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Naruto Chapter 523 – The Return of the Swordsmen

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hey guys, it’s been a bit of wait but we finally have the first Naruto chapter of the year – and what a chapter it is. Finally the cliffhanger can come to an end as we get to see the Seven Swordsmen together in battle for the first time. Kishi couldn’t have set up the battle any better as Kakashi has enough troops (ie. cannonfodder) to hold off the swordsmen while he goes after Zabuza. This chapter also gave us more insight into Suigetsu’s intentions behind collecting the seven swords, and in the process revealing a surprisingly ‘not-so-evil’ side to him.

There have been a lot of speculations and hype surrounding the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist in the past. We were told they were the elite of the elite and uber-skilled in battle. They were also unique in that they were the first ninjas introduced in the Naruverse who were identified by their weapons instead of special techniques. Alas, it was soon revealed that the swordsmen disbanded long ago, dashing any hopes of seeing them fighting as a team. And so, the battle that is occurring right now is a once-in-a-lifetime event; something every ninja there should write home about. Heck, wouldn’t you want to say that you helped the great copy ninja of Konoha defeat the resurrected Seven Swordsmen of the Bloody Mist. And for those countless nameless ninjas that will be killed in this battle, well, at least they’ll have something interesting to put on their tombstones 🙂

Last time I had placed doubt on how badass a battle it would be with the majority of the swordsmen without their weapons. Well, Kishi has again trolled me and conveniently given them a scroll that summons four of the legendary weapons. Including Zabuza’s beheader sword, that’s five swordsmen with swords now. I’m still confused by where Zabuza’s sword came from. This chapter shows Suigetsu failing to find the sword in the armory of the prison he and Jugo escaped from. So someone must have retrieved the broken sword sometime between Sasuke’s attack on the kage summit and now – that someone is likely to be Kabuto. My guess would be that Kabuto was present all along at the summit as he has an unhealthy interest in Sasuke. He remained hidden until the fighting was over and took the opportunity to pilfer the beheader sword for his collection. Suigetsu was yapping this whole chapter about collecting the swords and reforming the Seven Swordsmen, but it looks like Kabuto has beaten him to the punch already. The four swords summoned in this chapter must have either been collected by Kabuto in the past or possibly by Madara during the period when he was effectively th Mizukage. The three unsummoned swords on the scroll are of course Zabuza’s Kubikiri Bōchō (already present), Samehada (in Killer Bee’s possession) and Hiramekarei (Chojiro’s sword).

Zabuza’s sword’s secret power is finally revealed, and you have to admit the ability to regenerate itself using the iron from the blood of people he slaughters is gruesome yet very cool. If you’ve diligently watched the Naruto anime filler before, you’ll probably recognize the twin swords called Kiba. An ex-swordsman named Raiga used its ability to channel lightning to deal some beats on Naruto and friends in a horribly written filler arc involving resurrection curry and a kid pedo-Raiga stuffed into a bag. Fortunately, Kishi chose to deny Raiga ever existed and replaced him with one of the Beattles; how awesome is that?

The Kabutowari (Helmsplitter) is an interesting weapon in that it is more like an axe than a sword. It’s basically a hammer attached to a chisel and is meant to break through any type of defence. Most ninja don’t where heavy armor, but nonetheless it could prove useful in breaking through physical barriers created by ninjutsu. To me, the Homatsu is just unimaginative. And attaching explosives to a bigass stick doesn’t seem very functional as it places the wielder very close to the explosion. On the other hand, the Nuibari (Sewing Needle) is probably the most original of the swords and presents one of the sickest ways to kill multiple enemies. Hohzuki Mangetsu, Suigetsu’s brother, is also identified in this chapter. Suigetsu mentions that Hohzuki had mastered all seven swords at one point – a feat that is likely what inspired Suigetsu to collect the swords.

Kakashi certainly has his work cut out for him, facing seven of the most powerful swordsmen ever, plus three other powerful kekkei genkei users. Sure, Kakashi has a small army behind him, but Zabuza’s mist technique has pretty much forced them to engage in small groups or risk friendly fire (I’m kind of surprised no one in the army has an ability to counter the mist). But it’s in these tough situations where Kakashi’s ability as a genius tactician really shines. The combo attack Kakashi laid out in this chapter is very clever, but I feel it may be too complex. If the enemy were to counter even one of the steps, the attack will fail. And also, according to the rules of manga, an attack revealed prior to being carried out is almost certainly doomed to fail, lol.

To be honest, I had a sneaky suspicion Haku would repeat history and do his suicide block somewhere during this battle. I just didn’t count on Kabuto controlling his body at the time and thus removing the emotional impact of the original scene. And with undead Haku able to regenerate continuously, he would be able to protect Zabuza all day long. However, I suspect that Kabuto’s tactics may backfire on him. Even with his soul suppressed, forcing Zabuza to cut through Haku may be too much to ask. I wouldn’t be surprised if it trigger’s Zabuza’s memories and allows him to regain his body next chapter.


