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Naruto Shippuuden Chapter 635 – A New Wind

Hello lovies!

Sorry this post was quite a bit late because a lot was going on this week for me. Anywho!

Let’s start off with a funny pic of Orochimaru doing the shake-n-bake with his neck and head LOLOLOL



So, for a SUMMARY of the chapter:

We pick up where we left off at Orochimaru talking to Tsunade. We see Katsuyu and mini Katsuyus.


Orochimaru also has Suigetsu and Karin in tow. Suigetsu is obsessed with putting salt on the slugs while Karin is still obsessed with Sasuke.

1.2Their not-at-all-humorous banter…..

Katsuyu almost smothers Orochimaru in her acid spit, but he informs her that he only wants to heal Tsunade, which Katsuyu is having trouble doing (aka re-attaching her bisected parts…). And after a sad little cough of impending death from Tsunade’s halved body, Katsuyu relents.


We also hear comments and see glimpses of Tsunade’s true age face – however, as always, Kishi keeps the good stuff away from us and we don’t actually get a full face shot – just a couple of forehead and mouth wrinkles…

Orochimaru orders Suigetsu to reattach her body halves and tells Karin to let Tsunade bite her (gross……) and Tsunade is now right as rain again – once again confirming in the Kishi-world that no one can die…..(even though people normally die of blood loss and shock right away after being cut in half…)

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.15.14 PM

5Holy Bejesus……

When properly conscious, Tsunade questions Orochimaru’s motives and intents. Orochimaru states that he is not the good guy because he wants to, but he wants to help the apparent-good-guy (Sasuke) to see how the apparent-good-guy falls beyond redemption by his “new wind”…. That’ll be the main gist of it >>;;;;;


Tsunade comments on how he’s changed and they have some banter about their own Sannin past and Jiraiya. This proves, that even if one person goes bad – teammates keep their bonds for years after. (TAKE THAT SASOOKEH!!!!)


Then after some more banter, Orochi-Suigets-Karin head towards the Ten-Tails battlefield while Katsuyu fills Tsunade in with all the battle progress and details. Tsunade and Katsuyu then continue to heal the rest of the Kages.

We then head back to the Ten-Tails battlefield, where we finally learn why Sasuke was being all friggin creepy and sketch. He wants the Ten-Tails to be completely be destroyed – with all the jinchuuriki&bijuu still inside. However, this doesn’t fly by Naruto very well, who was intending to free all his new bijuu and jinchuuriki friends. However, Sasuke being the spoiled brat he is, wants everything to go his way. Thankfully or unthankfully?, the Ten-Tails removes the body parts that are affected with his black fire, to which Sasuke almost has a temper tantrum.


” Y U DO DIS SASEKEH!!!??????????? </3 “

Sai then tries to have a conversation with his former teammate who really no longer cares about him LOLOL

He tells her that because he is an impartial person (as if!!! MR. I’M-GOING-TO-KILL-SASEKEH!!! =.=;;;) , that he believes none of them can trust his rival (essentially, thats what they are haha). She gives him a really fake smile while lying that because Sasuke came back for them, she’s happy and that she trusts him.

HAHA Oh Sai, could you be anymore obvious of how jealous you are that Sasuke came back and completely overshadowed you?


We go to the Kage – now all fully revived and pumped for moar action – who are all going to the battlescene where all our heroes are. This is also a strange full forward shot of Tsunade’s butt………thanks Kishi?

12I see what you did there Kishi….
This picture was drawn only to show a full view of Tsunade’s rear-end….

And our very last shot is a epic scene of Kakashi and Obito going at it with their kunai. (lololol out of context, that would sound very wrong hahahahahahaha XD ) Anyways, this shot is definitely telling us where the next chapter will be heading towards. Let’s see if Obito finally redeems himself or keeps giving Kakashi more angst and strife.


” Y U NO LUV ME NO MOAR!!!?????”


Now for a REVIEW of the Chapter:

I’ll be mostly talking about people in pairs (not shipping) but just to make things go faster as I analyze their importance and role, and even their need to be eliminated completely from the story.

