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Naruto Chapter 579 – I’m a Dragon, Dr. Snakes

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hmm, this week’s chapter was nice in that we have Itachi and Sasuke fighting side-by-side, but some of the things presented seem out of place. The translation I think had a large part to do with it, as some of the word choices used are just very un-Kishi like and other times just make me cringe at how bad the sentence structure is. Maybe I’m being too nitpicky – it is a free scanlation – but it just ruins the mood of the chapter when a supposedly genius like Kabuto messes up his own words and Itachi starts cracking jokes (Dr. Snake? Really?). That aside, this chapter was a good set-up for the battle to come between Kabuto and the Uchiha brothers, but I think the more interesting part then seeing Kabuto’s transformation was learning more about the backgrounds of Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo.

Kabuto’s new snake-sage mode was a surprise, but now that I think back it makes sense for Orochimaru that have tried to gain this technique. Each of the Sannins had an animal-aspect: Jiraiya had his toad, Orochimaru had his snakes, and Tsuande had her slugs. Since Jiraiya managed to master his toad sage mode by studying under the head toad guru, why couldn’t Orochimaru and now Kabuto have done the same. On the same line of thought, we could very well see Tsunade pull a slug sage mode on Madara in their current battle, though the thought of changing into half-slug can’t be too pretty :p
The only downside for Kabuto though is I doubt his sage mode will be nearly as powerful as the others, not because it is inferior but because I don’t think Kabuto truly mastered it. Despite proclaimed to be a genius of sorts, we now know that all of Kabuto’s powers have pretty much been stolen from others. The guy practically has no special powers to call his own, everything he has today was taken from somebody else. Kabuto doesn’t seem like the type to want to work hard at mastering something on his own, he would much rather attain power through taking short-cuts and stealing what others hve already obtained through hard work. That’s why I believe his sage-mode is going to be mostly show with not much bite, not worth the time of two Susanoo-users in my opinion. Jiraya and Naruto both committed blood and sweat to master the frog sage mode technique, it makes me doubt that Kabuto would have the same commitment when he received his current powers so easily by stealing from others. Kabuto will put on a fight to give Itachi and Sasuke to show-off their teamwork, but I think he’s still fated to lose – his only saving grace is that the brothers will have to go easy on him because he holds the key to stopping the Edo Tensei technique.

The more interesting part of this chapter was learning more about the history behind Karin and Jugo. People have joked in the past that Karin was an Uzumachi because she had red hair, but who knew Kishi would actually reveal it to be factual. So all direct descendants of the Uzumachi clan have red hair (Naruto is only half-Uzumachi) and have a strong life force, allowing some of them to possess high regenerative powers it seems). This helps explain some of Naruto’s unnatural resilience in battle as well, as we’ve seen recover inhumanly fast before. It was attributed to Kyuubi’s chakra powers before, but maybe it was Naruto’s Uzumaki blood at work the whole time.

The explanation of Jugo’s powers and those of his clan also sheds a lot of light on why they are so powerful, yet seemingly can’t control their own power. It seems that Jugo’s clan possessed bodies that can absorb nature chakra easily. This is the same chakra that Naruto uses to empower his speed and strength while in sage mode. But we’ve also seen that the inability to balance this chakra can spell disaster to the user. When jugo is in control of the nature’s chakra, he’s calm and able to communicate with the animals, but when it builds up he turns into a monster. Perhaps the reason why Sasuke was able to quell Jugo during his berserker tantrums was because his genjutsu was able to help Jugo balance the nature chakra within himself.

That’s my thoughts for this week. Let’s hope Kabuto puts up a good fight next chapter, but I don’t expect this to last more than two chapters at the most.


38 Responses

  1. First!!!!!!!!

  2. This’ll be a 4 or 5 chapter fight I think – kishi will drag this out as it is one of the three key fights to the whole arc. The end result is Sasuke is gonna go mental so that his rage is at its peak by the time he reaches Naruto who by this time will have forced Tobi to flee off home for some dinner! Now Karin being an Uzumaki – its weird we haven’t seen her use 1 damn seal – she could have sealed Bee back when he fought Sasuke an also sealed Danzo but the girl is just plain useless!!
    I thought Jugo was a one off special guy but he’s part of a clan – where are his clan members?! Curse level 2 people should be fuckin up Edo’s all over the place!
    I really wanna see Kakashi Dog Sage Mode!

