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Top Failings of the War Arc 2

Post Author: Kisuzachi

A little over a year ago I made a post about the most important failings of this current arc, and over the course of merely a year Kishimoto has topped every gripe I had. Essentially, in comparison to the current failings, last year’s list may actually be winnings, but only in comparison of course. Now, a thing like fails is somewhat subjective, but I think we can all be in agreement when I say some things are objectively bad. I’ll be posting this on my phone, so forgive the lack of colors, I ask.

1. The Villains are too powerful.

It is a common storytelling tool, especially in Shonen, that the next bad guy is typically stronger than the one before. However, it is important for one to not go overboard with this. when you’re careful, you go from a villain like Orochimaru to the Akatsuki. When not careful you end up with Madara, Obito and Kabuto. These three villains are so absurdly powerful that there is no convincing way to beat them without making them pants-on-head retarded. Then there’s the Jubi, whose menace is non-existant at this point since it continues to fail and have no real impact on anything. All tension dies the moment you remember Madara could drop a meteor on the battlefield and kill everyone there or that Tobi could just trap Naruto and Bee in his pocket dimension like he did with Fuu and Torune.

2. The Villains are bad.

Why is Madara evil? Because Tobirama rightfully said they should keep an eye on the Uchiha and because he wasn’t made Hokage. Hashirama is one o the worst characters I’ve ever ha the displeasure of knowing about. He was willing to sacrifice his life for an evil, selfish bastard in Madara that he had already defeated. He got upset at Tobirama for making the people vote for their leader instead of going along with him appointing Madara as leader. His entire character was devoted to appeasing Madara’s ego, and all this did was make Madara come off as a stupid, self-entitled brat with an incomprehensibly large mancrush on Hashirama.

What is Kabuto’s goal? He wants to follow in Naruto’s footsteps and overcome Orochimaeu like  Naruto overcame the Kyubi like he said all those hundreds of chapters ago? Wrong! Okay, he wants to learn as many jutsus ad he can like Orochimaru did? No! Okay, i give up. Tell me what he wants. He wants to be Sasuke’s older brother. What. No, really, what? That is Kabuto’s nonsensical goal that in no way meshes well with him helping Tobi.

Tobi… oh Tobi. I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. When his mask came off two characters got kicked in the nuts by Kishimoto: Obito and The Masked Man (TMM). TMM was the nihilistic guy who spent most of his time onscreen getting to the point and avoiding lengthy talking. Obito was the one unambiguously good Uchiha that gave his beliefs to Kakashi, who in turn gave it to Naruto. After the mask came off, Tobi became incessantly whiny, the things he says no longer makes any sense and he contradicts himself every time he opens his mouth. “Don’t think this is about you and Rin, Kakashi.” then he says “You let Rin die, you’re trash.” and he continually thinks of her while onscreen.

3. The Uchiha

Remember how we were supposed to think the Uchiha massacre was a bad thing? In fact, we’re still supposed to think that. But why should we? This Arc revealed that every Ichiha is born with evil brain chakra… LOL. This is no joke, you read that right, evil brain chakra. What this means is every Uchiha, more than anyone else in the world, is predisposed to evil. This, in essence, means Tobirama would’ve been downright NEGLIGENT to not watch them, and a leader would be downright inept if the Uchiha were not massacred before they threw the world into chaos. No, Kishimoto, evil brain chakra does not Bsolve the Uchiha of their crimes, it just means they should’ve been dealt with faster.

4. Character Derailment

I’m gonna keep this section short, sweet and to the point.

A) Sasuke: suddenly becoming sane and joining the good guys, conpletely negating hundreds and hundreds of chapters of buildup. I swear you cannot handle someone switching sides worse than Sasuke the two times he did it.

b) Itachi: he moved from a tragic character to becoming Christ. Suddenly his parents were happy to be killed by him, lessening the paun associated with their deaths. He’s somehow good enough to be giving Naruto and Killerbee instructions in the fight with Nagato as if they were Genin. He tells Labuto he is lying to himself… but who or what makes Itachi good enough to tell Kabuto he is lying to himself. Kabuto busted his ass to get to where he was and WAS trying to find his true self through his biological knowledge, but Itachi goes “lolnope, I somehow know you better than yoh know yourself.” He’s a self-righteous asshole, but Kishi portrays his self-righteousness as noble. Disgusting.

C) Sakura: think about recent developments. Now think about what’s happened over the past 400 chapters. Let it sink in. Sakura has been storing up chakra all this time and refused to use that stored up chakra against Sasori even though he was gonna kill her and Chiyo. She didn’t use it when Naruto went 4tails against Orochimaru to help him. She didn’t use it against Hidan and Kakuzu. She didn’t use it during Pain’s invasion. She didn’t use it to beat Sasuke, even going so far as to say she’s useless and that she’ll just leave things in Naruto’s hands. She didn’t use it to heal Neji before he died. What this tells us is that she’s either a heartless monster or Kishimoto NEVER planned this and just did it to have shitty Sanin symbolism.

There are others, but if I went through them all we’d be here all night.

5) Broken Aesops.

