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Naruto Chapter 590 I will always love you….

Hello all! Before I get started I want to thank you guys for welcoming me into the fray like you have. It’s very refreshing to have an outlet as spectacular as this. Not to mention have it accepted by fans that are used to such an amazing analyst as bob-sama. Now that we got the mushy stuff out of the way let’s get to this week’s awesome chapter! Naruto starts to rejoice as he notices that Itachi delivered on his promise to eradicate the Edo Tensei thus making his bout with Tobi all the more easier. He does something very interesting next by seemingly leaving the battlefield or at least turning away from it. That’s confirmed by the statements by Guy and Kakashi respectively. I feel like teasing us is the reoccuring theme in this arc of Naruto. We are baited with bits and pieces of these grand fights only to be brought back to them after the major conflict is resolved. Granted we’ve seen some action but im still a little sore about kakashi’s statement pertatining to him being livid about seeing formers in the living world being used in this fashion. I haven’t seen it but luckily im patient. Getting back to the matter at hand….we switch gears to see the conclusion of the Kages Vs. Madara fight. A lot of you speculated that Madara Isn’t going anywhere and that he’ll use some type of loophole creating justu to sustain his tenure in this war. Although everything points to this not being the case; Kishi doesn’t show Madara dissipating per say but only his Technique loosing stability by reverting down to a skeleton. We all know that this normally means that the user is having trouble controlling the technique or that said user doesn’t have the ability to fully form the Susanoo. My speculation is that maybe Madara will survive through some unorthodox means but lose the abilities that were ordained to him by the rinnegan. This’ll give kishi a vehicle for us to finally hear what happened on the battlefield between the 1st and Madara directly from the horse’s mouth. Here’s hoping that is,in fact, the case. Switching gears to the finale of the chapter; Itachi drops his tough exterior with his brother and shows him exactly what he went through. This particular piece of the chapter answers so many questions but still leaves us with answers. As frustrating as these questions are. The sweet taste of answers balances out their bitter taste. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been waiting to see just what happened on the night of the Uchiha Massacre for a very long time. Itachi shows Sasuke just what happened literally through his eyes. Before that we saw Itachi as a villain. Only after the goal of advancing his strength through Sasuke we then see that not only is this not the case but far from it. The story of Itachi is a complex one that simply boils down to one single solitary choice. His little brother Sasuke. After seeing that he made this impossible choose it is implied that he has hardened his heart and did said act with no emotion. The ironic thing is that the emotion that he is said to lack is the one that drives his blade. The pages were his parent’s accept their deaths at the hands of their son is extremely powerful. We see that Itachi didn’t plan on living after killing them. The only reason Itachi chose to live is because of Sasuke. This chapter brings a close to the story of Itachi in a way truly befitting a ninja of his caliber. He died once huddled over in a pool of his own blood and lies. Then dies again liberated; transcending this world and leaving the message that he wanted to leave. I will always love you.

This chapter was, In my opinion, one of my favorite of the 4th Great Ninja War Arc. It actually answers a question without introducing half-truths and eye-witness accounts. Although still giving us some sort of mystery (it wouldn’t be naruto without that) we got to hear directly from Itachi who Itachi is and what he truly stood for. I’m psyched for next week and I’m still crossing my fingers for Naruto. Think about it guys, Sasuke’s story is great but just what will our main character do against an evil of biblical proportions?


35 Responses

  1. Right very deep chapter this week and it was mainly flashbacks of stuff we already knew – we already knew that danzo was a bastard an forced Itachi into it, we already knew that Shusui gave Itachi his eye and we already knew that the 3rd hokage tried to resolve it via conversation not fists……………what this flashback should have shown is the massacre ITSELF with Itachi and Tobi slaughtering everyone – we didnt see Tobi do a thing!!!!
    The scene with Itachi and his parents was emotional an well done but at the same time what kinda dad do they have?! As a father how could he allow his son to kill him an his wife an also cause so much pain to himself so easily?! As a father u try an protect ur kids even from themselves an sometimes u gotta do that by force! He must have really loved konoha! No wonder Sasukes so pissed off wit konoha – his bro went through hell – very nice final page with Itachi’s final words an the loving headbutt but dont be surprised if that flashback is the final trigger for full of EMO Sasuke – he might chop off kabuto’s head after this one! Those 2 elders are still alive btw im hoping he goes after them like his original plan!
    I doubt Edo Madara is gonna go, without him this war would have been completely one sided horse shit!! He didnt look to bothered about the jutsu being released an probably has an ace up his dead sleeve.

