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3rd Great Ninja War Vs. 4th Great Ninja War

Hello everyone! Welcome to my latest installment of VS. This is a subject that I haven’t given a lot of consideration to but with the end of the ninja war looking closer than ever I think it’s time to open up conversation about it. The legends we were told about the 3r ninja war were nothing short of whimsical. All out wars dragging in adults and children alike; forcing them to live a life truly becoming of a ninja. People were dying, orphaned children were common, and betrayal became as reoccurring as a morning breath of fresh air….If said breath isn’t taken from you by an enemy’s kunai. The point I’m trying to make was that legends were born from the 3rd ninja war. Kakashi redeemed his father’s name, The Yellow Flash single-handedly took town a battalion of soldiers and the future 4th Raikage took on naruto’s father and settled the debate once and for all of who was the faster ninja. Although peace was granted at the end of it (as peaceful as a ninja life could be) the 4th great ninja war was inevitable. This war brought with it an unprecedented twist. The same ninja’s whose ancestors were born programmed to spill each other’s blood, was now trading in their feuds for an alliance unlike anything seen in ninja history. Bridges have been built, Ninjas have made names for themselves once again and last but not least the rise of a new yellow flash has blessed this battlefield.This week’s VS. Topic is simply this. Which ninja war in the end will be more impactful? I actually love everything about the 2nd great ninja war. It personifies what I love about the series. Thought provoking moral choices, the importance of understanding and respecting your fellow-man and discovering just how powerful never giving up truly is.

But now it’s up to you guys! Give me your input on the topic and don’t forget to vote! Voting as since closed on the other two VS. Topics and I have to admit the results were surprising. Feel free to check out the older posts to see if your predictions on their outcomes came true!


13 Responses

  1. sadly this last war has not been nearly as warlike as the third war… not only that but no one has stepped up and made a name for themself like the 4th hokage. Naruto was always strong so he isnt making a name for himself (he did that vs pein) and frankly no one has shown themselves to be capable of the feats ppl like the 4th did in the previous war.

  2. I don’t really believe the third is more warlike than the current war. Don’t know how long it’s being going on, but there has been high mortality rate(just not from many we care about, an that’ll come soon), there are more participants in this war than the third and probably the rest, the stakes are higher, one way or another, the ninja world will be changed, most likely for good. If anything its the opposite around. The third ninja seems most like a war we’re familar with, not neccesary more warlike and definelty not bigger.

    Before i go any further i like to point out that the remainder of this is mostly out of the top of my head and not any reasearch that I usually do beforehand. So feel free to add any details or dispute.

    In my opinion, so far there are two main differences between the third and fourth ninja war: the coverage, and the mindset of the participants . By coverage i mean what us,as readers has been shown about this war as opossed to what else is happening. I don’t know about anyone else, but everything I know about the third ninja war has been either seen or talked about through precious few characters and what they been through as far as physically and emotionally in it. As far as deaths go, as usual, there were many, but there was an emotional feel to some of them because they made an impact to the characters who we are seeing this war through the eyes of, which in turn builds thier character and moves the story along. Im not really sure how this war started and what was the point, but it seemed like typical protecting and expanding thier own villiages through force. The coverage of deaths as well as battles in the fourth ninja war is different. Again there are a lot of them, most likely in a shorter time period than the third, but there is no emotion to them. From the way Im reading it, its not those individuals and details in thier experiences we’re getting, it’s everyone from start to finish in quick pace, mixed in the fact that we’ve been shown more about this war than the last.

    In the third ninja war, the ninjas as well as people it impacted are already sick of war. itachi, jiraya, tobi and nagato are all prime examples of this. Great ninja wars were like any war, expect with more nations involved. In the grand scheme of things the winners and losers didn’t matter. The winners prospered for a short time, and the losers suffer for a short time. Alliances were forged and broken, everyone mourns the the deaths of family members and comrades and everyone just moves on. Then fights occur here an there until the next war starts.The characters I named above, and several others, in thier own way, are asking ‘what is the point of all this’? People are losing things close to them, for what? This war is different. The consequence of a loss here effects everyone, not just a nation or two. Theres no time for grieves and what ifs, adding in the fact most of the comadres used to be enemies not too long ago and didn’t really have much time to bond. Planning period is over, decisions are either predetermind, right now, or not at all. No one in the alliance would be stupid enough to betray when the risks are too high, any possible cilvian casulites are unimportant an forgetable. Even those who are in a war for the first time and/or had the pre-war or during war jitters dispelled it within minutes and understand that it’s all or nothing here and if the enemy wins here, they win period. There will be no retaliation, no avenging, no plan B, no second attempt. The moon eye plan will easilly take care of that, if it’s as powerful as tobi claims it is. As true in real life as it is in this manga, majority rather fight for freedom and chose death than be slaves.

    In conclusion, I honestly can’t decide which war I like better because not much is known about the third and i has hoping the fights in the fourth would be more satisfactory.