Old generation being surprised by the new. Lol, right. Given what we saw in the Madara vs Hashirama battle, no ninja has surpassed those two. Madara easily beats all 5 Kages. When things looked their worst against the Jubi, the previous 4 generations of Kages come to save the day. The old generation kicks ass and the current one IS ass.

Unity is Stronger than all the Biju and kekkei genkai in the world. Bullshi-. Naruto and Bee are wasting time and chakra protecting the 50000 or so Ninja there. The “alliance” has literally contributed nothing to this that Naruto and Bee couldn’t by just throwing Bijudama after Bijudama at the Jubi. In fact, they’d likely have done more damage since Kurama wouldn’t have the need to be giving out his chakra like that.

Be your own person. Itachi vs Kabuto was basically one big PSA about being yourself because you’re the only you. The message exists in Naruto and Sasuke too. Before Kishi tried making Sakura ‘useful’, Naruto hadn’t used Jiraiya’s techniques and teachings for a hell of a long time because right now he’s forging his own legend. Sasuke abandoned Orochimaru and the Snake motif when he changed his team’s name to Hawk, and stopped using Snakes, instead summoning a hawk against Danzo. In a ploy to make Sakura seem like she has grown, he reverts Naruto and Sasuke’s character development to maintain Sanin Symlolism.

A happy world of lies is worse than a terrible world of truths.

Tobi: “Rin didn’t deserve to die. If this wold allows someone as good as her to die, it simply cannot be real.”

Kakashi: “I’ll kill the present you to maintain the past you.”

See the similarity?

My main problems with this arc fall into being very subjective, so I will end it here. I do hope yoi enjoyed this read, because I sure as hell enjoyed writing it more than I’ve enjoyed Naruto in the past 2 years. This post doesn’t come from a place of hate; I hate Twilight but you don’t see me devoting entire posts to it. No, thismpost is born from feelings of betrayal coming from someone that once loved this series. I hope this manga is coming to an end, but I also hope Kishimoto actually pits effort into this, or far more than he has been. This series, despite its many many many flaws deserves a strong ending. G’night Shannaro!


Post Author: Mart

I’ve got another blog, I’m bored and making up for lost time. My long term favorite ninja has always been Kabuto. I’m talking about from the moment he was introduced (because I liked his intel card jutsu). He’s always been hard to figure out and always made things interesting, from saving Hinata only to knock Kiba out to transplanting Orochimaru’s arm into his body, he just makes moves you don’t see coming. He’s not some predictable “super hero” like Naruto or an emo antagonist like Sasuke. Much like Itachi he leaves lots of little details behind for the reader to try and guess at his motives and intentions.

Here are my thoughts on some of his major controversies

1. His birth: This isn’t currently relevant to the story, but I feel like when we finally see the Kabuto backstory it will resurface and be an integral part of his motivations and powers. Kabuto was found among a pile of dead bodies at the battle of Kikiyo Pass. During the Chunin Exams he thought to himself that if he continued fighting the “Real me (Kabuto)” might come out. This could just be referring to the Jounin level skills he actually possessed but it might also imply that he has some form of kekkai genkai or special ability and that he was the one who killed all the bodies that surrounded him (He could have also been doing this as a brainwashed slave of Sasori but it seems like he was too young for that). I’m hoping that he has some ability he hasn’t shown yet that isn’t just an Orochimaru rip off.

2. His allegiance and goals: This is by far the biggest question about Kabuto. He has been brainwashed and traumatized so many times that I’m not even sure he knows where his final allegiance will fall. Even though he was supposedly released from Sasori’s control, it’s quite possible that Orochimaru missed some subtle personality change that Sasori created or made one himself that fundamentally altered who Kabuto is and created a form of incepted (root word inception) duplicity that causes Kabuto’s erratic mind states. Not to mention the effects of implanting Orochimaru’s arm into his body or the long years of dehumanizing experiments. His psyche is obviously one of if not thee most fragile in the whole story.

There are several options for where his allegiance lies.

A. With Himself: He could just be a power hungry villain. This is probably the easiest option to accept. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and only wants as much power as he can get. This option leaves one question though, What does he wish to do with this power once he obtains it? He is currently responsible for killing thousands of ninja from every one of the five great ninja villages and is the second most wanted ninja alive. He could form his own village like Orochimaru, but Kabuto doesn’t seem the type (to me at least.) I just can’t see an end game here.

B. With Madara: His temporary ally. I don’t think he has any long term plans for affiliating with Madara. It is fairly obvious that both plan to backstab the other and take their resources the question is simply who gets there first.

C. With Konoha: This is an interesting option to consider. What if his end game is to position himself to take down Madara? Or more realistically he realizes that there is no end game situation he likes in situation A and opts to pretend that this was his motive all along and leverages killing Madara for sparing himself. (Inspired by Naruto’s determination of course since most Kage would buy that hook line and sinker.)  He can then use actions like giving Naruto intel on Akatsuki and leading Team Anko and keeping Anko alive as further proof. Then explain that using Edo Tensei was simply an act to get in with Madara and a necessary evil to take him down. “Reformed” of his former ways he can then use his power (and Sasuke’s eyes) to do as he pleases. It would also probably help his case that he is strong enough to almost single-handedly take on all five great shinobi villages at once which means accepting him minimizes a powerful threat and gives significant military power to his allies.

