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Naruto Shippuuden Chapter 634 – A New Three-Way Deadlock

Hello all, and welcome back!


So let’s start off with a brief SUMMARY of Chapter 634 – the Kuchiyose Deadlock….
And also with a picture of Naruto’s canon crazy eyes from the manga LOLOLOL

Naruto Derp Crazy Eyes

So first, Team 7 have clearly become New Sannins…but even better, so probably calling them Super Sannins would be more appropriate. They each show mastery over their summons and use them effectively to help with the battle.
Also, the Third Hokage is the ONLY PERSON in the Naruverse who seems to have realized this pattern…. ridiculous. How does no one else make this comparison? Or are you doing this on purpose, Kishi >>…….

Third Hokage and Sannin

Anyways, Naruto and Sasuke use their super amazing powerful unstoppable completely fool-proof hokage-impressing jutsus…..and combine them in a super amazing awesomenest super bestest justsu EVARRRRRR~!!!!!! ……… =.=….

And it looks a little …… ordinary in its combined form….I guess the anime will make it look a lot cooler?

Naruto Sasuke Awesome Supah PowahLame Looking Ultimate Jutsu

And of course, as always, Sai feels SUPER LEFT OUT as usual…..

Forever Alone Sai
Forever alone?

Jugo doesn’t know how to cope with Sasuke leaving Team Hebi/Akatsuki/Hawk for the new and improved Team 7.

No Luv Jugo
“Sasekeh! Why U No Luv Me No Moar???”

Sasuke has an uber creeper moment with his shady eyes – which Forever Alone Sai and U No Luv Me Jugo both notice.

Then the Original Creep Master Orochimaru along with Karin and Suigetsu arrive, purty late on schedule.

Oroch is a creeper
Just a thought: Why did Orochimaru reference to only Tsunade???




Now for my REVIEW of the chapter:


Really Kishimoto? Sasuke and Naruto combine their jutsus in a perfect ratio?? Really? Not only have the two not seen each other in a very long time, but they’ve either been trying to kill/fight/luv each other every time they have seen each other. So there’s no way the two were able to coordinate and perfectly combine their justus on the first go….It’s just RIDICULOUS! I NO APPROVE OF DIS KISHIMOTO!!!

Naruto Sasuke BFF
Even with all this BFF crap……NO. Just no.

And on top of that – the whole “wind makes fire stronger”? I mean yes, elemental-wise, wind is supposed to make fire stronger, but if we take that statement into symbolic and foreshadowing consideration, the might mean that Naruto wants Sasuke to be Hokage and he’ll make him stronger by supporting him?? What is this nonsense? Or maybe he’s just insinuating that he will become Sasuke’s support by being his friend……lol that’s probably it but idk. I’m paranoid after Neji’s death =.=;;;;


All the support from the Rookie Nine for Naruto and Sasuke to succeed….to me – it actually seemed a little anti-climatic, overly dramatic, awkward and ill-placed…

Rookie Nine Love


I don’t know about the rest of you or maybe I’m just being paranoid because I’m getting real tired of Kishimoto’s shit (killing everybody that’s cool in the series), but I got the strange feeling that this was foreshadowing for Rookie Nine to be severely disappointed by Sasuke…who I will talk about in REVIEW NUMBER 4.


3) SAKURA SUX WHY????!!!!!

Oh Kishi, why did you make Sakura cry/shed a tear over the awesomeness of her teammates/her love for only Sasuke? You finally give her some self REAL respect (mastering a crazy technique and healing a bunch of people at the same time) and then you let her cry at the sight of Sasuke-Naruto BFF super power? SERIOUSLY KISHI?? SERIOUSLY???

Sakura Sux...

No respect...

I have no strength in me anymore to rant about Sakura…..



Now, for this asshole.

Yes, he may have seemed all redeemed and such after his miraculous change of heart to protect Konoha. I say bullsh*t.

Sasuke’s ominous message and creeper eyes -“burn it down” – maybe he was lying the whole time? Maybe he has an even  ulterior ulterior motive. And the only people to pick up on this are Forever-Alone-Sai and Luv-Me-Moar-Jugo.

Asshole Sasuke

Sai and Jugo know...

