stronger than Nagato in a few
    So Uchiha’s number 1 and Nagato’s number 2
    Face it just face it ur favourite guy was destined to lose
    But back to the war i like how Zetsu moves
    Clone the whole army leave em messed up an confused
    Sakura’s useless whats that retard gonna do
    Madara’s gona win the war thats what im thinkin dudes

    Kabuto aint no threat he just hides away
    Orochimaru’s bitch is scared to come out and play
    Who’s gonna save Anko and set Yamato free
    so he can make Snake skin boots, my moneys on Kakashi
    And Gaara do ur thing son lemme see a massive sand coffin
    Bury ur dad after all u gotta stop him
    As for 9 tails, lemme see 9 new jutsu
    Your gonna need em all coz Sasuke’s out to get you!

  15. Tensa I already told you man you ain’t no match
    Your rhymes are as wrinkly as Chiyo’s snatch
    So sit back and watch
    As my style makes you disappear like the Yelloflash
    Drinking straw? Uh-uh Not this outlaw
    I’m as defiant as a Chidori’s raw
    Imma massacre you so no draws
    Cuz I hit hard and fast like Quickdraw Mcgraw

    Any path I want? I’ll pick Deva
    You say your Madara,
    Okay brotha,
    Just remember your ass beat by a frikkin tree hugger.
    Itachi that blind schmuck
    Can’t touch Pain with all the plot luck
    Uchihas are crazy and they all suck
    Their minds are more twisted than the speech of Donald Duck

    Let me try, to clarify,
    Madara said Sasuke’s just Gedo’s replacement guy
    Don’t believe me then check the chapter and verify
    Nagato and Naruto were destined to change the world
    But Naruto just bitches about Sasuke like a PMSing girl
    I agree, Sakura’s less useful than a crippled squirrel
    But she beat a Zetsu and sent the news
    That really just means she made Madara’s plan look like refuse.

    This war stuff, who cares?
    It’s just a tournament with a lil more flair
    No one important has stopped breathing air
    Only fodder-nin, the Alliance got spares
    Anyway I already made it well known
    That I flow like Kisame in the water dome
    So like the shark I’ll bite into you to the bone
    You step to Kisu, PREPARE TO GET PWNED!

  16. Thanks, guys! I am in the middle of University exams and these lyrics are a treasure! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for your nice words, Kisu! We always need a time table, to know the background, before we all make these epic conversations, right? πŸ˜‰

    May the best win this battle! πŸ™‚

  17. still writing mine but heres a little peice of my new chorus

    im a lover im a fighter im a feen for the slump
    im an uncut daimond buried deep in the rough
    im a leader im a follower and im set to one breed
    im a move makin paper chasin prince amongst thieves
    im a talker ima listener and im open as hell
    got my stategy in order while you hopin i fail
    im a giver im a taker and i live for nthe love
    im just a man that fits the categories listed above

  18. I am literally laughing my ass off. πŸ™‚ These are too funny! Going to be hard to choose.

  19. lmao no coment

  20. *A calm hush falls over the crowd as The Infamous One approaches the mic.

    The Infamous One has returned to the stage one again
    To show all you lame Sasuke acting crybabies how to go hard like the Raikage
    Yeah I hear you all talking and wishing you can be just like me
    But I’m like Jiraiya, can’t nobody pimp me
    Let’s get some things straight I never come last
    And like killerbee my blows hit hard like 8 arms just nailed your rooty poo candy …..
    Wait they thought I was going to curse but I’m gone pull a page from Sakura’s book and be chill and don’t talk no hurt
    Harm or danger, these lyrics on here kept getting lamer and lamer
    But it’s okay though cause I came to teach you fools the truth
    I’m like Nagato I just use the Rinnegan to uncover the real truth
    And that is the Infamous One is the greatest Shannaro rapper of all time
    So please don’t be a Kakashi and copy all my rhymes.

    ~The Infamous One

    *And with the that, The Infamous One drops the mic and exits the stage with the crowd chanting his name.

  21. @Kisu

    Kisu Im starting to feel ashamed .
    That you did not say my name.

    The Envyus one is here and not quite done.
    Because I feel that your the best one

    I have been your yes man for quite some time.
    but you did not talk about me in your rhyme even though it was sublime.