D. The Sound Village: You always have to wonder what ever happened to them after Orochimaru (and the sound four’s) death. Who is there to lead them? With Sasuke ignoring them the heir apparent seems to be Kabuto (since he is literally half Orochimaru anyway). I think however that after Hebi’s formation Kishimoto has forgotten them. (until one of his subordinates reminds him and he uses some plot hole jutsu to bring them back in.) You also have to wonder if they aided Kabuto in obtaining the DNA samples.

3. His hidden jutsu: Like I said earlier, I would be disappointed if all he turned out to be was a stronger non-pedophilic Orochimaru. He stated that he had another jutsu besides Edo Tensei (which could be one of many things) up his sleeve. Right now he is using the war to acquire many different forms of power; Curse Marks (why doesn’t he hit up that penitentiary where Jugo was, or Jugo himself for that matter? I can see him using the Edo Tensei Zombies to attack Jugo and Suigetsu out [queuing the Suigetsu-Mangetsu reunion] ), Sasuke’s Sharingan (EMS version), Bijju (Since I don’t think he plans on giving them to Madara plus his biggest problem currently seems to be chakra deficiency though he could need Orochimaru’s chakra specifically though I don’t see why.), and experience with Edo Tensei. All of this SEEMS to be building to him being the same as Madara/Orochimaru ability wise (sage body/eyes/chakra+Edo Tensei) but I’m hoping for something more unique seeing as he already has a hidden trump jutsu and doesn’t have the things mentioned above (yet). He also has his medical ninjutsu and research (plus spy intel) to develop an interesting technique we haven’t seen yet which is honestly what I’m hoping for. Some form of anti-immortality jutsu that specifically targets overpowered ninja like Madara (cell rejection would be Madara’s worst nightmare since he is just a walking amalgamation of other ninja’s bodies.)

4. His hidden body: Obviously someone related in some way to Tobi. This almost guarantees strength because who can run with Tobi besides world class ninja like those in Akatsuki, as well as make him feel fear? I personally hope for the sage of six paths or Madara’s brother. I’m also hoping he brings back Danzo in order to use Shisui’s eye on Madara (though is that possible?).

5. His power level: It’s really hard to tell what he is capable of. A. he has history’s strongest at his beck and call b. he has all of Orochimaru’s jutsu c. he can heal himself from near fatal wounds and d. he is exceptionally clever.


Holy hell, am I making an actual blog? Yeah I don’t know what’s come over me either – been a while. Now as some of you may remember, we have had several blogs in the past addressing the politics/governments/economies within the Naruverse. I was very interested in these posts, and when I made a connection the other day, I decided to do one myself.

The author of Naruto – Masashi Kishimoto – is from Japan. If I had to make an educated guess, taking into account a trend that I see in many other mangas, Kishi visualizes Konoha and the Land of Fire (the story’s land of focus) as Japan (his home country). Does that mean that he incorporates other parts of the real world into other parts of the Naruverse? I don’t know, but I like the idea of it.

Two lands that struck a resemblance in my mind were Kumogakure (the Cloud Village) and America (the U.S.A.). Geographically they are not that similar, but there are a number of other resemblances between America and Kumogakure, and the relationships between Kumogakure and Konoha, and America and Japan.

In the Third Naruto Databook, which I only discovered because of Kisu’s post way-back-when about the villages, stats were given to each of the great villages in the Naruverse. Kumogakure was given a 4/5 in military strength. I would say, when compared to other nations of the real world, America has a military force of 5/5. Kumogakure has a population of 3/5 compared to other nations. Even though America only has around 310 million citizens compared India and China who have well over a billion, the U.S. is still third in the world, so I would give them at least a 4/5. Kumogakure’s economy was given a 5/5, and I’d say (although this is highly debatable) America has an economic strength of 4/5 compared to the rest of the countries around the world. If you truly believe it is doing that shitty right now, then fine, give it a 3/5, that only enhances my next point. This gives Kumogakure a total of 12/15, and America a total of 13/15 (or 12/15 depending on how you rate its economy). Not too far off eh?

Another resemblance that I found funny between America and Kumogakure is their leadership, and when it appeared. The raikage – A, the first dark skinned kage, and one of the first dark skinned characters in Naruto. He made his appearance in chapter 416. This chapter was released sometime around September 2008 (time’s flied right?). Now Barack Obama, who had a mediocre popularity in America during his pre-presidential days, was not very well known internationally. He announced he was running for President in 2007, but didn’t become the primary democratic candidate until June 2008. This is when he became an international icon, and this was only three months before the raikage’s first appearance.

I know Obama isn’t a muscle-bound, goatee-sporting bruiser like the raikage, but there are actually some similarities. Before I go into this, I’d just like to say that I am leaving my political opinions out of this, so if I include something that you don’t agree with… feel free to attack it lol. Considering the shaky past between Konoha and Kumogakure, having the raikage as the leader of the shinobi alliance and being willing to work with Konoha and the rest of the nations makes him somewhat of a sign of hope and unity for Konoha and the other nations. Considering the shaky past between Japan and America, many people, especially foreign diplomats, see Obama as a sign of hope. Especially after George Bush, who was not so popularly accepted around the world.

