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Brains Vs. Brawn

Hey everyone Sylloge here and I’m bringing with me a new compilation of blog posts that I’m going to do bi-weekly called VS. The premise of the series is basically fusing my hyper-competitive spirit with my love for all things Naruto. To view a basic set-up of how a normal V.S.  post will be please refer to the “Naruto V.S Shippuden” post.

Ok we’ve all pretty much seen just how epic the Naruto fights can get. From pseudo-Super Sayan abilities to strategies so complex it’ll make a PHD graduate faint. My question is this: Would you prefer a Naruto fight with “the biggest justu wins” or a “whose the better chess player” fight. Let me give you a few examples.

We can use the Naruto VS. Orochimaru  fight to showcase the “biggest justu wins” scenario.The whole fight lived and breathed on who had the most over the top justu. Columating with a kamehameha/hadouken/epic beam that put a scar on the earth so big it would have made Goku fly from his universe in search of a fight. (lol yes I know it’s a Tailed beast  bomb)  Honestly, this fight was  just ok for me. Story wise I got to see Naruto roll with the big dogs and It wasn’t just him being backed up by the team or some kind of story breaking loophole. It was straight one-on-one god level fighting.

For the “whose the better chess player” We will refer to the Kakashi/Team 10 Vs. Hidan/Kakuzu. In true Shikamaru fashion this fight (arguably) was over before it stared. From the harvesting Kakuzu’s blood to “kill” him to the building of a grave just for Hidan, they were technically doomed from the start. These are the type of fights I seem to be partial to. It really makes me feel the ninja aspect of naruto more then anything else in the show.Ok ladies and gentlemen its voting time! Just like before if you have a comment or a change you’d like to implement I’ll add another column just for you.

P.S Voting for the Naruto Vs. Shippuden will end this Wednesday so if you haven’t voted do so A.S.A.P!


7 Responses

  1. Very creative Sylloge, but I have always admired the “brains” fight in Naruto than anything else. For one the brawn fights are just like any other fights where the stronger guy wins,for instance, I can find hundred of fights in other manga that the bigger stronger guy wins while the strategy fights bring a originality to Naruto.

  2. It really just depends on the situation and the fighters. After all, it makes no difference how smart shikimaru is, there’s no way he would’ve beat the duo by himself, and orochimaru was pretty much stalling and trying to keep himself alive from naruto’s onslaught the whole time since he didn’t have a whole lot of jutsu to work with cause of his injuries. Usually brawn wins the fights, unless the brain has an overwhelming avantage.

  3. still i have to say………………….is it too much to have both?

  4. @darthuchiha

    This is why the motto of the Chuunin has both earth and heaven: because you need smarts and strength to be a great ninja.

    Brawn can overpower brains, but brains are more likely to tip the scales in their favor. In the Neji vs. Naruto fight, Naruto could have probably summoned more Kyuubi chakra (he obviously had a ton more left) and attacked Neji head on, but he chose to mount a surprise attack.

    One of Neji’s other fights showed just how foolish a stronger opponent can be: Kidomaru. Neji gets props for suriving and eventually beating Kidomaru, but Kidomaru could have beat Neji in a few moves if he’d been smart about it.

    Now if you look at Naruto vs. Kimmimaro, both of them had big power, but Naruto was just fighting stupid and he could have easily lost that fight.

    I know you didn’t mean it this way Sylloge, and I’m not knocking either post, they were fun to think about, but they’re almost the same argument right? Part 1 was more about the Brains and part 2 has been more about Brawn, especially the 4th ninja war.

  5. I like them both but I might have to move closer towards brains. It’s true that brawns provides a lot of interesting power ups that can sometimes break through many barriers in Naruto but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. If Naruto consist more of brawns, the series would end up being similar or more like DBZ where the strongest warrior always prevails. What separate Naruto from many different fighting animes is the combination of both brains and brawns. Hell, even kishi got us readers constantly thinking and using our brains to analyze the plot and strategies more closely in the storyline. The two good example of brains being put to work is Itachi vs Sasuke and Naruto vs Pein. These were the most inticipated and one of the most hype fights in Naruto. It’s fun to see sasuke using his normal sharingan powers and his strategic skills to force Itachi to go deeper into using his MS powers. The fight with Naruto and Pein is similar as well where Naruto utilize his abilities and tools to the fullest to force Nageto into exceeding his power limits. Despite both Naruto and Sasuke being lucky that their opponents were sick but brains still owned.

  6. @ripcord

    This is why I posted this particular VS. Arguably Part 1 was more about brains and Part 2 about brawn. That’s why I choose to pull my examples from Shippuden. I wanted people to assess the fights from an objective standpoint negating the change in style between the two parts. 🙂

  7. IMO, i like a bit of both, that what spices it up! cant have one thing all the time. its good to have the brute force, its good to have the chess style tactics. naruto Vs orochi wasnt really naruto it was the kyubi taking over which he didnt show much tactics cos of the hatred pouring out. naruto has grown more tactile over the series.

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