  3. Bob,

    you know i have been following your summaries for a couple years now, even did one or two myself, but I have to disagree with you on one point. I don’t get why you think Kabuto is not capable of working hard for power. yes, he took on Orochimaru’s including the snake stuff and edo tensie. Remember during the CHunin Exams and his fight with Naruto?

    Let me refresh, in the chunin exams Kabuto put the entire audience in a genjutsu. Be it it was easily broken by Jonin and Sakura, for the most part everyone was under his “spell.”

    During his fight with Naruto, Kabuto used that sick medical technique to sever the tendons and nerves of Naruto’s leg, TSunade and her sidekick (forget her name).

  4. all i’m sayin is the guy is skilled. Kabuto was and always will be a genius from wherever he is… always been awesome that we don’t know exactly where kabuto is from, so secretive… he is like Sasuke. they both are genius and take shortcuts to gaining power. But is it really a short cut, was Naruto learning how to Shadow clone a short cut? Both read a scroll or did research and found a way to do it.

    I gotta go but i think you know what i’m sayin.

  5. Everyone will be suprised at how bad ass kabuto is over the next few chapters, yes he is up against 2 susanno users but im pretty sure he knows about where he is at in this fight and wouldnt pick to lose.

  6. Have you guys noticed that the snake is always wrapped around Kabuto, Maybe it is wrapped around him is because the snake brings in the Natural Chakra while Kabuto can focus on fighting, just like how Ma and Pa helped Jiarya.

  7. Bob..finally I thought you ………
    Kabuto is genius and hard worker too. It’s not an easy to gain the ability and power of other and you are setting in home doing nothing. It will cost the Ushuhi brothers a lot to defeat kabuto. He has healing power, sage mode, phasing ability and he is sensor too. Kabuto master sage mode no mistaken, You can achieve things in short period of time by science don’t you. I can see their fight will be epic.

  8. Also we get to know the secret behind Tsunade’s healing power, she is half Uzumaki so she possess a strong life force. Could it be that the first hokage is half Uzumaki too……

  9. @NSSK the Uzumaki clan branched off of the Senju clan, so the power likely originated in the Senju lineage and simply got transferred to the Uzumaki lineage

  10. @nssk at this point we Don’t know that. The uzumakis r distant cousins of the senju but we don’t yet know who branched from who. Also even if the uzumakis branched from the senju this doesn’t mean That the strong lifeforce came from the senju and leaked to the uzumakis. The uzumakis r their own clan and as such probably have their own special abilities which in this case is special chakra and lifeforce. As far as we know the first was the only senju with special lifeforce and DNA so what’s not to say he is part uzumaki and combined with his senju blood made him more powerful

  11. I’m honestly getting tired of people taking powers from others and not just using What they were given or born with. First we have oro (who btw I loved as a villain) who was doing experiments and such trying to gain the perfect body. That wasn’t So bad as he was the only one Stealing powers at the time. Now we got sasuke who has been stealing powerups since oro, madara who took the firsts DNA to gain more power and the rinnengan and now kabuto who also injected himself with oro and is combining That with science to make himself stronger. I think this is y my favorite characters r itachi, minato and shikamaru. They all use their own abilities and even though they know they have weaknesses they know how to cover them up using their own abilities, not by grave robbing like sasuke or science like kabuto. And yes kabuto using science isn’t necessarily cheap but just because he got those abilities that way doesn’t mean he can master it. Like zetsu said in the itachi/sasuke fight having power isn’t all that matters, its using what u have to its fullest potential

  12. while we need über villians in any manga like aizen, kishi went overboard in this chapter, pulling super kabuto out if his arse!
    so, the cursed seal is like having ma and pa on ur shoulder? interesting

  13. @Token I agree with you 100% but shikamaru is boring he’s just smart….
    Minato: A Good example of hard work cause as far as we know he’s just a normal person that was just born to be great and not born great.

    Itachi: I’m sorry he is one of my fav character but people can not deny he was born great, even more so than sasuke

    Naruto: Yes the fox is a burden but still the dude was born with some serious power up

    3rd Hokage: Another really good example of hard work.

    The point im trying to make is i agree that it’s cheap to gain power by science but dont you think its also cheap to gain it by birth?

  14. Dr Sneak….(I almost puked ¬_¬)

  15. @ Bob, your under estimating Kabuto. He is alive and a huge threat to every major player. Doesn’t matter how he gets his power, he has it, period.

