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One Piece Chapter 669- The Slime

Please forgive me for not posting a blog last week on One Piece Chapter 668. But I just got back from my vacation from hunting mermaids. Two chapters have gone by and so much has happened mainly the alliance of Strawhat and Heart Pirates. So for starters lets start with last weeks chapter 668.

Chapter 668- Alliance between Strawhat and Heart Pirates

In all my years as a One Piece fan, I would never think that Luffy would accept Law’s proposal for an alliance, or any alliance for that matter. But than again this is Luffy, the most outrageously unpredictable character in all of mangas I have read. The way Luffy accepts Law’s alliance proposal leads me to believe that the Emperor Law wants to take down is either, Big Mama or Kaido because I do not think that Luffy wants to go against Shanks. For one, he would ultimately has to fight Shanks because that was the promise they made to each other, that once Luffy gathers strong comrades he would go against Shanks, in a friendly fight. And it cannot be against Blackbeard because he is one of the ultimate villains. That leaves us with just the possibility of either Big mama or Kaido. It can be Kaido because he has never made an entrance and this would be a good opportunity to introduce his character. In my opinion it is Big Mama, because she been recently introduced and considering the current events, it would be fitting that Luffy and Law go against her.

Chapter 669 – Mission Starts

I knew from the start that there is no way Sanji, Brook and Zoro can be defeated that easily by the Yeti brothers. Now you might be thinking that since it has been confirmed that both Sanji and Zoro have Haki, would it not be right that they would notice danger since that is one of the powers Haki gives its user. But you also have to consider that whenever Zoro and Sanji are together they are always fighting each other, distracting them from their surroundings. I personally found it to be hilarious how Zoro was trying to ignore the fact that he was so easily ambushed, but it makes sense since Sanji was there and like I said when these two guys are together they are at each others necks.

The Slime

We also get to learn that Caesar Clown created the slime by gathering all of the toxic gas from the bomb he created four years ago. This tells me that the Slime is his top soldier because he commented previously that send the Yeti Brothers out to defeat the Strawhat was an over kill. But now he has set his top monster free. Lets see what happened to the Yeti Brothers whom were easily defeated by a rampaging Chopper, Luffy who was just playing around and Law who cut them in half. Now the best way for Zoro, Sanji, and Brook to redeem themselves for falling for a cheap trick is by going against the top monster of Caesar. I see Brook becoming a huge factor in this fight because he can freeze things, he could make quick work of the Slime, since it is just a Slime and he can just freeze it.

Luffy is a Guff

We all know this fact that Luffy is a guff ball, that he is only serious when it is absolutely needed. You can see Luffy serious on very rare occasions. A lot might find him to be too guffy, but it is just how Luffy is, if he was any different he would not be Luffy. That where I think Law messed up, because he was thinking that Luffy is this Leader type that will fallow his plan to a T. But like Ussop said when luffy gets something on his mind, he will not budge. Another thing that Law miscalculated was thinking that he would take the leadership over Luffy, because there is no one in One Piece that can make Luffy his subordinate. Not even his grandfather can control him, this is where I think Law messed up in his plan, I am pretty sure that Law had a master plan but he failed with adding Luffy in it. I am not saying that Luffy is a complete guff ball, but Luffy does what Luffy wants to do and he always ends up on top. Like I have said previously Law’s way of doing things is completely different than Luffy’s, but it will be interesting to see how things turn out.

Side Notes:

  • Luffy was in his bulloon state when he crash landed on the marine ship. It seems that Luffy got into his Balloon state and Franky fired off his laser to project them to a further distance.
  • It is good seeing the Strawhat in their original bodies, poor Nami, she wants he body back.
  • Is it me or does Law seem to have no sense of humor.


6 Responses

  1. Why do I get the feelin that luffy isn’t the only supernova in this take down an emperor plan…..I bet kid’s gonna be involved in this somehow. Now that its finally confirmed that Zoro an Sanji have haki – do u guys reckon any of em have the king’s disposition haki?? I mean their armanent haki is comin along nicely (sanji’s devil leg an zoro’s asura – I class both of these as their unique versions of an armanent haki attack as their both physical attacks from their soul activated by their willpower)

    As for the slime – I don’t see it as much of a threat now- zoro can slice it up, brook can freeze it an sanji can set the thing on fire!

  2. Great review as always. The Emperor that Law’s talking about must be either Big Mam or Kaido. I don’t think Shanks is appearing until around the time he fights Blackbeard. Believe me, those 2 will fight in the future. Too bad Sanji isn’t in his body now, oh well, Zoro’s there. Also do you think the Samurai will join the SHs. With his DF ability, he could be the “stylist” and supply them with the proper clothes on their adventures. And with him added to the crew, there would be 3 swordsmen with their own special styles. Brook is 1-style, Samurai is 2-style, and Zoro is 3-style (I know Zoro can use all 3 styles btw).

  3. I wonder if Smoker is stupid enough to attack Luffy in his current condition. He already got his ass whooped by Law, but now he’s in Tashigi’s body and Luffy’s haki far exceeds Law by a long shot. He ,may decide to work with the SHs to catch CC, that would make more sense.

    @Tensa I don’t know about Sanji, but there is NO doubt in my mind that Zoro has COC haki. Rayleigh had it, so Zoro must have it too.

    @chefman I don’t know if the Samurai would just leave his son. But then again, Yasopp left Usop, so it’s a possibility.


  5. @KLP, I am not sure why it is doing that, but it might be the server or that the site has not been updated in a long time. Either way just go to the blog sections. Which is where you will find the latest blogs.

  6. K

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