91 Responses

  1. wow what a interesting chapter. I just wonder how will Kakashi and his group defeat the Great Legendary Seven Swordsman of the mist

  2. pretty quick on that discussion bob-sama, the swordsmen are impressive, downright to their swords and ablilties, kakashi has a plan and next chapter it will be revealed, somehow kakshi will defeat them, does this mean sugietsu and chojurou will join in the battle soon, maybe sugietsu will rekease their souls from edo tensei, fuck raiga!!! sorry to be so blunt,

  3. Great chapter. I agree that Kishi should have waited for Zabuza’s sword to be summoned, although it could have come from Zabuza summoning it himself. Perhaps each 7-swordsman had the ability to summon his sword (or at least until it was bound to someone else like Samehada was to Kisame). You could say Samehada is with KB now, but I would bet an Edo Tensei’ed Kisame could summon it.

    In any case, I hope you’re right about Zabuza breaking Kabuto’s control. I’m even hoping that some sort of backfire energy goes back to Kabuto (kindof like when Sasuke broke Itachi’s Tsukyomi).

    Also, since Suigetsu’s brother mastered all swords and he was using the Flounder sword, does that mean it is the most difficult to master?

    One last comment: perhaps now it would make sense to just bind Haku. I know he wasn’t their original target, but that does remove one problematic body.

  4. Does this mean garra could be the perfect counter to edo? I mean if he can do to the edo summons what he did to the bone guy (sasuke retrievel arc) where he burried him deep down in the earth using sand that would def immobilize the summon.

  5. Bob I have to disagree on Kabuto/Madara theory of taking the swords. Suigetsu said Mangetsu mastered all seven swords. So wouldn’t it make more sense if Mangetsu had the scroll because he mastered them. Id like not to believe Kabuto retrieved Zabuzas sword, but that’s before he revealed Zabuza was an important piece needed to win this war because of his swords ability. If you, or anyone, can give me reason as to how I might be wrong I’ll accept it.

  6. hi! although this is out of subject… but can anybody tell me if you have a one piece chapter analysis? you have bleach but why not one piece?

    anyways the chapter is great but as bob said, the tactic is too complex which is doomed to fail if just one of its components/steps are not done correctly… or if luck is not on their side… I couldn’t wait to see the counter-defense kakashi has in mind or will instinctively do in the next chapter

  7. My ideas for the reason why the two other swords weren’t summoned was because they are bound to someone already. I don’t think Samehada or the big one could be summoned because they are currently owned. The beheader could because it wasn’t directly in anyones possession. Just a thought.

  8. Bob,

    I thought the exact same thing as you. I think the Haku sacrifice will totally backfire on Kabuto.

  9. Now that you mention, kisame, ripcord, I find it strange that kabuto didn’t summon him with the other akatsuki. There is no doubt that he could do it. When kisame died, his blood was all over him. And as far as I am aware he wasn’t sealed away. Kabuto was even near that spot soon after he died. He had to have been trolling around for remnants of fallen ninja even then.

  10. @narutotudor
    Not necessarily, dont forget he couldnt get jirayia because he was on the oceans floor. For all we know they could have dumped his body off the island and kisame would be gone.

    There is also the uniqueness of samehada. That sword seems to be almost alive. There is no gurante that it would bind itself back to an edo kisame.

  11. the reason why Kisame isn´t summend isbeacuse he just died in ther time, maybe just a day or to ago so kabuto hasnt ben able to take his dna

  12. He could have taken dna from Kisame while he was still alive, I don’t think it would have been to hard given how many battles Kisame has been in, he’s bound to have spilled some blood on the battlefield. The reason Kisame hasn’t been brought back is the same Konan hasn’t been brought back — they died very recently so Kishi probably decided it would be too repetitive to have them appear again.

  13. “hi! although this is out of subject… but can anybody tell me if you have a one piece chapter analysis? you have bleach but why not one piece?”

    Cuz we don’t have a writer for One Piece, J-sama started an affiliate site a while ago but there’s not much activity now. So I guess the job’s open for anyone who can spell good, has a good grasp of the One Piece universe, and can post at least semi-regularly.

  14. @Bob

    I think also Kishi is highlighting the 7-swordsmen the last time they were a complete unit. It is hard to say which sword was lost first, although I am inclined to believe that Kisame was the first to betray the unit, on Tobi’s orders.

  15. Needle and thread sword guy is the one to watch!! He looks sick!!!!

  16. :'< darn no one answered, I'll just go on believing Mangetsu had the scroll when he died instead of Kabuto collecting their swords. Doesnt it bother anyone that Kabuto finding the swords is too convenient…

  17. @bloodsasuke

    Sorry I missed your comment earlier, to reply:

    I think that the swords are bound to a particular ninja, which is why the Flounder sword could not be summoned, the Mist currently has it bound to Chojiro, so he could summon it to himself if he wanted. I believe Kisame would be currently bound ot Samehada. Yes, Samehada has “chosen” KB, but Kisame was the last Mist ninja to have it.

    You could then say “well how come Suigetsu can’t summon the Cleaver?” The best answer I have there is that Suigetsu didn’t know how or is unable to perform the binding ceremony. Perhaps the contract to do so resides in the Mist village (and this is the same scroll Mangetsu was able to use).

    I’m not sure what the writing around each sword’s name was, but perhaps it was the name of the current swordsman that is bound to the blade.

    This is just a theory though. I was wrong about the Cleaver not having a special ability and wrong about the swords needing to be “sealed” like Samehada.

  18. @bloodsasuke, it isn’t convenient, it’s logical. Why would Kabuto summon the seven SWORDSmen of the mist if he didn’t recover their SWORDS?