  16. @ shikamaruistheman on March 23, 2012 at 10:30 pm said:

    I 100% stand behind your observations! Everything I wanted to point out plus more! Nice catch calling out “short cuts” lol

  17. @legendary if ur born with it its not cheap at all u can’t help It. Itachi couldn’t help he was born a genius like minato and its Not cheap of naruto cause he didn’t ask for the fox. Ppl like sasuke, danzo and kabuto knowingly took shortcuts thru science or gravetobbing. I wouldn’t hate sasuke or kabuto if their powers were not handed to them whether it be eyes or a injection of oro. Like I said before also this has all been done by oro and the only reason I liked oro was cause he did all this first. It was new it was cool to see and oro himself had cool jutsus. But now its getting boring

  18. Take rock lee for example. At first glance you’d think he was a ninja who started off as a talentless nobody who has to rely on insane training to gain skills, but if you think about it, lee was already born special and a genius in his own right. He’s the only ninja we know so far who was simply has no talent for ninjutu so he focus all of his time on taijutsu. Even so, unlike sasuke, who suffered from inferiority complex, and naruto, who was just silly and all talk until he became a genin, he already had that mentality before guy even entered the picture. Like kakashi said, hard work simply not enough, to do what lee can(referred to opening the gates)

  19. @Token being born great is boring and a cheap….No one likes seeing people that has everything without work…wether they stole it or was born with it…bottom line is if no one had to work for anything naruto would have bin a boring manga….growth is one on of key elements that makes a good manga…..Luffy grows trough constant battle and even then its kinda annoying that we never get to seem him train…ichigo we see train alot…characters thats born with everything is no fun at all….the reason why so much people love itachi is not cause of his strgth but what the guy has done with his strgth

  20. Being born great doesn’t mean u don’t work for it. Where did I say that? U said its.boring when u r born great but fact is it happens. U don’t randomly become a genious some people have that and some don’t its just how it is. And itachi was born great but he didn’t sit around and just let his skills come about he worked hard at it. Naruto was a baby empowered with the most powerful tailed beast in existence but did he not work hard for his power? Minato was considered by many to be a ninja born once a generation but he also worked hard. Sasuke was born into greatness and early on he worked hard at it. Not sure how being born great is cheap when u still work hard. Being born with special gifts doesnt mean u will be great. Takes time and effort to bring them to their full potential. And being born without special gifts doesn’t mean u can’t be great.

  21. I think everyone in naruto is special for one they all can use chakra and from what i know only 80000 people out of 6 billion ppl can do that, i say 6 billion cause we havent rrally had a number on how many ppl are in naruto but the fact is every ninja is going to have special traights that make them special, give me one ninja that doesnt have one special traight about them? But like token said even if your special it doesnt mean anything unless you train hard and refine your skills, if itachi had. Never trained his eyes hed never eouldve been what he had became, i think the point of naruto is everyone has the potential to be special in their own right but like i said tell me one ninja that isnt special?

  22. @ Shikimarutheman, i agree with you and to add on what you said remember when he escape kakashi and at that time kakashi is one of the top ninja, so my point is as what you said he really is a genius and at the beginning i kind a like hes characther build up i dont know why but theres something about him that interest me

  23. @ Token, you got to be kidding when you said Shikimaru is boring, you got to admit that shikimaru despite hes lack of power house strengths can kill or incapacitated a strong Akatsuke, hes diffenitely one of my top 5 in Naruto world heck hes one of my top favorite of all the anime characther,…..

  24. @halluva i never said shikamaru was boring lol he is one of my fav characters!!! legendary said he was boring…..
    legendarykid, on March 24, 2012 at 1:42 pm said:
    @Token I agree with you 100% but shikamaru is boring he’s just smart….

  25. Shikamaru is boring…Is tatics are good and all but this isnt the type of anime(manga) he just knows how to use other people and make plans…..whats his jutsu..he forces people to stop fighting….BORING! sakura(boring)kiba(boring)Ino(boring)ten ten(boring)

    There is a difference between being born smart and given special powers that auto makes your potential alot more than others…..look at orochimaro reaction to when he saw a young itachi….the fact of the matter is the sharringan grants the users too much of a huge advantage againts other ninjas…..look at kakashi…he got his eyes given to him and that auto gave him like 1000 jutsu’s ….orochimaru gain power by doing alot of research an experiments and so has kabuto…thats more hard work than simply being born with it.