Speaking of the “shaky past,” remember how America fought Japan in World War II? Well the same can be said for Kumogakure and Kohona in the First Great Shinobi War. The somewhat cynical view by the Leaf Village toward the Cloud Village before A and Killer Bee were ever introduced might have been because of the way Americans were portrayed in Japanese society, especially after learning about events like Hiroshima. As Kishimoto is a citizen of Japan, he cannot help but feel the same way as other Japanese citizens feel about certain issues like this.

A final parallel between these four nations would be that in the real world, both Japan and America are what is known as “Great Powers.”  In turn, both Konoha and Kumogakure are part of the “Five Great Shinobi Countries.”

The U.S. is currently on good terms with Japan, and Kumogakure is, for the first time, on good terms with Konoha. Coincidence?… probably lol, but tell me what you guys think 😛

Thanks 500, A few questions answered with more in mind

First off I want to say Chapter 500 was the one if not the most informative and important chapter in the history of the Naruto manga up to date. Yes other past events were important, the Uchiha massacre, Pains past, Kakashi’s, Etc but nothing as important as what actually happened that day the Fox attacked. Sorry no pictures.

Naruto’s connection to the Sage of the Six Paths.

There were many theories out there since Chapter 462 when Madara gave us a hint to Naruto being connected by blood wise to the 1st Hokage and the Senju and Uchiha ancestors. The best theory was him being Tsunade’s grandson. However that was debunked because of the time different in age between her and Minato. But we got several connections in this chapter. One, the Uzumaki clan are distant blood relatives to the Senju clan. Now though it was not really said I think we all know that the blood connection was that of the Senju Ancestor, the good natured “Son” of the SotSP (I put it in quotation mark because it was never said the he was the Sage’s son. It said it was two young men whoever it was said they were born with the abilities, but that’s another theory for another time. Let us get back to the reason I am writing this.) Which explains Naruto’s seal transformation that resembled the SotSP shadowy silhouette as the Sage’s body and life force energies are past down from the Senju ancestor to his descendants.

So now it is seen that Naruto is related to many of the other characters in the manga, The Uchihas of course, the Hyuga clan (if they are true descendants to the other “Son”), and of course the three other Hokages, just to name a few. Speaking of which, I will go off course for a second. Tsunade is related to Naruto not just by blood but by name in a way. Tsunade is also an Uzumaki by blood as well as a Senji as her Grandma was Mito Uzumaki, the wife of her Grandpa, the 1st Hokage, was a descendant to the Uzumaki clan and Eddy village. That was an indirect surprise. Now it would explain why she is so attached to Naruto and why in some ways he resembles her little brother, it must be in the genes of the Uzumaki clan, remember Kushina said Naruto has her face….LOL.  So Naruto and Tsunade are blood related not just though their connection the Uzumakis and Senjus have being distant blood related but because both are Uzumakis and their blood relation is much closer than the former. So say what if she finds out how she feel, well me I think she knew all along but like everyone else keep it a secret plus Kishi did have the story to this point yet but i think she knows.

Now it was not said at all how Kushina and Mito are closely related except by name but come on it is not like Uzumaki is like a common last name in the Naruto universe like Smith, Johnson, or Robinson… So they are closely blood related just do not know how closely. Could be like the Uchiha, though all were blood related many if not all married or conceived kids with other Uchihas to keep the blood pure and the try to keep the Sharingan in the clan, same with the Hyugas, however we seen how that turned out (Kakashi, Danzo and Ao,). I can see there will be something come out in the fandom saying that Mito is Naruto’s Great Grandmother making the 1st his Great Grandfather. So before we get out of hand here Kushina did not say if she was her grandmother only that she was from the Uzumaki clan.

So this explain many was that Naruto is related to the Senju Ancestor which connects him the Sage of the Six Path.

Also Naruto must have been influenced by the fox’s in the womb as he was born with the whisker makes on his cheek already. Also his normal chakra being so enormous  must be because of the special chakra Kushina had.

The Power of Love

One quick theory and I just want you to follow along, I do not really understand it myself but had to say it. Kushina said that to control the fox or housed by the host one must be filled with love. Well I know she didn’t say the control part but well let me explain that. Whenever someone Naruto cares for which is very close to love in Naruto sense, get hurt by a foe he could release and control the fox to some degree, Sasuke near death by Haku, His fight with Sasuke, and The retrieval of Gaara. But of course when he is overly wilding out with rage it mixes with his caring emotions and things can go a little wrong as with his fight with Orochimaru over Sasuke and his battle with Pain when the young lady that just confessed her love to him was struck down by Pain. Now when he was about to be taken over by the fox in his mental battle with the fox, just three words from his mother gave him a final peace of mind is longing and deservingly needed. The same three word did come from one other person (Sakura didn’t mean it and he seen right through it, so it doesn’t count.) but begin from his mother Naruto was finally able to feel at peace and gain control of the Fox as we know completely, but who knows for sure. So strong positive emotions lets you gain some control of the fox but if you feel at peace, a fulfilling life or gained true happiness with is basically all the same thing, you can gain control, total control of the fox if I am read into it correctly.