  19. Good analysis Bob
    I just had a question, you mentioned that anyone can start a one piece blog? If that is true I would not mind if I can start one but I don’t know how i would do that?

    On to Naruto is it just me or its kind of nice not to see Naruto, Sasuke or Sakura, I don’t mind Naruto, but it is supposed to be Kakashi year. I wonder what he has in store for next week?

  20. I think mangetsu had the scroll since he mastered all of the blades. And the beheader, definitely meant to be with zabuza, he lives for bloody battles and the sword it the perfect compliment to that.

  21. “I just had a question, you mentioned that anyone can start a one piece blog? If that is true I would not mind if I can start one but I don’t know how i would do that?”

    If you’re serious about writing One Piece reviews, just send your wordpress email (ie. what you registered with) to my email (b0buchiha@yahoo.com) and I’ll make you a contributor on the site.

  22. ” I am inclined to believe that Kisame was the first to betray the unit, on Tobi’s orders.”

    Yeah, there’s so much backstory that we dont know on how the original seven came to an end. If they were each so powerful, you have to wonder why only 2/7 were still alive at the beginning or Naruto. Either Madara used them in suicide missions or some began to question his authority like Zabuza did and he ordered them to be executed.

  23. ~Im back~

    anyways, Suigetsu has the ability to basically turn to water and avoid attacks right? but evidently there is some sort of a cost. like he cant do it dehydrated and it removes water from his body or somthing?
    HIs brother appears to have the same ability, so kekke Genkai? family,sameblood, bloodline limit…

    And what i would like to know is what became of the swords, when the other 5 swordsman died, what became of there swords? did someone else take them? not really important but eh

  24. is it me, or is guy stepping up and isn’t being goofy. i mean now he is an awesome leader. this war was the best thing to happen to this series

  25. Kakashi was born to be a ninja, if you get what I’m saying, I mean he clearly is a genius. All he needs is a larger chakra reserve and he’ll be unstoppable. It’s great that we finally know what motivates Suigetsu, his character was starting to seem empty and it showed why he was a pawn of Orochimaru because he seemed like he didn’t have a goal. Even though it’s a small one it kinda gives him purpose and maybe he would be a future villian.

    I would say me favorite sword is still Samehada, I like the Beheaders ability and the Needle sword but Samehada still outclasses them all to me.

    I wonder who will come to Kakashi’s aid, Sakura? Or maybe Killerbee and Naruto? Or maybe Gaara!?

  26. If any1 I think Guy would be bailing Kakashi out of any sticky situations, he’s way too competitive and a show-off to allow Kakashi hog all the glory.

  27. @ bob just look at the last two or three mangas when he was shouting out orders, that was unlike him, and then i realized that he and kakashi did survive the last war, so his easygoing nature he had throughout the manga has to disappear in order for him to protect his students and friends, and to tell u the truth, that was the only ninja that i was really afraid of if he were to ever get serious, and just be like damn the not using ninjutsu thing he has going on. i mean i am a kakashi fan, but when guy snapped out of whatever it was after the kisame fight, something in him changed and he gotten into serious mode, and i like it, just hope he doesn’t die…that would suck, here is an example of what i am talking about, no slap stick comedy just guy in war mode…http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/82033841/15 and http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/49734516/8
    i think this is the REAL guy, the one itachi told kisame not to eff with. now this is the time to see what the other konoha 11 have learn thus far, and me personally i think shino and neji will have the highest body count seeing as they are indifferent to killing. just my thoughts, dont need kisu doing his usual bashing, but any positive feedback will be appreciated. thanks.
    oh and why would kabuto leave pein and itachi to their own devices? wouldn’t they cause extreme problems, maybe itachi gave naruto a way to release him, cause he knew that tech was out there and he would be a prime candidate for resurrection.

  28. That dude who possesses ‘Sewing Needle’ looks like a BEAST

  29. that sewing needle is wicked and the two balls of ninja strung together is sick. i could see people surviving that attack though, although i like its intention…

    i hope zabuza turns on kabuto, zabuza has never been anyones pawn.

  30. @just passing, all the adult ninja are like that. They’re easygoing when not on a mission or in battle, but the moment they are they flip their killswitches and get serious. I doubt Guy will use any Ninjutsu though, because he made a promise to Lee and Guy isn’t the type to break his promises (Kuchiyose no Jutsu doesn’t count since he uses it around Lee). I could be wrong though.

    “dont need kisu doing his usual bashing”

    *sigh, if whatever you post has holes in it then you can’t expect people to let it go unnoticed. I have no idea what your problem is really, especially since most of you guys are the ones bashing me when I post actual manga evidence, but whatevs, it cool.

    “oh and why would kabuto leave pein and itachi to their own devices? wouldn’t they cause extreme problems”

    lol I can imagine that now.

    Naruto: Damn, how do I beat these guys
    Itachi: HEY! Naruto, tie us up or something!
    or something to that effect lol

    @Yellowflash, this is “Kakashi’s year” (again) so I don’t think anyone will come to his aid here. I predict when Zabuza cuts through Kakashi it will either be a log or a Raiton Clone, or he may even just dodge it.

    @Dry, nah, using his water abilities don’t dehydrate him and it has no cost, but it does have an adverse effect. He loses water faster than regular people in the sun.