  3. The 4th war wasn’t warlike as the 3rd war. The 3rd war, there was a lot of dispair and pain. There were moments in the 3rd war that went from gaining hope to fear. Obito was one of them that showed all the right emotion for a young soldier entering war. He wanted to contribute in helping his comrades in war but feared for his life when it came to doing battle. Rin got held hostage and it came down to two young soldier, Kakashi and Obito to debate over making the tough dicision to either save a comrade or carry on with the mission that could eventually give the ally force the advantage to end the war. Kakashi ended up losing an eye protecting Obito and Obito sacrifice himself to protect Kakashi who he probably knew has a better chance of survival. Then you see Kakashi going as far as willing to die in battle to protect and help Rin escape like a real soldier in the line of duty would do if they had to make a last second discision.

    You don’t see that in the 4th war. The 4th war, it doesn’t feel like lives are lost or anything out of the ordinary. It just seems like a normal everyday thing that shinobis are fighting but not for a greater cause as if this is an ordinary mission where it doesn’t feel that any of the allies are going to lose their lives or be seriously injured. Even the Pein envading Konoha arc has more of a war like atmosphere. All the characters we are familiar with were dying left to right. It was something out of the ordinary and unexpected that all the characters we once love in the series were being killed off by Pein. What we ended getting with the 4th war is not pain or fear but shinobis like Naruto who are hoping around the battlefield looking more jolly and happy than feeling pain. Soldiers in war usually sometimes would turn into a complete animal or killer in war like the 4th hokage. He was a loving father at home but became a complete killer who showed no mercy to his enemies in war. War makes soldier mature faster. Naruto however is the opposite of this and he is able to get away with acting like a silly imature kid in war. How does a person unmature in war when lives are being lost? You never hear that in war. You usually hear that it’s a life changer and war is so shocking that it cause soldeirs to mature quickly but Naruto does the opposite which makes no sense at all. Nothing in the 4th war seem to be shocking or life changer to all the shinobis that are fighting.

    The 4th war would have been the worst arc in Naruto series if it wasn’t for Madara.

  4. Hell, even the 2nd war was a lot more warlike than the 4th war. We only seen a glimpse of the 2nd war and it was Tsunadi covered in blood and traumatized when the reality hit her that the people who she love was going to die in battle and her hopelessness of not being able to rescue them with her medical abilities. That is sad that a little glimpse of the 2nd war created more of a warlike atmosphere than the whole 4th war. I know the 2nd war wasn’t part of the topic but I have to bring it up to show how unrealistic the 4th war was.

  5. 3rd war was fought between a bunch nations that some members wondering why was this war happening to begin with. 4th war is between two sides who want to win at ALL Cost. War is a normal everyday thing in the ninja world and this current war is fought to, one way or another, put an end to it. As unrealisitc as the 4th war is, its significance is on a whole nother level than the 3rd. Besides, obito’s emotions and behavior during the war was at a stage Naruto moved pass ages ago. Why should he have any despair and fear moments in the war when he goes through near impossible odds on an almost daily basis? Naruto needs to mature in other areas, such as being a leader.

  6. @darth i think thats what makes the 3rd war even more like a real war compared to the fourth…. In this war the shinobi are not fighting other shinobis or ppl but zombies and plants. This takes away a human element of a war and like nss7 said before in the third war u had ppl like itachi severly damaged by what he witnessed. He saw humans kiling humans, families torn apart from violence he viewed as completely unnecessary. Significance wise it is the world at stake but they r united against a almost alien foe, as opposed to other humans with families and children. The third war made ppl grow up in a hurry. In this war can u honestly say that someone has had a daunting experience comparable to those the children like itachi or even tsunade before had? Minato was a absolute killer and i dont think anyone has that killer instinct this war….. i mean the closest honestly was probably kakashi but even he had feelings brought up against zabuza. This war feels emotional but it feels nothing like what the 3rd war was made out to be.

  7. So it has to be humans vs. humans in order for it to be a war? Like I said, the past great ninja wars are more like war we’ll familiar with, not neccesary more warlike. Guess It’ll take serious ‘on the verge of human destruction’ for people to unite like the characters in the manga.

  8. well to get a real connection yea lol. When ur banding together against a alien foe or something its a different thing than facing off against fellow humans or ppl who used to be neighbors or allies. And if the past ninja wars are more like war we r familiar with than shouldnt this war have been more like it as well?

  9. If that happened then this war would be proof that ninjas. Didnt learn from past mistakes an didn’t mature at all from previous wars.

  10. when do humans ever learn from mistakes….thats what make humans human

  11. Making mistakes makes us humans. Not learning from them makes us stupid and irresponsible…………….and human, I guess.

  12. The 3rd war is more warlike. The war cause Nagato to change his whole perspective on life. The experience was so mind numbing for him that made him resort to dictatorship to achieve a short burst of peace. An orphan like Kabuto was made into a spy and turn into a psycho maniac (he still doesn’t even know who his real self is). The war took Sasori parents away and cause him to become obsess with puppets and killing people to create human puppets which he later became known as the red sand for the bloodshed he created. Nothing in the 4th war has effect anyones psyche. None of the good guys has had a big loss or anything horrific happen to them. The 4th war seems to be an easy ride for the good guys and nothing too horrifying to leave a pernament scar or mark that can painfully last for a lifetime.

  13. This is a “war” in name only. Seriously, this arc is fucking terrible.

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