Some Ironic pieces of useless info.

Naming the baby: Sasuke was named after the Third’s own father, how ironic is that. An Uchiha named after the father of one of the 4 people that knew of the truth behind the Uchiha massacre even though he did not agree to it.

Ironic Parents: Naruto and Sasuke’s mother seemly good friends, something else ironic.

A Loving Grandfather figure before the Godfather returned: The Third’s wife, Who I am guessing was killed by Madara, gave birth to Naruto. Making the connection between him and the Third pretty strong. His first father figure in my book.

The Circle: The swirling circle on Naruto and every Jonin battle vest is from the Whirlpool nation. Which as been said to be Naruto’s clan symbol every since Naruto’s earlier days in the manga, A symbol that has shown up many times in other place and plots like when he was learning the Rasengan.  This was also said in the past Naruto has it because of the Four Element seal was also shaped like that but know we know it is shape because it is an Uzumaki clan jutsu making it a Whirlpool exclusive at the time.

Now to my very last thing, My theory about SotSP and his “Sons”

The Sage of the Six Paths Plan

Ok this is something I that has been on my mind for a minute ever since the Madara revealed the SotSP past but had to wait until Naruto’s connection to the Sage was revealed. I think after the SotSP knew that no one can really hope to hold 10 tails, Juubi after his passing.  He had to make it so that no one person could use it’s powers for anything, be it good or evil, the power would be to great for one person and would release Juubi on a world that could not defend against it’s power. So as we know the true if Madara is right parts of this plan was…

1. Spliting the beast’s chakra from its body. Which of course was so strong it manifested itself in to the 9 tailed beasts.

2. He needed to place the indestructible body in a place no one could ever get to. So the SotSP using his version of Chibaku Tensei to create the moon around the Juubi’s body and place it in orbit.

3. Split his own power and fused them into two young brother which we consider are his sons. Senju and Uchiha (I am giving them does names for this theory just for now.) giving Senju his body and Uchiha his eyes.

(Quick note: Now though it is another theory for another time, the eye the Juubi may not be a Rinnengan with tomoe like many of us thinks. It could be a giant Sharingan as also seen when Madara was talking about the M.E.P and we seen the moon engulfed in the giant Sharingan eye which looks very much like Juubi’s eye. Meaning when SotSP gave the powers to the brothers not only did he give his Rinnengan up but transferred the Sharingan to the elder brother which could explain why the Sharingan is the only Dojutsu that can control a tailed beast, or He past his Rinnengan to someone else which explains why it was not seen until Nagato awakened it. But like I said that is for another theory. Just had to say something before I go on with the post. )

I think it was the SotSP intentions to have the descendants of Senju to capture and hold the beasts within their bodies and Uchiha and his descendants to help control the beast creating a new and easier was to control the monsters for generations until something can be done but here is where I think he was thinking he was doing right but by doing so created the hatred that is in the Naruto world today between ninja clans. He want to choose a successor to his I guess empire or something of the sort as he already gave his power to the two brothers however he choose Senju because he like the idea of peace though love not might. This backfired creating a power struggle for generations to come and the tailed beast running around until villages themselves found ways to capture and control the beast without the Eyes of the Sage.

Now if many of you have not noticed or pay much attention to it, all the Jinchuuriki do not have Kekkei Genki especially a Dojutsu Kekkei Genki. For one their bodies could not take it as they are meant to possess really huge amounts of chakra and spiritual energies to support the Kekkei Genki techniques used, so if they were to become a host the beast would completely take over the host as his powers would overwhelm the host and create a new stronger body for the already super strong beast releasing a terror not seen since Nine tails release 16 year ago in the manga or even when Juubi roamed the world.

The reason the Senju body can’t use Kekkei Genki techniques because even though many have large chakra with in their bodies. They are using their life force as a source of chakra and are meant to hold tailed beasts. If using a Kekkei Genki without a special gift, means, device to control the constant chakra flow needed to maintain it and because Senju  descendants chakra derives from their own life force instead of spiritual like Uchihas they would get weak extremely fast or die from the over use as seen in Kakashi’s case, most likely a Senju descendant who has been gifted with an Uchiha Kekkei Genki. Because he has no Uchiha blood after the descendent was given the Sage’s Eyes he can not completely control the eyes, which is why it is always active and uses his headband to control its constant use. He does have a lot of control over the eye but you get what I mean.

So in short the body holds the beast the eyes control it

Those are some of my theories and analysis of the recent and outstanding events that took place in Chapter 500 which even though is not uncommon in mangas is a millstone, Congratulations Kishi, Can’t wait to see what he beings in the future now.

Two Paths to Power

Post Author: ssj

I can’t believe I’m inspired to write… What’s it been now, like four months since I’ve wrote an actual blog? I guess fear of the whip can make people do crazy things. Anyways This is more of an analysis than a theory post, but I always tend to throw my little 2 cents into things while I’m writing anyways.

As you could have guessed from the title, this blog is about Naruto and Sasuke. I don’t feel like arguing anymore about who is stronger ATM, or why Naruto has such a boner for Sasuke, I’d just like to look back at how they came to be the mighty shinobi they are, and undoubtedly will be.