    @Gdog, agreed. Enough Sakura and Sasuke, more Kakashi. Hell, I wouldn’t mind not seeing any of the Konoha 11 except Shino, Lee, Naruto and Neji because everyone else is really sub-par (Kiba, Hinata, Choji, INO, TENTEN) or just boring (Shikamaru).

  31. do you think that the swords either have been sealed within the scroll? OR!! they have a reverse summoning seal on them so when they are summoned with that scroll whereever they are they then appear automatically?

  32. “they have a reverse summoning seal on them so when they are summoned with that scroll wherever they are they then appear automatically?”

    I think this one’s right.

  33. they say this is the first generation of swordsman, but we all know mangetsu isn’t the first gen. they also say these are the strongest swordsman, but if that is the case, i think kisame deserves to be there.

    either way, this was a great chapter, i hope kishi keeps up this pace

  34. @ssj, nah they didn’t say it’s the first. They said its the previous generation. Kisame is clearly stronger than his predecessor however.

  35. @kisu

    I admit that Kisame one of the strongest ninjas we’ve seen, but we don’t know for sure that Kisame was stronger. Kisame caught his predecessor off guard:


    and he did it on Yagura’s orders, which meant Tobi’s orders of course.

    We will see what Fuguki can do in the next chapters.

  36. @rip, if Fuguki is stronger than Kisame or even equal to him, then this battle’s outcome has already been decided. That’s why he just can’t be on Kisame’s level. Perhaps he’s close, but he’s not on it. Besides, Samehada chose Kisame over Fuguki. If Fuguki truly was better, Samehada would have ensured Kisame’s loss. So we already know one thing, Kisame has more chakra than Fuguki.

  37. @kisu

    You make a compelling argument, but I’m not convinced. Samehada always chooses whoever has the “tastier” chakra, whatever that means. I suppose it could refer to the ninja’s strength.

    I doubt there was really a fight though, that would have brought too much attention.

    As to Fuguki’s strength overpowering the alliance, I would say that there are at least 2 more Edo Tensei’ed bodies I’d worry about more: Nagato and Itachi.

  38. @Kisu
    First off, thanks for the correstion about suigetsu, what you said is essentially what i was trying to get at.

    However your basically saying the sword (Samehada) would have protected its master.
    It would have seen kisame sneaking up, and then jumped off Fuguki’s back and grown legs and arms and start performing jutsu in order to defend its master.
    umm no?

    Samehada is alive yes, but its actions are limited to extending its scales on its handle when a foreign person wields it, and eating up chakra.

    Yes, it could have alerted Fuguki, i agree with you there but it cannot completly defend its master.

    And lets face it Kisame is essentially part shark, its life he was born for Samehada.

    Another thing, this generation of swordsmen are supposed to be the strongest. Or stronger than revious generations. So how come they are all dead?

  39. @Dry, I suppose I didn’t explain clearly enough. If Fuguki’s had more chakra than Kisame, then Samehada would have devoured Kisame’s chakra and made it impossible for him to win. The sheer fact that Samehada is neatly wrapped up with Fuguki’s corpse on the ground proves that Kisame has more chakra than Fuguki, or he used a jutsu that didn’t require chakra. Remember when the Kisame clone tried killing Bee? Samehada ate his chakra, fed it to Bee and tried to protect him

  40. The new naruto shippuden 194 was the gayest episode thus far…but it was hilarious.

  41. Umm besides nagato an itachi, what about hanzo I mean really he is one to be feared once he is in battle, someone said all kakashi needs is more chakra an he would be unstoppable, I’ve said that way back if he had chakra like jiraiya or someone like that he’d probably be the sickest ninja ever, kishi dd say this will be kakashis year I hope he keeps his word this time

  42. @ kisu

    But perhaps there is a ruling? who ever can defeat/kill the owner of the sword, then becomes the owner? thus destroying your point…

    And before you say but we dont know that its just a stupid thought/idea blah blah blah.

    It has not been stated EXACTLY how fuguki’s death occured. therefore the entire basis of both arguments ( yours and mine) is created upon small little facts from the, that have been selectivly chosen by you or I to infact make it look like it backs up our point.

    what im saying is, both of us could be right or wrong at this point. Just saying….

  43. nice way to give in Dry. lol. And Kisu wins! hahaha.

    @ all who are complaining/confused about the deaths of the 7SotM: Just cause they died doesn’t mean they weren’t 1337. Look at Itachi, Nagato, Jiraiya. Minato n Sarutobi even. they’re all dead. Do to different reasons, but dead none the less. I believe the expression is: “There’s always a bigger fish.” <— that goes literally for Fuguki. lol.

    The fact that we don't know how they died doesn't mean anything. One could'of had a heart attack, slipped on a banana and hit their head, or while tree hopping slipped and broke their neck. All we know is what Kishi wants us to know: They lived; They were awesome; Now they're dead.

    @Bob: great review as always. Very insightful.

  44. @ZepWolfX

    Kisu doesn’t win, I was just sleeping :).


    I think that Kisame was being trained to use Samehada, and so perhaps Samehada trusted Kisame too. It’s hard to get in the mind of a ninja, let alone a sword, but that’s what I would think., especially since Fuguki was grooming Kisame to take over for him.

    Besides, I think the battle was over so fast Fuguki didn’t even get a chance to use Samehada.

