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Naruto Chapter 488 – The Day Kakashi Almost Became Hokage

Post Author: J-chan

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this. Usually I stay holed up in BleachedIchigo, but this week is special. Bob has been sentenced to 7 days of public service due to eating his own cat (which is apparently illegal in Canada for some reason). And that is why I have taken up the task of writing this week’s something.

We have a lot of plot development this week, Kishimoto is slowly setting the scene for next major arc. A few days worth of activities have been summarized into only the seventeen pages we get with each chapter and all in all four major topics have been covered.

Let’s start backwards – Sasuke gets a new pair of eyes. Even though in the beginning he refused to take Itachi’s eyes, he obviously didn’t like being blind. Sasuke got two birds with one stone – his vision is better than ever and he’s got the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Considering that he’s already unlocked the three incredible jutsu that the Mangekyou provides – Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi and Susano’o, Sasuke might have become the strongest ninja in the Naruverse. I think we’ll have to wait and see whether that’s true or not, because it seems to me that the next arc will focus on Kabuto’s and Kisame’s adventures.

Naruto and the gang make their home to Konoha after taking a nice nap along the way. Things get heated up however as Kiba isn’t satisfied with the whole situation. It’s true he worked his ass off to find Sasuke and all he got in return was a poisoning. Still he should shut his mouth, it’s not like he’s the main character, he should stop shoving his nose in Naruto’s affairs. Stupid dog-boy pisses me of so much.
As the tension disappears and Karin slowly gets accustomed to her new acquaintances, a team of ANBU’s root makes an entrance. They were quite slow in figuring out that Danzou has died, but Sai clarifies that for them. At this point I was quite surprised to hear Sai say that Kakashi would be the new Hokage. How did he know that in advance? Maybe he and Danzou had discussed such an option, or Sai just thought this was the only logical decision that could be made by the council of elders. Well, if even Naruto had nothing to say about this, then I guess the entire village was already expecting this.

As soon as they all return to the village, Kakashi is summoned by Koharu and Homura, in whose opinion Kakashi is the man best suited to be the sixth Hokage. Even the other countries have supported his nomination. The last person left who needs to give his approval is the Daimyo.

It’s too bad the messenger got to the meeting room so quick. One more word and Kakashi would’ve been pronounced he new leader of the village. But just like in a soap opera in the very last second the day is saved. Or not. Kakashi is not going to be the next Hokage, because Tsunade has awakened. Quite honestly, I think this is a good thing. Kakashi was never the type to just sit on a desk all day and do politics. He didn’t look all that happy when they told them he’d be the next Hokage, and he didn’t look all that unhappy when he didn’t get the job.

Just before these events occurred we get to see a  brief communique between the five Daimyo. This chapter wraps up the events that occurred  in the Iron country – the alliance between the five great countries – Wind, Fire, Earth, Water and Thunder is complete. The respective feudal lord of each of those countries gives his agreement to a combined front against Akatsuki, even though the Water daimyo hesitates at first. The five Kages also return to their villages (except Danzo, who’s dead), where the news that the alliance is a success greets them.

The last piece of information we get from this chapter is the Konoha 11’s reaction to the latest Team 11 affair. Everyone is annoyed that Sakura and Naruto haven’t changed at all – they’re still trying to save (or kill) Sasuke all by themselves. The truth isn’t exactly like that, though. Naruto knows that Sasuke is too strong for them to handle and that he’s the only one who can take on the “avenger”. Sakura’s thoughts are spot on – Naruto’s hiding something, but what? Personally I think it’s related to Itachi’s message.

I leave you with a compilation of Sasuke’s best anime scenes. Next week it’s Bob’s comeback. See ya!


70 Responses

  1. First..awesome chapter..lol..like the title of the post..lol

  2. nice post J-chan 😉

  3. yeah i doubt kakashi will be crying himself to sleep because he didn’t get a job with an 80% mortality rate.

  4. Eh, he needs a byakugan in the other eye to be kage level IMO.

  5. is bob chinese? i heard the eat cats and dogs there… no offense 😛

    i like the way karin talked about how naruto’s chakra is so bright and how he’s the complete opposite of sasuke… i’m really interested in the other “part” of the chakra she saw. was she referring to the kyuubi’s chakra? since she’s comparing it to someone else it’s most likely it and that person might be killer bee since they’re both jinchuriki… or maybe she saw something else? who knows… i’m surprised j-chan didn’t mention that part… maybe he/she is mad at bob and didn’t want to discuss every little detail since it’s mindoksai… u should change ur nick to shikamaru 😛 kidding…

    but i guess things never get clear in this manga, lol, we just have to wait for more… kishi is a writer and makes money out of writing, so i guess pulling the audience and making them want to read more is part of his job…

    bleach 397 was more interesting on the other hand, son meets “true” father, i wonder if aizen wanted to say that ichigi is both “shinigami and human?”

    does anyone know where i can refer to to read more blogs on bleach?

  6. i heard THEY eat cats and dogs…


  7. Limoe,,,
    I doubt ichigo is shinigami and human but my opinion he is shinigami and quincy,,,
    Is that true??

  8. J! You are a very fickle fan…..you abandoned Ace.

    Like I said before, the best part of this chapter is when Tenten thought she was actually useful XD http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/488/11/ Seriously though. Neji is obviously the strongest of the Konoha 11 (sans Naruto) and he’s no match for current Sasugay so why do the others think they could handle him? These people need to understand Circular logic.

    The most touching part was when Karin sensed Naruto’s chakra. That was a well drawn and well written scene be Kishi. It showed just how different Naruto and Sasugay are, and showed exactly why they must fight….opposites attract (yes, even in THAT way because we all know Naruto’s got the hots for the resident emo). People, when she sensed the Kyubi, she was either gonna compare it to Sasugay or Madara, there is no 10th mysterious jinchuriki, and comparing it to some character that’s never been introduced before is bad storytelling.

