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Bleach Chapter 671: The Perfect Crimson 2

Chapter 671: The Perfect Crimson 2
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So yeah.. after the bs-power sage of last week. Lord McTall Mask-face the ‘Loudmouth’ Quincy is still fine and dandy. Zaraki got his arms cut off completely and Toshiro just created a tidal wave of new Rule34 art. I mean, just look at this face, he looks so dreamy!!!

Gerard ‘Helmet Beard’ Valkyrie seems quite happy with this new form, appreciating it more than the Man-boy shinigami Toshiro himself does. This chapter is best when they just shut up and fight.


The giant throws his shield, Toshiro easily freezing it in place. THe Quincy then strikes with his sword of hope with Toshiro cuts it half without hesitation. Gerard start preaching but realizes nothing is happening. Toshiro’s attack freeze the blade is such a state where all of its functions will cease to activate.

In short; his blade has been cryogenicly frozen. Gerard pulls out his bow, but alas, he is too late.


Shikai Hyouketsu – ‘Freeze the four worlds’

TO no ones surprise, Gerard manages to break the ice-shell and grab Toshiro yelling about him being a god, you know, just like the other guy and even the hand guy. The only guy without a god complex was our male poison ivy.

Anywayz, Zaraki of all people actually manages to make Gerard topple over. Then Toshiro quickly freezes him again before Byakuya shows up using his bankai’s attack.


‘Ikka Senjinka’ – One Bite, Thousand Blade Flowers. An attack he thankfully did not use on Ichigo back in the day.

Overall this was an ok, chapter. I was happy to see that Toshiro didn’t just cheese-cake his way too victory in an instant. It is hard to out-cheese Gerard though.

11 Responses

  1. so…frozen cool teenager dood says “In a matter of four seconds, I can freeze all matter before me… be it earth, wind, air, or fire” Does that mean he could negate Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto’s bankai? and pretty much anything he basically does? new OP character?

  2. Hello my fellow Shannaronites!!
    This is Immortal!

    Hehehe. I was gonna comment some more on the last chapter but the review was so good there was nothing to really say. This weeks review is good as well but honestly there all good and I most say I do enjoy the read.

    On to this chapter. I really enjoyed it. I like seeing the three most dangerous captains take out the last of the super quincy. The only thing that would make this chapter suck is if there combination attack doesn’t work. I’m really hoping that Gerard is in the archives of history and we can move on to something else.

    Captain Hitsugaya was kinda smooth huh? I liked his power up including him getting a little bit older. I can’t believe he actually froze that energy bow of Gerard. I new he said he can freeze a lot of stuff but I didn’t think he can freeze energy. Seeing Kenny and Byakuya with the assist was awesome. Like I said early hopefully this fight is over.

    Finally points:

    I am hoping to see Shinji go all out in a fight. We haven’t seen him really do so.

    With all the other super quincy disposed of, now it’s time to take on the impossible task of beating Haschwalt and Yhwach. Considering the hard time they had with the “lesser super quincies” I don’t know how TK will write the defeat of those two without it being something we regret reading.

    I know I’ve said this before but what happen to the zero squad? To say they were soooo uber powerful, they really were a let down. The “weaker” shinigami although they aren’t defeating there opponents in overwhelming fashion, at least they are defeating them.

    I said this already to but what about the “fullbringers”? Still waiting.

    Can’t think of anything else sooooo…….


    @Jim: That is a tough call. First and foremost, I personally think that Yhwach took out Old Yama because he was the most powerful. Even if Toshiro could freeze some of Yama’s flames, unless he freezes the source of the flames, then the old man can just make more. One last thing, Yamamoto’s bankai can reach a temperature of I think it was 15 million degrees (which just for info sake is almost half the temperature of the core of our sun). Hmm….if that’s the case I wonder if he can make plasma? Anyway, at that temperature I don’t think Toshiro could do it but even if he can, I don’t think he has the stamina to out freeze the flames of Old man.


  3. @Jim

    I thought about that too and my conclusion was that with time, Toshiro could develop his Bankai to the level of Yamamoto but with Ice in place of fire. At this point though, if Yama was alive, would wipe the floor with the little icicle boy.

    Great review

    completely agree in hoping we move on from this never-ending battle.

  4. @shikamaruistheman: Do you have any theories as to how they will beat the super quincy Haschwalt? So far all I have is Ishida activating the quincy power that Yhwach gave him. I mean Haschwalt is second in command so he is stronger that all of the quincies that the heroes have fought thus far. I just don’t see any other path unless Ishida uses the power that Y.H gave him. (Whatever that is.)