In the end – my fear? = Sasuke merely saved Konoha under the pretense of honored dead Itachi – However, he is killing the Ten-Tails so he can simply have the world and Konoha whole for his own retribution. IDK it may be a long shot, but regardless – this does not bode well for the future chapters.

I thought perhaps the reunion of Team 7 might have signaled a upcoming happy ending to Naruto as a series, but clearly, Kishi has more aces and plot twisters up his sleeve.

Oh Kishi, I hate you.

What do you guys think?



Now, the part of the chapter that I found particularly interesting was that Naruto and Sasuke have summoned their own new beasts – while Sakura sticks with Tsunade’s old Katsuyu.

For Naruto – Gamakichi has grown up to be the size as Gamabunta (Jirayai’s old summon).
For Sasuke – he has Aoda, who is huge but doesn’t have a cobra-hood like Manda did, (Orochimaru’s summon).
For Sakura – she has not summoned her own personal slug, instead just using her master’s summon aka BORING.

While Gamakichi and Naruto are old time friends – they call each other comfortably by their common name, Aoda calls Sasuke as Sasuke-sama….implying that Sasuke is a lord to the Snake Clan. Meanwhile, Sakura calls her summon Katsuyu-sama….reversing the relationship that Sasuke has with his summon.

Kuchiyose Deadlock

Another thing that I found interesting was that in the Japanese to English translation of the Manga, Fourth Hokage/Minato Namikaze states “I didn’t think I’d be able to see the Kuchiyose Deadlock once again!”

Fourth Hokage

The use of the word “DEADLOCK”  intrigued me enough to research some stuff and I found this information from here.

“The world wide game “scissors, paper, stone” originated from China during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), invented by the warlords of that period. Except instead of paper, they used the open palm symbol to represent cloth, so it’s “Scissors, Stone, Cloth”.

The game reached Japan in the early 1640s and one variation of the game was the “Slug, Snake, Frog” variation.

In this variation, the Frog is afraid of the Snake, the Snake is afraid of the Slug, and the Slug is afraid of the Frog.

This is influenced by the Sansukumi way of thinking where it keeps the three objects in a deadlock.

The fact that the Sannin use these three animals as summons may be the author hinting that there is no stronger one among them, and that their strength is more or less equal.”

A talisman showing a frog in the upper right corner, a slug at the very bottom, and a snake on the far left.


Thus, the Sannin’s Kuchiyose summons are called a deadlock, as none are stronger than the other and their particular set of skills enables them equal in strength (but not over) their other teammates.


Hope you enjoyed!

See you all next week!

~<3 Laydee Kay


23 Responses

  1. Really interesting fact about the deadlock! I didn’t know that! Also, great overall review, I agree with Sasuke having something he’s not telling people.

  2. I’m kinda hoping to see Sasuke turn evil again, if only to see the Naruto/Sasuke final battle. Also, them combining their attacks perfectly actually makes sense considering Naruto’s chakra sensing and Sasuke’s Sharingan, so they could probably tell how much power the other is putting into their attack with little effort. Also, no mention of Minato’s “awesome” name for their combined jutsu?

  3. i guess the snakes love sasuke for killing off manda…

  4. Tsunades probably the only kage still conscious. Is orochimaru, with the help of karin, planning on healing them, or is he just there to talk shit, or got something more sinister in mind.

    Did we ever see what suigetsu an Hugo discovered that could ‘turn the tide in the war’, or did I just forget?

  5. Sasuke could’ve used manda II, or is he only for kabuto, or maybe dead as well?

  6. @ unknown, I think Orochimaru would want Madara out of the way, and helping the Kages would make that easier. I think the thing that “could turn the tide” might have been the way to undo the Death Seal, which allowed for the Hokages to be summoned. And I think Manda II was just for Kabuto, and if he wasn’t I doubt Sasuke would know about him anyway.

  7. Does ems increase sasukes chakra reserves? Susanoo, summoning, matching charkra with narutos bigger than ever FRS. Shouldn’t that deplete his chakra based on the how exhauseted he got got in fights with danzou and the hokages?

  8. as far as i know Sasuke used Manda a shield to escape that explosion? he unsummoned Manda just as he jumped into his mouth and i think he died through the explosion.

    I thought Naruto could only sense Chakra in his Sage mode?

    I think Sasuke has very potent Chakra so its not amount the amount more about how strong it is and how efficient he is with using it precisely.