    I even met you one TV tropes.
    And even there you are quite dope.

    My Rhyming skills are super lacking but i support you like a lackey.
    Nagato rules no doubt but Minato is not as bad as you say even if you find that wacky.

    He is not the best however and a few are better then him no doubt
    but he is not too bad so don’t shout.

    dear god I’m turning into your horribly spelling challenged fan boy

  22. Time to take these kids to school.

    Infamous one makes no one rave
    Lyrics and swag his rapping craves
    Kisu gotta take him off the stage
    Cuz like a tsunami I make hands wave
    You’re like Jiraiya, yeah he got punked
    Deep into the sea his body got dumped
    He’s good at pimping, yeah that myth’s defunct
    Last ass he got was Sexy Jutsu Naruto’s junk

    Envy, nah, I didn’t forget you brah
    I know you’re kick ass cuz you leave me in awe-
    At some of the things you say so raw
    So good to know you know I’m a mastuh.
    But seriously though your rhymes are cool
    They beat a lot of ours like government mules
    Packed with so much energy they’re measured in Joules
    YOUR OVER 9000! Yeah you rule.

  23. im legendary like a cenmetery very scary its necessary
    that my rhymes are leavin
    punch lines like jackie gleason
    kick your ass for breathin
    we dont need a reason
    gettin even eye for an eye
    lips like a b-2 drop bombs from the sky
    hiroshima nagasaki say sake suicide
    im a walkin kamikaze back up off me im a
    sick rip shit lip jim starr
    barrel mount twist from the uneven bars
    tripple back flip queen dismount
    gold medals all around we be shuttin em out
    you aint gung so shut up and quit your hopin
    you aint dope you just got caught for dopin
    you dont wanna see me do my one pummel trick
    while bobs in the corner and hes screamin oh shit

    for you amateurs this was a double time verse, more to come

  24. i only gots a little but i dont gots a lot
    im jottin down these memoirs gotta find the plot
    i dont know what i am, but i know what im not
    and knowin that right there might be all i got

    i gotta part time job pullin full time stress
    i got alotta bills and i still go blow my checks
    i gotta phone full of numbers from the birds ive met
    rangin from quintant acquittances to girls ive left
    i gotta keep on my grizzly and grind
    cuz in my city shit be really busy like 99 percent of the time
    gotta a quarter life crisis come and spend on my shine
    got any spare change? gotta make a relative sign
    i would settle for a single cop or a cent and a dime
    i gotta keen nose i could smell the scent of a dime
    across the smokey bar drinkin ketel with lime
    i gotta high tolerance for jack, the gentlemans kind
    i gotta low tolerance for ignorance i dont bother with
    over embalishment i gotta a burger with no condiments
    i got a pot to piss in and a mic to holler in
    and a ton of confidence, fuck it call it cocky then
    i gotta brain to mouth filter thats broken
    i gotta cammel light filter im smokin
    i gotta get my whats the business in motion?
    hit up every coast and take a big dip in the ocean

  25. ejecting semen headless demons from my erected penis
    necks are bleeding left you sinkin like tetra hethans
    leavin you cowerds completely devoured
    from meteor showers of spiders fire breathin like bowser
    i dissable teens with my fatal sting
    i got a tale like a scorpion, tortoise skin and angel wings
    now i got your heads nodding
    minotaur knight of the living dead zombie
    synesis from crescent kicks its deffinite your neck will twist
    from venomous predicates gettin better with no hesistance
    cuz you’ll never get ahead of it
    cuz im smashin this palnet with my hands and fists
    so yall thinks its flat again
    ill beat you to death with a night stick
    uppercut sucker punched you to a spike pit of ice picks
    to get your girl is my game plan
    ill fist fuck the bitch and punch you in the face with the same hand

  26. I gotta admit Profess just upped the game then; well done.

  27. So Kisu thinks he’s king
    Only kingdom he’s over is the land of mist, who’s actually ruled by a queen
    Your lyrics are bland and lacking in creativity
    I’m the one the people beg for while you turn green with envy
    I know it’s hard recognizing someone so great
    When the only rap you know is: “Oh Nagato’s just so great!!”
    Last time I checked he got talked to like a child
    By Naruto the kid with the Yellow hair and golden smile
    Once again the talk no jutsu brought down the house
    All the while Nagato just layed back and smiled
    Kisu, it’s time to man up, and recognize me as the man
    Or else get clotheslined back to the mist like your friend Kisame the Shark man