    The Daimyo’s trust their people too much, that’s why I liked the Water Daimyo best. He can actually lead. The whole point of being a leader…….I’m just gonna say what Aizen said (since he’s the greatest manga character philosopher of all time).

    “Trusting in someone is the same as depending on them. That is something the weak do. We have no use for it.” AND

    “All living creatures place their faith in someone more powerful than them and they cannot survive unless they blindly follow that person. The recipient of that faith then seeks out someone in an even higher position in order to escape from the pressure. That person than seeks out someone even more powerful that he must put his faith in. In this way all kings are born and in this way all Gods are born. Do not believe in me yet, Hirako Shinji for now I shall slowly teach you who the God is that you will put your faith in. Believing in me comes after that”

    In conclusion, a good leader should NEVER trust his/her subordinates. And that’s why the Water Daimyo’s the best of ’em

  9. @lilmoe, that story’s only J’s crappy attempt at a cover up. Bob actually got injured in a freak accident while training his laser cats 8D

  10. Also at lilmoe. Go to http://www.bleachedichigo.com/

  11. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/488/08/ and http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/488/09/: anyone else think Karin will start worshiping Naruto like she did Sasuke? She’s obviously attracted to the opposite of Sasuke and seemed genuinely concerned when she sensed the Kyubbi (which is what a drama freak like her would need to be in a relationship with someone like Naruto) So my prediction is that next week Naruto meets up with Hinata at the Ramen Shop, but then just as NaruHina fans are peeing their pants, Karin interupts and talks to naruto about Sasuke (this then leads to some form of training)

  12. Also Kisu. that is a cover-up within a cover-up, to disguise how advanced his laser cats are in their training, and the fact that his laser cats aren’t really cats…

  13. 1. Kakashi got his nutsack tickled without the little dead (i.e. The big O) no matter how u cut it, it sucks to be him… Oh well he isn’t powerful enough anyway.
    2. Naruto should link up with shino to take out sasuke, I’m sure shino could make a bug to chow Susann’o’s chakra.
    3. I’m hoping Naruto is sent to train with killerbee at raikage’s insistance i.e. To toughen him up. Then we get to see killerbee and Naruto defeat Kisame, now that’d be a fight.

  14. “i’m surprised j-chan didn’t mention that part”
    Well, I just thought that it was pretty obvious she was talking about the kyuubi’s chakra.
    “J! You are a very fickle fan…..you abandoned Ace.”
    No, I didn’t! i just decided to gross people with Orochimaru this time.

  15. Great chapher realy liked how naruto personilty is back to normal.

    off topic: anyone know a blog like this one for one piece?

  16. good fill in J, always like to hear your opinion.

    i like the progress in the recent chapters, that 2-minute-spanning-17-pages bullshit was getting old.

    i wonder if we will see more of this tenga fellow, and what was the origin of his forehead protector.

    also, i think the water lord has connections to tobi.

  17. @Adhithz,
    i want to turn this blog into a bleach discussion 😛 but i truly don’t think ichigo’s mom is a quincy…. she couldn’t defend herself against a crappy and weak hollow… that alone says she’s most probably human… but from the looks of his dad, his dad is most likely 100& shinigami.

    @ kisuzachi

    lol, i know it’s a coverup… i was just commenting why j-chan didn’t mention the whole karin-bright-chakra thing… that’s all… and thanks for the link 🙂

  18. @ kisuzachi again…

    LMAO at “sasugay” that was awesome dude! loooooool

    i agree that aizen is a great philosophical figure… but he’s just too, i don’t know, different from (for example) pain… although twistedly put, pain wanted “peace”, but aizen? hmmmmm…. i do agree to a certain point that bad characters are not always 100% wrong, some are 99% RIGHT except for their methods of action.

    back to naruto. i believe, just like j-chan said, that he’s definitely hiding something, it might be something about itachi or maybe because he doesn’t want the “sasugay” affair to distract him from the REAL foe that made sasuke into what he is, which is the ninja-system. he’s probably focusing on the cause more than the effects, which is the best way to deal with malice, i like that.

    naruto has 4 powers inside of him:
    1) kyuubi
    2) minato
    3) itachi
    4) himself…
    wow! if u ask me, that’s what also made the sage of the six paths what he was… naruto has the power of senju and uchiha.

    madara is a master of NOT having his guard down and planning ahead. but i really think he has his guard down bigtime on naruto BECAUSE he most likely hasn’t the slightest clue of the itachi-naruto conversation, and the minato still inside naruto thingies…

    some people might argue that minato’s presence inside naruto isn’t that significant, but for that “presence” to actually restore the seal that kyuubi broke isn’t that easy.

    gosh there’s just too much to discuss, and a blog can be written for each point.

    i once was convinced by the idea that most writers (like kishi) don’t have too far ahead of the story in mind when they start writing it. but when i read the last bleach chapter that idea kinda changed. i love it when everything is accounted for in a manga, and every single detail has its own significance. maybe kishi knew what’s gonna happen since he started the manga altogether! wow i think it’s cool, most writers don’t do that even in small novels.

    fillers are finally over in anime!! WHOOHOOO!!! cant wait to see sage mode in animated action! i gotta say, bleach and naruto are the ONLY animes that are better then their mangas 😀

  19. about sasugay being the strongest in Naruverse, we’ll have to wait & see..Hashirama sSenju defeated Madara who had the EMS as well, Naruto could also defeat sasugay..& he’s nothing compared to the Rikudo Sage who I think is the strongest yet in the Naruverse[til Naruto shows his true potential & power]

  20. Great post!!!

  21. Wow Bob’s Canadian? Damn! LOL… jk. I am too 🙂

    Anyway good stuff J-Chan. Regarding your point about how Sai knew Kakashi was the default Hokage: Sai’s clone was present when Gaara and his siblings discussed with Kakashi, Yamato, Naruto, and Sai’s clone about the events at the summit and concluded that Kakashi was the acting Hokage.