  2. Good review man… !! I gotta say, as good the chapter was this week, considering the fact that we got to see what exactly went down on the night of the Uchiha massacre, between Itachi and his parents, I still cant believe that just the combination of Itachi and Tobi could wipe out an entire clan just like that in one night. If what the konoha elders, Danzou, and the third hokage says is true, then the Uchiha clan’s coup would have escalated to the point of a war. That should mean that the Uchiha clan should have had atleast 1 or 2 powerful sharingan/mangekyou sharingan users who could have taken on the Hokage and the other powerful ninjas of Konoha. That begs the question.. how did Tobi and Itachi manage to massacre the entire clan just in one night no matter how powerful they are and that too without making a huge ruckus and not alerting the other people in the village.

    I am thinking here that there is something more to this entire Uchiha clan massacre than meets the eye. I know Itachi is one of the brilliant and powerful shinobi in Naruinverse and not to mention one of my favourites, But I think he might have been tricked some how to believe that everyone was killed or his parents were killed by him. I cant quite place my finger on it, but it looks like something is fishy about Itachi’s parents. They seem to have taken the whole situation about him killing them and the entire clan rather toooo calmly. Why would they risk the entire clan’s life including the children, on a coup, just because they want power? That is just stupid. And also remember Kushina askig Minato to stay alive rather than dying with her so that Naruto could have someone in his life? The same way I am suspicious of Itachi’s mom as well as she was very calm knowing that her husband is gonna be killed and Sasuke will quite possibly be alone considering the fact that Sasuke will be a rogue ninja. Its not exactly rocket sciene to figure that out and I am pretty sure both of Itachi’s parents were far from stupid. I mean think about it, they are Itachi’s and Sasuke’s parents, SO I am guessing they must have been helluva lot stronger just like Itachi and Sasuke. Anyways this is what I think about the whole thing. Let me know what you guys think.. ciao

  3. Good review. I wanted to highlight that in the picture both those statements are made by Naruto not Guy and Kakashi.
    What is of note is that Tobi had Madara’s hair in the flashback and his specific role in the massacre wasn’t explained at all.
    Finally, Douchebag of the Series Award once again goes to Danzou… What a guy! I want to be like him when I grow up! LOL!

  4. i wonder if this chapter was kishi’s tribute to whitney houston…(I will always love you)

  5. @ madzikage Thanks man I normally analyze my chapters first, let them marinate, then write my review. Let’s just say I sped up the process becuse I have quite a few errands to run throughout the rest of the week so I couldn’t get the chapter out like I intended. All in all I had to put on my big boy pants and just finish it before I went to bed….which ended up being almost 2 in the morning :-/

  6. But Danzou was by far the best wind jutsu user in the series. If Naruto could learn only halfof his wind jutsu, it would elevate him to new heights as a ninja.

  7. @FalconPrince, Have you ever watch thoes old Kung fu movies where 1 guy would wipeout half a army of other kung fu fighters. Kinda makes one wonder if there really is such a thing as a martial art…maybe we can call it martial “luck” or survival-of-the-fittest fighting?

  8. Just a thought but is it possible that Itachi used Izanami on Sasuke to change his “fate” from avenger of Uchiha to Savior

  9. @RSVP4GOD As a matter of fact I have seen the kung fu movies, and I also know that I shudnt really question the ‘freaky’ abilities of the main villain. If the author says that he wiped out an entire clan, then he probably did. But somehow in Narutos’ plot it doesnt seem to quite fit in. Did you see the looks on the faces of Itachi’s parents when they were about to be killed. It was as if they were two dummies/dolls. I have a feeling they might have been replaced by Zetsu or something. I am not arguing that theory, just a hypothesis.
    And just a counter argument towards the whole Uchiha massacre.. Just imagine the roles were reversed for the Uchiha and the rest of Konoha/Senju clan. I can quite digest the fact that if the roles were reversed,just Tobi and Itachi wud be able to take out powerful shinobis in Konoha like Kakashi or Guy or Neiji or Shikamaru etc or any other clan for that matter. Atleast not without causing a huge uproar which will cause the people to to notice the massacre happening. Just making a point.

  10. @falcon well u have to remember that itachi as a kid was beyond extraordinary as he was anbu at like age 7 which was unheard of. Not only that but itachi was a uchiha so it would be easier for him to get around and it happened at night so it’s quite possible to do all this with Tobi. Tobi can get through all the walls easily and can’t be touched easily. Only ninja like minato and the anbu guy have been able to touch him. Remember a lot of ppl were asleep as well an with Tobi and itachis prowess at silent kills it make since. And I like how itachis parents handled it tbh. They realize that itachi can make his own decisions and although parents r supposed to protect them there comes a time when they need to let their kids make their own minds up. And let’s be honest itachi wasn’t dumb and his father sees this and acknowledges that although they differ he really loved him and understands the struggle itachi had and respects his decision. That was a big thing for him to acknowledge

  11. I like how this chapter gives us a better insight on what really went down on the night of the uchiha massacre from Itachi perspective instead of sasuke. Now we know that Danzou is one of the leading cause of the massacre. Shisui uchiha could have reverse the head of the uchiha’s mind to stop all the events that led up to the uchiha slaughtering from ever occuring. Danzou, a prick as he is had to intervene with this plan and rip one of Shisui eyes out. Once again this goes back to Konoha’s doing that led to the prink of the uchiha extinction. Sasuke must be outrage by now to find another Konoha leading cause to the uchiha massacre. If it wasn’t for Danzou getting in the way of Shishu plan than the uchihas could have still been living peacefully within Konoha.