    ~The Infamous One

    *And with that the crowd erupts with elation as they realize they have just witnessed greatness

  28. Hey Uchiha Im the one green with Envy can’t you see my Avatar

  29. ya i just merced the competition with ease

  30. UchihaTheInfamous, on June 20, 2011 at 11:45 am said:

    “To show all you lame Sasuke acting crybabies how to go hard like the Raikage”

    Uh oh, it’s time for the king to step back in the ring!!!! Infamous????
    You’re only infamous for 2 things. At the bus stop, crying,
    begging for loose change, so many gaps in ya mouth
    I bet you floss yo teeth with shoe strings.
    Χ”Φ·Χ Χ‘ΦΆΧŸ
    Don’t worry, It’s a Jew thing. I’m the best… “period”!!!!!!!
    Mood swings………. Throwing fits,
    like a fist, coming full swing.
    Sub Zero flow, with power equal to Liu Kang.
    Jiraiya sucks, when he died I cried laughing,
    fine as wine when I’m rapping, my timeline is infinite, mind wise to be a captain
    My boat reach coast, crashing. One piece I’m steady at it
    You haters not in my bracket
    I spit it with such a passion
    Like Pein.. I’m such a legend.
    I’m king.. You’re just a peasant!

    Sasuke is number ONE, Naruto stays in SECOND.
    Chakra building like traffic. Kirin, I got the static,
    back then, we played Aladin…… Dreaming of f#%*n Jasmin.
    Excuse my French, whenever I speak Spanish.
    Amaterasu shield, one hit and then ya vanish.
    When Sasuke come you betta panic
    Raikage got his arm cut off, who did the damage????

    When it come to rapping, you’re squidboy and I’m GAMBIT!!

    It’s obvious I won the contest, so send me the Naruto Shippuden movies I won from this contest to my email

    Peace & Chicken grease N****A – Fleece

  31. Well, I kinda resigned to being #2 since I knew Profess would sweep this lol

  32. “Drop your best Naruto lines”

    Profess didn’t make any reference towards anything Naruto related, so technically I’m still #1. I could easily go to my writtens and cheat, but that wouldn’t be fair.

    FLEECE N****A

  33. Poof! I appear like a magician
    I’m Shannaro’s own rap technician
    This time I’m on a mission
    To get rid of Fleece like an infestation
    Yeah, he know
    My lines slam like the Big Show
    Are crazy like Al Snow
    And agile as Jo-Mo

    I can make WWE references cuz I be the best,
    I’m twisted like a “S”
    Better than the rest
    Burning like Katon oh so intense
    It’s whatevs Fleece’s rhymes give rimmies
    The logic escapes them like Mr. Houdini
    So don’t try to step to me,
    Cuz Fleece you’re just a frikkin lil jimmy!

    All your Sasuke wank borders on delusion
    That awesomeness you talk about is only an illusion
    On the awesomeness scale he’s a one if you remove one
    That’s zero in case your mind is yang
    Mortal Combat you say?
    Shows ur stupidity since it’s spelled with a K
    Lui-K? He got beat by Shan Tsung and Quan Chay
    I’m Scorpion mofo I’ll burn you any day!

  34. Fleece Johnson who are you
    You aren’t rap
    You’re just a Sasuke loving fanboy with a really big trap
    Sasuke’s still not the best Uchiha
    He’s a Beyonce; just a ‘Diva’
    And I’m starting to think the same about you
    Always trolling for Sasuke compliments til you turn blue
    Let’s get one thing straight
    I’m the best and always will be
    Your just a coward, yellow bellied
    Like a picachu; see
    You thought you were ready to run with big dogs
    Really your just a little dog making a whole lot of noise
    Common man give a rest,
    Don’t get disgusted because you’ve been hit by the best
    Learn from a real rapper and get your game up
    Before I have to lay the smack down on your rooty poo candy butt.