  22. Kakashi needs to be trained by Naruto. Remember in Part 1 when Jiraiya started training Naruto? Both Ebisu and Kakashi taught Naruto chakra control and manipulation, that was the main focus of how they trained. But Jiraiya instead trained him on improving his chakra reserves. By forcing him to use up all his chakra his body naturally increases the reserves. Naruto can show Kakashi that training method so he can be more useful because this manga is moving from Death Note (intelligence) to DBZ (all out brawl) and Kakashi is still the Death Note-type

  23. The comparisons that some of you made between Naruto and The Sage of the Six Paths can be pretty spot on if you ask me……..
    lilmoe, on March 26, 2010 at 10:07 am Said:
    “naruto has 4 powers inside of him:
    1) kyuubi
    2) minato
    3) itachi
    4) himself…
    wow! if u ask me, that’s what also made the sage of the six paths what he was… naruto has the power of senju and uchiha.”
    A couple things I want to add to that. First, On top of Naruto having both Senju and Uchiha power in him, he also has the most powerful portion of bijuu that originated from the Juubi that was hosted by the Sage of the Six paths. Another fact, Just as the rinnegan was the first of its orgin when the Sage awakened it, So to did Naruto create the first complete form of entering Sage mode. I just find that comparison to be kinda interesting.
    I think that this manga is getting better the closer we get to the war!!!!!!!

  24. ahahhah i completely agree with kisuzachi. this is turning into dragonball z. lol. what i’m concerned for however, is how is naruto not gonna get caught in the Amaterasu! but i think that’s what itachi gave him. the ability to extinguish the flames.
    i don’t think he gave him power to control the beast inside him. i think he gave him something thats gonna level the playing feild for him and sasuke. like, something to root one of sasuke’s little tricks…
    now that i think about it.. maybe he DID give him power to control the kyuubi, or at least stop sasuke from doing it.
    cause remember, the purpose of the eternal mangekyou sharingan was to control the kyuubi?? and if sasuke just got it… does that mean he’ll be able to summon/control the kyuubi inside Naruto? I really think this thing came into play way too fast. As soon as Sasuke completely pulled out the Susano’o armour, and is if that wasn’t a trump card enough… now those legendary eyes that had been put on a pedistol just got WHIPPED out into action in a 1 page summary. Naruto is gonna have to be able to top that, which is gonna mean he and Sasuke just went from being
    1.skilled teenagers
    2. Hokage level legends
    3. the equivelant (if not dominant) of Senju and Madara all under the age of 18?

  25. Im also really curious as to what Naruto’s training is going to be like. With that key that Jiraiya left for Naruto, I dont really think that it is a way for Naruto to learn the Demon Seal, but rather a way for Naruto to completely control ALL OF THE KYUUBI’S CHAKRA. Now i dont think the key would be needed to control the dark chakra inside of Naruto since he could perhaps control all of that through his Sage mode abilities, but maybe the key is the key to the Demon Seal which could allow for Naruto to enter the belly of the death god and fight that light chakra of the Kyuubi along with his Father, Minato. That way Naruto would obviously be ready for his fight with Sasuke because he would no doubt be stronger than him in that fashion…..

  26. I think everything is better because Naruto is relieve from the burden of Sasuke, all this time he has just wanted to talk with Sasuke to try and convince him and now that he has, it’s like it relieve him from running after him! Naruto can now focus on himself and the village and Sasuke will be the one coming after him! Naruto may seem like the old funny Naruto but he has grown, he is more wise and focus now. I think he is about to start his training in the next chapter!

  27. @ Steel sage your on to something
    alot of ppl dont point out that naruto still will become powerful
    for one we still have not seen narutos full poteintal from the training with Jariya For three years. if naruto really just learned how to control and make use of his clones just that in three years is a little lame… it could be possible that he learned other things from Jariya other than his clones control…maybe the summon justu and how to make use of it and other things

    the other thing like Steal sage said the frog key Jariya left him still has not synch with naruto this cud be like Sasuke getting his brothers eyes… naruto would get Jariya’s technique and all and to have a full control over the fox

    Jariya once said that Minto wanted naruto to fully contro the fox and i think that frog key is the key to that so if you ask me i think not only does Sasuke wil get a boast but also naruto and i dont think its more training

    Well thats about it for today and this chapter had alot in it so im just ganna leave it at that

  28. Karin is talking about Naruto and comparing it to Sasuke’s evil chakra!

  29. Good job J-chan, well to all those whose think Karin was referring to Naruto tailed beast inside him you got to be wrong because she knew Naruto was the Kyuubi host and heres the proof cause she was here to hear Sasuke and Madara talk.
    and http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/404/15/
    So i think she probally notice Itachi’s powers inside Naruto if anything.

  30. @Scrubby
    Your definitely on to something, for the longest time I believed Itachi actually gave him a portion of “his” power and even now I believe that, I think that would explain why Itachi’s fighting style seemed a bit off when he faced Sasuke, he seemed weaker due to the fact that he gave Naruto a portion of “his” power, when I say power, I mean chakra. I think the key is actually a means for Naruto to control the Kyuubi’s chakra, you know? Unlock the seals, reseal it again and so on subjugating the Kyuubi to his whim. Just an idea I’ll elaborate more on it later.

  31. @Scrubby, if I knew I was gonna fight Vegeta/Whitebeard/Aizen, when I actually begin fighting them and see how strong they are you bet i would be surprised. So even though she knew Naruto was the Jinchuriki of the Kyubi, the chakra startled her because of Nauto’s “bright and warm” chakra suddenly having an evil chakra. You guys are trying to read too deep into things.

  32. Nice post J.

    And I think you’re onto something Scrubby. All this time I was thinking it was the link between the Kyuubi and the sharingan when it may very well be the bit of Itachi inside Naruto. But something evil?

    Training Lazer cats? How rewarding… and dangerous.