    I think Orochi has just got to the 5 kages, so i dont know what he will do with them. maybe collect some DNA? or maybe help revive them with Karin. Heal Tsunade then she will heal the rest.

  9. I know if tsunade and orochimaru come to the battlefield, oro better stop and summon jiraiya on the way. If Kishi doesn’t bring him back I’m going to be highly upset.

  10. want a tissue just in case…?

  11. @matt
    Kurama has excellent sensing abilities, so does naruto when he goes bijuu mode.

    And kabuto has created another manda, kind of a clone, but a stronger and bigger one than the original.

  12. @matt

    I’m going to rasengan someone to the face if it doesn’t happen. *insert angry face here*

  13. @unknown

    We used to call him Manda 2.0 around here.

  14. I like the way u review bro!

    Juubi – getting on my nerves. I havent seen one island split yet – all this pokemon has done is destroy a couple houses. Really 75% of the alliance should be dead by now, there should be dead fodder corpses everywhere. epic fail.

    Sakura – still useless.

    Sasuke – will kill someone. Rage dont go away over night – watch sai get bitch slapped in the near future.

    Naruto – guess it’s too late for this guy to learn a jutsu that isnt rasengan based?!

    Orochimaru – now is the perfect chance to heal tsuande just enough for you to have filthy snake sex with her!!! Stick a snake up her ass an suck on them titties!!!!

  15. Orochimaru better step the fuck back, I already called dibs on her top half…

    I remember the good old days when I used to wonder why the hell shadow clones were considered a forbidden jutsu when naruto was one of the few ninjas who even used it and they were always used as free meat shields. Post time skip changed that in a hurry!

    From kakashis training methods and the sage and bijiu modes, and the fact that its easier for naruto to mold chakra now that hes working with kurama, shadow clones became op quickly in his hands.

    Hell, he took on kage level opponents with ONLY HIS CLONES!

    Its getting to the point where there’s hardly any need for naruto himself to fight anymore, he can just send his clones to do his work.

    An attack on the village? No problem! Just dish out shadow clones for clean up duty while he opens a cold one and some popcorn an watch the Miami Heats.

    Sasuke wants to battle for title of hokage? Send out two clones, one goes sage while the other goes bijuu an duke it out while he catch up on his Zzzs and wake him up when they done mopping the floor with sasuke.

  16. I think the tear from Sakura is because Tsunade is going to die/ Sakura can’t save her with the slugs. Orochimaru went there with Karen to see if he could patch her up… not looking so good.

    I really like your pictures from the manga and the captions underneath.

  17. That was a awesome review. I enjoyed your unique style from start to finish.

    As for my thoughts on the chapter, I really don’t have much to say. Right now I’m just waiting to see what kind of stage Kish is planning on setting up. To me right now it’s hard to tell what direction Kish is taking this story.

    To me it would appear that Obito has abandon the moon eye plan to talk to Kakashi. Madara has abandon the plan to fight Harshirama. Sasuke has turn good to turn evil again. Orochimaru is helping Tsunade to help Tsunade. So what in the world is really going on?

  18. I dnt really follow Naruto much but I just had to say that may be one of the best damn reviews I’ve ever read!!!!!

  19. ……..Good chapter,great review,although I wonder what jdogg thinks……all in all lady K it’s been a while,good job.

  20. I would like to ask a general question to the populace: do you think the revival of the four hokages was necessary? Don’t get me wrong it is nice to see them in action, but do you think it was necessary for story developing purposes?

  21. @immortal I think it was necessary cause frankly this battle would have been lost if not for these four; the whole shinobi army is basically on the defense 24/7 with the juubi and yet in minutes upon arriving the four hokage are the reason the juubi is basically a statue again locked in place. Also it was nice to get a background on madara and hashirAma from te first… He showed us what happened and basically showed how madara got to how he is

  22. The story was actually helped along with the first story about the past; madara was shown in detail, SASUKE got the answer he was looking for,the shinobi alliance has finally gotten shinobi on par or stronger than naruto and Minato being back opens a lot of possibilities for naruto to gain a power up etc. and the first has a chance to battle a more powerful madara

  23. @Token: Interesting. Thanks Token. I guess I’m still trying to get a better understanding of the direction of the story. Thanks again for your insight.

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