    ~The Infamous One

  35. Brief pause in the rapping for this important new bulletin:


    All the jinchuriki have a rinnegan and sharingan given to them by Madara


    oh and 544 is out, lol & bleach and one piece at this site



    He really did give Nagato the rinnegan because can create them.


  36. @Uchiha, no bro. All you have to do to get a Rinnegan is be connected to the real user. That’s why all the “paths” have rinnegans in their right and shariongans in their left, because that paths mirror the original user.

  37. Right, forgot about that.

  38. I didn’t submit defeat. I wrote huge monster rap that didn’t go through and I didn’t copy it, oh well. I’m still the king. Kisu you’re 4th, Tensa killed it.

    We’re all winners at the end of the day, because this summer Sasuke will return, and whoop some azz

  39. :,)

  40. Yo i just found out about this little rap battle page today, i was so out of it. C’mon you gotta atleast let me bust out a sweet rap song that makes all yours smell like ish. This is a true rap tribute to the naruto world, i just wish the rap came with back up girls. Check it!

    I’m comin swift like Naruto,
    & when I come you hardly know
    that I got you from below
    pull you down into the flo
    livin in the land I live
    grab the helping hand I give
    feel the chakra flowin through
    don’t let your karma conquer you
    like Kankuro, the puppet master
    I can move my hands much faster
    down the keys piano is my puppet & I LOVE it
    move with ease, ninjulee
    use my fist so gently
    like Neji, are you ready, eat you up like some spaghetti
    or some Ichiraku Ramen
    I know that my kicks uncommon
    but the drum & bass
    iz what keeps you bumpin this ish in yo face
    this is laced
    with the hidden presence of the inner beast
    9 tailz, that iz me
    Oh what a catastrophe
    thought you had me, actually
    now bow down to your majesty
    KOTC, iz it easy, for me to take it upside-down
    ya, man, it aint a thang
    for me to take the whole town underground
    like a mole
    diggin through the caverns of my inner soul
    searchin for the secret scroll
    that tells me what I need to know
    the definition, of my mission
    is to get your spirit lifted
    in the kitchen, burnin oven
    I just wanna spread the LOVE’n
    revealin the truths my ninja way
    the liez the enemy I slay
    shinin az bright az the break of day
    My inner vision’ll light the way

    My spirit iz my kunai & I’m cuttin down the rope
    I’m cuttin through the wicked web & holdin onto HOPE
    My shurikenz are with me O’lrochimaru
    gotta shadow clone ninjustu that’ll leave you hollow
    fill the holez with your darkness Mr.Kabuto
    but I know your just another demon down below
    In your heart, its an art, when I tear your ass apart
    from the finish to the start
    I always gotta make my mark
    Hokage, no sir
    I don’t wanna be a leader
    but I wanna be the fighter that’ll never be defeated
    when I’m needed, I’ll be there for you
    flyin through the air for you
    cuz you’re my ninja comrade
    & I’m always gonna care for you
    Like Sasuke, I saw the day
    that darkness would grab hold of me
    but I fought the darkness with the light
    & I’m never gonna give up on the fight
    I know what’s right, I’m holdin on
    My fist of righteousness is strong
    & with this song, I sing it to
    the world the best that I can do
    so you can see it through & through
    the truth that is inside of you

    Standin up for what you LOVE
    iz the way to rize above
    rize above, time to fly
    take this battle to the sky
    tears are rainin by & by
    who says ninja never cry
    we all got demonz, who know’z why
    all you gotta do is try
    leave your troublez far behind you
    let go of the thingz that bind you
    their only draggin you down
    reach inside & hear the sound
    sing it loud, it’s profound
    energy goes round & round
    we’re so caught up lets get down
    now lets take it to the ground
    look around what do you see
    evil drowndin over me
    all this violence, all this anger
    the Leaf Village iz in danger
    listen now, I aint no stranger
    we have go to make a change
    or our home will just keep gettin wrecked
    only one last time I checked
    Every Tree, Every Creature
    Everything Can Be Your Teacher
    listen closely, it’s our mission
    this right here’z the wish we’re wishin
    live with LOVE, all I ask
    this iz our shinobi path
    one more time, when I say
    LOVE iz our shinobi way

    And that right there is a true rap fools ya fools!

  41. Peace be with you fellow ninjas of shannaro
    Suna OUT!

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