  33. @kisu et. al

    I dunno, I reread that page, and the argument Scrubby made, it does really seem like she knows about the Kyuubi. She mentioned that the hidden chakra is dark, and despite Itachi being good in the end, he was in the darkness so it is possible his chakra had a dark feel to it. And probably if it didn’t, Akatsuki would have picked up on Itachi lying about his intentions.

    Plus, Karin has had some huge doses of Mangekyou chakra lately and I think she’d be the most surprised to find some Uchiha chakra inside Naruto.

    That being said, I think the only way she could not see the Kyuubi’s chakra (since there is so much of it) is because the 4th Hokage sealed it back up and also Naruto is not accessing it at the moment, so perhaps the Kyuubi’s chakra is completely locked away right now.

    One last thing: Kisuzachi has a major point that a lot of you guys read too much into things (of course I say this after arguing against him…). There is no way Itachi’s power has anything to do with controling the Kyuubi. Itachi’s concern was for his brother and that was it. He would have shared his power with Tenten if she had the ability and desire to save Sasuke no matter what. Of course, she doesn’t so she doesn’t get any of Itachi’s chakra. My bet is that it is a sealed Tsukyomi with a message for Sasuke… which could be why Itachi’s Tsukyomi was beatable. He sealed his best one in Naruto.

  34. Enough of all these lies and half truth’s, I’m sick and tired of them…….. everyone knows that the FBI and the CIA are cooperating in a joint task force investigating Bob for Tax evasion and insurance fraud, that bit about the thunder cats or laser cats, whatever you call them, is only part of the story, he is currently hiding at Guantanamo Bay using funds he embezzled from his followers, all the while training his lazer catz out of sheer boredom, in the hopes that one day he will realize his one and only dream, to see a live-action film adaptation of the play CATS. LOL 😉 God I must be losing it. HAHAHA!

  35. LMAO I think Sasuke has the most deluted anime scenes than anyone XD

    Well, I guess the whole Kakashi-Kage thing is debatable, because 1. He is VERY suited for being Hokage but 2. He doesn’t seem like the one to be stuck behind a desk. Wannabe Hokage is a very good title for him at the moment. Or, Maybe Tsunade will die mysteriously….*finds a map to Kishi’s house*

  36. I think kaksahi is gonna still be hokage. Tsunade will just step back and do the paper work. Iook at konoha history and it seems the always have two kages. The 1st and 2nd were kages together and the 3rd and minato were as well

  37. Well i see my post lastnight didn’t show up about the frog that referred to as the “Key” i’ll rewrite it so i can give everyone something to thing about.

  38. I think the karin sensing something evil is just the nine tails fox chakra. She was probably caught off guard when she sensed naruto’s “warm, and bright” with something wicked deep inside. After all, the kyuubi contains much more chakra to the point of infinity than the rest of the tailed beast, and she probably realized that the kyuubi’s chakra is also much more sinister and evil than the rest as well.

  39. @a lost shinobi. Nope they dont have two Kages together. Its just that the predecessor and the replacement are alive at the same time. Hashirama was live when his little brother, Tobirama, was alive. Sarutobi gave up his position to Minato and they were both alive until Minato died. So there wont be two Hokages if Tsunade steps down, she’d just be retired.

  40. Yeah actually as we have seen in Danzo’s recent flashback, the 2nd Hokage and Sarutobi were not around together. Sarutobi became Hokage after Toribama died.

  41. @DarthUchiha18

    I think what Karin was comparing it to was the sinister and evil nature of Sasuke’s chakra when his hatred developed his Susanoo shown here:

    her reaction on the nextpage shows that his chakra changes to an extremely dark nature:

    but hey, maybe there is more inside Sasuke than meets the eye (no pun intended). I’ve always wondered why Madara never put the Bijuu inside Akatsuchi members anyway. I’m not sure if I fully believe he needs all 9 to resurrect the Juubi or if that’s really his end goal. I mean, how could anyone control it with anything less than the Rinnegan? (foreshadow ensues?)

  42. First time commenting but I have been reading this blog for a couple years now and I think I should prob add in my 2 cents.

    I do think you guys are reading a little bit too much into things…remember these chapters we read are interpretations of the true language Naruto is written in. A teacher once told me (I study languages at college), “An interpreter can never truly grasp what the original author is trying to portray and as soon as it is translated…it becomes the work of the translator/interpreter. Translations are straight foward when it comes to legal documents or documents that can only have one meaning but poems, stories (manga in this case) and even songs are different. The heart and soul of the author goes into writting these and unless explained thoroughly by the author and even then, the true concept is hard to pass along as that is a limitation to languages.

    With that said, I want to post a link for you guys…even though from reading for a while here, you guys don’t really appreciate onemanga.com for their translations, I like to give myself another perspective by reading them even though they release significantly slower than mangastream.


    I think that panel with karin simplifies you’re arguements a bit.


  43. @Spencer: I don’t think that clarifies the debate (I read onemanga as well) because there is still the openness of 1. what chakra is in Naruto (is it a. the kyubbi, b. Itachi, c. Minato, or d. a sinister side of Naruto, the one he described himself a few chapters ago.) and 2. who Karin is comparing it too (a. Madara, b. Sasuke, c. Killer Bee, d. other persons I forgot about)

  44. I am just saying…maybe you are reading too much into it with regards to the Naruto part…I simply think she is refering to the Nine Tails Chakra and as for who she is comparing it to…I also think she could mean Madara or simply Sasuke

  45. @Spencer, finally. I agree with you. People try to read too much into things that are right in front of them…..but I guess that’s the fun part about Naruto.