Kishimoto has set up a system throughout the progress of the manga to keep the two in check with each other. They keep surpassing each other a little bit at a time, but for the most part, they have both grown gradually throughout the story. I mean they are the main characters, so they are going to have to end up as the two most badass shinobi to walk the earth; it’s Shonen law.

After graduating the Academy, Sasuke was obviously more talented than Naruto, but they were both just runts compared to most shinobi. Sasuke’s strength lit a fire under Naruto’s ass and motivated him to get stronger. Around the same time, Naruto learned the Shadow Clone Technique, and Sasuke activated his Sharingan for regular use (not counting the freak incident with Itachi when he was 8). Not only were they good talents to have, but also these abilities founded the building blocks for their future talent as shinobi. Shadow clones have aided Naruto so much in training and mastering jutsu, and the same can be said for Sasuke’s Sharingan.

During the Chuunin-exam period, Naruto learned the Rasengan and Sasuke learned the Chidori. Both ferocious jutsu created by their predecessors, and similar in the way they are used, they became Naruto and Sasuke’s trump cards and signature moves. However, they were limited in usage, as Naruto had yet to complete the Rasengan, and needed a clone to help him construct it, while Sasuke could only use the Chidori twice a day, and it left him exhausted afterwards.

Around the same time, something special was happening to their chakras; something that set them apart from the rest of the Gennin. Naruto was starting to access the lower levels of his Kyuubi chakra in battle. Sasuke was infected with the Cursed Seal of Heaven. Both cases darkened their chakras, but augmented their power into a whole new level. Eventually Naruto could use the first two tails of the Kyuubi to his benefit, while Sasuke eventually mastered the first two levels of his curse.

After the battle at the Valley of the End, the time skip took place. Both Naruto and Sasuke trained for years with their Sannin mentors. During this time, their basic shinobi abilities were mastered, as well as physical strength, speed, and intelligence. However Kishi kept most of the interesting improvements for the readers to witness themselves.

During the time skip, and in Naruto’s case just a little after, they began to master their signature moves. Sasuke had taken Chidori to a whole new level. He could use it for what seemed to be a limitless amount of times, and he created many variants of the Chidori based on the principles taught to him by Kakashi. He had the regular Chidori of course, but then he added Chidori-darts, a Chidori-blade, and Chidori-nagashi to complete his arsenal. Naruto became more efficient with the Rasengan, and created the improved Odama Rasengan. The only thing that didn’t come until later for Naruto was the ability to fully utilize the Rasen-shuriken, but it wasn’t until later that Sasuke was able to use his mightiest lightning attack either – Kirin.

Both Naruto and Sasuke had become complete and efficient Shinobi in anybody’s book, classifying at even the S-class level, but that wasn’t good enough for the main characters of such an epic story. Their was something else inside, more potential for the chosen ones. They gained the mightiest abilities of their predecessors; the Sage techniques, and the Mangekyou sharingan. This is really the ultimate step up from their essentials mentioned at the beginning; Naruto’s body, and Sasuke’s eyes. With these new enhancements, achieved at roughly the same time, Naruto and Sasuke were among the elite of the elite. Naruto’s taijutsu became nearly unamtched; his strength and speed top notch, while it allowed him to fully utilize the Rasen-shuriken as well. Sasuke was now able to use the mighty Mangekyou abilities of the Uchiha clan, capping off his already impressive shinobi abilities.

After talents of that caliber, what else could be done to improve their abilities? They were already some of the strongest shinobi of all time, and at only age 16. There was only one thing each of them could do to completely master their being. For Naruto it was the thing he feared most, the beast inside of him; the Kyuubi. For Sasuke, it is the Uchiha technique that only one other person has been known to obtain; the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Both will probably bring about new jutsu as well as enhancements to their abilities. These new levels of power were only just brought about in the manga, but with both of them now training for their final and most powerful evolution yet, we know the fight between them will be the most epic the Naruverse has EVER seen.

I am dying to see the fight, but with it I fear will be the end of the manga. One, if not both of them will die; Sasuke said it himself, he has no hope of a peaceful life after all he has done. So cherish the manga for every chapter you get until then Narutards, we are going to to out with a bang!

Minor Clans of Konoha…

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Ja everyone!  Welcome back to my Clans series!  Since I did the Uchiha, Senju, and the Hyuga in the last post, I’ll be going all (Well, maybe not all, as there are A LOT of them…) the minor clans of the Leaf.  Well, here goes nothing…

Aburame Clan

  • Known Members: Shino Aburame, Shibi Aburame, Shikuro Aburame, and Torune [Enter Surname Here]

The Aburame are a clan within Konoha that is characterized by their use of insects as weapons.  The insects live inside the clan members, feeding on their Chakra.  When a baby is born into the Aburame, they are offered to a special group of insects (Destructive Bugs) as a nest.  The relationship between the host and the insects is mutually beneficial.  The insects get shelter and a source of food, while the host is allowed to use the insects to do their bidding.  This lets them use Ninjutsu-Like Techniques without Hand Seals or Chakra.