1. Orochimaru and Sasuke

No review for this chapter could be considered decent without talking about a certain 2 people – namely Orochimaru and Sasuke…even though they’ve been talked about wayyy too much already >>;;;;

I don’t know about any one else, but I was very happy when Orochimaru died. The pedophile of the series was finally gone and could no longer send shivers of creepiness down my spine. And Sasuke seemed beyond redemption and nowhere near as amazing as Itachi, THUS I was banking on the hope that maybe they’d have to execute Sasuke later? teehee


On top of all that, Sasuke killed Orochimaru and everything is just peachy keen when he resurrects Orochi? And what happened with Itachi sealing Orochimaru away from Sasuke and yet he still comes back? Its a big fat insult to Itachi, honestly.

As thankful as I am that Orochimaru saved Tsunade….I just want him to be gone from the entire series for once. Or just have him switch places with Jirayia plz.

As for Sasuke……I’m waiting until he gets his long deserved punishment for being the asshole he is 😡

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.01.57 PM

KISHI!!!!!!!!!!!! Y U KILL ITACHI AND NEJI??????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

2. Sai and Sakura

This poor guy can never win. And I happen to think that he’s one of the characters that has so much potential to becomes a great asset to the main storyline, but Kishi is making him into such a sad forever-alone character…almost breaks my heart =.=

And Sakura’s absolute stubbornness to NOT SEE  the amazingness in other guys other than Sasuke is just painful.

How she treats Sai is just awful. I wish Kishi would give Sai more character development and spotlight time.

And I’m pretty sure everyone knows that he is completely right about Sasuke in this chapter….Let’s see how painfully slow and brutal this unfolds. You all know that if I were allowed in the Naruverse….Sasuke would have died long ago. Like an actual death with no way to resurrect his soul with the Edo technique.




3. Suigetsu and Karin

When it comes to Suigetsu and Karin, I have one major thing to ask – What the hell is their overall usefulness to the plot? I never liked them as characters since their inception and introduction into the story.

– They are not very funny at all – thus they are USELESS as comic relief

– Karin is the absolute worst combination of Sakura and Ino that could ever have existed. And that haircut???

– Suigetsu is the never-will-be-as-awesome-as-Kisame-or-Zabuza watery swordsmen that will continue to be a painful reminder of two ninja swordsmen who were badass and died, taking away an interesting arc to the story.

Karin-and-Suigetsu-naruto-shippuuden-17765942-1280-720I wish you two would just please go away…..

4. Katsuyu the Mysterious Time Warping Duplicating Slug

I just put this in because I wanted to address the whole large-version of Katsuyu being in 2 places at once? So her full form is both with Sakura and Tsunade? I was under the impression that summons could only be in one place at a time?

And when Sakura summoned her, didn’t she take away some of Katsuyu’s concentration and chakra for healing Tsunade?

I guess the simplest explanation would be that she can just be continously cloned and summoned (since she can split herself into smaller slugs almost infinitely) and these clones are all on the same brain wave where all information is shared as it happens between the clones.


Anyone else have any theories?


See you all next week!

❤ LK


26 Responses

  1. Is my eyes decieving me or is Gaara totally checking out that rear-view of hers?

  2. Honestly the pain arc made it kinda obvious your theory of katsuyu is the case because the mini slugs were having conversations with everyone she was with including naruto roughly around the same time an they called them katsuyu.

  3. LOL!!! This was a very entertaining review. I enjoyed every second of it. After my post I think I will have a reread.

    I’m still trying to figure out the roles to the variety of characters in the manga. It would appear that Kish doesn’t mind recycling his characters in the story. It can be good depending on the story but at
    times it can also cheapen a characters purpose for a story.

    A good example is Obito. If it was done right the whole Obito becoming a villain could have been a success. But sadly it wasn’t. Honestly what purpose is Obito in the manga? Once Madara showed up, Obito character to backseat.

    I agree with you about Orochimaru. He was a great villain who fulfilled his purpose in the manga. Now that’s he’s back, what is he there for? It’s just strange that Kish continues to bring back old players when it felt as though there pupose was already fulfilled.

    However Kish did do a good job with Itachi. I’m glad he came back because it felt like he had unfinished business.

    Oh well can’t wait until the war is over.