  45. @Dry, my point is Kisame has more chakra than Fuguki. There is no denying that. Samehada didn’t reject Kisame and try to help Fuguki because it was more attracted to Kisame and his Biju-level chakra. The end.

    @ripcord, yeah, but you forget Samehada is a golddigger, except it wants chakra and not money. It goes to whoever has more chakra.

    Btw, Watch out for Spider-man lmao!

  46. @kisuzachi
    then why didn´t i jump to Naruto side when Itachi and kisame tried to take naruto? kisame used it to take the chakra of the 9tailed

  47. @kisu

    Well we don’t know if it is the volume of the chakra or the strength of the chakra that Samehada likes. Your statement doesnt matter though if Fugaku didn’t even get the chance to draw Samehada, which I would surmise is what happened. Once Fuguki was able to draw Samehada into the battle, he would have a huge advantage. Thus, Kisame killed him before he could even get his hand on the hilt.

    Now, you see that Fuguki is dead, and Samehada could rebel against Kisame, but he has tastey enough chakra and Samehada quickly gets over its old owner, especially since Fuguki was training Kisame to be his replacement. Kisame already knew how to handle Samehada, and perhaps he wielded it already in training.

    It was not mentioned that Kisame was able to wrest control of Samehada from Fuguki. If this is what happened and that resulted in Kisame’s victory, then I could conceede that Kisame is stronger. This doesn’t seem to fit with Yagura’s statement that Kisame took Fuguki off guard.

    You could be right that Kisame at his death was stronger than Fuguki at his, but I don’t believe that Kisame beat Fuguki because he was a better ninja at that time.


    It is likely that the Fox chakra is NOT tasty because it contains a lot of malice. That or “sharks” like Samehada don’t really like the taste of Fox, they prefer Octopus.

  48. @do, Naruto wasn’t even in his One Tailed state, so Kisame was the better choice for it.

    @ripcord, I’m not saying Kisame is stronger, I’m saying he has more chakra. Though, usually chakraand strength go hand in hand

  49. @Kisu: well, thay already had Wolverine, why not Spider-Man. lol.

    @Do: as it was already put by Kisu; “… Samehada is a golddigger, except it wants chakra and not money.” But like every good golddigger, it’s not just the money that’s important, but the person too. What i’m trying to say is: Samehada feeds off of Chakra, but it’s still a sword none the less. It need and/or wants someone who is capable of wielding it. Not to take anything away from Naruto, but a swordsman he is not.

  50. Isn’t it funny how the fate of the world now rests in the hands of three genins (Naruto, Kabuto and Sasugay) lol?

  51. @kisu

    Haha that’s so true! Although Kabuto is technically 50% Sannin right?

  52. Ripcord I’d say kabuto is more like 75%sannin lol

  53. Great post bob.
    One question, since kabuto has summoned the swordsmen and their swords, if team kakashi manages to beat them. Wat would happen to the swords? Disappear with them or not? If the swords stays behind then who u guys think would keep it? Kakashi? Sai? Others

  54. @Tailedfox, most likely the swords would be returned to Kirigakure.

  55. @kisu

    That makes sense, and it’s too bad Suigetsu got mixed up with Sasuke, he might have had a chance to return to the Mist and achieve his dream. Maybe Naruto will give him a pardon though….

  56. Long time since Ive posted on this site but I’m curios to know, with Kishi’s fascinations with swords, which is the strongest…. You have the Seven Swordsmen and there’s, you have Itachi and his, and Sasuke and his, Killerbee and his, and hopefully Naruto gets one… Im jus wondering whos the strongest at using them and what is the actual strongest one…

  57. The only problem with that question is strongest can Interpred in different ways

  58. @sirius, all those swords u talked about are normal swords except Susanoo’s. Samehada was also stated to be the most powerful of the Seven Swordsmans’ swords. Samehada would also beat susanoo’s sword by just absorbing it. It’s between those two, one of them is the strongest

  59. manga 515 the pic shows six balls as like the six paths

    the second thig when you look at naruto neck you shee sage of six paths ring

  60. @kisu

    I guess we know now that Susanoo is chakra based, but I’m not so sure Samehada could eat up enough of the sword to do much.

    I mean, are you implying that Samehada could just soak up Amaterasu?

    I agree though that Samehada is the best out of all the real swords we’ve seen so far. I wonder though, is the Bolt sword permanently infused with lightning chakra? If so, then could Samehada really remove it?

  61. @ripcord, yep that’s exactly what I’m implying. No Uchiha has 6 tails’ worth of chakra, I doubt any human has that amount. If Samehada can absorb 6 Hachibi tails at a time then it could absorb Susanoo. In theory.

    Everyone, check out Kiba (the lightning swords) in action

  62. I hope kishi does a backstory of the other three great ninja wars!!! We have been shown bits and pieces here and there, but i wonder what events led up to these wars, who was the antagonist, the winners, these are just some of the loose ends that i hope will be tied up and for me will provide the answers that most of us seem to have about the current ninja war.

  63. @kisu

    It would seem then that Samehada in the possession of a Jinchurriki would be Sasuke’s biggest problem (or any MS-user), if KB could learn how to use it properly.