    Now I question whether Tobi is acually an uchiha or not? Tobi in all the earlier battles we seen isn’t all that impressive. What Tobi is remarkably good at is manipulating people. What I’m confuse on is Tobi isn’t Madara and yet he capable of controlling a bijuu like the nine tail fox? Only the 1st hokage and Madara was said to be capable of controlling a rampaging tail beast with their own powers. At first, I believe Tobi could have took one of Madara’s eyes which allows him to control bijuus but the only problem with this theory is that he hasn’t use MS abilities that Madara processes. What makes it more strange is that Tobi has the same grudge against Konoha and the uchiha clan as Madara did and he isn’t even him?

  12. great chapter, i agree with everyone, something smells fishy, even when shisui gave itachi his eye, his ms was activated at the moment, who knows, maybe shisui made itachi see all this, maybe he is tobi,just a wild guess, i still believe obito is involved somehow, big magnum will be back, tobi will summon him for a final grand master plan, and whatever happened to black zetsu, i simply wont come to realization that hes dead,too many unanswered questions about him, narutos battle will be dope, hopefully we will see tobis perfect susano, if he has one, seems like the war is about to reach its multiple orgasmic climax very soon, hopefully kishi wont take anymore breaks

  13. @Tensa
    Tobi and Itachi killed seperately. Itachi doing it straight from memory and he did not witness Tobi killing the uchihas. The two never killed together so Itachi wouldn’t have seen Tobi do anything unless Kishi decides to show us through Tobi perspective than we might get to see what really went down that night through Tobi’s eyes.

    Itachi parents didn’t do a thing because they must have known that their fate has already been decided. From what we’ve seen, his father and other uchihas have frown upon Itachi when Shisui went missing. We can assume that both parents didn’t process the MS which puts the odd against them against an MS Itachi.

    “As a father how could he allow his son to kill him an his wife an also cause so much pain to himself so easily?! As a father u try an protect ur kids even from themselves an sometimes u gotta do that by force!” A father wouldn’t protect a son that is going to murder him.

    There was more MS user amongst the uchihas. Shisui processes MS.

    Tobi had a grudge against the uchiha and konoha. He wanted revenge which he did got from teaming up with Itachi to wipe out the entire clan.

    There isn’t anything spectacular about black zetsu. Both zetsu are failed experiments of the 1st hokage. The black zetsu will have similar jutsu on a weaker level. Besides, Naruto is fighting the zetsu and I think we’re already sick and tired of Naruto spamming his new powers. He is one of the reason why this whole war is ruin.

  14. @nss7 is that just your opinion or a fact from the manga

  15. interesting though, im pretty sure the 1st couldnt move through the land so easily like zetsu, an experiment, yes, a failed one, no, if anything tobi created him and uses him to regenerate limbs, i feel like yamato will escape and face the combine zetsus, who else is more suitable than him

  16. Somewhere in the manga, Tobi or Kabuto has mention the origin of the zetsu being created from the first hokage cells. The black zetsu use wood base jutsu similar to the first. http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120203113460/naruto/images/1/19/Black_Zetsu_vs_Naruto.png

    Zetsu is the worst zombie/plant character. Kishi could’ve at least show white zetsu eating someone’s face off or something. There was nothing interesting about his character.

  17. Hmmm so how did Danzo manage to get Shisui’s eye if the latter was so powerful. I would say he was stronger than Itachi since he got the MS first. And also, why did Danzo only take 1 eye and left the more powerful one?

  18. @HashiramaDaGod
    Whay was the other eye more power full?
    Both eye had the kotoamatsukami.
    Danzou used kotoamatsukami on the kage meting


  19. @hasirama I’m not sure u can state that just because shuishu had ms first that he was stronger than itachi even at that time….. There’s a reason that itachi was a anbu leader at what age 7 and was asked by the council to eradicate the uchiha. To be asked to kill off a establishe warrior clan and be expected to carry it out shows how powerful Danzo and the council thought he could be

  20. Anbu captain at 13 my bad

  21. @Hashirama
    Shisui is a normal civilian living in Konoha compare to Danzou who is a higher up. Uchihas already took blame for the disaster from the attack from the Kyuubi and Tobi. Even before that, the uchihas were saw as untrust worthy (we don’t exactly know why yet). Fighting back and attacking Danzou would further damage the uchiha reputation and could eventually lead to war. Shisui who we have seen so far follow the views closer related to Itachi which is wanting peace without through the means of violence and war. Danzou is also stronger politically. More people would take his words over the untrusted uchihas. Otherwise, Shisui would’ve fought back and not have let Danzou rip out one of his eyes.