  46. ok, I dont think Naruto has Minato inside him no more, one reason being that he said the chakra he had inside him was running low so he used the last bit to reseal the fox. So most likely that being a one time deal. I dont think its itachi because as I recall she never sinced itachis power before, my guess its the fox and she was just comparing him to sasuke, just wanna add that the anime was sad lol Jiraiya is still my top 3 fav characters of naruto so its hard when it shows flashbacks of the guy. anyways, I have a feeling orochimaru is gonna come back, as him he lived on through kabuto and his power was laying dorment while kabuto starts transforming, i mean he already had his eyes, so wouldnt suprise me if he comes back. good post jsama

  47. Hey, everyone eats cat & dog nowadays haven’t you all heard? They used to eat them back in the old, old, old…days as well colonial american & canadians too not just china. XD
    But yeah this chapter of Naruto is to let us know that Naruto is finally stop chasing Sasuke (like a school girl crush) and do more training to kick his @$$ when he comes for Konoha. The 11 had every right to call naruto selfish cus that’s what he is, saving Sasuke for himself. why not just team work and kick his arse. But yeah hopefully kishi can focus on naruto & hinata now that everything’s calm down a bit and have a romantic comedy relief in the manga once in awhile. I wanna know what Naruto will think about hinata’s confession? Is that guy just going to ignored her, looks like if it ain’t coming from Sasuke then he’s off to eating raman at the raman shop.

  48. as far as naruto’s power and potential. naruto will get a major power boost from a permanent sage mode, which he has started training for. this is the stepping stone to releasing the seal that holds the kyubi at bay. the sage technique will balance out the kyubi power. as we see ever so briefly when his eyes changed when talking to pain.

  49. oh, a second point of refrence. this gift itachi gave naruto, some have speculated that it was chakra, but wouldnt karin have noticed that? she picked up on the kyubi chakra, so shouldnt she have noticed itachi’s?

    i have to figure whatever itachi gave naruto is some sort of technique. maybe not something naruto can learn, but definitly a trump card of some sorts.

  50. Ok, you guys are over-analyzing this ‘dark chakra’ thing that Karin has sensed. It’s the Kyuubi!

    Anyway, I’ve never viewed Karin as the Kage of chakra sensors that some of you are marking her out to be… The Fourth was able to hide his chakra from detection for 15-16 years… I’m sure Konoha has at least one sensor that’s ‘on-par’ with Kage Karin…

    I wouldn’t find it surprising if Itachi’s ‘chakra’ is hidden and isn’t able to be sensed… even by a KAGE level sensor type ninja such as Karin.

  51. I need some help finding out where this chapter image comes from.

    I thought that it was from CH 450 but it’s not.


    The images are very different and the part with Sasuke is from CH 449 on the last page.


    I am unable to find it’s location, which leads me to beleive there is some form of another Naruto manga out there.

    I don’t read the official manga volumes, so it could be from there. But I didn’t think that it would have anything different from the scanlations.

  52. This page probably comes from volume 48. Moreover, in this volume, Naruto leaves Konan’s paper flowers and a copy of “The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi” by a rock, a memorial for Jiraiya, and that’s also something that was not shown in the normal version.

  53. @Wo Ai Ni, Thanks for the information!

  54. previously sasuke reluctant to take his brother eyes coz wat he want to see n wat he brother want …totally different… but after he meet up wif naruto .. he change his mind ..maybe he want 2 follow itachi’s will..

  55. Such a good chapter which introduces us to the grand arc. 😀

  56. how different is tsunade to Naruto sage mode? From her few battles we’ve seen her huge chakra supply, strength and speed. Sage mode needs to step up to show just how great it is. Bcoz EMS looks like its fixing to deliver uberpwnage! I hope the whole kyuubi-sage mode thing gets developed.
    Question: was yamato telling Naruto to rely on his own strength anime only or manga only… I’ve forgotten

  57. was thinking about the passages/corridoors and the cage/gaol area that the nine tails resides in. i wonder how many passages are inside of naruto, wouldn’t it be interesting if it was a total of nine/ten so he could contain all parts of the tailed beasts? almost become the sage himself with the ten tails juubi and become the perfect host???

  58. i am a huge sasuke fan.. i hope sasuke wil be able to control the power of the kyuubi with in naruto with his new EMS. and sumhow use naruto as his own puppet! lol but that we happen… i wonder if itachi gave naruto a suicidal jutsu which wil somhow kill them both i think dats da secret… OH JA HIDAN NEVER HAD A FLASHBACK… another one of my fav characters lol i hope he cums back sumhow…

  59. @black ninja

    That is totally stupid. Itachi wants Sasuke to LIVE no matter what so his jutsu (whatever he gave Naruto) is to help Naruto save Sasuke and the village. If you carefully read that part of the manga where Itachi shares his power with Naruto it is very clear.

    Kakuzu also never had a flashback from what I recall.


    Yamato told Naruto to rely on his own strength at least in the manga. I can’t tell you about the anime because I haven’t watched any of Shippuden.


    About Naruto holding all the tailed beasts…. I don’t think the sections or areas of Naruto have anything to do with the number of tails or whatever. I think it is to just describe how complicated Naruto’s mind is and how easily hidden things can be within the mind.

    Plus, Yamato was amazed that Naruto’s chakra was able to help him survive the poisonous Kyuubi chakra and he wondered how Naruto could handle so much of it. Since Naruto could barely handle the 9-tails, I doubt he could EVER handle another bijuu inside him. Besides, the Kyuubi would never tolerate anything else sealed inside Naruto… the frogs can’t even fuse with him.

  60. Well i’m let ya’ll know something i been holding back because if Kishi is a memeber of this site and we don’t know. I didn’t want him to change his storyline because i figured him out.
    The question about what the is purpose of the Frog that hold the “Key” here it is.
    Okay be honest and reasonable with your thinking here.The the 4th seal the kyuubi using 2 seal one “Yin” and the other being “Yang” right? And if u notice everyone from the leaf who was in on training Naruto tries to get Naruto not to use the power of the Kyuubi as his first option in fighting. If u also notice when Naruto goes into 4 tail plus mode he has not powers here’s i pic to refresh your memory.
    6 Tail state we see nothing that is greater that 4 Tail state heres 8Tail state:
    http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/440/02/ and nothing as far as power. Now here my theory the Kyuubi powers was sealed into the frog that’s holds the “Key” as a protect for Naruto by his father so the Kyuubi wouldn’t overtake his son that was a baby at the time when the Kyuubi was sealed into him. So taking that in consideration The Kyuubi thinks he’s got his powers if Naruto release the seal, but actaully he don’t have his egnorous powers that he think he do. And that’s why J-sama was trusted to hold the “Key” by Minato until Naruto is mature enough to handle the full powers of the Kyuubi and that make sense why Minato seal some of his chakra inside Naruto so that if he reached 8 Tails state he would appear and reseal the seal for him.
    So really when Naruto is suppose to be at his strongest is actaully at his weakest that why its better for Naruto right now not to rely on the fox powers cause it really don’t have any powers yet. So what do u think i would like to get your thoughts?