  64. Nice chapter

  65. Y’know, I read this on a site and it really put things into perspective. Lemme share it with you all.

    “In Naruto, after Sasuke has took a willing leap off of the Moral Event Horizon and is justifiably a wanted man because of it, Naruto objects to the people treating Sasuke like a criminal and wants everyone to forgive Sasuke because he is his “best friend”. Naruto though has no problems with people who commit crimes similar to Sasuke being wanted criminals, however Sasuke is different because he promised Sakura he was going to bring him back to Konoha. Sakura on the other hand has recognized the fact that Sasuke is beyond saving and tries (and fails) to kill him. Sasuke also does not consider Naruto as his friend and has tried to kill him every time they meet but fails either because he is tired or due to someone rushing in to save Naruto. Naruto is later on questioned by Kiba on why he didn’t kill Sasuke who wanted to kill both Sakura and Kakashi but was out of chakra and half-blind. Naruto lies straight to Kiba’s face and says it’s because Sasuke could have killed him, who was at full strength at the event. What makes this worse is that Sasuke of all people questions Naruto’s obsessions with him.”

  66. i really have the feeling that the “sword” will get will be the shark fin. i mean he has the strongest tailed beast, and the sword loves strong chakra, and he could store the sage chakra or kyuubi chakra in it and use it for his wind manipulation…..now after reading the war i have come to realize that kishi doesn’t just put stuff in his manga to satisfy his fans, he has a plan, like why have the first sword suigetsu go after be the beheader, i’ve read here before that someone said, the sword was brought back because it was going to kill someone important. blah blah, u get the point, and comes to find out the beheader to me is the strongest sword, i mean think about it, u guys are on the shark fin because it can drain chakra, but what if it fought someone like rock lee that doesn’t depend on chakra attacks.
    enough of that the reason zabuza was feared now makes perfect sense to me…he killed all of his classmates to become number one, and now is totally numb to blood, so what better sword would complement his abilities, a sword that can’t be destroyed as long as u kill, that is awesome….and i know most of u are like kisame was on a super secret mission to get intel, but like i said, kishi doesn’t just put “stuff” in his manga, or just have random events happen. like for real they couldn’t have stopped the damn shark from delivering the scroll. no kisame had to be there and be killed so shark fin wouldn’t “belong” to him anymore, and seeing its properties and the progress of naruto’s tailed beast training, that sword is going to the key he needs to keep everything in balance…think about it the shark fin will eat all of the extra chakra to keep naruto’s levels in balance so he won’t die. thats the purpose of shark fin and thats the key that gonna balance his chakra/nine tails/and sage chakras.

  67. @just passing

    What??!?? Naruto is not getting a sword, it just doesn’t fit his character. He could never keep up with Sasuke’s swordplay, he will have to develop Danzo’s Fuuton-kunai if he will go up against Sasuke and his sword. I predict though that Sasuke won’t bother with the blade.

    As to Samehada being useless… well Rock-Lee & might guy are a rare breed. Most ninjas rely heavily on chakra-based attacks.

    I think Samehada still has a large role to play in the manga, but not as Naruto’s blade.

  68. @ ripcord,
    we’ll see, u guys can say what u want, but i haven’t been wrong yet. i just see things different, i don’t think that samehada fate is with killer bee. and the kunai really isn’t fitting naruto’s character either, naruto is a power character, he’s the one u send out on the frontlines first to make a path. so give him a tool that allows him to do so. a wind kunai? nah friend, i don’t think so. naruto has at his disposal an arsenal of super s-class jutsus. now he needs an s- class weapon. sasuke not using his sword would be like saying he isn’t going to use his sharingan and katon jutsu, remember now, in naruto manga the weapons are literally an extension of the ninja. so sasuke’s sword is like a third arm ( lol ) see how heavily he used it in the deidera fight, in all of his fights really. but all i can say is we will have to wait and see, but my money is on naruto getting the shark fin, i am not going to come at u with a bunch of useless facts from a databook that really means nothing. this what im saying to u is what i have gotten from the manga and the pattern so far. i hope u are right, take it easy friend.

  69. I was watching some earlier shippuuden episodes I an watched one were kakashi said naruto had about 4times the amount of chakra that he had an said if his regular chakra wasn’t holding back the ninetails chakra it would be 100 times more so this got me thinking maybe naruto would be ok if he didn’t have the ninetails but tell me what u think ppl

  70. Naruto does have heaps more chakra than other ninjas but its still not enough for his character. Wat I mean is that all his jutsus requries a massive amount of chakra, like his FRS wouldnt work witout sage mode.
    Btw wouldnt be so awesome if kakashi keeps the long sword, prefect for his charcteristics.