The Aburame also use the insects for studies.  They can use the insects for espionage, too.  They are great for spying because they make no noise.  The Aburame can communicate with the insects that inhabit them.  While all Aburame can use the Destructive Bugs, only a few can use the Nano Destructive Bugs (Torune and Shikuro Aburame)

A running trait between the Aburame is that they all wear dark sunglasses and coats that cover some of their face.

For more information on the Aburame Clan, Click Here

Akimichi Clan

  • Known Members: Choji Akimichi, Choji’s Mother, Choza Akimichi, Torifu Akimichi

The Akimichi are a clan that can convert calories into Chakra.  They do this so they may use their Hidden Jutsu, Multi-Size Jutsu, and other Body-Related Jutsu.  If normal calories are enough for battle, the Akimichi can use their Three Colored Pills to consume extra body fat, but it endangers the users health.

The Akimichi seem to have a very personal relationship with the Nara and Yamanaka Clans.  For at least two generations, they have been in a team named ‘Ino-Shika-Cho’, Cho being the Akimichi.

Also, Choza and Choji have been seen with the clans symbol somewhere on their body.

For more information on the Akimichi Clan, Click Here

Inuzuka Clan

  • Known Members: Hana Inuzuka, Kiba Inuzuka, and Tsume Inuzuka
  • Known Canines: Akamaru, Kuromaru, and Three Haimaru Brothers

The Inuzuka are a clan of people how have a canine (Most dogs, some wolves) partner for combat.  They get their canine companion after they reach a certain age, and they are together the rest of their lives.  They become inseparably after a few years.  Due to their relationship, they are apparently able to mix their Chakra and use Collaboration Jutsu. (e.g. Fang over Fang, Wolf Fang, Man-Beast Clone.)

Kiba also mentions that his mother, Tsume, scared his father away.  (Not really having to do with the clan, just thought it was funny.)

For more information on the Inuzuka Clan, Click Here

Nara Clan

  • Known Members: Shikamaru Nara, Shikaku Nara, and Yoshino Nara

The Nara are a clan that use shadows in their Jutsu.  They have also been known to tend to the deer that live in the Nara Forest.  They have kept a book with many medicines and ingredients which suggests that they have a history in medicine.  Within that book, is the Triple Secret Pills of the Akimichi. (See above)

The members of the clan are often considered geniuses, but the men are mostly lazy and hard to motivate.  But, if you can get them to get off their butts and actually do something (e.g. Shogi) they’ll whip your butt!  The men also seem to be attracted to stern, overbearing women.

The Nara also seem to have a special connection with the Akimichi and Yamanaka Clans.  Like I said with the Akimichi, the three clans have been in the same team for at least two generations, titled ‘Ino-Shika-Cho’, the Nara being the Shika.

For more information on the Nara Clan, Click Here

Sarutobi Clan

  • Known Members: Asuma Sarutobi, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Konohamaru Sarutobi, Unnamed Son of Asuma and Kurenai Yuhi (Not Born Yet)

The Sarutobi are a clan that is very influential in the Fire Country.  Adult members are very famous in the Fire Country, whether being Hokage (Hiruzen), or being a member of the Twelve Ninja Guardians (Asuma).

All the members are observed devotees on the Will of Fire.

Also, some clan members have been able to master very high-level Jutsu, a feat that earned Hiruzen the title, ‘God of Shinobi’ and Konohamaru has learned a few A-Rank Jutsu (Rasengan and Shadow Clone Jutsu)

For more information on the Sarutobi Clan, Click Here

Also, look at the second to last Interesting Fact: Naruto Second Fanbook

Yamanaka Clan

  • Known Members: Ino Yamanaka and Inochi Yamanaka

The Yamanaka are a clan that specialize in controlling people’s minds.  Ino and Inochi both have blond hair and blue eyes (Characteristic Trait?)

They also have a connection to the Nara and Akimichi Clans.  Just look above for why.

They own a flower shop and Ino specialzes in flowers (Coincidence?)

For more information on the Yamanaka Clan, Click Here

Next Time: Clans of Kirigakure!

Major Clans of the Leaf…

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Ja everyone!  This is a post about something that’s been on my mind lately.  I was wondering what the strongest clan of the Leaf was.  But, I didn’t want to title it, Strongest Clan of the Leaf.  So, here goes nothing…

By the way, this will be the Uchiha, Senju, and Hyuga.  I will do a follow up with the minor clans.

Uchiha Clan

I’m starting with the Uchiha because they’ve got to be the most famous of the Leaf.  The Uchiha  started as a young man born of the Sage of Six Paths.  He was the older of the two children.  He believed that power was the key to peace.  When The Sage had to pick a successor, he ultimately chose his brother.  The ancestor was jealous, so they went to battle.  So, from that day on, the Uchiha and the Senju would forever be rivals…

Once Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju AKA The First Hokage made a truce, the Leaf Village was made.  After Hashirama was named Hokage, Madara knew that this was the beginning of the Senju suppressing the Uchiha.  Although, the rest of his clan thought him a jealous hack, they would soon learn what he knew.  Ultimately, he left the village, swearing to one day exact his revenge on the clan and the village…

Years later, Hashirama died and his younger brother, Tobirama, became Hokage.  Tobirama created the Leaf Police Force to keep an eye on the Uchiha…