  61. @Scrubby

    Interesting, but the frog key clearly states that his seal matches Naruto’s so that the seal on Naruto can be strengthened. This means that the frog key controls the amount of Kyuubi chakra accessible to Naruto.

    And also, you claim the 8-tails is not more powerful than the 6-tails but the 6-tails was trapped in Chibaku tensai, while the 8-tails began to break out and probably would have succeeded. Also, the 6-tails seemed to have an easier time generating the chakra cannon as compared to the 4-tails.

    The frog key itself isn’t a seal, it tightens the distance between the two elephant seals that are a part of the single seal on Naruto’s stomach.

  62. bob, canadian?! he aint human! Ive seen his true form 😉

  63. I couldnt really understand you scrubby because your english is shocking lol! sorry. but yes the 8 tails was fighting gravity and it broke free! plus you didnt really get to see an awful lot of 8 tails in action.

    seems that only kyubi has a key to control its power because it the most powerful of all the tailed beasts, there maybe key’s to each one which either came with the seal or created at a later date or perhaps not ever created down to the complexity of each seal. it seems that there has been different sealing techniques for quite a few tailed beasts.

  64. @Mattmaru

    I agree, especially since the Gedo Mazo needs an amount of chakra equal to what the tailed beast has in order to extract the bijuu. I would assume that the same is true for sealing the bijuu within someone. Since it would probably take an inhuman amount of chakra to seal up the 9-tails, the only way to do it is with the sacrifice of a life.

  65. yeah ripcord as i would presume it would take an awful long time to infuse a tailed beast into someone and would also be incredibly painful and the chances are it would kill the host if it was a drawn out process over a few days like it does with gedo mazo. But as there are multiple people sharing the chakra load and also it is extracting it means that they can load balance and keep the host partially alive enough for them to complete the process and also taking the chakra of the host as well would complete finish off the sealing fully.

  66. I guess you would have to do it slowly anyways otherwise if you opened the seal to much the beast would be able to force its way out of the host.

  67. finally sasuke stopped acting like a wimp and got his EMS

  68. With all the anime i have watched over the years I am sure that there will be a time skip within the next few chapters.

    These are my opinions about what shall happen after the time skip: Shikamaru shall start applying himself and become a jonin as well as apppointed to a special council that shall coordinate strategies regarding the Akasuki; Kakashi may still be named hokage but shall handle the day-to-day operations of mission assignment while Tsunade deals with some of the paper work, also Kakashi will have a baby girl on the way with Anko (even though they aren’t seen together very often) which I consider something that Kakashi deserves for the troubles that he has endured throughout his life; Lee will become a jonin and a teacher at the ninja academy; Neji shall join ANBU and be named a captain; Ino shall become a jonin and be an interegator with her dad; Kureni shall have a son and name him after Asuma; Shino will become a jonin and have his own team of chunin; Sakura shall overcome her feelings of emo boy and finally join in the ranks of a Sanin with Naruto and emo, as well as develop her own new jutsus and learn slug summoning from Tsunade (she may even develop a relationship with Naruto); Kiba shall be a member of a special tracking squad that track Akatsukis movements; Gai will be the head of a special task force created to fight Akatsuki on the frontlines with ANBU; the Hinata Naruto thing is up to your debate; Karin may join the Leaf village and become a captain within their medical corps and train special tracking ninja for the Leaf; the Konaha 11 shall be formed into a special task force by Kakashi and their former teachers to under take very dangerous missions like they had done in the last part of the NARUTO series when they all undertook the mission to help Gaara and the Sand village when they needed their help; Kankuro will be the head of the puppet corps and create very powerful puppets, he may make a puppet that can be created by the three puppets he carries around as well as one puppet that is stronger than Lady Chiyo’s Ten Puppets technique; Temari shall become the head of the Sand villages defenses and form the Sand villages special team similar to the Konaha 11 which shall undertake very dangerous missions as well; Hinata shall disband the use of the cursed seal used on the branch families of the Hyuga clan; Choji will be a jonin with his own team of genin; Ten Ten will just be a teacher at the ninja academy; finally for Naruto, he’ll train under Killerbee and master the Kyuubi’s chakra and create a Kyuubi/Sage mode transformation combo of which to battle emo boy, I’ll even give him one better a brand new version of the Rasengan that he can do with one hand that is more powerful than the RasenShuriken that is similar to the Spirit Bomb of Goku’s in DBZ, he can even have a new look similar to that of his dad’s but with his own personal touch like the pictures of a grown up Naruto, he may even be known as a master or more likely a sage and have an arnsenal of some of Jirya’s jutsus at his disposal, his personality may change for him to be similar to Jirya but retain his own identity as well for him to be act wise in sertain situations making him smarter than even Shikamaru.