  4. i just want to see pain again 😦

  5. I agree Madara_Uchiha.

  6. Better yet Jiraiya. You can’t have all the sanin without Jiraiya. :'(.

  7. This review was more interesting than the chapter. Lol.
    The return of the five kage seems completely useless. If Madara can jokingly man handle them all, what will they really accomplish now?
    Raikage is a joke of what his father was, the tsuchikage can’t compare to his master, tsuande and the mizukage are fairly useless in combat. Gaara is sick though lol.
    The wet swords man, and his psycho partner are useless in the over all Manga, and possibly some of the worst characters created by kishi.
    Sakura’s crap is annoying as usual, but everyone already knows that.
    Not a fan of the kakashi obito double kill. I was hoping for a bit more talking before they railed each other, but knowing kishi none of the two will die from gaping holes in abdomens.
    Overall fairly disappointing chapter, hopefully next one is better.

  8. With all due respect… I appreciate that you’re trying to revive these chapter summaries.

    This being said. Your posts are way to subjectively driven. That’s not to say that subjectivity is discouraged, I’m just noticing too many personal opinions of events, and not enough objective discussion based on… well… the story, and not on your wishes for the story.

    Just because you want something to happen doesn’t mean it should or will. I don’t want to read YOUR opinion, I want to hear general ideas.

  9. Another example: – “They are not very funny at all – thus they are USELESS as comic relief
    – Karin is the absolute worst combination of Sakura and Ino that could ever have existed. And that haircut???”

    Again, useless subjective jargon. I don’t care if you dislike them, they’re part of the plot. Stick to the facts.

  10. These are chapter summaries, not entertainment pieces. PLEASE keep that in mind.

  11. @BeenOnHere…….

    Seriously. Normally I’m pretty pleasant but that was out of hand. It’s fine if you don’t like the posts, who cares, but the extra tangent that you went on was far out of line. I am glad that she steps up and makes engaging reviews, and just the same way you said you didn’t want to hear x, y, and z from her, no one wants to hear all out rants from YOUR opinions of her reviews.

  12. @BeenOnHereLongerThanYon: Sorry but I will have to completely disagree with you.
    Each and every person on this blog gives their opinion of the manga. The chapter summaries from all of the authors contains their opinion of the manga. That is the whole point. It would be utterly useless if you came to read a summary of the events that you have already read yourself. If that’s the case, you might as well read the narutowiki summaries of the chapter instead.

    Each and every author that I have read, has a unique way of contributing to the reviews. Some are bold enough to do something different, challenge our way of thinking (even when it goes against everyone’s else opinion) and keep some people entertained. All the while they do it without getting paid one cent. So until they start getting paid for their services, we have NO RIGHT to complain. (That last line was a joke by the way.)

    To all of the authors both past and present, I Immortal thank you.

  13. This review was an entertaining read. Enjoyed it from start to finish. Nice to see a change in writing style once in a while.

    Don’t have much to say about this chapter. Everything is too artificial lately. Don’t feel any emotional attachments to any of the alliance army. In fact, they only serve as filler and are getting in the way of the major battles. Tiresome to see the same old match up after spamming all the edo vs alliance army. Too many repetitive fights in this arc.

    Orochimaru being a good guy is not believable. He needs to remain a bad guy. He’s like the joker of Narutouniverse. Always carrying around that creepy vibe everytime he makes an appearance. Now, Kishi somehow was able to tarnish Oro image like he has done to many of his lovable character in this arc. Can anyone imagen if the Joker became a good guy and turn a new leaf? That would be the biggest joke to Gothem. Orochimaru could’ve been a major wild card in turning the tides of battle. Instead, we get a marathon of hugging, forgiving and half ass fights about bad guys and good guys standing around, looking mentally confuse about their duties in war. Not only that, but Kishi brings back favorable characters just to have them be killed off again and piss many of his fans off. This manga better start picking up.

  14. @BeenOnHereLongerThanYou
    I’d like to point out that these are a combined Chapter Summary and Review. All the examples of my writing that you pulled from the post were from the REVIEW portion of the post. If you were reading the post properly, you would have noticed that I said “Now for a review of the chapter…”

    The reviews themselves are intended to be author-opinionated and entertaining. So, if you were coming here simply for a summary of the chapter, please read only the SUMMARY section and do not read the review portion next time. I hope that you assess the situation next time before making accusations.

    Here at Shannaro, we are a peaceful and supporting community. Unnecessarily malicious comments are not accepted here. I hope you understand this.


    @UchihaTheInfamous, Immortal, nss7 & everyone else who has enjoyed my reviews …
    I thank you all for your continued support and lovely warm comments.
    They give me the desire to keep writing and updating as soon as I can.
    I read every single one of your comments and keep them in mind for the next time I write.
    I plan to have an interactive post or poll in the future, so please stay tuned!