  71. @ passing.
    Well it would be good to see naruto with the sword but I doubt. If he does need a sword against sasuke then he can easily create with the kyuubis chakra

  72. listen, i made it a personal rule not to comment on this site more the twice about a chapter or else i will cause a dispute with one of the u and i don’t want that cause i enjoy the blog. but think about this, why are we sooo into this manga and aniime, why is it that anime and manga are so much better than others, simple, they see the potential in their characters and the work with that in mind.
    i mean come on naruto is a ninja that doesn’t hide his face, wear orange for crying out loud and has blonde hair and blue eyes. how can that be. makes no sense to me, but it works, cause he wants that kind of attention from ppl. thats why that wind kunai thing won’t work, naruto won’t sneak up on u and attack, he will come at u head on, all of his moves have nothing what so ever to do with stealth and ninjas are suppose to be about stealth right.
    all his moves are flashy and big, u can’t hide those. look take the mass shadow clone tech, can’t sneak on someone when u have thousands of u in one area, so what does kishi do, make is so that all of the experience of the clones go to the original, that was a nice spin on that tech. next is the rasengan u basically had to hit the opponent point blank range, and how did kishi counter that, FRS now he can throw it, that also awesome but look at it, it drains naruto dramatically, and it makes a whistling sound, no stealth, u have to look the potential of a situation and not whats in front of ur eyes, thats y manga characters and anime character are so epic, cause the creator takes their character and sees what they CAN be, not what they are, thats y i don’t agree with any of the databooks and the bias references to them. there was one person in the naruto world that i could really relate to, and that was jiraya, he could see the potential in a person and bring it out beautifully. look at what he did for all of his students, the rain ninja and naruto. i mean he was minato’s sensei, but he even said to oro, ‘its no fun training a genius” so he took on the hopeless cases and made them great, and guy was the same with lee…u have to go into these kinds of mangas like that, what would these character do if given the the chance and opportunity? thats y the only logical thing for naruto to balance all of that chakra would be for him to get the shark fin sword, killer bee said if u get the balance wrong, it will kill u. naruto doesn’t learn like everyone else hence kakashi’s shadowclone training. naruto pours chakra into a move he is learning and hope for results, he even stated himself that he doesn’t get the ratio thing…..u throw in shark fin to suck up the extra chakra and there u have it perfect balance, and we might even see some great combination move, kisihi wouldn’t throw that sage/kyuubi eyed naruto into the mix just to tease us.
    and with shark fin, we have seen with our own eyes that its really not a loyal sword, it goes where it can get the biggest meal, its only loyal to its food, true kisame had bijuu like chakra, but what better than that, actual bijuu chakra. and killer bee had more, and who has more than killer bee,,,,,,naruto. so that is the best direction to level naruto’s character development now. and to be him up there with sasuke he will need and ace against amaterasu, and what could that be? could it be the chakra absorbing properties of shark fin, yesssss. we know the nine tails isn’t going to help naruto because of the forced taming of it. and he said “naruto im not going to forgive u or forget this or something like that. u need a partner against genjustu, and shark fin is a sentient being that would protect its meal if it were in danger. like i said i don’t think that shark fins fate is with killer bee. u guys can’t rant on that, as a personal promise to myself i can’t respond, but i will read ur responses, maybe i am wrong, but like i said before, we will just have to wait and see. thanks for reading.

  73. @Kisu: I was thinking that same thing, yesterday – when I was playing Storm2 – and I agree. Even Sakura, who was straight out obsessively in love w/ him, realized he’s a prick. So why is Naruto still trying to bring him back. His “Ninja Way”?

  74. after that short story of a comment that JP put down, i’m reluctant to say that i’m begging to agree w/ him. I’m not saying he’s right, but there’s a possibility that he’s not wrong either. Just saying.

    p.s. for someone ‘just passing’ he did have a lot to say. lol.

  75. @Zep, yeah, and Naruto was pretty quick to want to lock Kabuto up even though Kabuto’s the only reason he made it out of the Forest of Death. Kabuto was more of a friend to Naruto than Sasuke, arguably, but Naruto completely forgot about him even though he and Sasuke do the same crud. Favoritism on Naruto’s part.

    @just passing, comment as much as you want. The whole point of Shannaro is to debate :). It only gets out of hand when someone can’t keep up and resorts to throwing insults. Btw, its Shark Skin, not Shark Fin 😉

  76. I know this is totally off topic, but I have a feeling that the squad vs zetsus and the the squad fighting tue swordsmen should be switch. I haven’t seen any byakugan users in kakashi’s squad, a doujutsu that is better suited for incapacitating enemies than hacking them apart. And other than Hinata and Neji I only saw canon fodder ninja in the squad vs zetzu.

    @JP, I don’t see naruto as a swordsman. He hardly even used kunai effectively as knives let alone being able to handle a longsword. Plus he’s a brawler not a cutter.

  77. @eaglesfan…i understand that. but tell me this when have u seen kisame use it like a sword. u haven’t he only wore it on his back to suck chakra when he did use it, i was to gather chakra. it was more like a battery for kisame, man u don’t even get it, but thanks for the response. the sword would be used as somewhat of a regulator for naruto. duh, read my post. and naruto does learn the impossible and super s-class tech. thanks my friend u are a prime of example of what i have been saying about not being able to see the potential, u only see whats in front of u face,
    not to be funny but do u think for urself.
    i don’t post much because i have a lot of opinions myself but don’t feel like it, i come here to get my thoughts straight, damn right i have a lot to say, cause to don’t speak often..lol have u ever heard of that. @zepwolf.lol no harm. thanks for reading

  78. Is the only large scale fight that we have seen is when Sakura was fighting the 100 puppets? it would be good to see more mass scale action 🙂

  79. @mattmaru

    The biggest fight before this one that we’ve seen was during the Sand & Sound invasion during the chuunin exams. After that I would say the 10 vs 100 puppets fight was next, followed by the 4th Hokage’s battle during the 3rd war (although we never actually saw that fight).

    Of course this is by far the largest war of all, as most villages decided small squads would be the most efficient way of fighting.