  5. @Immortal
    If memory serves, Haschwalt’s original Quincy ability was that his presence enhances the abilities of those around him, it was because of that that Ywach named him his #2 and successor. Now that they share the power of the Soul King (all seeing eyes?) I think the only way to defeat them is to take advantage of the fact that when one is OP the other is vulnerable. I think Ishida and ichigo will have to team up to take out Haschwalt then Ichigo will be the only one left to take on Ywach. Ichigo will find a way to combine his Shinigami/Hallow/Quincy powers and defeat Ywach, raising himself to the level of Soul King and having to sacrifice his human life in order to serve the worlds of the dead and living.

    A little to pretty and neat of an ending but who else can stand against the ultimate power of the Quincy/Soul Kings. I think at this point we have to assume Haschwalt has multiple levels of power like the other elite Quincy we have seen barely defeated recently.

  6. @shikamaruistheman: Interesting stuff. Very Interesting indeed. Last question, any thoughts about Aizen?

  7. @Immortal

    I haven’t really thought about Aizen in a while but other than Ichigo, he is the ultimate WILDCARD. Aizen is really the only one other than Ichigo (now that we have seen Kenpachi’s Bankai, and Urahara’s) that we dont know the full extent of his powers. He is one of the “War Powers” that Yawach warned the Quincy about so we shall see.

    One thing i like to keep in mind is that Aizen, Ichigo, and all the Vizards have a natural advantage over the Quincy as they are all part Hollow. It was mentioned earlier when the shinigami had to defeat the invading Quincy army but seems to have been put on the back burner. i don’t even remember if the Vizard crew is with them at the Soul Palace because we havent seen them in what seems like forever even though its been like what? a few days, maybe a week?

    Aizen could also be just waiting for the dust to settle after the Shinigami and Quincy finish the war so he can pick up the pieces. Aizen could also potentially become the new Soul King, which would actually be pretty cool as he is super powerful, knowledgeable and most probably completely out of his mind.

    Only Time/Tite will tell.

  8. Could Aizen’s Zanpaktou, assuming he still even has it, even fool Ywach’s eyes.

  9. @pretend3r
    I totally forgot about Aizen’s zanpakto!!! It may be the only power that could counter Ywach’s eyes, seeingas powerful as Aizen is and how developed his zanpakto abilities are.

  10. @shikamaruistheman and pretend3r:

    Interesting conversation here. With Aizen, I had a theory that he may perhaps be working for the SK. The only thing I doubt about my theory is the fact that Aizen seemed very serious in taking the throne of the SK by force. However the reason behind my theory is:

    One, he saw the SK.

    Now I don’t know how he saw the SK but it is stated that somehow somewhere he saw it. I think he saw the SK and the SK revealed the threat that Yhwach will be in the future and how they will need someone with the juice to stop him. So Aizen decided to experiment and make Ichigo.

    Two, Aizen seem more interested in reigning than he does destroying.

    This is shown by how he never really tried to kill all of his fellow shinigami. Also his refusal to work with Yhwach even though he could have escaped rather than remained in that prison forever. He just doesn’t seem like your typical villain who destroys whoever gets in the way of his ambitions. Then again maybe he just has a “god complex” and wants everyone to marvel at his power.

    Last, Ichigo.

    Aizen said that the creation of Ichigo was practically his ideal. He orchestrated Ichigo’s creation which begs the question of why? Like I said earlier maybe Aizen made Ichigo to stop Yhwach. Aizen needed a way to test Ichigo so Aizen made himself stronger in order to see if his experiment was a success. All this is speculation of course!

    Concerning Aizen’s zanpaktou….I don’t know. To be honest I doubt it will work ONLY because of these super quincies and there OP ability to pretty much pawn anyone who stands against them only to underestimate their opponents and barley suffer a defeat as a result.

    I want to leave with one more thing, I also believe that Ishida’s papa will show up to fight. Ichigo had his dad help him with Aizen and we know the background of Ichigo’s dad; now I think it is Ishida’s dad turn since we don’t know much about him.


  11. I think we were just shown a potential weakness in Ywach’s all seeing eyes. When he “dreams” of Ichigo coming to kill him he sees Ichigo with his former Zanpakto not his new Hollow swords. Just a thought, but perhaps Ywach can only see the future in terms of what he is aware of not all that exists as he would like us to believe.

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