    These are just speculation and my own opinion of things as to how they should be in the future. I’ll create a vision of how the Akatsuki and Sasuke shall be later and only focus on the good guys for this one ( if that wasn’t evident). Hope that you enjoyed my rant and thanks for listening to me. Let me know what you think…LATER

  69. Forgot to add a few things like the years required, I’d give it about two to four years: Konahamaru will be a genin but the rest of his team shall remain the same, to correct myself regarding Kureni she could have twins a girl and a boy, but still name the boy after Asuma; do you remember Yugoa Uzuki (probably not) she was Hayate Gekko’s lover during the first series of NAURTO who vowed to kill Baki after he killed Hayate, well she knows who killed Hayate and undertakes a mission with Naruto, Shikamaru, Shino, Ino, and Shizune to save Baki from Akatsuki because they have captured him on a mission to attack an Akatsuki stronghold, long story short after a fierce battle with the enemy Naruto, Yugoa, and Baki are the only two left to face the enemy’s leader (more fighting and a few strong words from Naruto convincing Yugoa why it isn’t good to live for revenge) Naruto is about to finish the enemy but the enemy launches an attack at a weakend Yugoa and Naruto isn’t fast enough to react and Baki gives his life to protect Yugoa to attone for killing Hayate.

    On to the Akatsuki’s future after the time skip: Madara has an army that will rival the strenghth of all the hidden villages and have new Akatsuki leaders or the reserected ones.
    Zetsu may be named the head of Akatsuki for all of his contributions to the organization.
    Kisame (if he survives and completes his mission) will lead his faction of Akatsuki against the Mist village since he was a shinobi there and his attack will focus on releasing the inmates of the villages prison to join in the ranks of Akatsuki.
    Kabuto will take over Orochimaru’s old research network of hidden research facilities for his own purposes, he will have a duel personality similar to that of Zetsu which his allies will not be aware of which will be revealed when he returns to his room and starts talking into a mirror and Orochimaru is seen talking back to him about his decisions/actions of the day.
    Now on to Sasuke (where to start…oh yeah) he was busy mastering some of the moves he learned from Orochimaru and mastering his EMS, he creates his own forbidden jutsus based on a few of Orochimaru’s techniques, he even develops a super powerful jutsu derived from his EMS/chidori as well as a fire based jutsu to counter Naruto’s RasenShuriken that Zetsu would have told him of. He and Naruto will have their final fight where Naruto will decide to kill him for all the crimes he has commited, but later his body will be taken over by Madara.
    Madara will reveal his face (no…duhh) I’ll do you one better he’ll attack and kill the Raikage when he does, he’ll travel to the Leaf village to confront Kakashi and try to erode his will but of course it will fail, he’ll take over Sasuke’s body nearing the climax of the sereis to replace the body that he has because it is wearing out after his battle with the Raikage, in the end he and Naruto will fight at the same location where the Sage of the Six Paths fought the Ten-Tailed beast but this time it will be released there instead of sealed, it shall be revealed before the release of the beast during the fight that he gave every single member of Akatsuki a ring as well as their agents for a reason, each ring is a symbol of a tail belonging to the beast and that each member of Akatsuki who fought a Jinchuriki captured a small part of that Jinchuriki’s demonic chakra within their ring, Madara will do a few hand-signes and reveal that if he couldn’t capture a Jinchuriki that this was his last option to release the Ten Tailed demon which would be to sacrifice every living member of Akatsuki even their agents through a special seal he designed within the ring to take their souls and take the Jinchuriki power within the ring then gather it within a special necklace that Madara wore, he and Naruto would have a fierce battle where Naruto nearly dies even with his Kyuubi/Sage mode transformation combo, (forgot to add earlier that his hidden kekkei genkai should be the Rannengan which he got from his mother’s blood) his Rannengan, and his summoning jutsu transformation combo with Gamakichi, he is about to finish off Naruto and Gamakichi when Naruto has a flashback of what Itachi did to him then he sees various flashbacks of Itachi and Sasuke when they were younger playing and laughing with the rest of their family; Itachi then turns to Naruto after he kills the entire clan and knocks out Sasuke and says, “Now do you understand Naruto? I killed them to protect their memory within the eyes of the village. I wanted to preserve our legacy of being the pride of Konaha but even I know that isn’t true, the pride of Konaha is our future generations not a clan whose very existence is focusing on a cursed past that is covered in blood and death of ones own kin to increase their own strenghth. I killed them so that I could cleanse our history and our clan’s curse from the history of Konaha. I know that it wasn’t the best approach to save my clan from the utter shame of destroying what they helped create but it was the better of my two choices: let my clan be killed by the shinobi of the Leaf that were their friends or kill them myself and allow my clan to build over with an honorable leader who killed his own brother to protect his village from destruction. It may seem that my plan was insane but believe me that it was very sane and necessary for the village’s sake. Konaha needs the Uchiha clan and the Uchiha clan needs Konaha. I wanted Sasuke to rebuild our clan to be loyal to Konaha where as Madara’s Uchiha clan wanted to destroy the Leaf. He still can rebuild the Uchiha clan and all you need to do to help is to simply get him to perform Tsukuyomi on you with my eyes that he now wields and I’ll be able to explain to him how important he is to you and the Leaf village as well. However, this will force Madara out of his body and into the physical world; with the chakra he has from all of Akatsuki and his Sharigan’s powers he will take over the body of the Ten-Tailed demon’s body. With Sasuke’s help and my eyes you two should be able to stop him. Now go, Naruto, save my little brother, save Konaha, and through them save the world.” He returns and does as Itachi says and frees Sasuke. Madara takes over the Ten-Tailed demon to fight both Sasuke and Naruto. After a long and deadly battle they defeat Madara, nearing his death as well as the destruction of the Ten-Tails Madara reveals his ultimate plan regarding Akatsuki and his plan for world domination, “I didn’t want to rule the world.” Nar-“What the hell are you talking about” “I wanted to be the Hokage and bring peace to the world. Not the temporary thing that Hashirama created with his idea of the Hidden Villages but true peace of no killing.” Sas-“Then why didn’t you instead of tainting the Uchiha name by starting this war?!” “I couldn’t he was the better shinobi and deep down I knew it. It was only luck that I wasn’t killed in our final battle, I asumed that it