  80. @just passing, everyone sees potential in things, but just because you see potential doesn’t mean it’ll go like that. There was potential in Kakashi vs Sasori for a great fight because Kakashi’s dad orphaned Sasori, but Kishi apparently didn’t agree. So just because Samehada would be a fit for Naruto doesn’t mean it will be.

  81. @ kisuzachi, and u sir are the reason a lot of ppl and myself don’t respond u are the all knowing authority on this manga, and everything right? no, u have ur thoughts like everyone else. don’t bash mine. i am speaking my mind. let me psssh. thats what direction i think naruto is going, and i gave my reasons. so what.
    pls, only u, pls ignore my comments, cause i really like BOB’S blog.

  82. @just passing

    Yes I see your point also just like every one else does so dont act like you’re so different and misunderstood 🙂 It does kind of make sense for Naruto to use the shark skin sword because killer bee has it and hes training naruto so like you said in that long ass dissertation you wrote, it would blend nicely with naruto’s abilities he already has and the requirements for his training. But my problem with that theory is if you look at the last owner of the shark skin sword kisame, he goes perfectly with it because his dad practiced beastiality apparently, and all shinobi went well with the weapons kishi gave them. Can you honestly see the Naruto whos a Sage and rarely uses weapons holding a mini shark? I mean if he did use it he would only use it for a limited amount of time in the manga. Not go into battle with it. If im wrong im wrong. Btw your interpretation of Jiraiya made me actually think for a while if you know what i mean.

  83. @just passing

    I’m fine with the idea of naruto having sahameda on his back at all times, but never actually drawing it.
    I want to see naruto use asuma’s blades in the manga

  84. Spoilers are out:ONLY READ IF YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED!


    @just passing, dude, are you a child? You can’t stand having your theories come under scrutiny? I’ve had several theories debunked here (by John, Mart, ripcord, JPUA/Nemo Prime etc.), but I don’t go bitching about it. Seriously dude, grow up. If you post a theory that has flaws in it you WILL get replies saying how wrong it is. I made a whole post in the past about Chakra, but ripcord saw one hole in it that made the entire post wrong, because we can’t have someone going around spewing wrong/misleading information and convincing people its right. My problem with you is essentially the same problem you have with me, you think you know everything. Whenever you post your OPINIONS you post them as facts and belittle anyone who doesn’t agree with you. I recall in one of Bob’s summaries you posted a theory and I posted manga evidence that makes your theory impossible, then you said I’m trolling the site, then mart said stop accusing Kisu cuz ur wrong, or something to that effect. I mean, wtf?

    “thanks my friend u are a prime of example of what i have been saying about not being able to see the potential, u only see whats in front of u face,”

    See, Eaglesfan was telling the truth of what the manga has showed. Naruto has very little dexterity and right now a sword is completely out of his league. Never once did the guy say he doesn’t see the potential in Naruto using Samehada. Heck, everyone sees the potential in that because it just means Naruto would be more broken. Everyone saw the potential in Nagato plucking out his eyeballs for no reason and giving them to Naruto in 2009, but it didn’t happen.

    When I post MY OPINIONS I always post manga evidence that support my claims. Now if you actually read my comments with even the comprehension of a 6 year old, you’d see I never once said your idea was wrong, I just said that and I quote “So just because Samehada would be a fit for Naruto doesn’t mean it will be”.

    I refuse to waste anymore time on this since this site its about Naruto. If you don’t want to read all of that, just read the words in quotations “Grow up.”

  85. @kisuzachi Does the actual manga come out on thursday or friday do you know? Is there ever a set date because i’ve been reading for years and there never seems to be a specific day of the week when the translatd version is up.

  86. @JJ, it all depends on who the translator is. Sometimes they just mess up on getting the RAWs on time so they can’t translate it. This is mangastream’s release schedule if you’re interested


  87. @just passing

    This site is like boxing, if you can’t take a hit, you shouldn’t be in the ring, and if you’re going to swing make sure you have something behind it.

    Maybe you are a more casual reader or maybe you just like to post theories that are way out there (although I think Tobito-ists like me take the cake on that one…), and so when people like me & Kisu take it so seriously you get offended. However, we would take your ideas more seriously if they were more of a coherent paragraph than, as JJ said above, a dissertation.

    In fact, we welcome ideas here otherwise it would just be boring each week. Oh, and what happens in the ring stays in the ring, it’s never personal until you make it so.

  88. @just passing

    I do agree with you though that Kishi does have an “overall” plan for the manga.

  89. Its OUT!!!

  90. Nice chapter… the flashbacks were predictable enough, but it was good to see some emotion from Kakashi for a change!

  91. New chapter is epic IMHO
    @ JP I read your comments, twice in fact so that I made sure I didn’t miss anything. Kisame used samehada like a blade during the itatchi and sasuke arch in part 1, so yep I’ve seen it big guy. As for naruto using it as a battery, it would be chakra overkill, it would be a set back to jutsu advancement since he lacks low chakra, low profile assassination jutsus, something a chakra battery would make pointless. He needs some of those so that he doesn’t draw attention during assassination missions. Plus, naruto is a brawler and samehada would just be a hinderance to that. That is my opinion meaning I’m thinking for myself. To play of rip’s boxing analogy, square up cause I get it, do you? 🙂

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