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It’s Out! – June 19th, 2013

Bleach Manga Chapter 542

Read it HERE.



Naruto Manga Chapter 635

Read it HERE.



16 Responses

  1. Now it looks like Sasuke will be the new Madara. He wants the world for himself.

  2. Naruto and Sasuke fighting to the death is becoming more apparent. This is how it should be. None of that cheesy friendly sorry excuse of a writing that Kishi has been feeding us.


  4. I no like Zangetsu’s 😦

  5. Who got a naughty thought when Tsunade bent over…

  6. Those Zangetsu’s are pretty plain.

  7. i wonder in bankai form those two swords will become one

  8. love the twin swords!!! thats awesome! they need to go back and make the anime!!!

  9. It looks like the smaller sword is the Quincy Manifestation while the longer one is the Hollow power.

  10. I hate it, when someone goes “create a new world”…its a bad sign that they are awakening their inner obito

  11. Makes sense in Bleach how the manifestation of his sword took place. Even the Old man Zangetsu/Quincy Juha Clone said that Ichigo’s shinigami powers were only what his quincy powers were able to supress from his hollow/shinigami powers. This means by default, the hollow/shinigami powers were much stronger than his Quincy blood and the larger of his zanpakutos represents Zangetsu(Hollow Ichigo). The small one is obviously the Juha clone spirit.

    In terms of why the blades look so plain, its probably due to the nature of surpressing the hollow/shinigami powers inside ichigo. Trying to surpress the level of raw power Ichigo has would be akin to trying to stop a waterfall from splashing. This would result in his zanpakuto always being massive and him unable to surpress his Reiatsu at any time. Now that everything is in place as it should be, his entire power is no longer in a state of constant conflict and therfore his blades are smooth and simple (aka plain looking).

    Im excited to see what Ichigo’s power level is now or if he has to train again to master his blades. Should be interesting fights from here on out.

    Note: The only exception to the plain looking blade theory above is Ichigo’s previous Bankai form. However, his bankai was centered around completly condensing his power into the small blade (a forced action that strained his body no matter how you looked at. See: Hollow Ichigo’s explanation in Byakuya Vs Ichigo Bankai fight).

  12. Bleach – Notice how ichigo quincy blade is a lot smaller than the hollow blade….

    Cant wait for ichigo’s hollowification/bankai/holyform!


    Naruto – Tsunade got a skinny bum hahaha

    Kishi is annoying – he could have let at least 1 kage die, 1……is that so much to ask?! and also when is the juubi gonna do his “god” like shit?! This pokemon fucker has been weaker than the 1 tailed beast FFS and he wonders why his manga is slipping off the charts in japan ZINGGGGGG!

  13. Would love to see ichigo’s two swords only be able to use their respective powers, hollow and quincy, and in banki be like when ichigo fought to earn his final gantsuga tensho

  14. Bleach- I liked bleach this week. I also liked the ideal of Ichigo possessing two swords but the design is kinda plain; in a good way. I’m thinking the reason his hollow form sword is bigger is because Ichigo is a vizard. Since hollowfication seems to strengthen shinigami power more than qunicy, it makes sense. Maybe.
    What I’m wondering is if Ichigo is in shikai mode or just regular no release state form?
    So far the story is moving along nicely.

    Naruto- A lot was going on this chapter and still I’m wondering what Kish is planning. The story seems to be progressing but into what I don’t know. The whole moon eye plan is slowly becoming a after thought. Their is apart of me that wish the whole war was over. I just want to see the aftermath more than anything. I did love the color artwork of the akatsuki, it brought back memories.

  15. @Gentlepunch
    Wouldn’t say it in that sort of context. Sasuke wants to change reality while Obito only wants to abandon reality to live in a fictional world. Who wouldn’t want to change a broken system? Who knows if Sasuke, Naruto or whoever becomes Kage will be able to fix the system for the better.

    @Tensa Gizzla
    That’s Kishi’s problem. Why would Madara even let A KAGE live or close to death? Madara can see chakra and it’s stupid writing that he would let a medical ninja like Tsunadi near death to give her an opportunity to revive the other kage’s. We already seen what type of person Madara was from the flashbacks. He doesn’t show no mercy to his enemies. He’s no Hashirama. This war arc is a joke. The most useless arc I have read from this manga. Nothing makes sense in this arc. Deja vu after deja vu is all we get. Another Kage 5 vs Madara should be expected. Annoying as hell.

  16. Oh wait …. for the climax!. The last page was über awesome because the boring Obito and Kakashi is stabbing EACHOTHER…… Wait nope. Not feeling any emotional impact. Their relation is boring and seems at best as a filler. All we readers give a damn about is team 7, Madara and the Kages. Everyone else is a waste of space.

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