  26. @mattmaru
    tsunade has to be in sage mode
    1. she has stripes like a slug
    2. she has increased speed
    3. increased strength
    and 4. how is anyone else supposed to master it if it’s just her seal release only?

    i still think naruto’s sporting read hair somewhere…

  27. @legendary not every uchiha had the sharingan. In fact the better the ninja the better the sharingan. Itachi got the sharingan early in life and that means he worked hard for it. The uchiha have the POTENTIAL to unlock the sharingan and advance it but u have to work to strengthen it. Kakashi may have copied jutsus yet he managed to get his mangekyou sharingan which even for uchiha is impressive. It could be said kakashi had to work HARDER than uchihas cause he doesn’t have the body to best use the sharingan and yet he is unlocking abilities only the likes of itachi sasuke and madara have achieved: the mangekyou sharingan. I don’t know y u keep arguing against me all I’m saying since the start was work hard for ur powers don’t inject yourself or graverob go out and put some sweat into it. And being born with greatness doesn’t mean u will be unless u work hard at it

  28. @Token

    I agree with you, if you work at anything you can surpass those that once path the way for you. Being born into greatness doesn’t mean you will be a great person yourself because greatness is based on decisions ones make in a lifetime to impact the bigger picture on society.

  29. You guys are acting like he’s stealing there hard work….he’s only taking what they was born with…he’s not taking things they have achieved trough hard work…excpt orochimaru

  30. itachis eyes were amazing cause of hard work. U cant get the type of eyes itachi did except thru hard work and ability combined and sasuke stole itachis eyes….oro did most of the research himself and made himself stronger with injection than kabuto went and injected himself with oro which had alot of ORO’s work in it. oro and itachi were NOT born with what was taken they worked hard for what they had

  31. I’ve heard rumors on the internet that Kishi is taking a one month break soon, anyone else heard this?

  32. @firefist
    That sounds about right since Bleach is 4 chapters behind, its gonna be a long month)”

  33. What about gaara? Is he blood related to uzumakis?

  34. Someone make a banner – THE BIG 3 ARE OUT AND MY GOSH ONE PIECE TAKES IT LAW VS SMOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Smoker gets owned:))like totally owned:))=)) thats sad poor guy…can’t wait for the next chapter though:D

  36. I’m sorry i couldn”t help but notice all of the “Kabuto is a Genius” comments….. The ONLY compliment that i could give this conceited, glasses pushing, back water ability stealing coward is that he is the ultimate henchman. I must admit he is the henchiest when it comes down to it. If i were a bad guy he’d be my first pick because he was 100% for Orochimaru threw it all. That’s why when Sasori said he had a spy working for Orochimaru and come to found out it was Kabuto, i knew it was a trap.

    Although i loathe the ground Kabuto walks on, my feelings will not affect my analysis of him.

    Kabuto is not a Genius, however he is good at what he does. @shikamaruistheman yes he did put everyone under a genjutsu at the Chunin Exams, but that jutsu was designed to put everyone to sleep. Not only that, but several Jonin including Sakura (at the time was a pitiful ninja) escaped from it. Also you have to consider that the crowd was indeed several civilians. When it comes to fighting no doubt Kabuto is a threat. In the Tsunade Retrieval Arc, Naruto had told Jiraiya that he would handle Kabuto, but Jiraiya stopped him and warned Naruto that Kabuto could go toe to toe with Kakashi. Kabuto has only shown two true abilities and that is his Chakra Disection Blade and Dead Soul Jutsu. his Chakra Disection Blade is not different from Shizune’s which means any skilled medical ninja can learn it. His Dead Soul Jutsu is forbidden therefore learned from Orochimaru. When it came to taking people down……. he never actually has. Partially because he couldn’t and also because he retreated.

    In conclusion, Kabuto is smart and resouceful and also with his intuition and ability to gather intel, he is a remarkable bad guy for the series. when it comes to being called a powerhouse, your talking about the wrong Kabuto. If your calling him a Genius …. you are sadly mistaken. Kabuto just knows what he can and cannot handle.



  37. Token,

    I 100% agree with you. I have always said that Kakashi “Uchia” Hatake is by far the single greatest Sharigan user who ever lived. Unlike all the others, he does not have a Uchia body or the cells of the first yet he has managed to achieve the M sharingan. That is something that only the most elite Uchia achieve. Can you imagine if it is possible for him to obtain the EMS by putting another Sharingan in him?

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