  15. Be greatful you even get a review in the first place!!!

    Anyway onto a better subject……….. NEW NARUTO CHAPTER IS OUT!!


  16. damn obito….once upon a time, everybody was your puppet. What happenned man?

  17. That obio vs kakashi fight was garbage!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG talk about rushed an pitiful – dude has a sharingan and rinnegan an did fuck all with the 2 greatest eye powers?! seriously kishi? you rushed this whole thing an it seriously compromises the story, no wonder naruto slippin down in manga sales damn.

  18. This chapter just confirms y I always felt obito as Tobi was a home

  19. My reaction to obito vs. Kakashi fight

  20. Joke* stupid phone

  21. @LaydeeKay

    You are very much welcome, and I will continue to support you and your good works, as well all the reviewers on this site.

  22. It’s really sad that all these Uchiha fanboy crushes are bringing the manga down:

    Obito is making Kakashi look lame.
    Madara and Hashirama not really lame but not all it could be after their epic back story.
    Sasuke makes Karin….you know what…no comment on this one.
    Sasuke makes Sakura……..almost bad as Karin and Sasuke
    Sasuke makes Naruto……look forever lame.
    Sasuke is turning Orochimaru from being arguably the best character in the story to peace loving i don’t know what.
    Sasuke makes…..just fill in names here, and add blatant cliches

    It’s getting pretty bad.

  23. This has to be the lamest fall of a villan i’ve ever seen.
    Even hidan&kakuzu.who were minor characters were way epic than this.

    Although kakashi is an epic character and would expect nothing less when he’s a bit pissed and obito can’t phase in his dimension plus the rinnegan is dormat(God knows why),nevertheless this fight was supposed to last 2 chapters or at least have one chapter dedicated to it.
    Hopefully the anime would make something out of this fight,rather than make annoying fillers, like that rain crying bitch episode.damn annoying!!!
    Anyways there was major story progression.and BIG MAGNUM sitting while taking out the clone was epic.

  24. @Sannins

    BIG MAGNUM still has his touch. I wish he would get back to the epic one liners as well.

  25. Lol well like my name implies, I’ve been reading blog posts on shannaro far longer than most of you. Please refer to Bob’s first 450 chapter reviews in order to discover what a subjectively objective review consists of.

    It wasn’t a malicious comment. I never once insulted you. I said what you were saying was jargon. That’s not an insult.

    And like I said… I’m not unappreciative, as clearly I still come to this site. I just don’t care about whether or not you like Karin or Suigetsu. There are so many more relevant things you could discuss. Too many more relevant things.

    Perhaps this is the request of someone too old to make an impact on Shannaro. Maybe that’s why Bob decided to quit posting chapter reviews. I don’t know. Maybe I’m too old for Shannaro.

    What I do know, @laydeekay, is that you have the potential to write terrific reviews, and as a philosophical linguist, I’m telling you, your points are lost in the jargon.

  26. @BeenOnHereLongerThanYou
    To be honest, I’ve been on this site since 2007, but I see that you don’t remember me even though you’ve been here for a long time…

    You are correct that saying that I was using jargon is not an insult. However, though you may not have intended it, I hope you’ll realize that constantly telling me to read Bob’s old posts is extremely belittling. I’d like to point out as well that while you claim that my points are lost in the jargon (which I don’t think is the right word you are looking for by definition) – I do not intend to make any serious points.

    I do not write about every hidden detail in the manga because I want to hear what the members of Shannaro think. I simply offer a brief summary and my personal outtake on the chapter, while making it fun for the readers. I can understand your ill-content with Bob’s departure (I too am very unhappy that he is not here any more) but voicing your desire for other writers to emulate Bob is unnecessary.

    I have no quarrel with you whatsoever. I simply want you to understand that since Naruto is something we all here enjoy and that instead of expressing your discontent – you should try talking about your thoughts and opinions on the chapter and manga itself. You seem to have a very detailed and fine tuned view. You yourself have very much to offer with these chapters, being the philosophical linguist you are. You said that I could discuss “too many more relevant things”, so how about discussing these yourself so we all can know what you think is hidden in the chapter?

    I hope that you see the lighter side of things and offer your own opinion on chapters. Overall, I would just like you to enjoy the site, even in Bob’s absence.

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