  22. @UchihaTheInfamous
    I agree that Naruto would become a better shinobi if he learn more wind jutsus. Sadly, there isn’t anyone who could teach him more wind jutsus. Wind jutsu users are super rare in Naruto. Out of the five great nations, only 5 or something ninjas are wind users? It’s a little odd.

  23. @token. I meant he was stronger than Itachi at that time, up till when Itachi also got MS.

    @seda, His left eye possesed kotoamatsukamiand the right eye (the 1 danzo took) possesed the ability to control others w/o them being aware of it. This is diff from kotoamatsukami cuz kotoamatsukami is a one shot genjutsu. Use it once and it won’t be active for anothe 10 years unless. But Danzo used Shinsui eye on more than 1 occasion and it was never called kotoamatsukami, Itachi is the one that introduced it. And in MS both eyes posses different abilities such as 1 for Amaterasu, and 1 for tsukuyomi in Itachi and Sasuke’s case.

    @nss7 doesn’t make sense. If Obama comes to take my eyes no way in hell would I not fight back.

  24. nss7, on June 24, 2012 at 12:55 pm said:
    I agree that Naruto would become a better shinobi if he learn more wind jutsus. Sadly, there isn’t anyone who could teach him more wind jutsus. Wind jutsu users are super rare in Naruto. Out of the five great nations, only 5 or something ninjas are wind users? It’s a little odd.

    – it is because the FIRE Nation killed all the AIR NOMADs because it is believed to be that the AVATAR will be coming from the AIR benders.


  25. @cesc
    The kotoamatsukami was only one shot in 10 years beacuse it was on a crow and didbn´t have mnuch of a chakra network

  26. the other eye also had kotoamatsukami and he used it to take control over people

  27. @Melody

    Lol, that is true.

  28. spoilers and its getting good http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/76157510/1

  29. plot hole with that explanation by madara… if this was the case the second when he was brought back should have been able to release himself as he created it.

  30. and y would madara wait this long….

  31. @token

    That is not true and this is why:

    The summoned Edo Tensei are unable to take action against Kabuto so long as he maintained a controlling influence over them. Itachi broke this influence with Kotoamatsukami, but even with that according to Kabuto, Itachi couldn’t kill him.

    However I believe in that case Itachi could have used the seal to extend his Edo Tensei if he wanted to and if he knew the seal.

    Before ET was released, Madara was still under contract to be controlled by Kabuto, so he could not take action against the summoner (even though Kabuto was letting Madara do what he wanted, he still couldn’t go against Kabuto’s will).

    Now switch to after the Edo Tensei contract had been released: all the ET bodies were able to move as they pleased. This particular item was highlighted by Dan no longer trying to kill the Alliance. We finally get to see his famed ghost technique, without him using it offensively. I can see why Kishi saved it for this moment.

    Ok, now that it has been established that once the ET contract has been released that the Zombies can do whatever they want to do and they can make seals, Madara took hold of that opportunity. I wonder if the set of seals that Kabuto taught Madara were the ones to keep ET around (since they don’t match the ones that Kabuto used to release ET).

    One last point: it’s interesting that Madara mentions infinite chakra. I wonder if that’s actually true, it sure seems so. If that’s the case though where does that come from?

  32. BIG MAGNUM is still in it. I knew he was too calm about the situation. Back to BIG MAGNUM smash time. This also sets up the showdown with him and Sasuke. Two possible ending battles. BIG MAGNUM and Tobi versus Naruto an Sasuke, or Naruto and Sauske versus BIG MAGNUM.

    Kish is starting to lose me. The only explanation for 2 nd not breaking the seal is what. He made the jutsu and I have a hard time believing he didn’t teach it to the first as well. Kish is changing his mind to much and needs to figure out who he want to be a bad ass or just make a new bad ass all together. I think tobi is shisu brother or the 2nd hokage as I have always said.

  34. @rip well that explains why he didnt use earlier however this doesnt explain y the second didnt release when summoned by oro as he had time to release.As for the infinite chakra well it makes sense as he is still a edo tensei summon and he is just not bound to the summoner anymore. Still though kishi is really pushing this

  35. @Token
    The 2nd hokage was still under contract and control by Orochimaru. The 2nd didn’t have control over his actions. Edo 2nd couldn’t release even if he wanted to. Madara did it after edo was release. Orochimaru never release edo so there wasn’t any opportunity for the 2nd to break it. He was never free of the edo contract to begin with which means he was still OWNED by Orochimaru jutsu.

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