After awhile, the Uchiha began to catch on to Tobirama’s plan.  Even though Tobirama had long past, the Uchiha still wanted revenge.  So, they began to plan a Coup De Ate.  Unbeknown to them, Itachi Uchiha was a spy for the Leaf.  The elders of the village felt that the Uchiha had to be stopped.  So, they ordered Itachi to massacre the entire clan.  He does this successfully, but could not bring himself to kill his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha.  Before he left the village, he asked Hiruzen Sarutobi AKA The Third Hokage to watch over Sasuke and told Danzou to stay away from Sasuke, or he would pay…

After Itachi left, he was accepted into Akatsuki.  For many years, Itachi would keep himself alive and pretend to be a cold-blooded murderer.  Just before he fought with Sasuke at the Uchiha Stronghold, he developed a virus and took ill.  He took many medications to stay alive until that battle.  He ultimately died from the disease…

After the battle, Sasuke was taken to a cave where Madara told him about Itachi.  After Sasuke learned of what Itachi was really like, he awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan.  Him and his team, Taka, then joined Akatsuki.  Their first mission, to capture the Eight-Tails Jinchuriki.  They ultimately failed…

They then went to the Kage Summit so Sasuke could get his revenge on Danzou.  He fought three of the five Kage’s (E (Raikage), Onoki (Tsuchikage), and Mei Terumi (Mizukage)  Then, when Danzou fled, Madara followed him, with Sasuke and Karin in a dimension within him.  Sasuke and Danzou started to battle, but everytime Sasuke tried to injury Danzou, he would just appear somewhere nearby.  Now, Itachi has appeared, and the end is yet to be known…

Senju Clan

Like the Uchiha, the Senju were born from the youngest son of the Sage of Six Paths.  He thought that the key to peace was love.  When The Sage was dying, he chose the Senju Ancestor to carry on his dream of peace.  The older brother thought that he should have been chosen.  They went to battle and the Senju and the Uchiha have been eternal rivals ever since…

Years later, Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha made a truce and founded the Leaf.  Hashirama was chosen as Hokage.  He and Madara would have a battle at the Valley of the End.  Hashirama won…

After that, Tobirama took over as Hokage and used the Leaf Police Force as a ploy to keep the Uchiha in check…

Many years later, the Senju are mentioned again.  But this time, it’s Tsunade.  Tsunade is one of the Sannin.  She is also the Fifth Hokage, and the granddaughter of Hashirama and the great niece of Tobirama.  She has had a brother named Nawaki, who died in battle.  But, I don’t really want to get into to Tsunade, so, I’ll leave with she is in a coma at the moment…

Hyuga Clan

The Hyuga are the second most recognized clan in the Leaf at the moment.  The Hyuga is the bearer of the Byakugan.  Unlike the Sharingan, the the Hyuga are born with the Byakugan.  The Byakugan is one of the Three Major Doujutsu.  The Byakugan is most notable for it’s ability to see Chakra.  The Byakugan is so talented at seeing Chakra, that most Hyuga can see the Tenketsu inside a ninja’s Chakra System.  With that ability, the Huyga can use the Gentle Fist style Taijutsu to close the Tenketsu.

Anyways, unlike the Uchiha or Senju, the story of how the Hyuga were born has never been heard.  The earliest Hyuga that we know of is the Hyuga Elder from Neji’s memories.  He was the one that suggested that they use Hizashi, Neji’s father, as a switch for Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi’s father.

The Hyuga were unusual.  I say that because the Hyuga is seperated into two houses, the Main, and the Branch.  The Main House runs the clan, while the Branch House protects it.  The Branch members are marked with a Cursed Seal.  This seal enables the Main House control the Branch members.  They can destroy the members mind or punish them with a simple hand seal.  The seal also protects the secrets of the Byakugan, because once a Branch member dies, they lose their Byakugan and no nations can steal the body and do research.

Before the start of Part I, the Lightning and Fire Country made a treaty to end a war between them.  In the dead of night, a spy for the Lightning Country kidnap Hinata.  If it hadn’t been for her father, she would be dead.  Her father, Hiashi, killed the spy and returned her to her bed.

Once the Lightning Country heard this, they objected and told them the Fire Daimyo that they never planned the kidnapping.  The asked, for exchange of the ‘mistake of the Fire Country’, the dead body of the killer of the kidnapper, Hiashi.

The Hyuga thought of all possible ways to get out of it, but they were unsuccessful.  They offered Hizashi, Neji’s father and identical twin to Hiashi, as Hiashi to the Lightning Country.  They accepted, not knowing the truth.  Ever since that day, Neji had despised the Main House, most notably Hinata.

During the Chunin Exams, Naruto and Neji faced off in the Final Round.  Naruto conquered Neji and made Neji accept that you can change your destiny.   Later that day, Hiashi came to a recovering Neji and told him the truth about his father’s death.

Since that day, the Main and Branch Houses have come together.  They showed excellent teamwork in Pain’s Invasion…


Well, I hope this was better than any of my previous info posts.  I also hope you found this insightful.  Once again, I will be doing a follow up soon.  So, I will not be doing Anime Breakdowns for at least four weeks. (Not that it will take me that long, but I have more than just the Minor Clans to do…)