was fate that I didn’t die that destiny thought that I was right.” Nar-“You’re insane!” “Do you think so Naruto…and you too Sasuke?” Nar/Sas-“Yes I do!” “You’d both be wrong. I allowed Itachi to kill ‘Madara’s clan’ as he put it” Sas-“How’d…” “He refered to the Uchiha clan as mine when we first met so I allowed him to destroy ‘Madara’s clan’ in order to erase our sinister clan from existence.” Sas-“I thought that you wanted to destroy Konaha and the Uchiha clan when you attacked it with Kyuubi.” “At the time I did but during the battle Hashirama made me realize that he was right about peace coming through understanding and after the battle I understood that he was right.” Nar-“You’re just trying to buy time like you did before!” “No this time I’m not. After the battle I understood that the only way for real peace is to set out a common goal to achieve it, like battling a common enemy like the Uchiha clan and Konaha did when I first attacked them when I was exiled; they did so again when I attacked when your father was Hokage, Naruto.” Nar-“I already knew you were responsible but didn’t know your reason for it.” “Now you do, because I wanted to unite Konaha and the Uchiha clan, but it only to made their relationship even worse. To attone for it the clan had to be destroyed and only myself and Itachi could do it. I used my powers to poses people of great influence within the Leaf and high ranking Uchiha to start our rebelion while Itachi took on the burden of spying on his own clan.” Nar-“That is why Itachi knew of your plan to take over the body of the Ten-Tailed demon.” “Yes, that is correct I and he coordinated our movements in the Uchiha’s destruction and even now.” Sas-“Why create Akatsuki.” “I created Akatsuki so that I could use it years later as a weapon to unify the Five Great Nations against a common foe. Akatsuki was formed from enemies who come from all of the Five Great Nations: former shinobi, bandits, thieves, and other shady characters. They all come together in one single embodyment of which everyone had to face together.” Nar-“I understand.” Sas-“What the hell are you saying Naruto?! You approve of what he has done to all those inocent people!” Nar”No, but I do understand his motives. It was the only one he could think of at the time and was his best choice. I’ll admit even I am very impressed by his words. Madara understands the world and understands that the best way for world peace is for everyone to understand each other through confrontation.” Sas-“Confrontation?” Nar-“Yes, confrontation of the flesh, confrontation of the self, and confrontation of the world. These are the three confrontations of which I learned from reading the Sage of the Six Paths’ tablet.” Sas-“Naruto you are sounding just as crazy as he is.” Nar-“I’ll explain: Confrontation of the flesh was when he was killed by the First Hokage; yours was when we had our final fight before he took your body after we pushed each other to our limits and beyond to prove our conviction to our cause. Confrontation of the self was when he died and realized that his ninja way of hatred was wrong; yours was similar as I am sure Itachi pointed out when you was obsessed with revenge and hatred towards the village for what happened to your clan forcing you to confront your own inner demons and hatred only to finally overcome them with true understanding. Confrontation of the world was when he completed the last two and realized that the world needed to learn what he had by showing it that revenge and hatred isn’t enough to keep you going that to unlock your true potential is to protect a common goal; in this case peace. Do you understand now Sasuke?” Sas-“Yes, he wanted to teach us through confrontation. Each of which build uppon the other to the final result, this.” Nar-“Right.” “The two of you are right. I wanted to show the world what I learned. I couldn’t do that through simple teaching, but only through actual battle. That is why the three confrontations were so important for my ultimate goal. Starting Akatsuki and going after the Jinchuriki was the confrontation of the flesh for those who fought during this time. Recruiting missing-ninja, bandits, and other less respectable characters into Akatsuki was the trial of the self for all the nations to face their inner darkness and I only recruited the darkest they had to offer. Starting the Fourth Great Ninja War as the only main enemy of the Five Great Nations and all the smaller countries was the confrontation of the world, everyhting had built up to this very point and time when I had to fight you Naruto and Sasuke while the rest of Akatsuki would be fighting the world simultaneously. Everyone would understand and gain the wisdom of the Three Confrontations together and together understand one another. My only regret is that it may last for a few generations before war breaks out between the nations once more.”(a tear falls from his left eye) Nar-“You are right it will. Years ago I would have disagreed but now I am wiser and admit that you are right.” Sas-“But how can the two of you be so sure? The world may learn from this and actually maintain this peace.” Nar-“If only. I endured the Three Confrontations and learned their lesson and can only say that the lesson shall be lost in a few generations if there is no one to teach them.” Sas-“Then all the Hidden Villages can be told to teach them to future generations!” Nar-“The only way to learn is to endure the Three Confrontations and simple training won’t give that, and even the Sage of Six knew that which is why he allowed for the nine demons to remain alive as well as allowed for someone to discover how to release the Ten-Tailed demon.” “Correct Naruto. Thing is he also allowed for his first two students to disagree and fight each other so that one day their descendants would uncover what he taught and we have only for it to be lost again one day.”(he coughs and the Ten-Tails starts to disentigrate) Sas-“Don’t worry we will make sure that these teachings aren’t lost right Naruto!” Nar-“Yeah, we will start a new Akatsuki…” Sas-“What the hell are you talking about you idiot?!” “Thank you both. I am glad that you shall carry on the Three Confrontations of Trueth. I am happy that the Uchiha clan will be redeemed, the world knows peace, and that the Akatsuki will remain a threat to that peace so that it will remain.”(he smiles as he is finally gone) Sas-“Why did you tell him that Naruto?” Nar-“It is true I will find a missing-ninja who is an experienced leader to lead in the rebuilding of Akatsuki.” Sas-“That is crazy!”Nar-“Sasuke please search your heart and see that I am right.” Sas-“I know that you are, but I just think that we shouldn’t focus on that stuff just yet.” Nar-“I guess you’re right. I mean we have that thing with you first.” Sas-“Me?” Nar-“Yeah, you being part of Akatsuki and wanting to destroy Konaha for what happened to Itachi.” Sas-“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that.” (Naruto laughs) Nar-“That doesn’t sound like you at all Sasuke!” Sas-“You are right about that Naruto!” (they both laugh before they return to the village)
    The rest I’ll leave up to you to infer because I’m gettin tired and you guys are probably tired of reading my rant.

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